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Infiniti M37



  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    edited April 2011
    Looks like another one 2011 50K ++ car reporting similar issues:

    However, Infiniti at least continue working on it and trying to do their best (I hope).
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Have the transmission reflashed for almost 2 months now. Transmission selection still stay in Sport mode. The shifting work decent right now. I am in California, so I don't have the cold start issue. Overall impression, the transmission in my M37 now is slightly worse than the 08 LS460 that I had before the M. When braking hard from higher speed (40-50 mph), the hard decoupling of the transmission problem (fell like a hard jerk) came back and opened a ticket with my dealers (looks like other customers has the same problem). I would give the transmission a 7.5 out of a 10 at this point. Still like the car a lot for the price I paid (590 a months for 36 months lease.. Delux touring..). Still like it better than the LS460 that I replaced (one that cost $1030 a month). The blind spot warning and lane departure are my favorite features in the cars. It help termendously when driving in the evening and late at night. Overall I am really enjoy driving this car.
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    It has been about 3 months since my last transmission SW update. At this point I think 7.5 out of 10 is generous for the transmission performance. Shifting is still eratic and the throttle hesitation is the same........very annoying. I've tried other settings but usually keep it in the normal setting. If this were an economy car probably would not complain . But a $50M luxury car? No excuse.

    Except for the problems mentioned here, I love the car. What a shame to have the driveability issues we have to put up with.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    wildfire, I just noticed this M37 / M56 Thread while I was perusing Forum. One member directed me here because I am so disgusted with my 2010 G37X with the Herky-Jerkiness, lagging & hesitation for almost 1 year, since I leased it. I am in the midst of trying trade Out of my lease - I am working with Infiniti of NA rep who has followed up on my complaint filed through the Infiniti Web Site and also persuing with the Service Manager at my dealership. I am seriously entertaining Swapping Out for CPO 08 or 09 M35X (not sure if they had a M37X in 09), which had the 5 AT. That's the same tranny that was in my 2007 G35X. Sooooooooooo much better, yes the 7AT gets better mpgs, but at huge sacrifice of performance. I see from this thread alone, that there are many 2010/2011 M 37 complaints about the same thing: This crappy 7 speed Auto Tranny..
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    I am so disgusted with my 2010 G37X with the Herky-Jerkiness, lagging & hesitation for almost 1 year, since I leased it

    Did you do the transmission reflash for 10 G37? I have a 2010 G37 coupe as well as a 11 M37.. And we did the reflash for both cars a couple days apart.. I give the G37 reflash a 10 out of 10.. it is very smooth and powerful now...
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    There have b een two different re-programs for the TCM and one for ECM. The second re-program on the TCM finally did the trick. It's almost a normal car now; just a drop finicky when first started. Living in southern Florida, it warms up within one half mile and is actually acceptable. The big question is whether the fix that worked on my M-37 will work on your G-37. If it does, it should basically end the herky-jerkies and you should live in blissful contentment. Good luck!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    I am getting the transmission "fix" on Thursday...but yesterday I found myself doing 70 on the interstate with a truck barrelling down on me from the rear. I pushed the gas about 3/4 of the way down to accelerate into the passing lane and the car....SLOWED DOWN. First there was a second or two of a pause while the car found the lower gear...then a jerk and the engine suddenly raced to about 6000 RPM....which I suspect is above the power band. Hearing the engine race like that I let up on the gas a little and engine braking started. It was both ugly, scary and dangerous.

    I am already shopping for it's replacement because the cost is almost zero to get out of the lease....or I might just go the lemon law route since I reported the problem in Dec. (and my dealer said he couldn't recreate it....ha!)

    Hopefully the fix will stop this from happening or Infiniti should consider a safety recall of the 2011 M37's before someone is killed.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    The fix definately improved shifting a bit. I'm running in sports mode now and it seems to be better. I took the car on the interstate....ran it up to 70mph and then pushed the accelerator almost to the floor. The same drop in power as the transmission decided what to do..and then rev'd to 6K....kept in that gear for a very short while and then upshifted and accelerated. So the problem is still there....if you want to do any evasive maneuvering on an interstate, get a different car.

    I'm going to cut my m37 lease and buy my way out for $1000 after 1 year of driving. I just don't like the car enough to keep it...and for $1000 it's not worth keeping it.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    I have an M56 and just had the new ECM/TCM s/w updates installed. It definitely fixed the hesitation when at a complete stop, but I agree there is still a bit of hesitation before it downshifts when driving at higher speeds. ...Strange that it's taking Infiniti this long to fine tune the transmission s/w, but I don't believe it's as bad as you make it out to be... I'm not sure I'd call it a safety hazzard. I think it's fairly minor and I can live with it until a newer update comes out. Hopefully someone will post the update when it's released...
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 44
    After having a pair of M35s, the M37 is markedly better. More powerful, better gas mileage, improved styling. BUT there are a few issues. First, on occasion, there is a noticeable clunk from the transmission when coming to a stop. That's relatively minor. Second, the Bluetooth system is an abomination. The Bluetooth works just fine, but what it takes to place a simple phone call is mind-boggling. Choices upon choices upon choices. It would be nice to speak the digits and do no more. Some mad person, however, designed a system that can only be described as Byzantine. Third, the sensor for the outside temperature is incredibly slow. It typically takes a half hour of more before the reading is at all accurate. I mentioned this to my dealer who compared my car to another and said they were the same. Yes, they both are terrible. I had the same problem on my earlier Ms. Still, a very good car with a few problems that seem eminently fixable.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    I like my M35 NAV much better! Just tell it to dial a certain number or name and , Viola!

    Outside temp was better on that car as well...

    I also think that this car has a lot of road was the M35...Otherwise it is a GREAT car!
  • glb7glb7 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a fully loaded M37x and have driven it for approximately 1300 miles. I have experienced all the transmission issues expressed in the other message threads. I stopped in to see the General Manager at the dealership this afternoon and he said there have been no problems like mine reported to him - HARD TO BELIEVE given the threads in this blog.

    I plan to take the vehicle in and request the remapping or software patch or whatever it takes to solve the problem. I was driving a Camry for 14 years before driving this new Infinity and never had any problems like this. I am extremely disappointed.

  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    Sorry you are having the same transmission problems with your new M37x as we have had, I cannot believe that Infiniti is still selling new M37's with this issue. As for the General Manager saying that there are no transmission problems with the car, he is either lying or is a moron. They just do not want to admit that there is an issue like this.

    Good luck in solving the problem with your new car. My experience is that it can be improved but not completely fixed. Sad.
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    I'm starting to think Infiniti just does not get "IT." Since they had these problems with the seven speed transmission in the "G" series, they really should have worked them out before releasing the "M" in all it's iterations to the public. They certainly should have done the patches to all cars in inventory before letting them out to the public. I'm starting to really believe they just don't care and lots of their dealers are acting the same way.

    I have to agree with all the critics when they say the repair is an improvement but it still is not what the transmission on their premier line of cars should behave like. While I'm at it, the Blue Tooth sound quality is terrible on the phone and highly cumbersome to use. The navigation system is many years out of date and acts much like the one in the Allstate Insurance commercial. Until Infiniti wakes up and smells the coffee the customer will never be totally happy with the car. It is really hard to fix something you refuse to admit is wrong. By now I think everyone has heard and is tired of the ..."this is the first time I'm hearing of this problem" line. If more people voted with their wallets eventually Infiniti might get the message. Until then Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware).
  • vnisvnis Posts: 1

    I have the exact same issue with my new M37. I have taken it to the dealership and they told me that this is the way the car was designed because everything is controlled by computers but I am finding it very unsafe. I am now going to take this further with Infiniti. I have never experienced this in any vehicle I have driven including my M35 or any sports car that I have driven either.

    I am also getting increasingly annoyed that when I provided evidence that others are having the same issue as found on this forum for example, the dealership told me to ignore any internet information that I found. How insulting....
  • glb7glb7 Posts: 2
    Well I took my brand new 2012 M37x into the dealership with the transmission complaints, asked for the software patch and was quickly informed that the 2012 has already been programmed with the software patch. They told me that they reset something that would allow the car to learn my driving habits and it should resolve the problem. The mechanic said he was not able to reproduce the problems I repored....surprise, surprise!

    The car is shifting a bit smoother but I still have pretty much the same issues. They told me they would contact the manufacturer if the issue persists. Oh yes, and I have also just experienced the problem identified in another thread i.e. at approximately 65 mph I slowed down quickly when a car cut in front of me, the transmission clunk down a couple of gears and the engine starting racing up to about 6000 rpms simultaneously. I do not trust this car and I would give it back to them in a minute if it could be arranged.

    I want my Camry back.
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    I just fixed all the unpleasant issues I was having with my 2011 M-37 and saved myself a bundle of money in the process. I took my 2011 M-37 to CarMax and recoved some value from it. Our 2006 M-35 was accepted as a trade. Since we like to only deal with one location for all our service needs, we now have two 2012 Genesis 3.8 sedans with "the works." They are just a joy to deal with. The power band makes perfect use of the eight speed transmision which is so smooth that it approximates a CVT. A few items included in the Infiniti are missing like a cooled front poassenger seat and one touch rear windows but are more than made up for with the inclusion of a compass in the mirror, really good Blue Tooth, an up to date accurate navigation system, seperate heating and cooling controls in the rear, a six disk DVD system, heated rear seats (which I will never use in southern Florida), parking proximity sensors front and rear, and the ability to use regular grade gas all for $160.00 less per month than I was paying on my Infiniti with 12k miles per year instead of 10k.

    All is well that ends well. Goodbye Infiniti; I hope you survive the mess you got yourself into.
  • People reading this thread may think all M's have this issue. I got mine in Feb. Had a BMX 535XI prior. I love my infiniti NEVER had any issue with shifting and I drive in sport mode all the time. This car is a rocket and a pleasure to drive. I have noticed no issues with transmission. The car does have some issues as all cars would, but overall it is the most enjoyable drive I have had. So if you are interested in this car check it out. There are some people having issues but if you read any thread you will see issues.
    To the guy with the Hyauandai above, good luck with that, friend of mine has one raved about it for a year and the the all hell broke loose, that car is in the dealership more than a range rover, at least a few days every month.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    edited August 2011
    Like a previous poster, I had a 2011 M37 on a 39 month lease. My problem with the car was that it drove nicely around town, but if I took it on an interstate and wanted to pass another car, I would put my foot on the accelerator to speed up and the car would pause while it searched for the correct gear to downshift into and even then it would jump around between gears. There is a service bulletin and infiniti applied it to my car, changing the shift points (and dropping the mpg) and it made the shifting a bit better, but the car still had significant lag when you caused it to downshift. I finally gave up and my dealer was terrific...and worked with me to come up with a minimal buyout cost. The m37 is now his.

    The previous poster moved to a Hundai....I moved to a mercedes e 350 Bluetec (diesel) ($59000+ sticker price) on a 2 year lease (12K miles). The montly payment is actually less than I was paying on my Infiniti...and the mercedes is actually quieter than my M37.

    (The 77% residual value and a $4000 discount on top of the dealers normal discount for buyers moving from infiniti to Mercedes made the low payments with the infiniti lease, I paid the first months rent and registration costs up "capital cost down payment"),
  • Thanks, my M is at the dealer now getting fixes for problems with the tilt down mirror feature and a problem with the steering wheel drifting downward
    after programming the seat setting. I'll mention it to them when I pick up the car. This my third Infinity (the 1st two being G's) and will also probably be my last.
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