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Ford Focus Sedan



  • Creakid1 asked, I have a 2005 black Focus ST.

    The leather/suede seats are good, but not great. I'd prefer the ability to independently tilt the seat bottom front and back and some adjustable lumbar support. That said, the seats remind me of some of my older European cars, an R5 and a Volkswagen 411. Both had very comfortable if basic seats. Like the Focus they were more chair height, with wide, firm seat bottoms and backs that hug the lower back. The Focus' seats could roll away on the front edge more gradually. Sometimes it's a bit sharp after a long drive. I'm 6' but drive the Focus from a fairly upright position, much taller and I'd be forced to recline the seat back.

    My ST is a comfortable car with a firm, well-controlled ride. The tires are always well-planted. None of the floaty, lumpiness of many competitors. My primary complaint is the road noise transmitted into the interior. The noise is more wearing on a long, high-speed trip than the seats. Toss in a few curves and the noise is worth it.

    The American version of the Focus still honors its European heritage with a ride-handling balance skewed heavily towards sporty control and feedback with less concern for cushy ride comfort. Occasionally I'll hit a stretch of expansion strips at just the right frequency to remind me that the Focus is a small, relatively short wheelbase car, but mostly the ride is firm, controlled and relatively smooth.

    I'm still impressed after several thousand miles. The Focus ST is fun in every day driving in a way that bigger more expensive sports cars can't be. You can't legally drive most of the expensive, over-achievers anywhere close to their limits. The ST is not perfect, but it's awfully good, especially for the price. I'd pay for more sound proofing, better seats, a more stylish interior, and current safety additions, but my 2005 is still surprisingly competent, especially for the price. I'm a lawyer in my mid-40s and grin every time I drive the ST.
  • Okay, I've been to Mexico a couple of times the past few years, and have noticed the European Foci before, as well as the regular North American version. You can tell them from the US/Canadian model because they have the side turning indicators below the door mirrors and yellow turn signal indicators on the tailights.

    But isn't the Focus for the US & Canada made in Mexico? Why would they import it?

    I wish they'd bring the Euro version over. I'd consider that model, but I don't care for the 2008 refresh. Just looks kind of ugly to me. The interior looks interesting, I'll give it that much...

    Man, if I could bring them into the country, I'd drive one up from Mexico back up here...And they get the new Mondeo too!

    I'll never understand their vehicle lineup. I know the Euro model is more expensive than the NA model, but why not at least import it as a Mercury? As another poster mentioned, GM finally got a clue and is using Saturn to bring in some of their Euro products here. Ford could do the same with Mercury instead of just rebadging existing NA Ford product.

    At least in Mexico they get the choice.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "But isn't the Focus for the US & Canada made in Mexico?"

    Not since the '05 facelift (U.S.-built only).

    I spoke to a driver in Mexico about his Euro-spec (yellow rear turn signals, better-equipped dashboard, lock-able gas cap, different bumpers, etc.) C-170 Focus. He thinks his car is made in Mexico. I thought that once the Mexican factory stopped supplying the cheap-spec U.S. Focus, it simply applied the Euro-spec as their '05 facelift, b/c I saw this car in their Ford-dealer show room last year. I wasn't sure if it was built domestically or imported from Europe b/c Europe's C-170 production might have already been converted to the new C-1.

    & then lately I saw the new expensive C-1 (imported from Europe) in their new-car show room:

    Too bad -- 2.0 only. I wish they import the 1.6, which has better steering feel due to the conventional hydraulic pwr steering, so I can bring one (w/ stick) over here just make people in the U.S. territory look stupid w/ their ugly '08 creation. :P

    I sat in an '05 C-1 Focus overseas w/ sport package. & these front blue-cloth/leather sport seats are so cool w/ the super-long & supportive thigh cushion -- something you wouldn't find in a Japanese-engineered IS300.

    Mexicans can still buy the cheap Fiesta as their entry-level Ford sedan.

    "I know the Euro model is more expensive than the NA model, but why not at least import it as a Mercury?"

    They did. At first it was the pre-'79 Mercury Capri.

    Then later they changed the brand name to German & called it "Merkur". The Sierra 3-dr w/ the engine replaced by a turbocharged 2.3 Pinto engine was called the XR4Ti. The Scorpio 5-dr had the original 2.9 V6. Neither one was reliable.

    Another European lemon was Rover's Acura-Legend based sedan imported from Britain & sold under the "Sterling" (just to sound British) name plate.

    Again, the reputation of these North-America-only "made-up Euro name plates" all went down the drain.
  • hey did you ever figure out what it was? I am having that problem now also.
  • can you program a key on a 2002 ford focus with just one key?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Only if you are a dealer with a console to hook the car up to.

    Most dealers charge $75 for this.

  • Just purchased a used 05 focus sedan SE, with 33500 miles. The engine has a sort of vibration in low gears and when idling. I can feel it in the steering wheel. Find that the engine is a little noisy at idle, aside from the vibration. Is this normal for a Focus? Is there anything that I should get checked while it still is in warranty?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    think of the 08 Focus?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    i have been on a bad streak with running over stuff.
    i go to work early in the morning and until i get to the highway the roads have little/no lighting. in the last month or a little longer, i have run over a piece of firewood, some critter that was about the size of a med size dog(not a dog), ran through an ice wall left by a plow the crossed my path as i was headed downhill on an icy street. i think i hit another chunk of ice after that too.
    the other day my radiator fan assembly fell out. i reconnected it into the mounts as best i could.
    bought to the dealer. getting stuff that needs to be fixed done, but i feel bad for my car. :cry:
  • jeromebjeromeb Posts: 31
    My 2003 Ford Focus SE suddenly started making a sound which I described as "A vacuum leak related to the ignition timing"
    It sounded as a like my bicycle did when I affixed a playing card to the tire fork so that the wheel spokes would thwap the card as the wheel turned. The local dealer diagnosed it as a broken EGR tube and gladly replaced it as well as performed some other maintenance chores they could find.

    If you are handy with a wrench and your Ford Focus develops a sound which resembles a playing card thwaping the spokes of a bicycle ... you might be able to save yourself a couple hundred bucks by replacing a little rubber hose which runs from the exhaust to the intake.

    I actually like my little Focus. It could do with better fuel economy, but the performance and handling are ok for me.
  • wellswgwellswg Posts: 1
    Hi there, I have owned my 2000 Focus for about three years now, and at this point every time I go to drive it I end up aggravated! Every time I accelerate, decelerate, put it in park, reverse......... or do anything for that matter, the engine begins to shutter and in turn the whole car shakes, causing rattling in the doors, steering wheel and instrument panel. Now this is not a small vibration, I mean every time someone gets in my car and I start it, they ask whats wrong with it. Now I just had the engine replaced due to it throwing a rod on a trip with no sign of oil leakage (explain that to me). So I would really appreciate any ideas or thoughts as to why it is doing this (maybe transmition?), and what might be done to help fix this. Thanks
  • rgarfieldrgarfield Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem, Ive had all the O2 sensor, Egr value, and PDF sensor changes but the light has come back on and it wont pass inspection,

    What can I do? Anybody have a good idea? Change all these parts again as per the computer read out?


  • alfmz3alfmz3 Posts: 14
    I was waiting for the Mazda3 here in Mexico, but I was really disappointed with its hard plastic instrument panel.
    I have seen the new spanish Focus today, and it looks fine, but after reading most of yours comments here, I'm afraid to buy one.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Mazda3 is the Focus mostly in Mexico.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    All the (repair problem) comments here have nothing to do w/ the Spanish Focus. ;)
  • bigmike4bigmike4 Posts: 3
    as an owner of a 97 escort auto,i believed ford worked out the bugs on their latest freshening of the escort at that that their freshening the focus,i think the focus might be an excellent choice.our 97 freshened escort has toyota relibity,the paint glows still even though the cr has never seen a garage.{the top of the car is oxidised,[the car has always been in elemnts]}. it has had one missed shift in 200000 miles[auto trans]starts every time.weak spots radiator and battery.their both inexpensive to replace.our 97 escort is still a winner at 200000 miles,drove it this morning, immediate start, no warm up nessassary,quiet, execellant composure. i get a feeling the refreshen focus will provide the same excellent service.
  • dj2bigdj2big Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2007 focus SES sedan.
    Very nice car. Im happy.

    Until I saw this.

    Geez at theres have the mirrors and door handels painted.

    Not only that they have the 2008 Focus ST as a 2007!!!

    Plus a bunch of cool colors!!!

    I feel jipped off.......wait gas is $3.20 a gallon right now and im getting about 30 mpg, I take that back I feel like I have extra money for a milk shake now....lmao!!!
  • sir_timbitsir_timbit Posts: 39
    Really don't care for the 2008 version coming to the US and Canada. IMHO it just looks awkward and should be renamed the Escort or Fiesta. And they're ditching the hatchbacks and station wagons(?) How would that help their sales?

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is getting a refreshed version of the *second* generation Focus, to give it some of the new Mondeo's styling.

    Now that's much better! Ours looks like crap in comparison.

    Again, I wish Ford would get a clue, copy Saturn, and make Mercury their global Ford platform. Bring over the Mondeo, Euro Focus, the Falcon from Oz, etc. They would have one heck of a lineup instead of the blandmobiles that are currently in their showrooms here.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Geez at theres have the mirrors and door handels painted."

    So does our '05-07 Focus ST w/ the "'05-07 Mondeo ST220" grill. Actually, people from around the world envy it, especially when that macho (by their std) normally-aspirated 2.3 can be blasted off w/ the old MkI's light-body.

    The reason I like sedan/coupe over hatch/wagon/SUV is the wide rear visibility from the inside rear-view mirror when you're passing or making lane changes everyday.

    I've sat in the driver seat of a MkII Focus 4-dr sedan. The rear-glass visibility isn't just narrower than the old MkI Focus sedan, but the right rear headrest blocks the right-rear view badly whenever the rear seat is occupied b/c it has to be raised up in order to make clearance for a person's upper back. Then I placed vertical sticks from the show-room floor where the front corners are. &, boy, the car is so bulky wide it totally defeats the purpose of maneuvering a nimble compact car!

    So, around the world, the compact Focus is dead. We're the only one still lucky enough to get the left-over narrow MkI's! Grab one while you can. A 66.7"-narrow car that remains stable at high speed, both straight line & curves, is not what Japanese platforms can offer -- especially the Toyota Echo.
  • Still loving my 2007 Focus ST. Just turned over 14,000 miles on it. As above, the 2.3L engine in the lightweight body is a joy, and it handles beautifully. I got rid of the mediocre Pirellis and put a set of Goodyear F1 GS-D3s on at 1500 miles, as well as putting a 1mm thicker sway bar on the back. Exactly what Ford should have done from the factory.

    Only regret is that I did not wait for the BMW 1-series to come. Should have held onto my 242,000 mile Festiva a couple more years.
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