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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • Got a quote for C240 auto, metallic, leather insert Cl,C2, C3 for 32,799 plus tax, lic, doc,tire...msrp: 36185. Is this a fair price?
  • 96benz96benz Posts: 6
    Wow--hard to believe all these problems. I bought my C280 new and now have 53700 miles.I've had the sending units in the gas tank replaced 3 times( twice under warranty and once after warranty for free) and an ignition module failed recently which resulted in a tow( MB Roadside was there within a half-hour and I was in a rental and home within 2 hrs). Not bad for a car that's near 7 yrs old. This car looks new, drives like new, the Bose stereo is great, the a/c blows VERY cold!
    I suspect many new new owners are coming out of boring but bullet-proof Japanese cars. MB's may not be bullet-proof but if you've ever had a panic stop you know why you bought this car. My previous car was an '89 300E driven for 75000 miles. After 4 BMW's, MB's are superior and my next car will definitely be another MB.
  • hansenhansen Posts: 18
    To silverfox6-sounds like a good deal.
    Just a comment on the pricing on new Mercedes: When I went to buy my c320 a month ago and I was bargaining with the dealer, he kept saying that due to the new free maintenence, etc, the markup is only 6%. Another one told me 8%. One, if not both, are probably bending the truth. Personally, I think a straight 8-10% off the MSRP, especially with the 2003's coming in, is a fair deal.. I have bought 2 mercedes-both at 8-10% off of the sticker with trade-in within a few hundred dollars of blue book. My dealer offers free car washes as long as I own my car-free coffee or soda included, which saves me another $500 per year minimum (two cars washed every 1-2 weeks).
  • zhenliuzhenliu Posts: 11
    I am looking for 2002 c240 in DFW. I would ilke with sunroof and leather seat. How much is the fair price?

  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    For those of you in Northern Virginia, based on my sad experience, I recommend that you stay away from the service department at the new Mercedes Benz of Alexandria until they get their act together and work out the bugs.
  • eoseos Posts: 27
    Could you suggest a dealer you have had some positive service experiences with? I work near American Service Center in Arlington, and was considering them for my Y2k C280, but they are the same business as MB of Alexandria.


  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    While ASC and the new MB Alexandria are run by the same company, ASC is an established dealership that has been in the Arlington location for a very long time. Even though I had big issues with the sales side at ASC, the service department was fine for my oil change and state inspection several months ago.
  • eoseos Posts: 27
    Thanks for the info on ASC -- I'll give them a try.
  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    I've also had work done at HBL, and I found that, even though they tried, they too appeared to be understaffed. It was also annoying that either (1) they knew nothing about the key problems I was having that were well documented here, or (2) they knew about them but wouldn't admit it. They even denied knowing anything about the remote unlocking failure in the early production cars, even after MB belatedly fessed up. I wonder if their service people don't read the MB technical bulletins or are just trained to look at you quizically and say "no, I didn't know anything about that problem." I guess I'm glad that I purchased an extended warranty and that both HBL and the new place give loaner cars (albeit, during my latest visit, a Ford Escort from Enterprise unless I was willing to pay for an upgrade).
  • eoseos Posts: 27
    TCLAW, thanks for the info on HBL as well.

    For what it's worth, I have used Euro Motor Cars for service in past. I bought my C280 there, and they have been OK, though I have not had to ask them to deal with anything as maddening as the key problems exhibited by the early W203 cars. True, they are a bit further around the beltway than HBL, but they do have an all-MB loaner fleet. My last 2 loaners were a 230 SLK (too cold out to drop the top, though) and an E320 4-Matic (very nice!)

    Anyway, I will be trying ASC for my VA inspection. This one requires emissions testing too, so you can guess why I am reluctant to let my local Shell station put the car on the treadmill.

  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    Well, after 18 months of flawless service my C240 finally has developed a glitch. The driver's side door has gone kaput. The key remote no longer locks/unlocks that door and the window controls are also not working. The backlight of the switches is out too. So I suppose this might just be a loose connection in there somewhere. It all came about this morning totally out of the blue. Is this a known, common problem?
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    Loose connector or maybe a fuse? First time I've heard of that one. Lucky you.
  • I recently test drove a 240 with the manual transmission and had difficulty shifting into second gear. I really had to yank it to get it into gear. Is secon gear normally so notchy and difficult?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yes, there have been a number of reports at MB.Org of manual transmissions with balky synchros in second gear. At least one poster had the transmission rebuilt under warranty, with no significant improvement. My personal advice is to avoid this trans, but there are people out there [perhaps you're one, perhaps not] who absolutely insist on the manual. MB's have not been models of decorum for a long time when it comes to manual shifting, and I see nothing about this car that changes that.
  • I've reported periodically that I've been clicking along for XX months and YY,000 miles with no problems. Unfortunately, in the 21st month and 16,000 miles, I've experienced a minor glitch which required replacement of both (there are apparently two)gas tank fuel level sending units. The symptoms were: at about 1/4 full, the gas gage would suddenly drop to zero, the trip computer mileage readout would go haywire, and the fuel warning message would get hysterical. This didn't always happen, but two or three times was seemed to happen on hot days, shortly after starting up and getting on the road.

    You might find it interesting that the dealer, who claims to have 72 ML320 loaners, had ZERO early on a Tuesday morning. Said that NONE had been returned from the day before!! I never thought about using their loaner for commuting! Good idea...

  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    I took my car in to American Service Center (Arlington, VA) yesterday to have my driver's door problem worked out. The line was out the door when I dropped my car off. Since I didn't have an appointment I wasn't sure if they would have time for my car or not and they told me it might not get fixed yesterday. They called around 3:30 to say they would not get it finished, but then right when I got home from work there was another call that it was ready after all.

    Apparently the driver door control module went out. I guess power was getting to the module, but it wasn't working so they replaced it with a new one and now things seem to be back to normal. I found it a bit surprising they would even have such a part in stock.

    I had heard some not so flattering things about their service department and in fact the woman in line ahead of me when I picked the car up was pretty upset with them about something. But my experience was quite good.
  • newmbfannewmbfan Posts: 59
    The time had come for my black 240 to go back to the dealer. My wife, the primary driver, was fed up with the little issues we kept having with the car. (Fuel sender, 4 sets of keys, trunk would not open, ETC.)

    Much to my amazement, She picked out a silver 320 wagon. It seems that even though she hated all the problems, she loved the car and did not want to give up all the safety features. We also need a bit more room since we had an addition to the family. (Gracie, a Golden Lab) We test drove a Toyota Highlander that was your nice solid Japanese vehicle but IT HAD NO SOUL!

    The dealer really wanted to sell a car that day so they upped the trade-in by about $2,000 and we drove it off the lot that night.

    2 days later we loaded her up and headed to Minnesota for a 10 day vacation and road trip. 3037 miles, 26.1 MPG and an average of 55 MPH for the entire trip. I loved the extra ponies and I could not believe how quite the car is. No problems other that the fuel gauge went to zero about 11:00 one night. Range indicated 10 miles. I drove for another 100 miles and when I restarted the car the next morning, everything was fine.
  • I purchased a 1997 C280 Sport just over a month ago and have recently been having problems with the A/C. It seems to run fine for about 10mins but will then cut out and will not come back on even if I repeatedly press the a/c button. Has anybody experienced this problem before. Any info you could give would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I just got my 02 C320 Sedan. It immediately began [almost] stalling while coming to a stop. Upon acceleration it hesitates and sputters like a Ford Pinto.

    No codes. Dealer is stumped as well, but he told me it was a "known" problem my MB and they were working to fix. Any ideas?

    The one thing I notice is that since the gas tank is now less than half full it hasn't been doing it. I'm going to fill in the next 2 days and see if the problem returns.

  • afmbguyafmbguy Posts: 19
    I would like to share my experience and research with you all, after observing different comments about the new MB products:
    01) Pay extra care to the electronic keys. They should be handled very carefully. Do not put extra weight to the key chain. If the key is not properly aligned when put in, funny things will result. Constantly making sure the light cover in the keys are clean.
    02) Premium Radio will up or down automatically its volume depending on the interior noise levels.
    03) When A/C is on, its normal to have water from under the engine.
    04) In the latest 'Car Preview' magazine, it said its a disaster I-Drive comsumer response for the BMW new 7-series. The new E is much better in exterior design than the new 2003/4 5-series.
    05) When the car has not been driving for a few days, the steering wheel would shake for the first 10-15 minutes due to tires are not totally rounded by sitting too long. It's normal. It happens to alot of European cars.
    06) European cars are performance oriented. Engine is usually very hot. Please keep the outside ventilated area (area below the wipers) clean to let hot air out. Your engine will be very appreciated.
    07) In cold winter time, be sure DO NOT drive right away. Please let the car warms up for a minutes or so. You can easily tell the engine noise (rpm) would quite down. For the first few miles, please be easy on the gas. It will pay you many happy motoring in the years to come.
    08) The 3.2 engine will be replaced by a 3.7 engine with about 240 H.P. and will be called C350, E350 or S350 instead of C370, E370 or S370 in roughly two years, just like the 2.6 engine called C240.
    09) There will be a new engine for the S600. It is rated about over 500 H.P. and is derived from the Maybach engine.
    10) There will be a similar 'MB Power Trips' on Aug 17 and 18 in Tarrytown, New York. MB will be showing different types of new E and may be new CLK.
    11)MB has been producing cars from S. Africa and Brazil. Please be sure yours is from Germany when ordering. The quality control is much better.

    I will be away for awhile and will join you guys in the near future.
    Good luck and happy motoring.
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