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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,412
    the technology has come a long way since the '80's when you had to let the engine idle to cool down a turbo and they lasted about 100K miles. While I think MB's quality has suffered in the past few years, they still know engines and transmissions. MB wouldn't put a supercharger on the market that is unreliable and that wouldn't last.

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  • Can anyone tell me about the extra black plastic attachment on the driver side factory-ready wiper blade? It looks like it has a use to keep snow from building up underneath the wiper. I am changing the blades, and I don't know if that plastic attachment has a purpose in my climate (I live in Florida). I also gather that the 10k service does not include the replacement of the blades. Any thoughts on some good replacements, or does MB have a factory blade that I should stick with?
  • " plastic attachment on the driver side factory-ready wiper blade..." I thought it takes advantage of wind/air at speed to push the blade against the glass.
  • I think the black plastic thing is to keep the wiper blade firmly pressed against the glass while driving at high speeds. I changed my wiper blades once already and I tried to find aftermarket blades that would work, but there is another "gotcha" besides that black plastic thing. If you look closely the blades are actually curved in both dimensions. This makes them very custom, and the straight edge blades that you find at an auto parts store hit the rim of the windshield when installed. I would just buy them from Mercedes, they aren't that expensive if you just replace the blade itself, not the whole plastic assembly.

    I have 2 questions for the board. I have actually managed to put 63K miles on my 2002 C-240 in 2 years so the brakes are questionable and the windshield took a huge rock outside of DC a couple of weeks ago.

    I had the windshield replaced according to my insurance companies policy, and they put in a PPG windshield instead of the OEM windshield that was Pilkington. They assured me there is no difference. The windshield is great and I was relieved... until I tried the rain sensing wipers. I did specify a rain sensing windshield and the PPG glass supports it. My problem is that the rain sensor seems to behave erratically at best. It used to be perfect before I got the new windshield. I have a couple of questions:

    Has anyone had a similar situation?
    Is there some "setting" in the computer that a MB dealer could change to make the sensor work with the PPG windshield? (pure conjecture on my part)

    My next issue is regarding front rotors. I am moving the car to Maryland from New Hampshire and I have to have it inspected. It failed on first attempt because of thin front rotors. The inspection shop wants to replace the OEM rotors with Raybestos rotors. They claim the OEM rotors are thin to begin with and are not designed to ever be re-cut. The raybestos rotors are supposed to be better and last longer. The absolutely crazy thing here is that the Raybestos rotors are actually $20 more each rotor than the OEM Mercedes rotors. The guys at the shop were actually amazed that anything from OEM Mercedes could be cheaper than the aftermarket offering. They were willing to put on either but suggested the Raybestos for $140 per front rotor versus the OEM Mercedes for $120 per front rotor.

    Has anyone changed front rotors? Do you have experience with Raybestos rotors?

    I have been extremely pleased with the Mercedes OEM brakes. I feel like I have really put them through their paces (including emergency stops from 80MPH) with no warping or any problems. They have never felt unsure or soft. I hate to change when I have a good thing... but I suppose there could be better things out there?

    Should I give it a try?

    Please give me any and all feedback. I will report back with what I decide to do and how it turns out.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I was wondering how you managed to get a reply back so quickly :-) 3-4 business days for a reply is not bad. FYI, you can speak to Lucien via MB Canada's phone number. I've always been impressed with MB Canada's prompt responses though. Usually I get one back the very same day! Like everything else, if you know who to talk to, you can get things moving along much quicker. The 3 hour time difference helps when I send something during the evening, and get a reply when I start the e-mail client the next morning :-)

    Banana belt? LOL, first time I've heard it referred to as that! I don't suppose you go to 3 point motors, do you? I happen to like the occasional snowfall. Gives me a chance to really play around with the ML's 4WD system. At the state our weather is in though, I almost think that I can get around in a C320 with winter tires! Nah wouldn't make it up the mountain where I live...give me back my 4-matic! ;-)

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  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I live in southern New Hampshire near MA and although have limited info for you, have always found Holloway Mercedes in Manchester to be an informative source. Perhaps you have checked with them, if so please ignore. However, they have been servicing MBs for me since 1996 and I trust their judgement (as much as I would any other dealer). I've had very good experiences with Todd their Service Advisor.

    I would always go with OEM MB parts, unless they were ridiculously expensive. I had rotor warp on my 1995 C220 and decided against replacement until the linings were worn enough. I believe it was from washing the car and spraying water into the front wheels to clean them, a definite no-no after driving. So far on my 2000 C230 no such problem, I've been very careful.

    Good luck on the windshield, again I'd check with the dealership and see what they had to say. I prefer them because of their techs' years of practical and classroom experience. Also used to work in a dealership years ago, so I know it can be a con game. Just have to be careful, sometimes you don't know though. That's why these forums are great.. anyone else have some ideas??
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Yes, I too would employ only the OEM MB factory rotors.

    Yes, they are indeed NOT designed to be cut or "turned", only replaced. This is the main reason the factory specifies the soft pads that so aggravate people with their massive amounts of dust. Harder pads solve that problem, but also wear out the rotors faster.

    I inherently distrust advice from third parties about current [late model] MB service issues. There are lots of good specialist shops out there who are very up to date on the latest service info, but the best ones are not much cheaper than most dealers. But "generalists" are to be avoided when servicing these cars. It's a classic case of penny-wisdom and pound-foolishness.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    We are just coming up on 9500 miles on our '02 C240. It has had one oil change at about the 3000 mile point, but I deliberately did NOT have them reset the FSS, being curious what it would do about the first service.

    Until this week, it was indicating the next service at about 12000 miles, which was reasonable given the condition of the oil [which has been in the crankcase 6500 miles, most of that highway driving]. This week, the FSS suddenly indicates that the A Service is due on January 10, which I deduce is two years to the day the computer was fired up on the assembly line. [Our car was a Jan '02 Bremen build, but we did not buy it until mid-Sept of '02].

    Anyway, until now it had given no indication that it was aware of how much time had passed since the original fill of synthetic on the assembly line. Apparently, the default limit is 2 years, regardless of mileage, which makes good sense to me. Just an FYI...
  • I just purchased a 99 230K for my extra car. It came with an AM-FM radio. I would like to change it out for a AM-FM casette or AM-FM CD changer. Local big stores (circuit city, best buys) seem very hesistant to offer anything. The MB dealer will change it for 2 grand. I have read about fiber optic wiring being a problem, but I do not need the six CD changer, just an in-dash changer (or cassete) with radio. Does anyone have a suggestion?

  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    It is amazing the the previous owner drove the car for 4 years with only an AM/FM radio. Almost as amazing that a luxury car would be equipped that way in the first place. And the stereo doesn't even sound "that great" despite the fiber optic wiring, so I don't understand the purpose of it since it did not seem to enhance sound quality in any way.
    Isn't there a dealer-installed single-disc CD player add-on? If not, it should probably cost less than $1000 to add the dealer-installed trunk-mounted CD changer, but they will charge more if at all possible.
    I realize you did not "want" the CD changer, but this is the car you chose and your choices are now very limited.
    Cheapest option would be to live with it like the previous owner or bring a portable boombox you can plug into the cigarette lighter.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Are you sure it doesn't have a casette player? On the recent C-Classes the casette player is hidden behind the station id. I forget but you have to push something in to expose it. Secondly I think that you should be able to buy a compatable CD from Clair parts and from what I understand it's an easy install in the trunk. A friend of my did it to his '99 E Class.
  • mzzzzmzzzz Posts: 5
    Hi Guyz,
    Im reeeellly interested in buying dis 2001 C240 which is loaded wid evrything n has my favorite red colour too..only prob is it has 49k miles on it...da dealer aint goin down dan $22000..i reellly like it but am worried bout too many u guyz think its worth buying it??
    i'll appreciate if sumone gets bak to me soon.

  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    49K is over average mileage for a 2001, but not by that much. The only problem is that the factory warranty is almost over. Is it Star Mark Certifed with additional bumper to bumper warranty?
  • mzzzzmzzzz Posts: 5
    thanx for da dis car is not star marked n we mite have to buy extra warranty for nother $3000..we purchased carfax report n found out dis car was leased which again means da guy who drove it mite not have used premium gas too rite??
    so wut do u think? shud we buy it wid da warranty?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi mzzzz -- just a tip - your messages will be easier to read if you spell your words better. The way to get the best feedback is to make your message easy to understand. It takes some effort to figure out exactly what you are trying to say and that means many folks will just going skip it altogether.

    no wut I meen?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Another tip -- hitting refresh causes your message to repost. Use the "Recent Msgs" link on the page bar instead.

    Did you see my message to you just above this one?

    Good luck - feel free to email me if I can help you with the logistics around here. Click on my name to get the address.
  • mzzzzmzzzz Posts: 5
    thanx for da dis car is not star marked n we mite have to buy extra warranty for nother $3000..we purchased carfax report n found out dis car was leased which again means da guy who drove it mite not have used premium gas too rite??
    so wut do u think? shud we buy it wid da warranty?
  • mzzzzmzzzz Posts: 5
    gotcha "no chat lingo here"

    oh sorry I hit refresh and it might be posting my mssgs twice..will take care from now..
  • mzzzzmzzzz Posts: 5
    u think if I dont take the extra warranty for my car that would be okie??..cuz as it is the dealer is asking atleast $22000 and if he adds warranty and taxes the final price goes up a lot..
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