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Ford Focus Sedan



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, please keep in mind that the Town Hall isn't supposed to be used to arrange group buys - that's a form of solicitation for personal gain forbidden by the Membership Agreement.

    But the way to contact each other would be for one of you to make your email address public in your profile at least long enough for the other to obtain it.

    When your email address is public in your profile, the only people who can see it are logged in members. This protects it from the spam bots.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Hi Pat;

    We're not trying to do a group buy, per se. We're just 2 owners living close to each other trying to save a buck.

    I'll provide my hotmail address ( That makes me feel a bit better. CJSB, send me your address and we'll go from there. I'll provide my real address at that point.

    I too was considering the deflector. Have one on the Sienna. Seems all the stones hit just above the line of protection. But it does seem to work, as it's usually got bug stuff on it after a highway run. The dealer wanted $149.00 installed and I found an aftermarket unit for $89.00. Oddly enough, the manufacturer is called Focus! It's a no drill installation.

    I'm also seriously pondering an auto dimming mirror. The van has it and it works well. however, cheap they ain't! Best price so far is $399.00 installed at a shop in London. That's for a unit with the compass and an outside temp gauge. Was also looking at tinting. Best price so far for the "good" stuff, $172.00 locally here in Burlington.
  • cjsbcjsb Posts: 71
    Thanks Pat.

    In yet another odd similarity, I just had the window tinting done. Actually had it worked into my deal on the car. Looks great IMO. Though there are a couple of small spots where it appears the tint may not have taken. I asked the tinter (it was outsourced by the dealership) what it would have cost had I brought the car in off the street and he said high $200 range. So your quote seems good.

    Where'd you find the deflector? No luck for me at NAPA or Canadian Tire today. I also have one on the second car and though not perfect, I think it's made a diffence. Even if only on those runs up north where it is literally painted with bugs.

    I'll be in contact.

  • angliaanglia Posts: 5
    I have a deflector made by lund. The side wings go to the top of the headlights, somewhat different than the 1 in the ford accessories web site. Mine took 15 min to install. Dezee is another company to check out. Price on ford site is about what I paid for mine.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Thanks for the info on the Lund. I found a local source for that make. Can you verify that the model number is 78528? Can you describe how the mounting location on the hood is determined? Is a template included or do you do it by eye?

  • angliaanglia Posts: 5
    I can't find the number of the deflector right now. Mon afternoon I will go and get that for u. The bottom of the deflector will only go on so far and the side wings determine the placement by eyeball. The deflector number is the same for 2004 as it is for 2003,as our catolog only went to 2003. We called the distributor. As stated before the wings go to top of headlight lense. They come in 2 colors , smoked and clear I think. I have the liquid gray paint and the smoked looks great on the ZTS (2004). Will post tommorrow with number.
  • angliaanglia Posts: 5
    I found the number and that IS THE CORRECT number. If you want a picture of one I will be happy to take one and send it to you. If you like after reading these 2 posts ,I will post my e-ml adress and u can send me yours for the picture
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Thanks much for your work to find the number, really appreciate it. A picture isn't needed, thanks. I've seen several and am sure they all look similar. My ZTS is sangria red, so the dark smoked one will look fine on that as well. I've put tinted license plate covers on and am still considering tinting the windows, so all that dark stuff will match more or less.

  • agadkariagadkari Posts: 5
    I have 2004 Focus ZTS and just want to share my experience with all. At 9000 mile, I got check engine light, so I took it to the dealer. I am disappointed with my dealer because the way this matter was handled. Anyway, my car was at dealer's service dept for a week (I never receive any call from the service dept and no information was passed to me); Following is description about problem (it is written on the receipt).

    PART # 3S4Z9G749AA
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,442
    when did you say you needed the car back when you brought it in?
    at least it looks like they had the right tech on the job. i think wds is world diagnostic system, and koeo is key on engine off.
    happy with the mileage on our pzev/5speed. last 2 tanks 31+ mpg. longest trip about 20 miles one way.
  • agadkariagadkari Posts: 5
    I was hoping to get my car back in 3 business days. However, i have been told that the part they (dealer) have ordered is on national back order list. So there was no definite time frame given; meantime i discuss this issue with ford customer service directly, and under their investigation there was no back order for this part.
  • tgregory1tgregory1 Posts: 2
    I have owned a 2000 Focus LX sedan and the check engine light has been on for 6 months but the car runs fine. We went to the mechanic once and he said it may be a bad valve or dirty exhaust valve and suggested we use "SEAFOAM" gasoline system
    cleaner and it went out for about 3 months but the light is back on again. Could it be a defective head?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    When the check engine light goes on, it means the computer is "storing a code." The only way to know what is wrong is to read the code with the proper equipment. When you leave the light on for long periods of time, you could be causing more damage. For example, the code may say your engine is running rich, if this is the case it will cause the catalytic converters to go bad! I can't believe your mechanic didn't know enough to read the code. What an idiot!
  • dunworthdunworth Posts: 338
    Just spent three days driving a rental 2005 Focus ZX4. It had an automatic and all the toys leather, sunroof etc. Great car but I wish I had the stick.

    I must admit I liked driving the Focus more than my 2003 Civic. The Focus feels more solid and heavier. The Civic has the smoother engine but is lighter overall.The Civic quality still feels slightly better but the Ford was decent. They are similar size wise and the Civic does have the flat floor in the back. Both have great seats and driving position.

    The Focus sure is thirsty though compared with my Civic. There was not any huge difference in quickness despite the extra horsepower on the Focus. On the highway, I only got about 40 mpg (imperial gallon) on the Focus whereas I get around 48 - 50 mpg on the Civic (even when new). The Civic has gotten as high as 56 mpg given a chance (gentle driving, perfect day etc.)

    FWIW I love the Focus refresh, inside and out. I have driven and liked the previous versions as well.

    So what us the general consensus. Is this a good reliable car now? Is it as reliable as say a Civic?
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Hi Anglia;

    I received my deflector last night and installed it. Took me aout an hour, including washing the hood. I took my time, no big rush. It looks good but it's a little flimsy, or more flexible, compared to the one on my Sienna. I note that per the instructions, brush type car washes are out, which is OK by me; I always use touch free anyway although my dealer washes cars after every service. Have you had any noise or rubbing issues at highway speeds? I put the 4 bumpers on. 2 are at the extremity by the headlights and 2 are across the front spaced about 4" or so from center.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Well, had my first problem this week. Took the car through my favorite touch free car wash (high pressure jets) and now the horn doesn't work! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm concerned it might be a recurring issue.

    Also, noticed that if I push the lock button on the fob, the doors lock. Pressing the button a second time, the horn sounds (when it's working). Didn't see anything about this in the manual.
  • dunworthdunworth Posts: 338
    High pressure car washes are generally a bad idea. Water and high pressure mist gets in where it does not belong and can, in the short term, affect operation of a number of accessories. Let the car dry out and it will probably be fine in a few days.

    The horn sounding on the key fob is how my Civic works too. It is how the anti theft immobilizer is activated on my car.

    Lots of Canadians on this board. We love our small cars. I am just south of some of you in east Oakville. Not far from the giant Ford plant.
  • angliaanglia Posts: 5
    I have not noticed any noise from the deflector and I have been up to speeds of 75. 2 of my bumpers are 4 inches upward from the push pins on the bat wings. The others 2 are 5inches on either side of the ford emblem . or 6 1/2 from center of emblem. the center is very sturdy where they are , but the wings could use a couple of more. I will give them the road test tommorrow as we are heading for ohio the key west fla. car has 635 miles on it, so it should be broke in when it get back. we have no brush type car washes in the sticks. of iowa where i live. i live on gravel road so i wash at home and drive slow to hard surface road. will give road trip report in 5 weeks. milage is only 25 mpg now. hope it gets better.
  • nyfocus1nyfocus1 Posts: 11
    Mine works the same way. The first time you push lock, the lights flash & the doors lock. Press it a second time, the horn sounds. It's the cars way of saying "hey dummy, you already locked me"
  • oily_ragsoily_rags Posts: 6
    Hello, I just want to get some input from other focus owners. When I have my air conditioner on, and I shift into neutral and come to a stop, the engine makes a sort of hum, or whine at 1000 rpm. once it goes below 1000 the noise subsides, or above 1000.
       My dealer said this is normal, and other focus cars make the same sound, but I want to be sure, because it is very noticeable at times.
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