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Infiniti M37



  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    The new mapping of my transmission improved the operation but issues remain and I am not satisfied. Inconsistent operation, harsh up and down shifting, and that damn hesitation when accelerating from slow speed. My dealer initially tried to tell me the operation was normal but finally admitted that the sales manager noted the same issues with his new M37 company car. I have the latest update per the new technical bulletin but conclude it is only an improvement not an actual fix. After four Infiniti cars this may be my last one. How can Infiniti produce an auto with so many great qualities and then screw it up with a poor transmission that they can't seem to fix. And what were they thinking before the first one was sold? They had to realize the problem but went ahead anyway. Unforgivable.
  • ppang78ppang78 Posts: 2
    After I dropped off my M37 and I recevied a call from service center that they couldn't duplicate the problem for the transmission. And said this is the common complaint from new buyer of car. He said I will be used to it.
    They scanned and couldn't find out any mal functions on transmission.
    I will take back my car tomorrow but still worry what if the same problem occurs in the future.
    Service guy said they never have heard about new software update for the transmission.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    While I can live with this until the end of my lease, after five various Infiniti's I doubt I will stay with the brand. This is just no way to treat the (repeated) purchaser of a $50,000 vehicle. They should be ashamed of themselves releasing a car like this and the subsequent treatment of an obviously loyal customer

    I am not sure I agreed with you sentiment. It is a shame that Infiniti release a car with the transmission program not completely work out and they suffered by having slow sales and has to put up with subsidised lease program to move the cars. But the purchase decision is yours.. Don't you do any research before you buy the M? The transmission problem was discussed on every car mag reviews that I saw and in every single M forum that I visited.. You have ample opportunity to weight the + and - of the car before making the purchase. Don't blame Infiniti for your buyer remorse... Blame yourselves for making the wrong purhcase decision.
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    My car was leased in the second week of April, 2010. At that time zip, zero, nada, gar nichts, etc was written about the transmission issues. I'm going to go one further; I don't need a lecture from someone who neither knows nor was there! The test drive available, around the block, was not time to reveal the defect! Being our fifth Infiniti in 7 years I had a lot of faith in the dealer, the brand, and our 2006 M-35 which we still have. I was currently driving a 2007 G-35s with a six speed manual and had little experience with automatic transmissions, but was forced out of my G due to knee surgery and the pain associated with a difficult and slow recovery. After 3.8 million miles over 39 years in 20+ manual shift cars anything that eased my pain was a welcome relief. If you haven't walked in my shoes don't be so fast with flippant, ignorant judgements!
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    I think you were a little hard on bienster. During my test drives last year, before purchasing the M37, I did notice harsh shifting immediately after start off which I finally determined was the first shift into second gear which happened almost immediately. Did not notice the harshness in the other gear changes. The dealer told me the transmission would smooth out after it "learned" my driving habits. Wrong!

    I read every article I could find on the car in many car mags , including Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc. and remember only one writeup mentioned that the tranny sometimes seemed "confused". What an understatement. Even the article from Consumer Reports did not mention any issue with the transmission performance and they are not bashful about presenting a problem. I read a few forums but did not get the sense that this was a major issue

    In the end, I say, yep, it is my fault that I decided to purchase this car. But I did not know or expect that the transmission would be as eratic and aggravating as it has proven to be. Maybe I just got one of the bad ones. My other Infiniti autos were great cars and I fully expected if there was some kind of issue that Infiniti would promptly correct the problem. Apparently, a bad assumption.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    There are actually updates for both the ECM (ITB11004 engine)
    and the TCM (ITB11008 transmission). So make sure you mention both when you bring your car to the dealer. The more I drive the M after the software flash, the happier I am. It has made a REALLY big difference by eliminating the "hiccup' when you start up from a stop, and it has even smoothed out low-speed downshifts. It's probably the best thing to happen to my M since I got it. :)
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    one more update was also applied: ITB10066 which "adds Call Waiting, gives you the ability to call contacts in your address book by name, fixes some iPod and Bluetooth issues and enhance Navigation performance."
    That upgrade definitely made things better and increased functionality.
  • The software updates to the engine interface and transmission interface/control you describe apparently became available abour 5 weeks ago. I had the exact same problems described on this thread with my 2011 M37. The dealer test drove my car and agreed something was not right. They found these new Tech Bulletins and loaded them in my car. I must say, I also was very excited that most of the issue was corrected. It was clearly a major improvement. However, it seems to have worn off... I know a software update will not wear off, unless somehow some default parameters kicked back in. I am wondering now if there is some other part within the system which is negatively adapting to these changes, byt either trying to do its designed job or that pary (or subsystem) is degrading or failing. I will be back at the dealer's again next week to complian again and see what happened.
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    edited March 2011
    Thank goodness for this posting! I thought I was starting to lose my mind. I had the re-mapping of both the engine and transmission control modules done almost immediately after their release and found the improvement significant. Over the last couple of weeks I have found many of the old quirks returning. Driving at 22-25 MPH when the car is first driven for the day I find the ride rather "herkey-jerkey." At turnpike speeds downshifts seem to take an eternity. After all the criticsm I have received for my original complaints I was starting to think I'm nuts. I guess I have plenty of company.
    On another note, I thought my navigation system besides being years out of date on multiple locations in my geographic area leading me not to trust it in other areas, was slower than watching the grass grow. I was reluctant to complain after the criticism I received for my transmission complaints. Now I see there is a "fix" for that as well. That is a lot of "fixes" for a $50,000+ car. I'm wondering if anyone else feels that maybe Infiniti should have gotten the car design right before they released it on the public?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    If you haven't walked in my shoes don't be so fast with flippant, ignorant judgements!

    But isn't what you lay out identify your problem? Why trusted any manufacturer? It is not like we don't have a lot of choice in the market. If you decided to buy a car blind without any review and any real wheel time to test it out, whose fault is it? Blaming the manufacturer does absolve your basic need to do dd on your purchase. It is not like Infiniti didn't have transmission shift problem in the past. I have 3 inifiniti in my household now, an 07 G35, a 10 G37 and a 11 M37.. My 07 G35 has transmission shifting issue and they fixed it about 1 year after I bought the car. My 10 G37 has shift issue also and Infiniti has a TSB fixing the problem and 11 has a TSB solving the program.. Each time I know the problem before I walked in and leased the cars. And I was compensated by the low money factor and rebate etc.. For my money it was the best car I can leased, transmission shift problem or not.. After all this is the purpose of this forum, to exchange information about our car and to let other know the potential problem of the car before or after they buy the car. I assumed that you won't buy your next car without reading extensive review from exisiting owners and test drive the car extensively first. So it is a good lesson to learn...
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    But I did not know or expect that the transmission would be as eratic and aggravating as it has proven to be

    yap.. It is dangerous to buy first year auto regardless of brand. Cars are getting so complicated that manufacturer really has no chance of testing and fixing all the problems before they release their car. And the first year owner become the geniue pigs that will test out the cars. The only way to really protected ourselves is to buy cars in the 2nd years (or at least have enough owner review published) or later and lease the car instead of purchasing them.. Lexus has a lemon or two (engine valve problem that need rebuilding engine at the dealer, frightening thoughts). BMW has a problem with the 3 series high perfromance fuel pump (some owners in bimmerfest reported to have 3 and 4th fuel pump replaced under warrenty ).. Mercedes does not seems to have any major problems going on now, but I would not trust them either...
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    topgun- As you note, the point of this boards is for folks to share experiences about the car/purchasing experience, and perhaps even their view of the dealer or manufacturer, so the rest of us are more informed. It's good for all of us that people take the time to post their stories. Criticizing those same people for their purchasing approach, opining on the lessons they should learn, and telling us how prepared you think you are when you buy doesn't tell us anything about the car and only discourages people from sharing their stories. That doesn't help any of us and doesn't seem to be the point of these boards.

    bienster- I don't blame you for venting your frustration with Infiniti- you think you can gamble on a premium brand with a pretty good reliability history, and it sucks when the gamble doesn't pay off. But, thanks for sharing your experiences, and hopefully your next car purchase ends up better than your M37. Thanks to posts like yours, I paid more attention to the transmission during my test drive, noticed the quirks, knew they would not go away, and ultimately did not buy the M37x. Too bad, because it is a really sharp looking car inside and out.
  • I totall agree with you. I greatly appreciate bienster's posts. I can sense and appreciate his frustration, and we can all benefit from his experience. The opinion of someone else that's it's your fault for buying a (somewhat) defective product is unfair, to say the least.

    I am very interested in the 2012 M37x, but I'll need to carefully reconsider that as an option. Forums like this can be a real eye-opener, and people should be encouraged to share the good and bad.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Criticizing those same people for their purchasing approach, opining on the lessons they should learn, and telling us how prepared you think you

    heh heh, I think the only thing we learned from the venting is that buying the first year production car is dangerous and buying it in the first 2 to 3 months is even more so. But as you pointed out, it is an individual choice to make so why blame the manufacturer when the gamble did not pay off? And in this case, I think Infiniti is doing the right thing. They come up with a fix.. We will see if the fix actually work well or not.. But Infiniti definitely are paying for their sins and has to subsidy M heavily and the early adapter definitely suffered from the problem...

    when you buy doesn't tell us anything about the car and only discourages people from sharing their stories. That doesn't help any of us and doesn't seem to be the point of these boards.

    I did share my thoughts on the M in this forum when I first got it. It is in the late Dec time frame. You are welcome to search for it. I like the M a lot. I sold my LS460 with a lease payment of $1030 because of their valve spring recall (and by the way I did not go to internet to vent about the recall) for an M37 for a lease payment of $590 (tax included in both cases) and I don't miss the LS a bit.. The LS is more luxury and quiet, the sound system is 2 to 3x better than the M and the acceleration is faster. However, driving with the M give me a much more secure feeling, the interior is very inviting to my eyes, and the safety features (lane departure/blind spot) help me a great deal when driving the car at night..

    I have the same transmission issue and the car did o.k. in C mode but not very enjoyable in sport mode.. Took the car in for the transmission and ECM reflash a couple days ago and right now the car is on Sport mode full time .. Still evaluating the change but it is doing pretty good so far.. The shifting is a lot smoother and the jerking motion while slowing down in Sport mode is gone (mostly).

    One thing I would like to point out is that Infiniti is not doing well with M and it has a pretty good incentive, money factor and residual for those who lease the car. It will be good to evaluate this car not just based on MSRP but with our payment in mind. In my case, the LS that I replaced has an MSRP of 75K and the M that I have not has an MSRP of 59K but the payment is about 40% less when compare the M to the LS. And LS is definitely not 40% better car than the M. I cannot find a better sedan with less than $600 payment in the market today..

    My point of posting is hopefully potential buyers will look at the M in totality (the cost, the good point, the bad points, the reliability, the dealer). The transmission problem posted problem for all the early owners.. But if someone is buying the car now, may be they can make out with the combination of fix and heavy sub from Infiniti....
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Had the transimission refrest for 3 1/2 days now. The transmission was on sport mode in these 3 1/2 days. WOT shift from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 work pretty work. I will give it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I also has a 10 G37 which got a transmission refresh a couple days ago and I would give that refresh 10 out of 10. The shift on the M with the new fresh is pretty smooth (i.e. no jerking).. But I can still feel the shifting and power was fairy liner during the shifting. I have not find a strech of freeway that I can do a WOT from 1 to 7 yet.. The transmission jerking while I try to brake are gone.. so all in all driving in sport mode came from very annoying to pretty enjoyable.

    The audio systems still not working as I like. The volume adjusting function does not work at all. And the high and bass seem to be pretty muddy.. I have treble set to -1 and bass set to -1 for now.. Anyone find a solution to the audio sound quality issue? Would changing the speaker help?
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    Wildfire, I have experienced the same with the software "fix" for my transmission problems. I had the new transmission software fix loaded about two months ago. Definite inprovement but within a couple of weeks the transmission operation was back where I started. Very disappointing.

    Last week, back at the dealer for the latest fix to fine tune the transmission. Much improved......for about a week. Now it has again returned to the original operation. Help!! Has anyone found a solution for this problem. I have even toyed with selling the car and have only had it for six months.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    I have an M56x and have been looking for others with similar trouble... Mine was also updated with the new transmission code, but I too have the issue with delayed throttle response when starting from a stopped position. Very frustrating.. I haven't heard of a new update to fix the problem so I'm sure it's even worth taking it back to the dealer... Thoughts?
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    Actually there is a fix for the fix. No, I'm not double talking. The original fix was to remap the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) which were both done to my car at the same time. There was quite an immediate improvement but it seemed to wear off. At first I thought I was crazy but many people eventually posted the same results. The second visit to the dealer yielded a re program of the re programmed ECM. It's better than a Yugo or a Tata, but it is far less than I expect from a $50,000+ car.

    In postings I was criticized for buying a "first year" car. Carrying that to the extreme, nobody should buy a first year car. The only problem with that logic when manufacturers do not fully test their cars before introducing them is that the second year cars defacto become the first year cars. Anyway, four out of my five Infiniti's and four out of four of my Lexus's have been first year cars and there has not been a single issue or complaint with any of them. Between the de-contenting of this car compared to the previous edition and the sundry performance problems, Infiniti really did a good job of damaging their reputation.
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    I have been living with my M37 transmission "fix for a fix" for about a month and , overall, it is an improvement from where I started. The shifts are terrible when the car is cold but improve after about 10 minutes of driving. Still not great. The delayed throttle response is still there without much, if any, improvement after the fix. I guess I am just learning to live with the issue. I have noticed that the shifting is better if I drive it hard but can't do that all the time.

    I have not contacted the dealer since the last visit but the service writer promised to contact me if another bulletin is issued. If I don't hear anything I plan to contact him again in about a month. Let's keep the pressure on.
  • I went back and talked with dealer again too after the SW fix. I have been doing a lot of test driving and completely agree that it takes about 10 minutes for "transmission" to heat up enough for best level of shiting. I think if it were the engine it would warm up quicker. What I have also noticed is that the adaptive shift points really seem to work. I have found that if I drive the car moderately for a few days, the shifting is moderate. If I drive aggressive even a little bit, the shift becomes very aggressive and is somewhat rough when trying to drive easy. But, if you go back to driving with moderate aggression, the shifting will change... Its not bad now. My only issue is when transmission is cold.
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