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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I will not have started my 2000 C-Class for 6 weeks - does anyone have any hints as to the best way to fire it up (i.e., let it idle for 5 minutes beofre driving off or run the shifter through all gears at idle)?

    Also, it looks like I will be moving north to New England and may store the car in the winter. Does anyone know of a website or have info related to the best way to do this?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,411
    If you're going to, I suggest you over inflate the tires and change the oil before you store it.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,411
    I suggest you run the car hard before you store it.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I assume that your car has already been sitting for the six weeks, if so, start it, wait 15 seconds, and drive normally. There is no benefit to letting it idle; in fact, idling is more harmful than driving at moderate speed.

    Best Regards,
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That message is a request that Edmunds PR director received. Usually, someone wants to write an article for a newspaper or a magazine, but I'm not sure why they are asking this time. You can drop Jeannine an email asking what she has in mind if you'd like. Just click on her address in Kirstie's message.

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  • Does anybody know where to buy mobile-1 0-40W in NYC or NJ areas? Normal shops don't carry it. I know a MB dealer charge $45 for oil change labor.
    Also does anyone has a successful fix in the ticking noise near the dash. It comes on and off.
    I have found that a 'Rubermaid bottle bush' with a round head that effectively cleans brake dust w/o a scratch in wheels.
    So far my C320 runs like a champ w/o any problems. My MPG improves as time goes by: 21 city, 26-28 hiway.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I have only found one place for Mobil 1 0W-40 here in the US. I cannot give you a link to it, because the link has changed a few times since I found in last fall, however, I can give you instructions on how to find the web site:

    Go to:
    Enter into the search box: mobil 1 0w-40
    Execute the search.
    On the results page, you will see a "Park Place Porsche", "Park Place Motors", "Park Place Mercedes-Benz" or a "Park Place something"

    These folks sell Mobil 1 0W-40, I bought mine from them and had my oil in hand in about a week.

    Best Regards,
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Here I am Nanky -- I posted not too long ago to put in cheers for my C320 2001 and to express my wonder that those posting with tremendous problems with theirs have not gone for replacement cars. So far so good with my Obsidian :), and it will be one-year old May 31. Not quite as much mileage as yours, and I still love the way it looks and handles, particularly the high speeds :) Very few chips and they are not even as large as the head of a pin. I scraped the front bumper a bit, though, on Monday and had the MB color man come out Tuesday and restore to its original perfection. LOL -- I could not wait to get home that day to call him.

    I don't come to the Forum as often as I used to because so many of the posts are angry and full of complaints. This depletes some of the joy I am experiencing with the Obsidian. In addition, I have not received any responses to the last few posts or began any dialogues.

    At what mileage did you have your A service done? Methinks the Obsidian might go a little longer than a year before hitting 10K. If you remember, I had been advised by my friendly Service Parts and Operations manager not to do an earlier one.

    The Obsidian sends regards to its twin.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Congrats Peter -- it only took me three months -- but those three months seemed like three years.

  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91
    I own a 2002 C 240; at the time of order I did not go with COMMAND option, I just wondering if I can get it now ; My dealer said NO it is factory installed - any thoughts !!

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Is anyone out there participating either in a formal or informal "car-sharing" deal? I'm looking for folks (other than spouses) who co-own luxury vehicles. If you fit the bill, or know someone who does, I'm hoping you'll contact me by Wednesday, March 6 with your contact information, the type of vehicle you share, and your city and state of residence. Thanks much!
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  • rbrenton88rbrenton88 Posts: 186
    with another family led to enough bickering. I can't imagine having to co-own a car with anyone.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75

    Likewise, I haven't posted in a while. The tone on the forum has shifted a bit and although I sympathize with all the reported problems, I have been fortunate enough to have ended up with an awesome car. I heeded the advice of my service counsellor, despite the very enlightening exchanges that took place on the forum earlier, and did not change the oil early. The A service was performed at 12,500 miles at which time the computer still showed 200 miles to go. Prior to that, my service folks told me they would perform the service within 1,200 miles of what the computer recommended. Just didn't have time to take it in earlier. At some point, I thought I had a problem with the mirrors only to realize it was self inflicted. I was releasing the seat position button a second too soon after the seat returned to my position thereby not allowing the passenger side mirror to fully adjust. Since I figured that out, it's been flawless.

    The sibling is awesome!! I find myself easing off the gas pedal quite a bit because it closes up on other cars very quickly. I am still glad I chose the Obsidian.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...which is awesomely complicated at best, is indeed installable only at the factory.

    MB has hired Nokia to help them redesign the notoriously complex COMAND interface so ordinary mortals can use the system without a 5 lb owner's manual. The MB engineers, who are inordinately proud of their creation, have taken notable offense, but management decided they needed some help from a company that has a rep for keeping it understandable and intuitive. I forget the target date for the redesign, but it should be in the next couple of model years.

    The system is simply too complex, and interfaces with too many of the car's subsystems, to be trusted to be installed at the dealer level. I'm not a fan of this option, so don't think you've missed much, but everyone has a different opinion. In any case, the corporation is weary of the automotive press frying them about this system, so a redesign is in the cards.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    I have it in the car I'm picking up and in the CLK it also serves as a CD player, though it only does one cd at a time. I wouldn't have ordered but it was in the car.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Nanky wrote:
    >I heeded the advice of my service counsellor, >despite the very enlightening exchanges that >took place on the forum earlier, and did not >change the oil early.

    Nanky -- When the MB Service and Parts Operations Regional Manager personally returned my call and told me he would rather I not change my oil before the scheduled A service, I took his advice. He told me he had seen too many engines not being properly broken in when the oil change was performed before the FSS scheduled A service. After the A service, he said I could do it more often if I wished, although it was not necessary. Since there had been so much discussion about the subject even when the car was delivered with the Mobil 1 Synthetic, I posted this info on the forum and many, many posters disagreed and disputed it. Whatever! I chose to listen to the MB Regional Manager -- after all, it was with his help that I was able to get the replacement Obsidian.

    Every few months, I might find a time when the mirror drifts once -- sometimes it is if I start the car and press the garage door opener button at the same time.

    Thanks for information on your mileage at the A service. I think at the one-year anniversary I will ask the service advisor if I should wait more than a year to have the service performed even though I have not hit the 10K mark and the computer has not scheduled it.

    I miss our old group -- am still in touch -- some participate at MBNZ, but they still browse here now and then.

  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    Mikki wrote >>even though I have not hit the 10K mark and the computer has not scheduled it.

    Mikki, the computer has already scheduled your A service based on driving conditions and there is a way of telling the number of miles remaining long before it is due. To do so, you will need to scroll through the computer screens. I don't have the car here and thus cannot be specific as to the exact screen. What I noticed is that with about 1K or so miles to go, a reminder screen appeared each time I turned the key to start the engine. Happy 9th month!!
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Nanky wrote:

    >the computer has already scheduled your A >service based on driving conditions and there is > way of telling the number of miles remaining >long before it is due

    Nanky -- I thought everyone knew that although I was blonde I did not think like one LOL.

    My thinking was thus and I might have written it in blonde language: Although the computer does the scheduling and shows how many miles remain until the A service, it might be advisable to check with the service dept to ask if they thought it advisable to wait until that time even if it took 12-18 months to reach the number.

    Thanks for your efforts -- appreciate.

    Blondes Have Their Own Language!
  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    I just had my oil changed for the first time last month. I do not drive my car very much, and thus in the first year have only accumulated 5300 miles. I decided that a year was probably a good time to change the oil but I did not ask if I should do it now or wait until FSS says to do it. The service advisor didn't say anything one way or the other, but just wrote up the work order because I asked for an oil change. I paid $72 including synthetic oil. They told me I could have "regular" oil for $49, but I went for the synthetic. I also had them do my state inspection and they did not charge me at all for that, so that saved me $10 which was something I did not expect them to do. It was my first exposure at all to the service department and it was pleasant enough.

    I did note a faint buring oil smell though the first few days after the oil change, but that seems to have dissipated now.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    I used the Comand System in getting my car home this weekend since to get it at MSRP I had to leave Long Island and head upstate. It really was a help and gave me a different and more efficient way back home than the traditional internet map services. It also gives traffic delays, weather, etc. and is pretty cool. I wouldn't go out of my way to get it but I think if it's there, it isn't bad and is worth the money.
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