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Infiniti M37



  • Help!!!!

    The transmission in my 2011 M-37 has experienced, at one time or another, every complaint listed in the long string of postings concering transmission issues. As of 6:15 PM on 01/24/2011 my service "advisor" says that the service "manager" cannot locate any service bulletin or advisory concerning this issue.

    Can anyone who has had their transmission problems corrected please ask their dealer for the service bulletin number so I can give it to my dealer. I hardly drive this car because I find it so unpleasant to deal with the transmission issues. We tend to defer in favor of our 2006 M-35 which in four years, nine months has not had a single issue.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    edited January 2011
    Since I'm not an owner, I can't provide that for you... but in the mean time, you might check here:
    to see if anything comes up.

    Also try

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  • There no longer is a slot in the dash to insert your key fob in case it's battery has suddenly failed. Your only remedy is to either call Infiniti service or your spouse and get the second fob. Removal of that slot was part of a massive de-contenting of the M series by Infiniti.
  • Thats 100 percent false....the slot is no longer needed since now all you have to do is hold the fob next to the start/stop button in order for the system to read it. Much easier process. The 2011 has more upgraded useful features than the 2010. Its not "de-contented" if thats even a word. Gotta get it right before you post.....
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    bobbyzjr, I do not know the name of the new software to "fix" the transmission problem. My dealer, Roswsell Infiniti in Alpharetta, GA, did not have a fix at first. In fact, they drove the car and said it was shifting normally. Wrong!! But, the next day my service manager, Jamie, talked with one of the Infiniti technical service managers and was told that there was a new software fix that should improve the tranny performance. The next week, I went in to the dealer, had the "fix" downloaded and was pleased to see that the transmission operation was improved. But, I am still not pleased with the performance as compared to my old 2006 M35 and other luxury cars I have driven but not sure what else I can do right now. It did help with the hestitation but did not eliminate it.

    I love almost everything about the car except the transmission. As a loaner, the dealer gave me a G37 which shifted much better than my car. Don't know why since the service manager said both cars have the same transmission. Go figure.

    But, I am not through with this issue. I plan to continue pressure on the dealer regarding the transmission and maybe they will finally come up with a good answer. If they have to replace the transmission to finally fix the problem, then just do it. It beats tarnishing the image of the brand.

    Good luck with the follow up with your dealer. If my dealer could get a new software update yours can also.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    But, I am not through with this issue. I plan to continue pressure on the dealer regarding the transmission and maybe they will finally come up with a good answer. If they have to replace the transmission to finally fix the problem, then just do it. It beats tarnishing the image of the brand.

    Huh? what can the dealer do with this problem after the new transmission fix? It is a design problem and not a defect on a particular transmission.. So if by miracle infiniti willing to pay for a new transmission, you get the same problem again... How does it help?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I think what he means is, that if the battery was to go in the intelligent key, there is no longer a slot under the dash to put the whole device into so that you can still start the car, but I'm sure Infiniti has thought of that. Just because the battery in the intelligent key might go does not mean the sensor that detects the key in the car is dead and it should still be able to detect the intelligent key. ???

    I'm not sure, I know my 10 Maxima still has the slot in the dash to put the intelligent key if you need too
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    According to my dealer, just hold the key next to the ignition "button" and it will do what the slot used to do...I have an M37 and that's what I'm told...

    On another point, they just did a NAV update and we no longer have FM traffic...that button disappeared on the screen and you have to get XM (satellite) to get traffic
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    Well, topgun, maybe it is completely a design problem and a new transmission would do nothing except present the same old issue. But, how do you explain the posting by littlejoe 613 which says that the transmission on his M37 shifts "as smooth as silk"? Plus, I had the opportunity to drive a 2008 G37 coupe last week that, according to the dealer, has the same transmission as the M37. The coupe transmission shifted very smoothly and consistantly. If my car shifted like that, I would have no complaint.

    My opinion at this point is that there is some sort of design or quality problem which presents itself in many, but not all, of the transmissions. Or, perhaps Infiniti changed the 7 speed on the new M37 for some reason and it has not worked out well. I think that Infiniti probably just hopes it will go away or that we will finally accept that this is "normal" operation. It's not, and something should be done.

    Even though my car's transmission has improved with the software update, it is still not where it should be and detracts from the driving experience since I am always evaluating the shifting. I am thinking that we might have been among the unlucky buyers that got one of the "bad" transmission. If you get a fix, please post the information.

    Good luck.
  • While the G-37 and the M-37 have the same transmissions, they do not have the same transmission mapping programs. The original program on the G-37 experienced much the same problems. Infiniti has totally revised that program and installed the revision in all newer models and for those people who complained.

    Due to the weight difference and performance variences between the G-37 and the M-37 a different program was used in the M-37. Obviously Infiniti thought they had the problem solved with the M and they didn't. There now is a total remapping program available for the M-37 which does satisfy all transmission quirks. I know since I had it done this past Friday and it makes a world of difference. At first my dealer claimed there was no such program though other posts on Edmund's claimed to have received it. I finally called Infiniti Customer Service who also claimed to know of no transmission fixes for the M-37. After much prodding they checked with their engineers who confirmed there was a fix but that they had not issued a "Service Bulletin" yet so dealers could not locate it. Emily, at ext 1547, had to call my dealer and tell them how to download the fix. It took about an hour to install and instantly every quirk vanished like magic.
  • Wow!!! Really?
    I am very excited to hear that news! Did it really fix the issue with tranny? I am hoping the issue is resolved with the accelleration issues as well?? I slow down to take a corner, hit the pedal and it hesitates for 2 to 3 seconds. Does the tranny fix address this issue?? Infiniti has given me such a run around. As recent as last week they said they knew of "nothing and no update for the tranny" so I'm hoping I have the same experience as you. I actually have a work order in for this Wednesday and I spoke to Emma at ext 7107 and she knew nothing about it either so she is having the regional quality control person call me wednesday before my appointment. I think I'm gonna call the girl you recommended though, you said "emily at ext 1547" right?? I am hoping she can have the service guy do the same thing as your service guy but mine is a "pompous [non-permissible content removed]" and thinks he already knows everything so I've got a battle ahead I'm sure.
    Please let me know if you know the exact name of the software update...thank you sir...
  • jck4u;
    You mention that the tranny is better after the update but still NOT what you would expect. Please tell me the hesitation is better? Also, please tell me that while in "sport mode" it doesn't cruise in 6th gear at 25mph?? I spent 55k on a car that pisses me off every time I drive it....UGH!!

    I contacted a consumer affairs attorney and he said that if we can get enough complaints on the tranny together we will have a case. Please let me know how your tranny is acting now January 31st 2011...thank you...
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    Bobbyzjr, the hesitation is better but not completely eliminated. Overall shifting is acceptable now but not what I had hoped for. Guess I can learn to live with it even though it still gets confused sometime and can shift hard right after shifting smoothly. Don't know why.

    I have played around with the sport mode but don't like how it performs. Rather than "cruse around in 6th gear at 25mph", I find that it likes to keep itself in a lower gear and to require more rpm's to upshift. It's more like stay in 3rd gear at 25mph and refuse to upshift. It would probably be fun on a curvy mountain road but is mostly useless in any kind of normal driving unless you plan to use a lot of throttle and prepare for a speeding ticket. I just keep it in normal mode.
  • I met a quirky tranny in Hong Kong once but thats a different story. Seriously had mine for a few weeks now and have really been trying to notice if the trans felt strange. It doesnt at all. I hate that damn ECO mode, never use that crap, otherwise (IMHO) this car is as good if not better than the BMW 5 I just turned in. May feel different in 3 yrs but for now I am excited to be driving this car, and at 200/month less than my old BMW lease it a good deal on the wallet as well. IF I begin to notice problems with the trans is this simething Infiniti has addressed?
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    edited February 2011
    I took the M37x for a long test drive this week. A few (subjective) observations:


    -- The car is beautiful- looks great in both black colors and blue slate
    -- The interior on the deluxe touring is really nice- looks great in stone or java, and the silver powder went well with both colors- seats were pretty comfortable
    -- The interior on the non-deluxe touring was appropriate for the class- but the deluxe package really seemed to enhance the look a lot
    -- The upgraded Bose stereo with the deluxe vs premium (16 speaker vs 10 speaker) was a bit better- but the difference wasn't drastic
    -- The car handles the road very well for its size- took it on some sharp twisty roads
    -- Acceleration is also quick as expected


    -- I found the transmission very annoying in normal and sport modes. It would hunt and peck, upshift sharply at times, then downshift very harshly. Honestly, for me it added an unwanted jerkiness to an otherwise comflortable/sporty ride
    -- The engine is made to rev high (to 7000 RPMs) as it shifts gears. This created an experience where the engine was loudly revving while the transmission was shifting very abruptly- not luxurious or appropriately sporty in my view
    -- I drove two cars and had the same reaction to both.

    End of the day, I can see a lot of reasons to get this car- particularly with current lease/buy incentives- but make sure you can tolerate the driving characteristics. Some may enjoy it, but I thought it really detracted from a product that otherwise had a lot going for it, and am not sure I would want it as my daily driver. The salesman said that the transmisison would adapt to the driver eventually, and maybe it would, but I'm not sure I want to take the risk that it doesn't!

    Some have posted about a software fix for the transmission- any more experiences with that fix?
  • I've had my M-37 since April, 2010. The transmission behavior could only be described as totally unbefitting a luxury car or even a mid-price car. Although some dealers still do not know of it's existance, there is a remapping program available for the transmission. While the remapping does not bring the transmission to 100% perfection, it does make it about 95% of the way. The adaptive learning works about another 3% for a 98% fix. That's all you are going to get. Now if they would only bring the navigation up to date for roads in my area built after 2003!!!! The map shows me driving through empty fields when the roads appear on a 2003 AAA map.
  • The news release from Infiniti says 2012 M models will be available starting March 16 -- not sure if all M37, M56, and M35h are available at once or they will be released on different dates. It mentioned that M37 and M56 will have "minor changes" from 2011 models -- does anyone know exactly what those changes are? For example, will the transmission shift be made more smooth per complains of some owners? I guess the answers may decide if it's worth waiting for a new M, or get a 2011 model with a possible discount.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    2011 M - Infiniti released a reflash for the Transmission Control Module (TCM) ITB11008
    The 7 speed automatic transmission has one or more of the following conditions: - DTC P0729, P0732, P0733, P0734, P0735, and/or P1734 stored in the ECM and/or TCM - Excessive engine braking felt after lifting off the accelerator pedal - Hesitation when accelerating from a stop - Harsh downshift from 7th gear during hard acceleration - Excessive vibration during light acceleration.

    The software patch made a world of difference in the shifting of my M. Much better shifting in all gears as well as Gas mileage improved!!! I'm happy now and have gained acceptance once again in Infiniti.
  • ppang78ppang78 Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    Did you guys finally figure it out the Quirky transmission problems with Infiniti??
    I leased 2011 M37 two weeks ago and realized my transmission has the problem past weekend.
    I just stopped by this site to see if there are any case like me, and surprised there are many people have the same problem as me.
    I randomly experience hesitation 2-3 sec when I press gas pedal from the slow driving or stop position and upshift aggressively, not proportionally.
    It smooth and consistant mostly and I expect this mode should be all the time, but it is not.
    It over accelerated and not consistant very randomly.
    I will call and talk to my Infiniti service center in Chicago where I used to go, and see what they say.
    I just worry what if they say this is the normal operation.
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    I had experienced this problem for the better(actually worst) part of a year with my early (April 2010) model M-37. The dealer insisted I was the only one complaining. That lasted for months on end only to be replaced with "a fix is in the works." When I started reading about the fix at this wonderful sight my dealer claimed to know nothing about it. I contacted Infiniti customer service who in turn contacted the dealer while I was on the phone.

    There is a re-mapping of the computer available which was done to my car. This resulted in about a 97% fix. While I can live with this until the end of my lease, after five various Infiniti's I doubt I will stay with the brand. This is just no way to treat the (repeated) purchaser of a $50,000 vehicle. They should be ashamed of themselves releasing a car like this and the subsequent treatment of an obviously loyal customer. By the way, the Navigation system is years out of date. There is a road I drive on twice a week that shows on a 2003 edition AAA map that still shows me driving through an open field. Entrances and exits on Florida's Turnpike as well as speed limits are also years out of date and so far there is no fix for this.
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