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Ford Focus Sedan



  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    alarm. lots of dealers add them.
  • My '04 ZTS has both. A perimeter (active), and a microchip in the key (passive). Also, the turn signals flash when setting/locking the car w/the keyless-entry remote.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    yes...the turn signals flash when you lock them.

    the "perimeter" alarm is the passive one i told you about, unless your dealer added it aftermarket. was it on the monroney sticker or a seperate sticker?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    There are 2 "alarm" systems available for the focus.

    Securelock is the standard system on all Focuses (Foci?) Securelock features a chip in the ignition key that has a code stored on it. there are over 7.2 quadrillion (7,200,000,000,000) codes. Only a key with the correct code can start the car. (an improper code may start the car but the engine will shut off in approximately 4 seconds). The computer allows only 3 ignition keys to exist at any time. This system is always "on" in New Jersey, Securelock is in the category of "Passive armored fuel cutoff switch" and qualifies for a 15% reduction in comprehensive premiums.
    A key cut at a hardware store will unlock doors and turn in the ignition but will not start or allow operation of the vehicle unless the key is first coed.
    To code a key, all current keys must be present when the new key is coded. Any keys not present will no longer start the car.
    If a key is lost, the remaining keys can be recoded so that the lost key no longer starts the engine.

    The second alarm system is the optional perimeter alarm. It is activated when ever the doors are locked. When activated, the alarm will trip if a door or the hood is forced open or if a window is broken. This alarm protects interior contents, while securlock protects the vehicle itself from theft.

    The 2 systems are separate.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,442
    i guess i got something for my $125. :)
    included in the last fillup was a 100 mile mostly highway trip(5 occupants). got about 32 mpg for that tank(2.3 5 speed).
  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    I recently saw a photo of the next gen Focus. Looked pretty agressive. Was from a car show in China. Pic was in current issue of Motortrend or C and D, or something(I get 5 different car rags). Has anyone else seen this pic? Was sea greenish/blueish in color. Is it a concept or prototype, or the real deal? I hope it's real. I like those looks.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    An earlier post said you wouldn't want side curtains without the side seat air bags or you couldn't get it. Correct for Ford, but not for Saturn and maybe some others. Saturn offers the curtains only and no side seat air bags. They claim they don't do much and some kids have been seriously injured getting wedged when they deployed. Just being the messenger.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Just sat in a new Mazda 3 hatch...the alleged forerunner to the new Focus on the Volvo S40 platform. Is this the last year for the current Focus design? That might make a difference in my decision to buy a Focus wagon this year, even though I have an offer of around $17,500 with every option available for factory order on a SES ZTW. Thanks.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    last year?!?! this is the FIRST year, dude.

    BTW, the article about the chinese focus was in autoweek, and its set to stay in asia.
  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    Too bad! Maybe I could move there. NOT! Tis nice to dream.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,442
    the north am focus will continue on the current platform for a while. it will not migrate to the mazda3/volvo platform.
    mazda3 review in local paper kind dogged the focus for having less horsepower. just came back from the airport, 4 people on board, plus a trunk full of luggage. car never felt like it was carrying a load, even up a big hill.
  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    It's easy to dog a car that has less power. It's not like comparing red delicious apples to reds, more like reds against granny smith. Yes, they are both apples, but not the same apples. And if it weren't for the Focus, there probably wouldn't be a Mazda 3. Since they went there, Mazda 3 doesn't even hold a candle against the Volvo S40. Yet, it's the same platform, basically.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    The 05 Focus counts as a redesign? What did they do? It's a refresh at best. From what I see, they muted the dash somewhat and removed some of the tin foil from the headlights. Other than some cosmetic stuff and tweaking the 2.0 what else was done? Don't get me wrong...I am seriously considering a ZTW SES wagon with all options (lists around $ offering $17.7 with rebates and internet coupon). Anyone have any experience with extended warranties on the Focus in terms of what they cover and cost? Also, I see where the ST has folding side mirrors but the others don't. Does that hold true even if you order the cold weather group and get the heated side mirrors?
  • Internet coupon? Where can I find this? How much is it worth?
  • dunworthdunworth Posts: 338
    The '05 Focus features new engines as well as styling refreshes to the front (very VW-like), interior (less quirky, quite nice overall) and a subtle change to the rear tail lights. I drove a 2005 ZX4 recently in SE trim level. It is an excellent driving car. I liked the old styling, inside and out and the new one looks great too.

    The new engines are from the Mazda3. They share similar hp and fuel econ numbers to the old Zetec but are lower in emissions. WHile not quite as smooth as my Honda or Toyota, the Ford is good fun and they do not run out of steam. My only beef is that this new Focus engine (which is branded Duratec) is a thirsty engine. In real world highway driving, I get better gas mileage from a V6 Chrysler or GM products. I got only 2-3 mpg better than a V6 Taurus. My 2 Japanese compacts get 30% better fuel economy than the Focus, depending on driving.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Automotive News is reporting that Ford will stick with the current platform through the 2007 model year redesign as well.

    Hopefully it will look more like the upcoming European model
  • angliaanglia Posts: 5
    just returned from 5week/4200 mile trip. fuel average 30mpg running 75mph alot with AC on. Got 33mpg at 55mph in the Keys. only drawback to car at low speed is it surges with or without the air on. Acts like motor is under a load. them lets up with a little surge of power. The car is a 04 ZTS. Concerning the post on the rear fender liner. My dealer said they left it off the money reasons. Also has anybody checked out the front bumper facia. the left side has a bolt thru the inner fender. The right doesn't and u can shake it pretty good with ur hand comparded to the left. wonder what it does at high speeds. also putting the back seat down for long periods leaves big indentations in the seats. Im 6ft 4in and I had no problems with the back seat cushion being up against the front seat. had the seat all the way back. Afew little minor thing but i really like the car.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    It is worth $500. I got one for requesting an internet price quote. You can probably get one from the dealer too. Must take delivery by the end of September.
  • That's a good coupon. It never hurts to request quotes. Thanks for the information.
  • I have a 2001 focus SE with Zetec engine. Lately, when I go up-hill with a speed at 40mph to 50mph, I heard some noise. It sound like a shifing noise. It did not happen in the highway or city driving; only happen in up hill with 40-50 mph. The only way to make this noise go away is to speed up and make the car go faster than 60mph. The noise will go away with this speed.

    I have checked the transmission and the fuild, they are fine. Is this happen because the way that I drive?

    Anyone have experience this problem? Any information will help, thanks.
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