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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • Just curious as I've just had the intermediate shaft and rack and pinion replaced on my '98..are the originals "sloppy" workmanship or design flaw?
    Are these replacements supposed to be a "correction" or band aid for the next 10-20k miles? And one last does one go about determining whether their used car has the autoban package? Seems posts of warped rotors are all from that neat option :).
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    hounddog3::::::Thanks for the numbers and I can verify the shaft# since it is the same that I had replaced earlier; which didn't help...Can't help on the oil filter; have the dealer do it and let them be responsible..

    schloiz:::::::Not trying to impress with the 113; however for 275hp its not very swift, but the Deville is a little delicate in handling unless it is straight line. Nothing is speed-rated for $40k+, however for $45k they give a little more on the top-end.

    teo:::::::Buick can keep the Tiger!!!Olds can't afford him....

    w5kap::::::Welcome aboard--tell us about your Intrigue. All cars rattle a little and some folks on this forum will say that the Intrigue is a noisy car. Its a smaller car so you are closer to the windows, doors, road, engine/trans and less deadening material used.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Why argue, when hard facts are easy available. We can see and compare the torque curves for the new 3.5l engine and the older 3.8l (naturally aspirated) on the GM site:

    It is clear from the pictures, than 3.8 have substantially more low-end torque, before 2000 revs. This is exactly the idle-at-traffic-light to city traffic range.
  • rbb2rbb2 Posts: 70
    I have a Ritefit oil filter wrench for my 96 Cavalier (for ACDelco oil filter part PF44) that fits the cover perfectly. I got it at Murray's (I believe, if not AutoZone). All you really have to do is make sure you get an oil filter wrench that fits the PF44. I got the oil filter for the Intrigue at Murray's (ACDelco PF2129).
  • For those of you who know your Intrigue's inside and out..My '98 has a six speaker fm digital cassette with trunk mounted disk changer...pinstriping....and power drivers seat..
    any clues to the model? GX GL GLX ?? or where does a person find the information on it? I haven't gotten the title back just in case it's there.
  • of course these are lemons but the dealer is Frank Parra Chevy on 183 in Irving. The cars are clean and all, and the silver one, the maroon one, and the white one were still in warranty. The others were past 36K and the black one had 55K. It isn't on the way to Florida though, it's about a 1200 mile side trip to and from Texas from I-75
  • occupant1: I'm in north Dallas. I take mine to Sewell on LBJ. How about you?

    mrmiata: If you have auto climate control and fog lamps then you have a GL, otherwise it's a GX. Anybody correct me if I'm wrong. 6-speaker sound system and power driver seat were available equipment on the GX line for '99 (not sure about '98).
  • You can learn alot from a vin number:
    Here is a sample VIN for a 99 GL


    Position Definition Character Description
    1 Origin 1 USA
    2 Manufacturer G General Motors
    3 Make 3 Oldsmobile
    4 Car Line W Intrigue
    5 Series H,S, or X GX, GL, GLS
    6 Body Style 5 4-Door Sedan
    7 Restrt Sys 2 Belts-D/P air
    8 Engine Type K or H 3.8 or 3.5
    9 Check Digit ? Check Digit
    10 Model Year X 99 (Y is 2000)
    11 Plant Loc F Fairfax II
    12-17 Plant Sequence Number -

    Engines and Trans have Vin Derivative as follows:

    1 Division 3 Oldsmobile
    2 Model Year X 1999
    3 Plant Loc F Fairfax II
    4-9 Plant Sequence Number -
  • Not that is "really" mattered what model it was...just one of those little questions in the back of the mind that wouldn't go away. Thanks for the posts! She's a GX....just the pin striping and trunk mounted cd changer had me wondering and wasn't sure if the stereo was an "upgrade" package boise or just says Oldsmobile on it. Boy it felt funny typing that, hard to shake the image of yatch on 4 wheels with that word!
  • RBB2;;;;Thanks for the information on the filter wrench. I'll give it a shot.

    Mrmiata::::::I don't think anyone has the answers as to the life span of the intermediate shaft and steering rack. I just had those items replaced on a 2000 GX program vehicle at 30,000 and it did eliminate the front end noise. We would all like to know the answer to your question. Maybe the answer is to turn up the volume on the 6 speaker stereo as it is obviously not a safety concern.

    Already answered, but the mirrors are black on the GX and color matched on the GL and GLX.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    If you don't have the automatic climate control, fog lights, and your outside mirrors are black rather than body color, it is a GX or simply a base model as GX was the label given to the base model in 99. Mine is also a base 98 and has absolutely no options. The car comes standard with alot of good features and that was one of the things that impressed me about the Intrigue as the base models on most cars are very basic. If I do another Intrigue though, I'm going with a loaded GL or GLS. I do want fog lights, climate control, remote locks, and leather seats. And I think a sunroof is a must if I do another Intrigue.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    etharmon::::::Post #3 has not been removed; however #2 and #4 are gone...What was aimed at me; fire away!!!!

    occupant1:::::yep, its a tad out of the way; thanks for the answer...

    mrmiata:::::The autobahn pkg option uses a speed-rated tire and should go 125+mph. The normal uses the ordinary Eagle LS.

    Brakes on the regular Intrigue are prone to warpping/and rotor replacement. Rear rotors on my 98 were replaced at 3k and fronts turned @19k and GM became the owner @26k. My 99 had rears turned @8kand rear rotors were replacd @16k; pads@19k--Fronts turned @19k and again @34k--and rears turned @34k.

    Brakes are really a massive problem---and the stock Olds reply is "driving habits". Being an automotive supplier I would love to have the production contract for the service business is going to be great....Having owned a flock of cars in my 67 yrs. the mighty Intrigue takes the cake for crappy brakes--never bought a rotor to date. Enjoy!!!My Olds dealer also handles Mazda--the Miata is popular in Detroit--however my stable is totally domestic brands. I personally don't think the autobahn pkg brakes were any better or worse than the std brk--however owners of the pkgd cars probably thought they would withstand repeated panic stops from 100 and certainly fried the binders on the first attempt.
  • Does anyone else have any problems with their cabin fan making high-pitched chirping noises at low fan speeds?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Don't know about your brakes 1415, but the ones on my 2000 GL are about the best I've ever had. Tests also show the Intrigue out breaks Accord V6 and Maxima. Aside from the 98 Autobahn brakes, there is not a lot to complain about unless you have a problem specific to your car.

    After watching the "100 Best Hard Rock Bands" last night on VH1, I slipped in an old Motley Crue CD in on the way to work today. Highly recommended as it gets you in a great driving mood! ;-)
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Probably needs some WD-40. My old Grand Prix got that after a couple of years and the dealer just sprayed the fan.
  • w5kapw5kap Posts: 32
    Scloiz, very sorry about that. My first post and although I usually hit the spellcheck button, I was in a hurry. Won't happen again. As to the location of the rattle, I think it is coming from the front left but I can't be sure. The Gen Mgr of my dealer is a ham radio friend of mine so I will be going back to see him if, as you and others indicate, this could be serious. Thanks to all for your ideas. Think I'll hit that button now!

  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    agreed, and its common knowledge that the torque for most any pushrod engine is produce low in the band as opposed to higher for cammed engines. Nevertheless, this also causes pushrod engines like the 3.8 to fall off the torque curve earlier than ohc ones. Today with variable vvalve technology applied to ohc engines, they too can produce torque down low, and stay in the band on the high end too. Olds needs to do this to the 3.5, as Honda has done to thiers, but even w/o this, most car enthusiast wouldn't be caught dead in a pushrod engine due to its short torque curve, lack of nice sounds on accel., and refinement.
    As you show, for those who want the old technology, the Regal is for them, but note that the demographics they are after are not import buyers at all, but aging boomers and beyond.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Just for taking any Olds on a test drive!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    "most car
    enthusiast wouldn't be caught dead in a pushrod
    engine due to its short torque curve, lack of nice
    sounds on accel., and refinement."

    Hey mister, I am a car enthusiast and have had my share of OHC, DOHC and pushrod engines. I prefer pushrods for every day driving and I am not ashamed to be caught driving one of those ;-). Have you driven the 3800 Series II engine? Probably you haven't. The torque curve is pretty good and even at a steady 100MPH this engine still has plenty of breathing room. Refinement? Who cares? Highly subjective. If cammed engines work for you fine, for me pushrods do the job just as well. Nice sounds? What? I have owned Honda 4 bangers that sound like tractors when pushed hard. The 3800 sounds pretty sweet to me. Besides, I don't buy engines for the sound, but for the performance, ok?

    For the record I am 29 years old, married, Computer engineer.
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