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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    I just now relized that one of yesterday's posts obviously didn't make it to the board... ...and it was a funny one, too...

    Anyways, the speedometer picture is for real, and what fun it was! May be I should tape the digicam to a headrest and run it in video mode next time around...

    Higher-power MBs are governed at 155 mph, the 240 is not, I believe. Mine read 155 at 6000 rpm, but on a downhill stretch only. That's why it only has a rev limiter and is not governed by top speed. Those speedometer readings are a bit on the high side, I even did close to 170 mph on the speedo in a 500 SL years ago, although it is supposedly governed.

    Why don't we do Euro-delivery together and clock a few (quick and fun) miles? Almost every car you can imagine is for rent in Germany, with the only limitation being your wallet (outch!). Porsches are very popular at airport locations, and if you choose a Carrera 4, you don't even need to be afraid of any unforced "trips into the weeds". It is a very forgiving and car without a limiter and a high fun factor!

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    What do you think of the whole break-in issue on taking Euro delivery? I just don't know if I could buy a new Benz and then drive it around keeping the speeds under 70! MY wife works for a big international tour company and we've been talking about going to Europe, if so we'll most likely go the rental route, that way no break-in issue!
  • I've had my E-class for two months and have yet to see any brake dust buildup. My wheels are chrome, which I waxed on the first week. It may be that the combination of chrome, wax, and weekly washings (weather permitting) inhibits the buildup.

  • tariktarik Posts: 344

    I share your concern. Although modern car's engines do not really need any break-in time (according to R&D engineers I know), nowadays it would break my heart to see the tach pass 4000 or 4500 rpm before the first 1000 mls and an oil change.

    However, I my younger years (!), I bought a brand new FIAT TIPO with a 1.6l/90hp engine and broke it in at my usual Autobahn speeds. The engine ran extremely well without any measurable oil consumption, and died only after mechanics had misaligned the valves at the 100,000 km service (exhaust valve broke, fell in combustion chamber, caused UGLY chain reaction, made me mad at dealer, he paid half of new engine, me happy)

    As I pointed out in my missing post (grrr), do Euro delivery, have a little fun with your new baby, drop her off (the car...) to ship to the US, then get a rental and enjoy the fun while it lasts. This is a very elegant way to get around the temptation and still have a good time.

    However, women usually do not even remotely enjoy high(er) speeds as much as men, don't forget that! My wife takes all the fun out of wheeeeeeeeee, as she constantly makes me stay below 130 mph . Pah, what does she know about male rituals...

  • Ward's Auto World rated the Mercedes 3.2 liter engine one of the best engines for 2001. Check the following web page.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Actually the MB 3.2L V6 has been on Ward's list since 1997!
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Soon enough (if not already), Mintex will make brake pads for this car. They are good, and less dusty then the OEM Euro pads.

    What exactly is the countour seat and what additional adjustments does it provide over the "normal" 10 way power seat? Is it just an adjustable lumbar support?
  • Nyca, this option allows extension of the seat cushion, side bolsters, as well as upper and lower lumbar back supports.

  • nyca, you are misinformed. call 1800 for mercedes and ask if you don't believe me. it can only be located if the car is on or if the key is in the ignition.

    THEREFORE, teleaid is NOT equal to Lojack.
  • I test drove the C-Class this weekend. Seemed to have a lot of problems merging with this car. The mirrors seem low on the door and the pillar blocks peripheral vision. Is it just me?

    Other Irritants: The light switch has mold flash right where your fingers touch it, There was wind whistle at 50mph and above, The door pull looked like they forgot to give it soft feel and texture. Maybe my quality expectations are too high for M-B?
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Yes, it is not on all the time. However, thieves have figured out what to do w/ Lojack. Here in MA (as told to me by an alarm guy who does work for our state police when I was trying to figure out if it was worth putting Lojack on my ML), the thieves do one of these things:
    1) leave it in an area to see if it has Lojack
    2) they figure they have at least an hour, so they rip out as much stuff as possible, then do (1)
    3) drive down to RI or up to NH (can't remember the states, but the borders are roughly an hour away)
    You get the idea. Lojack is not everywhere and they are switching to GPS w/ their next version because their triangulation method is not accurate enough. He also said that the MB immobilizer key is enough to not warrant putting additional alarm systems on.

    TeleAid, even in its current form, will qualify you for the "Lojack discount" at most insurance companies if you explain how it works.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The 4-matic system in the E-classes right now is also ETS based, just like the ML. I assume that this will stay for the upcoming 4-matic systems for the C, CLK, and S-class.

    You post more frequently in this topic than in the RX topic, so I assume you're a MB enthusiast ;-) I suggested the C32 since you drive a muscle car, and seem to like the horsepower. Besides, you're already familiar with the C and its high speed capabilities :-) I forgot to ask, how was the noise level in the car at that speed? Does it live up to its wind cheating drag co-efficient numbers?

    Yes, learn how to use the VCR pronto! :-)
  • I am in Boston, MA. Planning to get a C240 with C1,2,3, automatic transmission, and command system. MSRP comes out to 37,520.

    Do you guys know if this price is negotiable, if so how low can they go? or is the hype still to high to get any discount?

    If it is negotiable, which dealer around New England area offers good discount?

    Also for all those who are driving a C240 now: How is it running? Any problems?
    Does it have adequate power?

    Thank you all very much for all you feedback and inputs =)
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    OK, this means that the upcoming 4-matic models will basically "just" inherit the already existing (and proven) AWD - cool, saves the engineers a lot of work.

    As I mentioned before, the first 12 years of my life I spent in Stuttgart, therefore I have always been exposed to MBs on the road and in my parent's garage. The RX topic has been boring until recently, but TC seems to have brought a little life back.

    Cars cannot have enough power (yeah!), thus I would spring for pretty much any AMG model. The M5 was always impressive, but the latest version's exterior is "too much in your face" for me. Its predecessor is still a heck of a ride (I did many miles in it), and a '92 Alpina B10 (3.5l I-6 with twin turbos/360hp) I got to drive years ago wasn't bad (!) either.

    But ultimately, the subtle appearance and unrivaled combination of sport and luxury of a C32/E55 and the likes has always been my cup of tea. I guess I should just accept my fate and dump the precision-made (and NOT trouble-free) but boring RX and start to get a real life!

    Concerning your question re noise level, I must say that even at higher speeds the C is a marvel. The engine emits just enough db to be noticeable, wind noise is more than adequate, IMHO.

    Congratulations to all C-Class owners (and all those who are awaiting delivery), your decision was definitely a winner!

    Do I sound like a lost son who just found his way back home...?

    Anyways, good night

  • ny74ny74 Posts: 15
    I know this isn't appropriate to post something about S55 AMG, but..... I had to after riding for about two hours (more like recklessly driving around in NJ tonight) with my friend. We were cruising on RT 4 and RT 17, and back to Manhattan. If any of guys in NJ saw S55 AMG, driving like a crazy tonight.... that was us...
    (I think my friend leased this from the Prestige dealer in NJ. Don't ask me about the leasing details because I didn't ask him about it. Why? I was having too much fun with it). What a difference money can make!!!
    I gotta admit that it's the driving machine. Maybe I should test-drive some of competitive models, but after tonight I know this much that my 2000 C 230 K riding experience is never going to be the same again. However, am I unhappy that I have C instead of S AMG??? Heck, NO!! I still LOVE my C. I know everyone here shares the same feeling with me….

    BUT I WANT THAT AMG, TOO!!! (a little boy inside of me shouting out of jealousy)
  • regarding your post about negotiations, I would like to say, if you are lucky to have CAR sitting on there LOT due to cancellation, you have an edge to negotiate - my dealer called me and said they have one cancellation for Silver c240 with C2 and C4, Auto T., and he gave me MSRP; I told him I am not really wanted C4 and would not like to pay for it - his out of door price for above options is $ 36.702; I offered him $35,000 out of door and he told me he will get back to me, what I presume is he will try selling that car to others on his list and if everybody turned down for some reason like Color or package preferences, I am sure he will offer that car to me, please note dealers get this CAR below Invoice at the first place and there is a Holding cost or dealer Hold back which MB pays to dealer to have the car on their LOT for 3 months; if car is not sitting at all on there LOT all that money goes to them as profit, so I would assume that taking off few thousands dollars doesn't hurt them ; of cource these are my views, you should ask EXPERTS who already been to this process and driving best piece of work from MB
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Look up Jerry Pillari at Clair Motors and tell him I sent you. He's an honest salesman (yep, believe it or not). He's their Autobytel dealer. They used to offer free Lojacks to the Autobytel customers but there may be something else now that TeleAid makes Lojack a little redundant.

    You should also be aware of what the holdbacks/margins are if you want to negotiate. Holdback is supposed to be 3%. Margin is only 7% (used to be 14% in pre-2000 model years). There isn't that much profit any more. The salesfolks got their income cut in half.
  • I don't think we should be weeping for the dealers or salespeople at all. If holdback is 3% (of invoice I assume) then each order is already at least about $1000 in profit. Add to that the 7% or so profit margin they get for us paying them MSRP and you've got another couple of thousand right there. Plus I suspect that the extended warranties must add some $$$ to the dealer's pocket otherwise they wouldn't try to sell them so hard. And then of course if you finance or lease via the dealer they make even more off of that. All of that money for really very little work from most of us. The car basically sells itself for the most part. All the salesman has to do is write up the order and keep track of things. Maybe some of you guys were a harder sell than me, but I think for most of us it was a question of wanting the car and finding a person to take our order. Or maybe I should just speak for myself. :-) And of course after my negative experience I'm not willing to cut my dealer any slack.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Jerry mentioned that MB requires them to tell us about it; no pushing and no pressure from him to get it though. He just told me what it covered and when I would have to buy it if I wanted it. It does have a lot of profit built into it :-)
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