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Real world gas mileage for sedans



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Are you currently shopping for a vehicle? If so, a reporter would like to talk with you to learn how important fuel efficiency is to you as you make your decision.
    Please respond to no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2005 with a few thoughts on the subject.
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  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    >>I'd convert all of these figures into liters per 100 kilometers for you, but as a dad myself, I am inclined to have you practice your math. Post your answers and I'll let you know if they are correct.

    LOL! You are just MEAN!! :shades:
  • Not cool! lol! Just to please you its in between 11.59L per 100 Km to 11.64L
    per Km. Two answers. Why the first one is an actual conversion i found online
    and the second one is mine done on paper. But if we were to round them they
    would both be 12Lper 100Km... Happy Now!
  • I have had my '05 TL Auto for 2 weeks (800 miles) and I'm getting 24 MPG overall. It's probably been about 70% highway, 30% city driving.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think you may be right, but...which of my various figures did you convert?? the 15-17 city MPG or the 28-30 highway mpg?

    Your "grade" is pending. ;)

    P.S. If it's any consolation, I credit my 9th grade math teacher for beating (literally) algebra into me (he was also the wrestling / boxing coach) about 35 years ago. I went on to have an easy time in undergraduate and gradute business school and last night picked up a new 911 S convetible. Before my 7 and 10 year old daughters can ride in the back seat, they will have to complete their math homework every night. Exercising your brain now will bring you many good things in the future.
  • well i converted your average = 20.3. Actually math is my favourite subject ... the easiest for me. is there even enough space to fit to people in the back seat of a 911 ... well theyre still small but it must be really tight.
  • Well, I don't know about the brand new models, but I own an '02 Passat 1.8T w/ 5-spd manual and had an '02 TL auto (not the type S). Averaged around 23 mixed in the TL, 31 on pure highway trips (I drove from Eugene, Oregon to Denver round trip twice last summer--averaged 31 mpg and about 85 mph--the final drive ratio is so high w/ the auto, it didn't care how fast I went, it seemed!). Sadly, that car was totaled in January (flipped twice, driver walked away w/o hardly a scratch!).

    I commute in the '02 Passat, and get remarkable mileage--I haven't had a tank under 33 mpg, and am usually closer to 35. My commute is 75 miles round trip and 95% freeway, although I climb over an 8000 ft. pass each way (Salt Lake City to Park City, Utah). The '02 Passat is the same as the '05, so that might be some indication. I haven't had a true mixed driving tank yet--I bought the car to commute in, and that's about all I use it for.

    Hope that helps...
  • I owned an 04 TL auto for 18 months and averaged between 23-25 mpg on 70%highway and 30% city. Keep in mind Premium unleaded is required.

    I just bought (2 weeks ago) a 06 Avalon XLS auto and so far am averaging 26-27 mpg with regular unleaded over the same roads and driving conditions as the TL above.

    Hope this helps.
  • My automatic '97 saab 900SE turbo gets between 17-20 city and between 23-27 highway, heavily depending on speed and aggressiveness. I got 29 on one highway trip but the road descended. Average city is high 18's low 19's and I only got 23mpg on a weekend trip recently ( a lot of time time going ~80, though ). The passing power of this car is great once the turbos are wound up.

    My auto 89 900S (also turbo) got 23 city and 28-3- highway going at fast speeds. I do drive fast but drive smoothly on the highway.
  • pimp dog wrote:
    Acura TL
    Infiniti G35x
    2005/6 VW Passat
    Volvo S60

    With that list, I would also consider the latest Audi A3/A4 and the Jetta (TDI or 2.0TFSI).

    I recently drove in the Sierra (high altitude, spirited driving uphill but mostly coasting downhill because of speed limits) with my 2000 V6 Passat AWD Wagon and two friends in other cars (Honda Element and Honda Odyssey). I got above 30mpg average on the trip, the Element got 26, and the Odyssey got 22. And that is including the additional drive train loss with my permanent AWD, and a Yakima 3-bycicle rack (w/o bicycles) on the roof. So, folks, all I can say is don't trust advertised mileage. Until official test procedures improve, ask a lot of trustworthy people what they are getting under similar conditions that you are driving ...

    By the way, when the engine is cold and I drive in the city for short distances, I get perhaps 15-18 mpg. Fortunately, I don't do that very often...
  • Tom - Owner of a new 2005 Avalon - after 2000 miles of mixed highway and local driving, my overall average is 27 mpg. There is a discussion forum at Edmunds just for Avalon real-world MPG experiences. I believe the Avalon may be the best reasonably large sedan in terms of MPG. I think your dad should check it out.
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    I've owned a Volvo S60 for the past 2 years; I get about 22 MPG city and 32 MPG highway.
  • Hello, I am giving a speech on the gas price crisis. I am looking for the average miles/gal for vehicles driven in the United States. If anyone knows, please reply and give the source you got the stat from. Thank you
  • Thaking a 500 mile trip, on CA, HYW 99 from Stockton to Los Angeles
    My new 2005 XLS Avalon got up to
    34.4 MPG on super unleaded (91) with 4 passangers and luggage.
    not too bad. huh?
    I did take a picture with my cell phone to prove it
    if you guy and gals like to see I will post it soon.
    Like too know if any one has gotten a higher MPG.

    Thank's all
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    That is terrific. It is better than the smaller Camry. What kind of mpg do you get with 50/50 city/highway? Is premium unleaded recommended for the Avalon?
    How did you figure the mpg on this trip? Is this from the trip computer or fill-up to fill-up? Thanks
  • I love my car im a 17 year old student in central valley, california. I bought a 1998 Honda civic HX, the best gas saving gas engine in the world, its been proven. Its a V-TEC E. E stands for Economy, because it is set to a lean burn. It looks nice cause i have 18" panther intimidator wheels, and the rides nice. Just to let you know, i go over 6000 rpms everywhere, and i still get better gas mileage than your escalade going 20mph, and its true. im not kidding. :)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Let's see, on a fun challenge, a 14 year old Canadian student was able to correctly convert U.S. MPG to litters per 100 kilometers.

    I wonder if a 17 year old "central valley, california" student can figure out his actual MPG, period? It's true. I'm not kidding. ;)
  • Just completed one year with a 2004 civic dx. Mileage calculated as total miles driven divided by total gallons consumed. Average was 37.5 mpg. Driving was perhaps 20% highway, 40% city, 40 % country secondary roads.
  • I just this car and love it. It has 12,000 miles. I am concerned, however about the mileage. Is it normal for the mpg to read between 15 and 19 in the city? Also, how much on average (miles) should I get per tank? I notice I have to fill up every 300 miles...(city driving mostly).
  • I bought a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am with the 2.4L 4cyl (not the newer Ecotec 2.4) with 4 spd auto over a year ago as a cheap daily commuter. I get about 28 MPG in mix of ~70% city/30% highway. Worst MPG so far is 23 MPG (bad traffic) and best tank was 34 MPG (trip - wife, kid, dogs - all highway) - close to EPA estimates (22/30). I did notice a 1-2 MPG drop when I had my bike rack attached (Thule, 2 bike carriers with fairing), so I took it off.

    My wife's 2001 Cherokee (4.0L 6cyl, 4spd auto, 4x4), on the other hand, averages about 19 MPG in the same mix, which goes up to 21-22 on the highway (65-70 MPH) and at worst 10 MPG (mud crawling). There is no difference with roof-rack bike carriers (once a brick, always a brick).
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