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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    None available, yet. Problem is we'll be all chipped up before they come out! Your only choice is one of the invisible bras, I already had a couple of small chips before I became aware of them so it was too late. If you're going to go that route DO IT NOW. There are several regular posters here that know where to get them. You have to have them professionally installed. Good luck with the new car!! I think the White Cs are some of the best looking Cs I've ever seen!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We've got a Magma Red C and I think it looks great, but I love the white MBs! I'm a big fan of the E55s and the best looking one I've ever seen was a white one, all you ever seem to see are black and silver ones. The only MB I don't like in white is the ML. As far as keeping them clean, no problem! White is the best color when it comes to not showing little nicks or scratches. It does show the road grime however.
  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    Someone previously either in here or the other C forum was saying they'd had a few broken headlights from rocks.. The name of the invisible covers my dealer installed was Armour Shield. I've had no breakage, either they work or no rock has hit them yet but I do have 4 or 5 chips now in the windshield. Most of them from vehicles coming towards me on gravel or sanded roads. Not from in front as strange as it sounds.
    Well worth the investment when you find out what a replacemnt is going to cost. Mine were thrown in gratis when I bought the car.
  • has a good selection of complete and partial kits for the 2001 C Class. You can even buy individual pieces for whatever portion of the car you want protected. They do recommend professional installation. I have not seen a vehicle with a Stongard bra but their web site has a picture of a yellow TT where you can not even see the bra.
  • A while back someone posted this link for a clear bra.

    I haven't used it, so I can't comment on that. But for 150 bucks plus installation, it looks like a good deal. They even have it for the new C class.

  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    When will the 4 Matic system be available for the C-Class in the U.S?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yes, but apparently not till MY2003 (i.e. fall 2002). :-( You can expect to see the C320 4-matic sedan, the C320 4-matic wagon, and perhaps the C240 4-matic sedan (this last model is a go for Canada, but I'm not sure if the US will get it).

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  • w2p2w2p2 Posts: 63
    Every thing went great. I financed it through BB at 8.95% simple interest. I was in and out in about 1 1/2 hours. No squealing breaks or anything. The Sales lady did say that this AM they had a warning about people putting too many keys on their key rings. The infer-red key after a while will pull down and not make a connection. This has happened while people are driving and the car shuts down. I was told to limit how many keys I put on the ring. I got 2 free key rings and thats all. No cargo net, no nothing. All in all a good experience and highly recomend "RBM of Atlanta", over Atlanta Classic Cars. At RBM ask for Kay Goggins, very professional and she listens! Which is more than I can say for Atlanta Classic Cars. It didn't take that long to get the C-320 also.
  • Thanks for the info. I checked out both, and Stongard has installer info on their web site, and there is an installer in North Georgia a few hours from me. Don't know the cost yet or if there is one closer to me. Now I am afraid to even drive my car out of our neighborhood. I live in the hills of East Tennessee, and my county's idea of snow control is to scatter gravel on the snow covered asphalt (for traction). Cheaper than salt. There is still gravel left on the roads from the last snow.

    Also, as far as white goes, my old MB 190 was white, and I think white is the best for not showing dirt.
  • Thank you Iperakis for the website for Zaino products.
  • Actually I would have to agree that white and the other lighter colors do a much better job of not showing everyday dirt. My aspen green car shows the dust from my building's garage very easily, whereas on a lighter colored car you wouldn't notice it. I think I might get one of those static duster things to try and keep it looking cleaner.

    On another issue, it looks like my dealer has screwed up the Eloan paperwork. All they had to do was fax about 6 or 7 documents (via a toll free number) to Eloan. They didn't do that but still submitted the bank draft. Eloan will probably not pay the draft amount because my dealer messed this up. I believe Eloan that they didn't get the documents before I believe that my dealer actually sent the things to them. I am pretty pissed off about this. No wonder they've had problems with Eloan in the past. If you can't follow such simple directions things are going to get goofed up. I think they can kiss any sort of positive survey remarks from me goodbye at this point. I hate having this stuff hanging over me, and the dealer's incompetence is the cause of the stress. Grrr.
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Correction: Here are some photos taken today at Millennium MB Bridgewater, NJ. This is "Orion Blue" (not Capri Blue as I stated a week ago)



    Packed Show Room:


    Navigation Display:

    And a Bonus:

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Yes, I went to show my Salesman the "Quick Link" to TH and C-Class was no where to be found in the Top 10 again, and yet we consistently post 20+ new posts every 24 hours. Hopefully I will receive a reply from to my email question and will post here when I receive it. Think their s/w stills needs some fine tuning ?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Yes, I sent a message to the TH help page about it! Let me know what you hear and I'll do the same for you. Post here or e-mail whenever you want. Is that oyster or ash in the blue C? It's easy to confuse the two, I'll guess oyster.
  • Hey diwc240. How did you link the photos into your message. I have some posted but can't figure out how to link them up to a message.
  • Haven't posted in awhile...

    I got mine in December and have put on about 2000 miles. Love the car. Love how it looks. (C320-C2 brilliant silver and Charcoal./CD Player) I paid MSRP but it was worth it.

    After you guys posted about the Vin number issue as related to the Teleaid I ran down to check mine... (45554) :( I called Teleaid today and the woman I spoke with stated first that my car would never be upgraded with that feature and then that they planned to do away with the remote unlock feature for the C Class in general. (Which by the way is featured in the new television ad.) When I told her that she sort of stuttered and put me on hold for awhile. When she came back she had no other news.

    Anybody know more about this unfortunate turn of events? Are they still going to charge the full $220/year if one of the main advertised features is not functioning.

    Anyway. It's not like I am locking the keys in my car everyday. I am just bummed that Mercedes advertised this feature and then did not inform me that it was not available. Wish I still had that survey...

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Drew posted a link = Karen's description in #935.

    Essentially a good place to post your photos in an Album is:

    Once you have them in a folder there and click on a thumbnail to get the larger 640 X 480 image (photopoint automatically puts them in that format which Edmund's prefer we use for video / monitor resolution lowest common format). Copy the link you see at the bottom of that page in Photopoint and then in your Edmund's msg box: copy paste that link but first type:

    (img src=" etc...URL goes in here") These round brackets actually have to be typed as: < and > above the comma and period on the keyboard. You also need the " before http and " at the end right before the >

    You may see the words target_blank appear after you first post,
    I just go back and edit and delete those words.
  • Time to join the forum here as the C320 that we ordered on 11-18-00 should be available to pick up by the end of next week. Not bad as we were originally told mid-march. It will be Brilliant Silver/Charcoal Leather with sunroof and CD. Unfortunately everything here in Chicago is going for MSRP. I will however be asking for all weather mats, cargo net and a couple coffee mugs based upon some of the posts I have read. Any advice for a 1st time MB owner for when I pick it up? We will likely take a 3 year lease through MB as we feel we will want a new E by then. Any advice, experience on leasing for me?

    We are certainly looking forward to being MB owners.
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Dennett: Standing back from the C 320 it certainly looks a bit darker than Ash. I'm pretty sure it is Oyster. I'll try and get it confirmed on Tuesday = Day my Desert Silver / Charcoal C 240 6MT should be ready at the Dealer !!! WoooHooo !!! C'mon to Papa !!! Ian
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Those Stongard headlight/foglight shields are excellent, I have them on my current car for 3 years, they work very well, and are relatively cheap and it's trivial to install them yourself.

    Has anyone called Colgan to see if they make a bra for this car yet? Of course it would be black, but they are high quality. To bad speedlingerie doesn't make anything, their color matching is supposed to be first rate.

    I notice there are several NY/NJ people in this forum, I was wondering if anyone bought their C from Ray Catena in NJ, and could post their dealership experience there?
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