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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • I test drove the C230 Kompressor sport sedan this past weekend and LOVED it. I was amazed! I had driven a 6spd C240 a couple of weeks ago and was duly unimpressed; however, when I drove the C230 sport, it was a lot quicker, a lot more firm (due to the sport tuned suspension), and looked a whole lot better with the body molding and AWESOME 17 inch tires (very cool rims). The ride is a little harsh, but I like it that way and there is a small amount of turbo lag in first gear. But once you are in second and third, the car comes to life. I can only imagine how incredible the C320 sport with a six speed is going to drive; but, for 35K base price, that is a little out of my league. I am definitely going to purchase the C230 within the next month and would also love to hear any other driving impressions; I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything, but I truly loved this car. . . .and it's only a 4 cylinder!!
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Is the throttle lag apparent in the automatic version? I am very interested in this car and want to get as much information (including comaparative ride, off the line pick-up, and road noise). Thanks.

  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    I would probably get a c230 sport sedan automatic BUT w/o the 17 inch tires. Would probably trade the tires with OEM MB 16 inchers. I am not crazy about the looks but I'm very particular about road noise, I don't want to feel gravel type road grains. Dealer doesn't have yet the model that I want.

    I drove the c240 with automatic but was disappointed by the weak off-the-line pick up and the too-soft ride (ala camry) but I am happy with the rest of the car.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    How did the 230K engine noise and vibration compare with the V6?
  • jvp12jvp12 Posts: 2
    If you get a C240 and would like to trade for a set of 16 sport wheels please e mail me.
    I have a 2002 C320 sport and I live in Northern Ca.
  • Has anyone purchased an extended warranty recently on the C class. I received a quote of $2380 from various MB dealerships for an extended 3 yr warranty. Have not been able to contact Lisa from Courtesy Motors in Chico, CA as of yet. Just curious as to what others have paid. My one year anniversary on my C class is coming up on 1/22/03 and so I have to make a decision real fast. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought one the beginning of this month from Lisa - I had two days left till my year was up!

    This was the second MB ext warr I have bought from Lisa - the first was two years ago for another car. As you probably know, the duration has been reduced by MB from 4yrs/50k to 3yrs/50k. Pricing has changed little - now $1690.

    As before, buying the warr from Lisa was very easy - one phone call to the 800 number, read off your vin, current odometer, credit card, and your done!
  • Are on the web site...check it out...rj
  • Thanks for the information e320wagon. That was very helpful.
  • Has anyone purchased the C230K Sport Sedan or the C320 Sport Sedan yet? If so, what kind of deal did you get?

  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Has anybody had a mishap about their IC hitting a road obstacle/curb/bumps? I am concerned about its location which is at the chin portion. My wife could damage it since she is not as careful as me when driving the car.
  • seanl3seanl3 Posts: 5
    I have recently purchased an '01 C320 for my wife (November 02). and I have noticed that when I get gas for the car(notice, when I get gas for her car, but that is a different story), and I put it in the garage, the gas fumes are very heavy. I do not overfill, or 'top-off'. Has anyone here have this happen to them? or should I be running back to MB of Orland, for servicing? (They have been great, by the way). The fumes are so heavy that they seep into the family room which is attached to the garage.

    I still am having problems with the smartkey, they have ordered a fourth one so far, and you only get 10 smartkeys for the life of the car.

    I have had it in service now twice, and don't really want to take it back for anything else.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    I have never smelled even a hint of gas from my '01 C320 and I have a sensitive nose. Definitely take it in soon. The keys have been problematic but the newest key rev seems to fix the problem for good. Do a search in the forum and you'll find how to identify the key by the number on it and which one fixes the problem. If you already have the correct rev keys maybe they should be replacing the key unit in the car . Some people have had that done.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    ...get to a dealer quickly on the problem with the fuel smell. This should not be happening. I can speculate on about a half dozen possible suspects, but in any case, this is neither normal nor common.
  • husky11husky11 Posts: 53
    Has anyone experienced a Fulda Assuro set of tires? I am considering them for my 1999 C280. The price is $79 per tire installed, balanced, and rubber stems.They are made in Germany and are said to be very good on the German autobahn's.They are advertised to be very quiet and have excellent traction and cornering, etc., with a 40K mile unconditional warranty.

    Tire size is: 205 x 60R x 15, speed rating is H.

    If so, how have they performed?
    Thanks for any answer.
  • Just thought I would let everyone know that I ordered an '03 C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan (6 speed, of course) with C2, heated seats, Bose, & 6 Disc Changer in alabaster white with charcoal interior. MSRP $31,985 (Invoice 29,746), paid $31,000 (couldn't get them to move any more than that on the price). It will be 8 to 10 weeks and the anticipation is going to kill me. Has anyone else ordered/bought either the C230 or C320 Sport Sedan yet? Let me know what kind of deal you got.
  • Sweet! Edmunds finally added all of the info for the new Sports Sedans and coupes. Of course, they didn't get this info out until after I ordered the car last night. Luckily, according to the TMV, the car, with my options, should sell for $30,992 and I got it for $31,000.
  • wc68wc68 Posts: 23
    I just ordered my C230WZ sport sedan yesterday. It is automatic, C2, C3, C4, heated seats, Bose stereo upgrade, CD changer, Pewter with charcoal interior. MSRP $35,165, my cost $500 over dealer cost. Could have got a better deal but was happy with $500 over dealer cost. What did others pay???
  • WC68,
    When you say $500 over cost, what was the actual dollar amount that you paid? When I ordered mine, the "cost" or invoice was $1250 less than I actually paid. Assuming that MB uses a 7% markup, your invoice price would have been $32,703; are you saying that you only paid $33,203? If so, that would be one heck of a deal and they really pulled the wool over my eyes!! Or are you saying that they added $500 over MSRP?

    Anyway, your car seems pretty well loaded and I can imagine that you are psyched to get it. How long did they say it would take? 8 to 10 weeks??
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