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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Was there one year ago for a week on CIBC business. There was a multi-level underground mall and subway stop. I don't remember parking but then I never had a car there and I assume there is because of the bomb a few years back. It sure is hard to look at all the digital pictures I took of the place and from the roof now.
  • No one likes Taxes; and we have run this country on the cheap for years. Example having airport security falls under control of airlines and local governments where the person screening baggage gets paid all of $9. per hour. It costs money to do things right, and security is not an area to cut corners. I want a gas tax, a big one. Revenues would finance increased cost of war and security going forward. A gas tax would also discourage unnecessary use of petroleum products. Huge 5000lb SUVs are not neccessary; SUVs exemplify the worst kind of conspicuous consumption. An increased gas tax would not be completely fair; the burdon would fall disproportionately upon those living in rural areas driving long distances; but we waste far to much gasoline. Many more people should be driving sensible vehicles like the Intrigue. I want a higher gas tax to pay for the cost of real security. Lets stop running government on the cheap.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    If the US goes to war, then I would be in favor of increased taxes to fund the war AND FUND THE WAR ONLY. Not to fund a pot of money that politicans can spend. However, I don't think the government should totally fund airports and airlines so they can pay their people more. We the consumers are partly to blame for that because we want dirt cheap airfare and more direct flights. Its a very complex problem with no easy answer, but taxing gasoline is not a solution to the problem. And yes it might drive people out of SUVs, but I'm afraid if we tax gasoline to deter consumption, larger cars like Cadillacs, Intrigues, etc will also be hurt as people will start driving tiny cars with tiny engines. Remember too, while SUVs may be wasteful, US automakers profit heavily from them. If it weren't for the heavy profits GM makes on Suburbans, Tahoes, Escalades, etc, money losing divisions and car lines(i.e. Olds) would have been gone overnight. They've already shortned the phase out time because the division is not profitable. I think including SUVs(which are passenger vehicles) in regular passenger car CAFE standards would be more fair. It would exempt trucks which are still used alot for work, but expensive SUVs which see no more off road than the gravel parking lot at a driving range would have a heavy gas guzzler tax. This might begin to encourage these afflunent buyers to consider something that isn't burdened with a large penalty(i.e. a Cadillac STS which has a 300 hp engine and gets 28 mpg on the highway). And this wouldn't penalize the farmer that has to drive his pick-up truck to bring his crops to market.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Wow, I'm already at 3000 miles and less than a week under 2 months of ownership of the Intrigue. I've never owned a car that I enjoy driving so much. I guess you could say I'm being wasteful, but sometimes I look for the long way home just to drive the car more. The temps here have dropped in the past few days and last night I was out and it was about 60 and I noticed the car had more pep. Part of it was probably due to the fact that the A/C was off, but I think the humid 80 to 90 temps have had an effect on it. After all, a supercharger is so effective because it blows cool dense air into the engine. Anyway, despite the doom and gloom some here have proclaimed, I'm still very satisfied with my decision. Three things that I wish the Intrigue had. One is more sound deadening material in the doors and floorpan as there is just a tad too much road noise at higher speeds. I also wonder if replacing the Goodyear tires would help this too. Secondly, I wish the car had a few other little extra features like heated outside rearview mirrors(my 89 Oldsmobile had these for goodness sakes), remote fuel door release(again, 89 Olds and several other cars I've owned had this), a trunk ajar warning, and adjustable headlamp delay. Little things like that go a long way and would only enhance the Intrigue's already well equipped feature list. Lastly, power recline and adjustable lumbar support on the front seats would enhance comfort even more. I would say memory seats too, but this feature is typically reserved for luxury cars. Other than those few things, I have nothing to fault with this car.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Your post will probably be removed as will my response to it as it strays to far off topic.
    Running the government on the cheap? Taxing gas more? These are all statements that run counter to the way our government should be run. First of all we are taxed way too much.
    I am self employed and am creamed by FICA every year. If every American had to do estimated taxes like i do, instead of getting them withheld and then getting a "refund" in May, we would be taxed a lot less than we are now. In fact there would be a genuine tax revolt.
    As far as a increased gas tax, no way. Americans drive SUV's because they were driven in to them by CAFE regulations that made passenger cars incompatible with their lifestyles. SUV's are popular because the whole family and their stuff and the 18 ft ski boat can be hauled by them. When was the last time you saw a passenge car with a trailer hitch down at the local boat ramp. SUV's are the station wagons of our generation. Personally i hate them, but believe that we should not legislate them out of existence.
  • 63636363 Posts: 8
    Nice to see you are enjoying the car even if it lacks all the goodies desired..The changing of tires would benefit your noise level complaint somewhat and increase the handling factor..The Goodyears will become very noisy as they wear and are prone to rumble as tread disappears..

    Caught a stone and starred the windshield..Had to replace the 98 Intrigue windshield also..Replaced the 98 windshield for 110; I imagine this one will run at least twice that amount..

    Let's not ask the government to increase our taxes; for they will find a way to finance anything needed..

    Less freedoms and more taxes....come on folks..banish the thought....

    The closest Olds dealer to me closed his doors this last Friday..Never had bought a car from them; but utilized their service on the 98 Intrigue until I got fed up with them.. The dealer was Drummy Olds and they also carried the Suzuki lineup..Also the article said that Olsen Olds in Livonia had given up the fight.. Bill Lee Olds is where I have had the last six oil changes done and they are not looking too swift long term; but I understand they are looking for an additional franchise..

    FoMoCo has suspended production this week due to lack of parts caused by tightened security at the border crossings. A golfing friend spent a couple days in Toronto last week; however the return trip over the Bluewater bridge consumed 6hrs..

    We need a quiet week....
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your car so much.We all tend to use these boards to find aid for our problems,but it is good to be reminded that most of us are here because we love cars.I came close to buying one,but I wanted to try a manual transmission this time.But I do think the Intrigue is about the most entertaining car GM makes.I'm a little at a loss why Olds failed-the Intrigue can fool people as being practical while really being a foor-door Camaro for the driver.
    Good luck on the road!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    mosaix : Sounds like you enjoy your car as much as I do. The car isn't perfect, but no car is. The difference is, this car puts a smile on my face like none other ever did. I have 35K on mine now and it's still running strong as ever.

    6363 : Boarder crossings are ok for non commercial traffic now. Local Ford and Honda plants were shut down last week due to lack of parts. Commercial traffic is still bogged down from what I hear. What a mess.

    merkx : Sometimes I wonder if they had put Oldsmobile badge on the first Intrigues and pushed the name whether things would have been different. Many people still look at my car and say "who makes Intrigue?".
  • lss1lss1 Posts: 21
    1999 model built 10/98--3.8 engine
    just had the intermediate drive shaft replaced for the second time--was replaced about 10 months ago at 22 k, now done at 31 k. in addition, dealer replaced the power steering system. drive shaft and power steering system were "worn" and "rusty". about 6 months ago sprang leak in coolant system.

    car is coming up on end of waranty--(december)

    any advice on getting gm to extend waranty--on affected parts so far? entire car? if so what terms?
  • 63636363 Posts: 8
    Paid $1025 for GM major guard 6/75 0 ded on the 99 GLS 3.5..Meter shows 50k+; front end is a rattler, but tight..Had ISS replaced around 20k and it may have quieted it down for 100 miles.. Steering is not sloppy--no play..

    Have used the warranty once for a flat tire service on my way to the tire shop for the Michelin Pilots..

    Any steering problems will eat up money in a hurry, and it could pay off big time..If I had the 3.8 engine I wouldn't bother going the extra expense; but with the 3.5s love for speed it was an easy decision..

    Since most owners are in for the long haul it could be a good move and if you decide to sell privately then it is a great sales tool..Believe me..a used Intrigue is not the most popular car..

    The intermediate shaft is a part I assume has gone through many engineering changes and will be a money maker for Mr. Goodwrench in the coming years..

    Issues concerning the Intrigue are best discussed with your dealer while you are holding an extended warranty policy in your little paw....

    Dealers look at those papers and he sees a blank check...
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Your right about the car putting a smile on one's face. I have started turning my cell phone off while driving, not because the safety nazis say talking and driving is as dangerous as driving drunk, but because I don't want to be bothered with a cell phone call as I actually enjoy putting both hands on the wheel and throwing the car into nice curve while maintaining a decent clip. Can't say that I've had too many cars before that were like that as most were easy to drive with all of two fingers on the wheel.

    6363, that is sad to see Olds dealers closing like that. The closest to me is an Olds-GMC-Mitsu dealer so I guess they won't close. It just tees me off to think that a half assed brand like Mitusbishi is still going to be around and Olds is going away. The dealer I purchased the car from is a Chevy-Pontiac-Olds-Buick-GMC shop so I know they will still be around. In fact, one salesman said they were flirting with the idea of trying to pick up Cadillac. Can't comment on the service department at that one as I haven't had to use it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    mosaix : I try only to use my cell phone if I'm on the highway or on a strait road for a while. Using a cell phone on busy roads is a bit crazy.

    Finally took a close look at a 02 Intrigue yesterday. Local lot has 1 in stock. Pathetic. It was a GL with cloth seats. Noticed nothing different from the 00/01 models. Also looked at the 02 Aleros. They had three in stock, all with the new 2.2L Ecotech. List prices seem a bit higher, but maybe that's my imagination.
  • Did you notice on the 02 Intrigue if it had higher gas mileage listed? Someone posted recently that the numbers were up about 2 mpg. I wonder if they tweaked the 3.5.
    What was pathetic? The car or the fact he only had one?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    That was me. 20mpg city and 30 mpg hwy. Maybe they are just reflecting actual mpg figure.
    I got 29 mpg in mine and it was rated at 27mpg.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Didn't look at the l/km mileage. I will check next time and convert to MPG for ya.

    Ya.. they only had one Intrigue. Pathetic. You would think a large dealer like this one would have at least 3 or 4. They had about 10 Cavaliers and 8 Impalas.
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    Saw the first of the TV ads for the new '02 Altima. Very impressive, esp. as the car
    proceded down the road and spins out. They say that they wanted to inject some excitement into a boring market-4dr. mid size cars. Sorry Nissan, Olds was there first, as was Pontiac.

    Nevertheless, wish Olds had done ads like this, instead of its "campaign or invisibleness".
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    TOTALLY agree with you. The Altima ads are very good and Nissan has totally comeback with good cars and great marketing. Oldsmobile missed a golden opportunity to do the same.

    Parked my Intrigue next to an 02 Camry last night. Intrigue is a much better looking car IMO. Camry is better than it was, but I'd take an 02 Altima over a Camry any day
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I haven't seen the ads, but I checked the Altima personally this weekend.

    The car is pretty, but it does have its weird details, namely the clustered tail lights and the small segment of the rear side window.

    However, it's built with el cheapo materials, such as the hard plastic on the dashboard and the vinyl-like leather.

    A 2.5 L4 with 180HP fully loaded stickered at about $24K, while one with the same accessories, but with the 240HP 3.5 V6, about $26K.

    I think that the car was well thought out, even though Nissan's owner, Renault, added its not so nice touches to an otherwise promising car.

    About the new Camry, also personally checked from up close this weekend, is a better balanced car than the Altima, IMO. Except the for ridiculous pricing: the cheapest V6, with no leather or auto AC, is above $26K. Reasonably equipped and it stickered at over $28K. :^P
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Do you remember the Intrigue ads that were on tv back in 99? The ones with a black car driving down some winding roads and the sound of an engine at full throttle? Those were decent ads except they didn't mention much about what kind of car it is and they didn't air very long. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw an ad specifically for the Intrigue. I'm not overly impressed with the new Altima from what I've seen. I need to check one out up close, but in pictures it just doesn't look right. Looks kind of like a cross between a VW Jetta and a Lexus IS300. Several people over in the Saturn LS forum have driven one and said the interior materials on the new Altima were very cheap looking. As for the power rating, it looks impressive, but considering the Infiniti Q45's questionable power output, it makes you wonder if the Altima will really be that much quicker than the competition. Haven't seen a new Camry on the road yet, but I'm sure in time I will. From the picture I've seen of it, I can do without seeing one for another year. Heck, I've seen enough of the current model to last me for another decade.
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    $24K for a fully loaded 4 banger Altima? Yikes. I paid just a bit over that for my fully loaded Intrigue GLS. 26K for the V6 is a bit high as well
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