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Ford Focus Sedan



  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    no Focus SVT in 2005....something called the Focus ST.

    get it now.
  • Hey Everyone,

    I was checking out the Ford site, and it seems that you can get ABS but not Traction Control in the ZTS, but in the SE you can get both. Is this right, or am I missing something? :)

  • Focus SVT has the old Zetec and the 2005 ST will have the 2.3 Duratec. Wonder how they will compare?
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,210
    The 2004 Focus also has the 2.3L Duratec in PZEV form. I believe it's rated at 143 HP with a similar torque number.

    The 2004 Mazda3 (as well as the base Mazda6) also uses a VVT version which puts out 160 HP and, from what I'm told, more low end torque than the SVT's 2.0L Zetec. But, the Mazda3 looks to be a bit heavier than the SVT so it should be a bit slower.

    Close enough if you ask me!
  • My 04 PZEV Focus has l45 HP, and 149 lb ft of torque. It runs really good, but has a stupid speed limiter at 106MPH and I am going to try to get rid of the limiter. This car would go a LOT faster if it had no limiter. The tires are P6 Perilli's H rated (l30) MPH, so there is no reason in the world to limit this car. Anyone know how to get rid of the speed limiter????
  • Car Spec's:
    03 Focus SE comfort
    Zetec 5 speed tranny,
    3100 miles

    First of all,I am surprised at how well this car drives.I'm not even going to mention the awesome sounding stereo,I wonder what the audiophile system sounds like.

    Anyway,my problem is this,At idle my car feels like it has a skip in the engine.Basically,it feels like the car has'nt been tuned up for 10 years.I have looked through this entire thread and couldn't find a similar problem.The first 2 times the dealer said they could'nt find a problem but after the last visit they said a factory rep will be in town the following week and would be able to help me.The explanation I got from him was this,the Zetec engine is tuned slightly burn slightly lean and that is what is causing the skip.In other words,this was normal.

    Now I've been driving many different cars for many years and never have I had a brand new car feel like it's 10 years old.I looked for other cars similar to mine at other ford dealers but they are all automatics (I tested the automatics and they purred like a kitten)

    Does anyone out there with a car similar to mine have the same issue?

    Thx in advance
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    I am not the police but do you actually intend to drive your new FOCUS over 106 mph on public highways?
    My pzev automatic ZTs sedan w/ sport package does feel strong. On a brief sprint on the turnpike yesterday, 80 mph was reached quietly at only a tick over 3000 on the tach.
    That is a strong Four banger and I think these pzev's should have a separate thread on this FOCUS discussion board. When I finally opened up the hood last week to see what made this thing go, it did not have an econobox "feel" to it. I have 1000 miles on it now. This model is very different then the original impression which I had of the Focus when it hit the show room a few years ago.
  • Hello All. I have a 2003 focus zetec with manual transmission. I notice that when I accelerate the engine makes a unique sort of metallic sound, sort of a buzz I guess. The sound goes away after 2000RPM.
       Both my brother and my friend commented on it so I brought it to the dealer, and the mechanic said that was a normal sound, because the car was in too low a gear. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I had a leased automatic focus and it did not make this sound. So Im guessing it has to do with either the manual trans or the zetec engine. Any thoughts? I'm curious to know what causes it and why. I believe the mechanic when he says it's normal.
  • I do not like the idea of an electronic nanny on my car. When you pay your money for a new car, it should come with the ability to go as fast as it can and only be drag limited. If I never drove over the speed limit I would still not want this big brother watching over me. I have no intention of being a danger to anyone on the public roads, but high speeds are a way of life in my state. There are many roads here which are deserted, and one can see for 20 miles straight ahead. I always try a new car to see what it CAN do and if I never do the same thing again I still do not want an artificial speed limiting device on my car. I intend to take it off as soon as I find out how. Who knows, I might want to take the car to the track again, and this device has got to go away.
  • If you did drive your new Focus on that deserted road and took it up above the rated speed on the tires that Ford gave you with the car and one of those tires blows and you crash, you could then sue Ford and get lots of money from them. Of course, we all know that YOU would take responsibility for your actions, but Ford knows that you are in the minority of the population, which is why they set a speed limiter on the car for the lowest speed rating of tires that they might put on a Focus (think LX model). The SVT, however, has the speed limiter set higher.
  • I also read that there will be no all-new Focus for 2005 (based on the Mazda3/compactVolvo chassis), but merely a "freshening" of the current car. Ford's reasoning is that it hasn't gotten back its investment on the current platform and that the new platform would raise the Focus' price. (The price issue is surely correct--that new Mazda3 can push $23k!!)
  • What you say makes sense, but the tires on my PZEV are speed rated at 130MPH. If what you say is really true, why does Ford not set the limiter to the tires speed rating on the car one is getting. Forget the base SPI car. How much can it cost to make the speed limiter for each iteration of the car??? A few key strokes is all that is required when programing the CPU.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    you can tell a lot of the dash pieces are reused, but the overall shape of the dash pad is more conservative. gauges and switchgear identical i think. doors, seats, console, shifter.

    Is the 05 dash the same as the 05 Euro Focus now then?

    While the current curvy dash is interesting its not really envogue anymore. They had to change it, but I had wished it had some more pizazz. Tasteful though.

    I recently drove an SVT. Loved it. Followed it up with a Mazda3 test drive. The 2.3 motor is so much smoother....dilemma.....scarf a great deal on the loaded up SVT or wait for the 05 ST with the smoother motor?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The interior is the biggest improvement. Very nicely styled. You can tell the Jetta was the style benchmark. I'd be curious to see how good the plastic quality is. The exterior is hardly worth mentioning, but the new tailights and clear lens headlights are an improvement.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    so the million dollar question

    Focus SVT now or wait some and get a Focus ST?

    when do the 05's go on sale?
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    in '05 the only model available with the 2.3 will be the ZX4 ST and every other will have the 136 hp 2.0 Duratec? Why are they limiting the more powerful motor to the sedan only? Hopefully I'm misreading the press release...
  • I hope they keep the option of getting the 2.3 in the other Foci. If not, I'd get an '04.

    The 2005's debut in Detroit, but no sale date has been announced. My guess is April/May.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Well, they took a car that stood out for styling and made it generic, from what I see. The angular interior, is "ok" but not at as fun as the current one and they kept the same driver information pod which, being curved, looks out of place. The rear of the car look very cheap to me. Especially since it would appear that they've gotten rid of a separate blinker bulb and are now using the same bulb to be stop light and blinker. This is a reduction in safety.

    No, this is not the dash from the new euro focus, though it has some of the cues. The exterior takes some of these cues as well, but it's not nearly as stylish and aggressive as the new euro focus. The euro model has much more class...whereas, to me, this car looks like it belongs on a rental fleet. And, of course, under the skin, this is the SAME Focus (more or less) that everyone is already driving.

    Engine choices are nice, but the fuel economy is going to suffer for it (and gas ain't gettin' any cheaper).

    I want to see the hatch!
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