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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • limanliman Posts: 32
    I believe the rubber mats only come in black. I was never asked for choice of color. My interior is black, so this was not an issue.
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    It's great to hear all the positive stories of new owners.

    I'm contemplating the 6-speed C240, and I was wondering, where is the parking brake, and how does one start off when on a hill?

    Also is there a dead pedal (for the left foot) in Mercedes cars?

    Last, does anyone have the Oyster interior and can they describe it? It looks simply like a cream color, a light version of Java. Is that right?
  • they come in two & tan from fit what ever model you own.
  • fjjfjj Posts: 6
    Want to take a crack at #273 above? Please?
  • fjjfjj Posts: 6
    You give me a good starting point, that instead of negotiating down from what they ask, I should negotiate up from what the trade-in value is according to NADA, Kelly, Edmunds. I will try that. I think I might get nailed on the trade in, but, then again, don't I always when I purchase a car?

    Thanks for the other tips. I appreciate it. I'll be sure not to let my wife see that message or she'll drive me away to the Kia dealer.

    I think I can spring money for maintenance, as long as they are not more than twice the maintenance of my Ford Exlplorer. (IS IT?)

    Thanks again.
  • I ordered my car with the Oyster interior. It appears to be a pretty rare choice. I did briefly see one car with the oyster interior before I placed my order. It's more like a very light greyish off-white from what I remember. It's not really what I would consider "creme" and it doesn't have quite as much of a yellow hue as java. That's the best I can remember. I won't actaully have mine until February. I'd suggest you ask your dealer if they have any oyster interiored cars on the lot in any model so you can judge. I was lucky that such a car happened to be there the day I asked. I have been second guessing my choice somewhat since it is a very light color and the dirt will show on things like the inside door handles pretty quickly. But I think it should be pretty easy to clean those parts.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We have a magma red C with oyster interior, it is a light grey, not off white or light java. When we first saw it we thought it had gotten the grey interior by mistake, but when we looked at one with grey we realized it was just darker. I think the color is beautiful, and not any more prone to showing dirt or stains than the grey. The other grey is more battleship colored, while I'd describe the oyster as more silvery, if that makes sense!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Got the car back from the dealer yesterday and it now opens. Dealer thought we were a couple of idiots, claimed we'd had the trunk in the valet mode, HE WAS WRONG. We didn't even know there was a keyhole in the trunk before this happened, and had absolutely never put a key into it before the second day it wouldn't open. Then on 2 different days I took the manual out to the car and tried the key in every possible position and it wouldn't open. It could be that the second day I tried it I left the trunk in valet mode, but that's not why it wouldn't open in the first place. Service guy listened to me, but seemed a bit skeptical, like I was trying to cover for myself. Oh well, it works now. If it happens again I guess I'll be able to say I told you so! They gave us a new 2000 ML as a loaner, very nice but boy it was so much noisier inside than the C class! We plan to get an ML, but after spending the day with one, I think we may have to wait for the new model, does anyone know when it's due?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I'm curious as to why you think the MY2K ML was louder. I think the engine is louder than the C320 my brother test drove, but not that much. The C320's suspension seems to make more noise over rough road than the ML's does.
    So how did the dealer get the trunk to open? :-)
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    The ML had way more wind noise and engine noise, it was easily as noisy inside as our Isuzu Trooper, maybe the loaner ML had bad door seals or something? Other than that it was a much nicer SUV than the trooper, we've been planning on an ML for next year. So I ment no slight on the ML. As far as the trunk, the dealer said it was in valet mode and when they turned the key it opened, but as I said, the key had never even been inserted in the trunk and it wouldn't open for 2 days. Something must have reset or? I may have left the trunk in valet mode after trying the key in all positions the 4th day it wouldn't open. So we'll see, hopefully it will never happen again!
  • First, I would like to welcome John (JRCT) back. how is your drive going? I hope all is well.

    In the year 2004 a new crossover class (minivan/sport ute/wagon)is being introduced by Mercedes-Benz called GST or Grand (wheel base similar to that of the S class)Sport (V6 and V8 engines offered)Tourer (3rd row 7 seater vehicle).

    The new ML is due for a change/makeover after the GST introduction late in 2004. Both will be built in Alabama. The new ML will abondonits current "body-on-frame" architecture. A new lighter unibody structure will be introduced thus imprving gas mileage and safety. Both the GST and the new ML will share the same unibody structure and it is gonna be marketed as sleeker portier and more aerodynamic.

    Both are also gonna be full time all wheel drive. The new ML will no longer look like a minvan. instead, a more rugged look is in the making. Also it is expected to be longer by about 8 inches with plenty of room for a 3rd row seat.

    As for pricing, the GST is going to be priced betwen $57k and $64K. the ML about $50k.

    Also, by 2004 MB is palnning on converting all of its engines to direct injection. No diesel engines are gonna ever be offered for the US market due to tighter emission regulations.

    P.S. I have gotten most of my info from the recent Automobile magazine.

  • To get pricing information, use a combination of & to research pricing & reliability ratings before you walk into the dealer so you won't be ripped off. Carpoint has easy access to the Kelley Blue Book online calculator & will tell you which dealers in your area have the kind of car you're looking for and will provide the VIN number. You can then sign up with to get reports on that particular vehicle. If you decide on a new car, edmunds is a great resource for wheeling & dealing. Especially this link:
  • Thanks to everyone for the great information here!Your postings are invaluable.Been trying to decide between the bmw 3(too small), bmw 5(too costly), lexus is(don't think it'll hold its value) & the mb c class(need I say more?). Finally decided on the c and have been calling the dealers and will soon go out for a test drive.
    The info you've posted will give me some extra ammunition, in case I need it. Thanks!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    I divide the answer to your question into two parts: preventative mtc., and repairs. Preventative mtc. on a late-model MB will be slightly more expensive than a typical US SUV, but not drastically so if you use a little common sense about the mtc. schedule and look for dealer specials in the service dept. On the other hand, REPAIRS can bankrupt you - and in this case, it will indeed cost 2x what it would cost to do the same thing to your typical domestic car. This is why I caution you to know a used MB's service history and make sure you have some warranty protection. Buying the car is the easy part - keeping it running after, say 90k miles, can the expensive part.

    Again, so much of this depends on the luck of the draw - I've had both good 'uns and bad 'uns from these guys over the last 32 years. Any recent model is a reasonable risk, so long as you're sharing the risk with the warranty co. or MBUSA, as the case may be.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    I've been lurking here all along, but have been distracted by any number of things, including most recently getting us hooked up to a broadband [cable modem] fast connection so we can be "on" all the time, with no more time-out and phone line worries.

    The '01 Accord EX V6 continues to surprise and delight on every drive - I'm still blown away by how different this car is from its 4 cyl predecessor...the body may be the same, but everything else feels really different.

    On the new C, I've got to say I am pleasantly surprised so far at the absence of any widespread show-stopper problems; let's keep our fingers crossed that it will stay that way.
  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    Along with making sure you know what your buying with a used vehicle as mentioned above. Take a look in your local yellow pages for an independant garage that services MB, sometimes exclusively. If you can find a good one, you might know by the knowledge they've been in business for years at the same location, they can offer substanially lower labor costs.
    I had the good fortune a few years back with my aging Volvo. I saw a non-descript shop that I hadnt paid much attention to prior to buying a volvo, been there for 20 years or so. They were great, quick service for an h of a lot less than the Volvo dealer, and they gave you the option of fixing with new or used parts. A consideration when you're keeping an out of warranty car on the road.
  • mrdietmrdiet Posts: 16
    Thanks for those descriptions of Oyster. Given your descriptions, I think the Motorweek segment on the 320 showed an Oyster car:

    I was also thinking of a Red/Oyster combo, it's probably the best color combination.

    Any info on the parking brake location and operation? Is it foot operated?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I checked that page, and yep that's the light grey oyster interior. It really does look awesome with the magma red. The parking brake is foot operated and hand released, seemed a bit weird at first, but once we got used to it we really like it. The pull handle clutters up the console, didn't really realize it until we got a car without it. Good luck to you!
  • John-

    I was amazed to read your comments on the Honda, because I completely agree! I have been test driving 330's, C320's and an IS300. Right after taking a very long demo ride in the C320 (non-sport, I hate the aluminum look), I went over and drove the loaded Accord. I think it had a better ride! No acceleration lag, more room, more comfortable seats, comparable handing and very quick.

    Of course, it is not as sharp as the c-class, but for $25,540 MSRP and heavily discounted, I think I'm going with the Accord! For those people still looking, check it out…

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Reply to # 292 (mrdiet): Parking brake is activated by pressing down on foot pedal with left foot and subsequently released with your left hand as you reach down a little (fuse box location on Japanese cars). I drive a 5 speed now and have never used the parking brake (RHS center) to hold on a hill, mind you I have not started from steep steep hills. I find if people know you are driving a standard on a hill, they tend to leave more than a couple of feet gap behind you, at least I try to. I know it will take me some time in the seat to get used to a slightly different clutch than my current Subaru Outback, but the C 240 6 speed is very good both clutch and smoothness of stick shift / short throws. Can't remember if there is a "dead foot" pad but I would think there must be. Ian
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