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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    Maybe you have to go for the 320 sedan to get the interior you really want ... to me, it has the same look, feel and quality as 430/500 MLs, Es &etc. (also, compare Cs with full leather instead of leather inserts). In the sedan models, the 320's interior has just a few subtle differences that contribute to a finer result over the 240's interior.

    I think the Lexus layout is aimed at younger drivers; maybe the coupe is too, compared to the sedan. I would think $4k off the cheaper coupe would be good; we bargained for $3.5k off on the 320 sedan in '02 and thought we worked a pretty good deal at that time.

    After our experiences with the 320 engine, and knowing the least expensive C-coupe has the same underlying structures and electronics, I'd have to agree that the base price model seems like a great value: I'd get white anyway and that saves $600 (and, enjoys a higher resale down the road).

    As far as the engine goes, the 320 powertrain has achieved bullet-proof status--at least in my view. It has been the major powerplant for MLs from the beginning, up to the latest midyear change to the 3.7L version in the ML350 (compared to the 1K pound heavier 320-equiped ML vehicle that still can tow 5K pounds, the 320 in a C is an opulence). The 320 still powers most Es, including the latest which probably is the finest auto on the road today with $3B spent on its making--it's just a little heavier than the C-class, but not by much. I've seen some old style S320's too (apparently were brought in by purchasers outside the US).
  • beejay9beejay9 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a MB dealer that sells and installs the MB cellular phone aftermarket for a discounted price? Also, I would greatly appreciate if current owners of the MB cellular phone would share there experience as far as quality of use. Thanks.
  • saabbersaabber Posts: 84
    Can anybody give me a breakdown of gas mileage for the C320 with and without the A/C running? Also city/highway (70 mph)?

    I am getting around 16 city/23 highway with the A/C running. When I turned the A/C off, it seemed that the numbers jumped about 3 mpg. Is that about right?
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    My C320 gets 25.7 mpg overall (mixture city and freeway). Around town it averages about 19 mpg and on the highway and 31 mpg at about 65 mph. Don't know about with or without A/C because I leave it on automatic constantly.
  • lanche72lanche72 Posts: 9
    I have a 01 c320 and have noticed a ticking noise (VERY RAPID) coming from the engine. It does not happen all the time to I don't think that is something wrong in the engine but don't really know. Does anyone else have this problem and how did you get rid of it.
    I have 16k and my wife never drives it hard.

    Thanks Matt
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    Could be the purge valve. There's a tech bulletin on replacing the purge valve mounting bracket for the noise.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    I agree with mleskovar . Sounds like a classic symptom of the fuel purge valve. I heard the same noise intermittently especially during very quiet times of the day with the radio off. The noise went away once the purge valve was retrofitted almost two years ago.
  • richjenkinsrichjenkins Posts: 55
    Hi - does anyone know either:

    1) the last date by which one can order a 2003 MB
    2) whether the 6 speed will be available in 2004 C320?
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    Probably any that arrive in the US after about the end of July will be '04s
  • goodwingoodwin Posts: 24
    my friend has a 2002 mercedes c240 and under the drivers side floor mat there seems to be a wet spot all the time that never dries up. any help on this would be great.

  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    1. Take it to the dealer for warranty service 2. Is it water or oil/brakefluid? 3. Is the A/C venting the water under the car?
  • iblostboyiblostboy Posts: 2
    Hi Guys, i'm a new owner of a 2003 C320 great car but i have two quick questions - How do you turn on the FOG LIGHTS! - and when you guys drive at night do you turn the head lights on by switching the head light switch to "auto" or do you use manual.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, in the case of the foglights, you turn the switch to the headlight "on" position, and pull it out one click to turn on the front fogs, and two clicks to turn on both the front and rear fogs.

    You can also use the fogs with the switch in the parking light position [one to the right of "Auto"] - same thing as noted above.
    Before DTRLs, I often used the fogs in combination with the parking lights only as highway running lights [we've owned MBs since 1968; standard fogs have been there for most of the past 25 years]. MB fogs have never had the mis-aimed, overly bright characteristics that make them so annoying on many SUVs and too many older BMWs. They've always had a sharp cutoff at knee-level that helps a lot where lights are needed, but do not generally shine in the eyes of oncoming drivers as long as they are aimed properly.

    As for the "Auto" switch, in 8 months of ownership I've been back and forth - if you do a lot of driving in marginal light conditions, it might be useful, and I like to use it occasionally just to make sure it works, but it's not a big deal. [I have programmed the DTRL feature to be "on", so we are showing some light forward whenever the engine is running, though the DTRLs of course are too dim to do any serious lighting to see where you're going.]
  • valonvalon Posts: 22
    i just wanted to update everyone with my new mb c230 sedan so far i hit 3500 miles and car is running great no problems BUT i do have a minor problem wit my lights (xenon) my right one is not working properly sometimes i have to switch them on/off to work, when the first time happened i went to diler but they told me that this is not a problem happens to all xenon lights and they cant do anything about that, same thing happen again this past weekend and i scheduled a service for today and got the loner (ML 320). Like to know if anyone else has the same problem or its just me and my luck.
      thanks all
  • deepdropdeepdrop Posts: 89
    Hi everyone,
     We have a "98 E320 wagon which we love and it still has 1 1/2 years of starmark warranty left on it. However, the C230 sports coupe is really nice and gets better mileage too. We could pretty much sell the E wagon and buy the C coupe as an even swap. I'm not sure the hatchback is big enough for us though. They always seem to have lots of room at the dealership, but we have a baby and a dog, so there would be a car seat, stroller, etc. Has anyone with a family used the C230 sports coupe and has it been big enough?
     The dealer offered us a pretty good price. It's an "03, black, C7 and C5, heated seats, and CD changer for 26,665. I would imagine that since this was his starting offer, he would probably go a little lower even. I calculated MSRP at 30,220 and Invoice at 28,157.
     If it were large enough to work for us, we'd end up with a much newer, but smaller car without spending anything. Any idea which would be worth more 4-5 years down the line, the "98 E320 wagon or a "03 C sports coupe? I"m guessing the wagon has pretty much done it's depreciating and so would probably be worth more even in 5 years.
     Sorry for all the rambling but I'm having a tough time deciding on this and would really appreciate anyone's thoughts.
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    According to Edmunds, the dealer would give you less than $20K on the wagon in our area, so there's an additional $6k to apply to a new MB, whatever model you like: that sounds good. And, next year's wagon will have the new E-Class frame: that might effect the value of older wagons.
  • richjenkinsrichjenkins Posts: 55
    Hello all, board seems to be a bit moribund lately, hm, everyone must be out driving their cars. Perhaps can liven up the discussion:

    I've been out on travel last two weeks, but have come back to (finally) test drive the new C.

    Impressions follow...

    Cars driven were an '03 C230K sedan, 6 speed manual, in black/charcoal interior, and a C320, Silver, auto, with sports "package". Car had no options (at all) on it. The day was sunny and hot (89F); test drive was taken just before lunch.

    The comparisons below are with our own '99 C280 auto, with 44K miles...

    My impression of acceleration between the manual C230 and auto C320 was very close. In relative terms, I found the delay in kickdown and poor throttle response in the C320 was not compensated by the increased torque of the larger engine. I'm sorry, but it just did not (to me) feel especially quicker than my current C280. Indeed, it had that exact same slightly annoying habit, when overtaking slower traffic, of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, until gear/throttle/torque took off and there was enough oomph to get past. Honestly, even given it was a hot day and therefore power might be considered to be off there just was not the "grunt" I was expecting. In particular the "touch shift" was very dissapointing; there did not seem to be any real point to me in providing this feature as all it did was hold gear (much like the J-gate in our current C).

    Quite the opposite was true with the manual C230K. With the 6 speed, I was having a lot more fun, it seemed to me the throttle and gear combinations were much easier to match road speed and acceleration than with the autobox.

    On to handling, braking and roadholding, the C230K seemed to be much "lighter" on its feet, braking on both was outstanding, but I detected more understeer with the V-6 on a long sweeping right hander (perhaps, indeed the weight difference in the V6 vs the S-4.)

    I have to say the ride quality on both of these sport models was superb, I did not detect any real harshness from the (225/45?) 17" wheels and tyres now fitted vs. my car's 15" rubber.

    (At the end of the test drive, I ended up actually liking the appearance of the seven spoke wheels; perhaps they are growing on me.)

    Interior of C320 was much posher than stripper C230K, and we (well, The Boss) really liked the power sunshade in the rear, that looked Very Useful here in Fla.

    Came away extremely impressed by 6 speed C230K, could not (for me) see the difference in price being worth going for the C320 frankly, but it is a VERY NICE car. Would have enjoyed driving a C320 6 speed but, it not being a common car, was not available on the lot. Actually I am not certain it would (in practical, day to day terms) really be "that" much quicker than the I-4 engine, and might not be quite as agile...

    So, am leaning towards a Brilliant Silver C230K, C2, C4, Bose, CD Changer, Heated Seats. Anyone car to comment on this spec? Am curious about the HID lights, if reputation is correct folks swear by them, am just wondering if they are worth the 750 list price.

    I did not find out what '04 plans are, my salesman was swamped, it being a Sat morning etc. Despite looking I've not seen anything on the net with any detailed info, however I've compiled my own '04 "list" below from some recent searches.

    Good Luck all, enjoy your cars!


    Rich's '04 Change List

    New instrument cluster
    Console redesigned for the new Command System
    Improved seats
    Wheel pressure monitoring
    New wipers
    Rainsensor which closes the sunroof automatically
    Installation of the Universal Handy Interface (Phone)
    Slightly restyled bumpers
    Sirius Sat Radio
    Single-slot CD as standard
    Different wheels available
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Has anything on that 04' change list been actually verified?

  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    Just curious, what's your reason for getting a new MB - is your '99 worn out, or are you tiring of it? Just curious as I have a 2000 C230 and am planning to keep it at least through its 8-year extended warranty & am wondering about your longer-term experience.

    As far as the new 230s and 320s go, I think they look really sharp. My only recent experience has been with a C240 as a loaner car last year. It was good as a sedan, but since my C230 has the Kompressor and sport option package it was a more docile animal. I was glad to get my car back after service, although if I had to drive a C240, I could make the adjustment.

    Glad to see the board come back to life.

      - Paul
  • Merc1 - Some verified, some wish list:)

    Here's the sources:

    Instrument cluster/Console/Seats - Translated from German from site:

    Wheel pressure control/wipers/rain sensing sunroof - comment from forum
    o 7423&highlight=2004

    Installation of the Universal Handy Interface (Phone

    o 23282.htm

    Sirius Sat Radio

    The in-dash CD and wheels are a "wish"; although I did rent a C180K in the UK in Feb that had both an in-dash CD radio and CD changer in the glovebox...
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