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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Thanks for rubbing salt in a wound. Really low!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Will you keep your Intrigue after all this?
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    This is the final straw for me. After fighting tooth-and-nail to get GM to buy back my defective 2000 Sierra, now this! I just called my wife and told her she better be happy driving the Intrigue, since she's going to be driving it for a LONG TIME! Resale already was dismal, now will be absolutely terrible. I don't see myself ever purchasing another GM product. With only one exception, I have purchased GM products for the last 23 years. After a disasterous experience with Saturn (50% resale value after 2 years/24,000 miles), the Sierra debacle, and now being told I own a $25,000 orphan, I have finally learned my lesson. BMW and Acura, you stand to profit greatly from this repeatedly spit-upon, 41-year-old, life-long GM customer.
  • I cannot believe the news, but it is true. My stepfather is a single point Oldsmobile franchise and GM just had a dealer only broadcast and they got the hook. Not to sure what is going to happen with the nameplate of Oldsmobile but I would guess the only "oldsmobile only" design that will survive will be the Aurora. I have sold Oldsmobile in the past and these cars are just as tight with 100,000 miles on them as when they come off the showroom floor. I currently sell GMC and Oldsmobile was supposed to get the redesigned Bravada before we got the the Envoy. I would imagine this would change those plans. I think my stepfather might end up buying the Buick-Pontiac-GMC store that is for sale or buy the Chevy-Caddy-Buick store. These dealerships are in close approximity to his current location and are for sale. He has been in business for over 80 years in the same place and has been an Elite dealership numerous times. I hope GM keeps that 3.5 liter engine that is in the Intrigue, it is much better than the 3.8 pushrod that is in Grand Prix and that engine is one of the best ever built by GM. Since I work at a Pontiac-GMC store we will be getting a broadcast at 12:30 pm EST and I will keep you guys posted. The Cutlass that Oldsmobile dropped (the cousin to the Malibu) was because they only offered it to bridge the gap between the old body style Cutlass until ramp up of the Intrique. I have an uncle in the business who 3 months ago sold his Olds-Pontiac store, I wonder how happy the new owner is?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Absolutely! I will try and buy another before they are gone. I love the name and the cars. I am very happy with my Intrigue!

    Any time frame on this phase out??
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I would imagine at least a year. I wonder if they will even bring the bravada out. It was supposed to start production in January.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Well I guess if Olds is gone, my Intrigue will be the last GM I'll own for quite a while unless another one of their divisions produces something worthwhile in my eyes. Hopefully the Aurora lives on in another name like saturn, I would guess they will time the phase out of Intrigue/Alero with the end of the Olds name. No Arseteks, ribbed vehicles, all gray and amber interiors, bigger vehicles, one step from whitewall tire vehicles, or bench front seats for me.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    According to the GM press release, current GM owners will receive a $1,000 voucher to purchase or lease another Oldsmobile or GM vehicle for that matter. I don't know if this offer also applies to Canadian residents as well.
  • dwgdwg Posts: 43
    Well, it's official. I heard the speculation on my way to work this morning and just saw the article on Reuters Business News. So much for my projections.

    It is sad. The Olds name has a long and proud history, but apparently the baggage from the Roger Smith era was too much to overcome. I'll be curious to see what GM does with the Olds products over the next several years. Since Olds is to be phased out over a number of years, I doubt that the Olds platforms will be incorporated in other divisions' line ups. Why rebadge an Aurora as a Cadillac when Cadillac is trying to create a new brand image? I've said this before, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the Olds concepts picked up by the Saturn division. Olds and Saturn really have the most in common since the restructuring of Olds toward a younger, more import oriented audience.

    $3 billion spent to restructure the brand over the past 5 years or so and all for naught. That's what boggles the mind. Only GM could withstand that kind of hit and keep coming back for more.

    I saw in the press release that GM promises to support loyal Olds customers. Since I don't expect much in the way of cash incentives to make up for my now lost resale value, I hope that GM will at least offer a product that is as appealing as the Intrigue. Otherwise, I'm outta here!


    P.S. Jgrief: Don't gloat too much. You got burned on a car and made a fortuitous switch. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • kklotzkklotz Posts: 19
    I'm happy to say that I have a 2001 Intrigue GL AND a 2001 Silhouette Premiere. I bought these cars because I had a 1998 Intrigue and a 1997 Silhouette and I was very happy with them. I am truly sorry that Oldsmobile is being discontinued. They have always offered a great package at a reasonable price. As someone recently said, these won't be collector cars, but orphans. I had considered buying these cars after their leases expired, but will not do so now. The resale on the previous cars was bad enough--this latest blow will make them worse. Again, I am not sorry that I have these cars. I enjoy them and they provide a great value for the money.
  • will be $1500 towards buy or lease on new Oldsmobile, $1000 towards any GM product. Don't know what will be done for our neighbors up north. The Bravada new body style is going thru as planned. When asked about time frame Gm is saying when demand runs it course is when they will cease. Which I think means when it is fically unsound to produce vehicle is when it will get the hook. The oldest design they have right now is the Intrigue. Everything else has been redesigned since the introduction of this vehicle. I STRONGLY urge any current Olds owner(96 or newer) to take the $1500 rebate apply it towards the subvented lease on the Alero or Bravada, save a ton and not worry about trade in value on a discontinued car. Take advantage of this offer even if you did not want a new Oldsmobile. Do this this month as the $500 savings runs out on Jan. 3rd. I am in the northesat so I do not know if the whole country is getting the extra $500 "Holiday Savings" I have no vested interest in this advice other than the fact my stepfather is one of only 63 stand alone Olds franchises in the country.
  • Oldsmobile being phased out is a shame. It could've been avoided. No advertisement at all, lack of selection, and a high price that is the same as an Accord V6, Camry V6 and Maxima. Oldsmobile makes handsome cars, but considering the stellar reputation of the three above mentioned cars, why would anyone want to buy an Intrigue for the same to higher price?

    Why did the Cutlass disappear two years ago? That was Oldsmobile's bread and butter for years. That was a mistake.

    For GM cars, Olds ranks higher in quality than Chevrolet. To me, most Chevys are ugly and they're junk. Read the Cavalier and Malibu posts sometime. Chevys are horror shows.

    As someone mentioned in an eariler post, Tauruses sell, why not Olds? Fords are the biggest pieces of crap out on the road. If there's room in the car world for Fords, then there is absolutely PLENTY of room for Oldsmobiles. It's GM's fault. They poorly managed the division. Period.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Perhaps the Cavalier and Malibu are "Horror Shows" But the Impala is a totally different breed of car in terms of quality, safety and performance.

    Proud owner of a '00 Impala LS equipped with the bulletproof 3800 Series II V-6 engine, 12,000 miles and ZERO problems. The new Impala is perhaps the best and most competitive Chevy sedan in the last 30 years, along side the 94-96 Impala "Whale" SS.
  • a few years ago is what I will blame this on. They put in an inexperienced brand manager who I think came from Prell. That is not a typo-her expertise was in selling shampoo. The Cutlass was replaced by the Intrigue in the Oldsmobile line-up. I own a Cutlass and love this car. If you factor in rebates with the price of an Intrigue you will find they are cheaper-much cheaper in some cases. Does any one remember the Oldsmobile ad campaign that was "this is not your fathers' Oldsmobile" They have been fighting brand Image for a few years. I sold Oldsmobile when the Alero was introduced and was shown early ideas on the ads they were going to run and they were good, but they were not what I saw on TV 2 months later. I have driven the Alero on a race track and it out performed the Honda. I do not think I will run in to any Honda lovers on this site but if any are out there, I do not wish to have a discussion about Accord vs Alero. The biggest problem with Honda= power steering cavatation(very dangerous) I will miss Oldsmobile but I think is was the weakest child getting kicked out of the house, it could have been any division but GM has put more money in to Olds to redefine themselves as import fighters. GM made no mention of what was going to happen to the 3.5 liter Intrigue engine, only that it will continue to make the engine for the Intrigue.
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    As someone who said this was going to happen, I am still extremely disapointed and angry with GM. This action is not the result of poor products (although noted quality issues are a factor) but poor managment and execution on the part of GM executives. It is inexusable that the company's most competitive products were allowed to flounder in the market like they did. Further, GMs only solution to Olds on going problems was to aimlessly throw money at the division as if the money itself would know how to fix things. Therefore, Olds failure is not only remarkable for the ineptitute of GM managment, but a loss when you think of how else they could have allocated those financial resources.

    Needless to say, I won't likly be purchasing an Intrigue any longer. With the announcement that the division is going to be killed off, the poor resale values will get even worse. I expect that Enterprise or other rental fleets GM is associated with will be getting a steady stream of new Olds products between now and 2003-4. Perhaps killing Olds will in turn save Chevrolet, because the fleet market will be saturated so that they can't continue dumping Malibus.

    Anyway, do you suppose GM can cram the 3.5l into the Saturn LS?
  • The next few months would be a really good time to BUY an Intrigue.

    1) It is not a *true* orphan, it is similar enough to its sisters that you could probably have it serviced at any Buick or Pontiac dealer. Especially as the 3.5L becomes more popular.

    2) The whole product line may shift to another division -- if the same car is sold under a different nameplate, it may not affect resale as much as you think. Especially if the product line moves to Chevy -- your Oldsmobile nameplate will actually look a little better! It is unlikely that GM will throw out the R/D costs on a proven performer.

    3) Because of the uncertainty NOW, prices over the next few months will be EASY to negotiate.

    It is a gamble, but a new car buyer might just end up ahead in all of this.
  • Maybe if they use a shoehorn!
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    Well, I guess this means there'll be no OSV???

    Seriously, this is a sad day. GM gave Olds the toughest-possible task: appeal to "import intenders"...then, didn't give it nearly enough time to achieve the task. As marketing guru Al Trout said: "Minds don't change."

    Perhaps if the Intrigue came out perfect from Job One, it would have helped, yielding a lot of positive word of mouth. It NEEDED to be perfect, but didn't come close to that ideal!

    Even so, I've really enjoyed my '98 Intrigue the last three years. Recently, I've test-driven a lot of cars (some more vaunted and expensive) and can say it stacks up with the best of them!

  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    "They might as well (kill it), the way they're running it," said John Rock, a former Olds general manager.

    Well said, Mr. Rock.
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    What good would it do to send Olds products to other divisions? Wouldn't that just create conflict and product overlap within the existing division. About the only possibility would be to send the Bravada to Saturn, Buick or Caddilac, but each of those division's are planning crossover SUVs. Maybe send the Intrigue to Saturn, I don't know.

    From what I've read on the Web so far, they just plan to let Olds die a slow death, killing off each product as its lifecycle ends. Based upon GMs plan for the Epsilion and Super-Epsillon platforms, all of the current product platforms would be replaced by 2003-05.
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