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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    Well, after 11 years and 3 months I traded in my forest green '99 GL 3.5L last night. Got her with 6 miles on the clock and turned her in with just over 112K miles. Low oil pressure light started coming on a few months back and the engine developed a knock. I always stayed on top of my oil level since it did tend to consume/leak a quart or two between changes. She needed new shoes too, so I figured it was time to trade her in on a new car rather than put any more money into a car only worth a grand or two.

    Had a few expensive repairs in her life, but if I had to do it over again I probably would. Replaced the A/C compressor, front wheel hubs, power steering hose, all four window motor regulators, and lots and lots of batteries. Other than that it was fairly problem free.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I hear Taps playing in the back ground....

    another one down.
  • those close to me know that with only 52k on my odometer i might not outlive my intrigue.bestist funist car i've ever it's off to my new car,(76' corvette).ahh american cars are fun aren't they.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    edited October 2010
    Got our '00 GLS with 90k on it years ago. Replaced a '00 Maxima, this is a better car in my respects. Have over 150k on it now.

    Wife drives and drives it, she says she loves it. I have not had trouble with it outside of rusted brake lines and ps lines, one bad CV boot at about 135k. New plugs about 139k, tires, brakes, and fluid changes - been very reliable. Did have a condenser get holed by rock. Added rock guard. Just did the engine mounts, I was driving it hard and think I contributed to their demise.

    Just got a used Honda Odyessy '06 with 58k, think I made a mistake, I researched it but not a lot of choices for minivan. In three months:

    rear motor mount, at shop now for what I think is front motor mount under last gasp warranty claim.
    rear shocks - typically need replacing about 50k
    AC transistor went out - no blower, typical apparently.
    alternator bearing noisy - same
    some noise which I think is alternator bearing, but could be power steering after I've already replaced pump, tank and fluid. Seems typical.
    power steering assist goes away in tight parking lots

    100k maintenance is huge, timing belt, water pump, crank and cam seals, possible valve clearance. It also does not start usually until the second try.

    Contrast with our low maintenance GM cars, and the trouble we've had, makes me wonder...

    This is the Honda quality everyone is raving about?

    I'm selling my Olds van after 200k. Had some issues but was a good van and got great MPG.
  • I have noticed that I am burning through A LOT of engine coolant but there isn't a leak! What could be causing this???
  • 2001 oldsmobile intrigue.( 360000 k on car, 150000 k on motor.. ) have had the car for two years, has always had starting issues. never failed me but would crank over 8 to 10 times before actually starting. NOW, it cranks over and starts but makes a grinding noise when cold, as soon as it warms up the noise lessens but does not go away.... about a week after that started, lights started going wonky in the dash and engine started hesitating, acting as though the tranny was slipping.... could it be the starter is going or is it possibly a short somewhere because the starter is overheating.. help, i dont want to put any more money into this car if the tranny is going... ( put in over $800.00 in the last couple of weeks.)
  • bold_1bold_1 Posts: 31
    I am moving cross country from St. Louis to Phoenix and need my car. I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a 3.5 v6 with 225,000 miles. I've had it since the car had 83k. Have had no engine or transmission problems. I've had the transmission fluid changed once at about 150k? The pan was not taken off rather Valvoline did a "transfusion" through the dipstick. I've heard rumors if you haven't changed the fluid regularly then don't change it at all. The fluid is a burgundy red with bubbles on it. It's been like this for a while. I am leaning more toward having the fluid, filter and gasket changed before I go. Most recently I've replaced the water pump, Oil cover gaskets, hub bearings, control arm bushings, alternator, spark plugs, and brake pads. Sometimes the car will stall at low speeds or sputter, but I believe that is due to $500 a piece coil packs that I cant afford to replace at this time. The car starts and drives smooth every time I turn the key. The only thing I would be worried about on such a long drive is the transmission (should I change the fluid and have the pan dropped before the drive or after the drive?) Oh, and also the fuel pump needs to be replaced - it functions fine but the floater is shot giving an incorrect fuel reading but i've been dealing with that for over a year now :) any advice/recommendations from dealers, car enthusiasts, mechanics, etc is greatly appreciated. As you can probably tell this is my baby.
  • I am having the same problem but are not sure what part to replace, I was wandering if you could tell me wheather you change the Ignition switch or the electrical parts. Will be waiting to hear from you NEED HELP ASAP please!! My email is
  • I cannot address the transmission, except to say if the fluid looks good but it has never been changed in years, from what I read that you should NOT drop the pan and change everything... too much risk there. But as for the fuel tank level, use your trip odometer to track miles per tank, resetting it when you fill up the tank. Figure 300 miles or so a tank around town, but on highway you should get more. You'll get an idea about your MPG and set your upper limit accordingly. I always have the trip odo displayed, and when it gets into high 200's, I fill it up and reset the trip odometer. This will also keep you aware of your trigue's MPG.
  • htwired1htwired1 Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    I purchased my 2000 Intrigue new in June of 2000. With my GM gold card rebate and another $2500 manufacturer's rebate the initial purchase price was an exceptional value. Over the 12 years there were too many repairs such as replacing alternator, master brake modulator, and driver window motor. The the the crank shaft sensor and intermediate steering shaft were each replaced twice. Nonetheless, the Intrigue has been a reasonable experience. After 12 years I took a step up and have purchased a new 2012 Volvo T6 S60. I am hoping that the Volvo will have fewer repairs. Time will tell
  • wsr4wsr4 Posts: 2
    Olds intrigue used the chevy impala police heavy duty suspension to obtain the handling they were after. If you look at monroe quick strut, the front strut assembly complete with spring is the same part number as the impala police car. I was wondering if the standard chevy impala Monroe Quick strut assembly which comes complete with spring will fit the intrigue? This would give the intrigue a softer ride much like the chevy impala?
  • wsr4wsr4 Posts: 2
    I have the same complaint. I have a 01 from new and it rides like a truck!
    I did a little research and found the 01 Cadillac Deville uses the same front spring as the Intrigue but the strut is slightly different. However the strut has a B5 body so it should bolt right in.
    The Monroe Quick strut is easy to install. I was wondering if anybody tried this
  • The blower motor in my 99 intrigue will not come on. I have replaced the blower motor and the blower motor resistor, but the motor still won't come. Running out of ideas. Any help?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    The intrigue rides hard because of its huge front sway bar which is the largest of all of the wbodys. I believe the springs are too soft.
    Keep in mind that the intrigue came out in 1998 My and the impala in 2000my.

    The problem with putting a very large sway bar on a independent front or rear suspension is that the bigger the bar the less independent the suspension becomes.

    I found that the intrigue handled small bumps horribly but big bumps and dips fairly well.
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