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Infiniti M37

ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
I had a few minutes today so I stopped by to look at the new 2011 M37. I did not get in the locked car, my salesman wasn't there, so I just walked around and looked at the outside and through the windows to see the interior. I left far less excited than I had anticipated.

Hurray....the car comes with Michelin tires...this alone improves the car over the 2010.

The rear looks like G37 with it's bulging taillights. Actually, my impression was that it was a larger G37...the M37 didn't jump out at me sitting in the middle of a batch of G's...I really had to look for it.

The fancy, optional interior japanese wood with silver highlights looks tacky to me...Given the option, I would pay extra to get the std wood..(they had a car with each of them so I could compare them).

The dash layout is different, but really very much the same. The clock moved and the buttons have moved a little, but no big change. It does look better though,,,,more current.

Steering wheel buttons are now more clustered around the horizontal spokes.

Wheels look the same...maybe they are, but if they are different, they certainly are obviously different.

Seats appear identical to those in my 2008 which maybe is good...but it isn't a change either.

I didn't get in the car, I didn't drive the car and, I didn't see if the navigation/computer severely restricts navigation options if the car is moving. I absolutely hate this "safety feature" in my 2008 M35. It's useless finding if the next exit on an interstate has any decent restaurants....etc.

My lease is up in June so I have time to decide if it's time for something different, even though I'm sure the M37 will be the price performer. Or maybe I'll just lease/buy the smaller M...called the G37...but then there's that navigation "safety feature" that I just hate.


  • I am in the market for a 2011 M37 and test drove one yesterday (with Tech package). I was very impressed with the fit and finish of the car. The interior was as nice as it looks in pictures (tranquil feel in my opinion). The wood trim with the aluminum trim had a great balance. Power was more than adequate and more than the outgoing V-8. The car had a nice ride (not as quiet as a Lexus GS) and took turns with ease with little body roll.

    Also, for those of you looking for pricing, Infiniti updated their website with the 2011 M and current offers. Both lease and purchase pricing are out there under "Current Offers" (running 2.9% for 60 months on both M's). Also they are running 3.9% on 72 months - something to consider against the lease when you look at side by side comparison (lease vs. buy). The dealer in my area is only willing to discount about $1,500 off of MSRP as of today. I did speak to another dealer in the area and they said they would go to $2,000 off MSRP but reconsider in a month depending on sales volume.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    agree with you whole heartedly about the tacky aluminum accents or washi paper, whatever it is called; its worth the few hundred extra dollars to get the african rosewood trim, or whatever its called now! it really makes the cabin look richer and more upscale!!
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    edited March 2010
    I got a chance to drive one and have some intial impressions.
    Ride is slightly smoother.
    The drive mode selector is no gimmick. It does affect the driving experience. You can choose from Standard, Sport, Snow and Eco modes. Standard is self explanatory. In Sport you can definitely feel the gears hold longer and throttle response increase. Eco mode is programmed to save gas and even comes with a color coded light that tells you wether you are driving in a fuel efficient manner. Eco mode may be a little too extreme for some. It significantly reduces throttle response and accleration.
    Exterior looks good with the Sport, aggressive lines all around. Only gripe is that I wish the rear was also different from the non-Sport models.
    Interior is nice. Beware of the BMW iDrive-esque Infiniti interface controller. previous models had the arrow buttons to scroll left, right, up and down. Now, you move the round controller completely.

    Malbec Black exterior color has red metallic flakes in it. It's subtle enough that it doesn't look gaudy and still looks black.

    The one I drove had the Sport and Premium Packages so i didn't get a chance to test the Forest Air AC, surround sound stereo, Active Trace Control or Eco Pedal.
  • slyfox16slyfox16 Posts: 35
    m4m, was wondering what the standard mode was like. How many miles were on the demo? Was there any feeling of hesitancy or sluggishness in standard as opposed to the sports mode?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    local Infiniti dealer finally got two 2011 M's in today and while I didn't test drive them, I did get a really good look at the exterior and interior

    all I can say is WOW :surprise: :surprise: !!!!!

    this new M by far has the nicest Infiniti interior to date! everything is sculpted and has nice textures, ergonomics, etc

    I love everything they have done to the exterior! I really love the sexiness of the rear end; they really smoothed it out and put some curves in it and got rid of the big bloaty boxy rear-end the current M has!

    overall, really impressed with what Infiniti has done; only critism I can think of is, it is really hard to distinguish it from the current G Sedan! a G was parked next to it and I did not notice the new M at first! not necessarily a bad thing but, hey! also nice to see that Infiniti put on top of the line Michelin Primacy Tires, which should help give the M a smoother ride!!! can't wait to test drive it later this year!
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    I stopped by my local dealer and got to drive the M37..
    I was so looking forward to this car and found:

    Take away the front and rear headlight/taillight treatments and the metal shape looks just like a MAXIMA!!!

    It is super fast, but as in my "07 M35, you hear a lot of outside/tire noise, particularly in the back seat when riding there..

    The dealer threw an "outrageous" lease price for it, not to mention the "sticker" is more than the Lexus G35, or Jaguar XF, and about on par with the Mercedes E350!!!

    Personally, I think it is a great car, but disappointed in the styling and I believe Infiniti is going to be disappointed in their sales activity at these prices...Way too much sticker for this car...
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I have a 2010 Max SV and I pulled up right behind the new M37 at the Infiniti dealership yesterday afternoon and there was a whole bunch of people looking at that and the EX35s around it as well

    I had several people come up and look at my car and then the M and then looked confused and ask me if the car was the same :surprise: ; I was like, well take a look at the Nissan emblems and you'll see the difference! :surprise:

    man did I get a kick out of that!
  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    edited March 2010
    I saw them at my dealer when I got my oil changed on my G. Since having a baby a couple weeks ago, I'm looking for something a little bigger. The car is gorgeous, except for the cheap/small silver painted rims. I hope you can get the wheel(M56S) upgrade on the M37X and the M56X.

    The only thing that shocked me was the MSRP, over $56K for the 37X. For some reason it seems higher than I remember. I looked at the M35/45 when I bought the G, and it wasn't that high. I priced a M56X and didn't like that you have to have a certain color interior with some packages.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    edited March 2010
    Upgrading the rims to the Sport package rims is far from an inexpensive task. Premium package must go before any other upgrade. I too am not impressed with the 18" rims. Other than that and the very cheap looking painted inside door handles, the car is a winner. I'm only interested in the Base model and premium package which brings me to about 50 big ones. However, once the heavier discounting begins in a few months(after the 2010s are depleted), I'm sure this car can be had for the Mid 40s. If I wait till the end of the year the deep deep discounts will begin. This a sad economy and this is a relatively expensive car. The two don't go well together, which gives the advantage to the consumer if he can be patient. I love this car with what I think is the best interior to date for Infiniti.
  • mechradmechrad Posts: 9
    I drove the car and liked it very much (not much to dislike about this car) The exterior says Maxima to me (not a bad think in my opinion) The interior was great I drove one loaded up with all the packages. The upgraded leather is great. I sat in one without the upgrade and I felt like I was sitting on sandpaper given how nice the upgraded leather was. I could not open the car up given a very limited test loop. Seems quick. The price however was a shocker the car I drove went for over 57k, That is a ton of money. They will need to do some serious discounting for this car to sell well (in my opinion)
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I would guess that in a few months the heavier discounting will most likely begin. By the end of the year, it will probably be as substantial as the previous year end discounting which saw over $10,000 off of MSRP. The economy is in the Toilet and luxury cars get hurt the most. Now is not a good time to look for a deal.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Edmunds has alraedy posted a $1,000 incentive on the 2011 M and cars direct is selling the M37X with premium package for around $49,300. With the incentive and holdback the dealer cost for a M37X with Premium package would be around $47,000. I plan to wait this out, but the new M is definetly on "my list".
  • Infiniti dealer offered me $2,800 off MSRP of $50,800 for an M37 with Premium Package (I currently do not own an Infiniti). I still think the discounting will increase once they fill their lots up as $50k+ cars arent flying off the shelves lately.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I took my 2rd ride yesterday - 2wd M37. Premium Package, wheat interior and Black Obsidian exterior. The car look much better in person IMHO and the interior is nicely done. It stickered for a little more than $52k. The ride was smooth and the cabin is very roomy. The seats are more comfortable than my M35S but the pick up is less pronounced than mine. Don't get me wrong the engine is powerful but the off the line power is better in my car. Car felt planted to the road even though it wasn't the sport model. I was really disappointed with the door handle and the fake looking aluminum piece that surrounded it, but everything else looked top notched. The wood grain was beautiful while the nav screen wasn't affected by the sun light like the current model. There are sensors all over the interior for "quality of air" control which was a pleasant surprise and the Bose system sounded better (this was not the 5.1 system). The car looks and fell bigger than my M35S but handled just as well.
    All in all this look like a winner for Infiniti but I'm not quite sure the M56 will sell well at $65k on the sticker and $72k loaded.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I like it; no test drive - just sat inside and got to see it up close.

    I agree with the sticker shock - M37 loaded is $57K+ :surprise: It'll be interesting to watch sales and see how loaded they come in. Getting my '09 FX w/ Tech was a little difficult.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    ... but as in my '07 M35, you hear a lot of outside/tire noise, particularly in the back seat when riding there.

    Road noise would be a deal killer for me. The M is now Infiniti's choice for their Flagship Sedan (no more Q) and carries a premium price (loaded M37 is $57+ loaded and M56 is $66K); it would have to be significantly quieter than my old '06 M35 to pay that price.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    Many cars today including the luxury sedans have issues with road/tire noise. Even the Lexus GS I drove the other day had some road noise as well. Tire choice can be a factor. At least Infiniti doesn't have the horror stories that BMW has with the runflats.
  • What turned me off about the Maxima and the G37 was road noise. It is not that I don't like noise, sport sedans suppose to have the excitement of connection to the pavement, but those were just road noise, unlike the European sports sedans the noise is connected to your throttle.

    I am tempted to test drive the M37 and see if there is any difference.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    This car as sold in Japan has (maybe as an option - not sure if it is standard) active noise cancellation that is supposed to be pretty good. I did not see that in any of the literature for the US model, but I haven't scanned it recently. I read about it in the Japanese press release on their international website.

    On my M35x, after coming from an Audi A6, the noise on a long trip had me all on edge from the constant, irritating sounds; sort of how the noise on an airplane on a transcontinental trip gets to you. I ended up spending nearly a grand at a stereo shop on a Dynamat installation, that tempered it, but didn't stop it. At least I'm not all on edge after an 8-hour trip like I used to be.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    We've sold all of ours at MSRP so far (we did discount $500 to our previous customers).

    Infiniti is offering a $1000 Loyalty Rebate IF you have an Infiniti and if you lease.

    We will discount them in late April/May....once folks quit offering MSRP. :)
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