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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis Maintenance and Repair



  • Ah. MOTORCRAFT Part # STG35RM, and I caught reference that these folks know the time:

    no affiliation etc.

  • I really appreciate the info Bart. I may try the steering gear.

    The thing is I don't remember this during the brief test drive and I replaced the ancient tires the first day. I've added a few pounds pressure (39 lbs front)and that seems to help a bit.
    My first car was a '64 Galaxie with 32K and I've had a 75 Olds Regency (455 ci) and never noticed this type of problem. But for the last 12 years I've been driving a Toyota Cressida Wagon that handled like it was on rails so maybe that "spoiled" me, haha. This Merc. is like a brand new car and the ol' lady is tickled pink with every aspect of it (she doesn't drive), so I will follow your suggestions and upgrade the shocks and maybe the gear. Thanks- Brian
  • You've had some nice cars!

    Just a note - the suspension will make it feel tighter perhaps, but the only thing that will actually tighten it up is the box.

    Also, upgraded rear control arms are available for the WATTS rear end and are supposed to make a HUGE difference - I'm looking forward to changing mine. When James May said it handled like it has a hinge in the middle, it's supposed to fix that.

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