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Sonata Bluetooth Problems



  • skoos1skoos1 Posts: 3
    We purchased a Sonata this weekend and we are having the same problem. Contacts importing backwards. Have you had any succes solving the problem?
  • blp47blp47 Posts: 5
    The problem with the names be reversed. I have an driod x. When my phone book was loaded from my old phone it split into 2 lines and caused the same problem. Thisis how you resolve it.

    1st line: John
    2nd line: Smith

    Now you put John Smith on the first line and this will resolve the problem.

    1st line: John Smith
  • wjcolewjcole Posts: 1
    2011 Hyundai Sonata and Motorola Droid X. I too was ignorant of needing to respond and keep the notice requesting permission to upload the data. The other gotcha is that names get reversed from the First - Last order on the Droid X to Last, First when you do call by name from the Sonata.

    Unfortunately this is just the opposite of how I would want them to be on the phone and the car recognition. Since I only care about a few favorites when calling from the car, I made duplicate entries for them, with first name in the "Family Name" field, and the last name in the "Given Name" field names used by Android.

    I have not been able to get the Sonata to recognize a name using only one name field, but have not stopped trying either.
  • skoos1skoos1 Posts: 3
    I will give it a try, although we have tried about everything imaginable. It appears the contacts will have to be deleted by the dealer since the contacts that are in there now seem to be permanently entrenched. Thanx
  • bgb65bgb65 Posts: 1
    My problem is two fold.

    1. Sometimes it can take 10-15 minutes to connect with my Blackberry.

    2. Is quite strange, it connects with phones not in the car. I had my Blackberry in the house by the window 15 feet from the car and it connected. I thought maybe it was a one time thing but no. On Sunday when I started the car it connected with my husbands cell, which was in the house 30 feet away.

    Has anyone had that problem?

    Or is it just my car?
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,217
    Bluetooth has a range of 1, 10, or 100 meters or 3.3, 33, or 333 feet depending on which power level is used. I'm reasonably sure that most phones & headsets (which includes cars) are Class 2, which has a 10 meter range.

    As with WiFi, subtract 10-20% of the range for each wall/barrier the signal has to pass through.

    So there's no reason why it wouldn't connect to a paired device that's outside the car.
  • skoos1skoos1 Posts: 3
    I think we may have figured our situation out. In the contacts on my Blackberry the first name is added on line one and the last name isadded on line 2. What we decided to try, was to put the entire name on the first name line. Such as First Name: Joe Blow and did not make an entry on to the Last Name line on the phone. Worked. I guess more than one way to skin a cat!
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    The Samung Alias2 is not compatible with the Sonata. I had the Alias2 and it did the same thing as yours. Another family member also has the Alias2, their phone with different firmware, and it also did not work correctly.

    Samsung told me it was a Hyundai issue, Hyundai told me it was a Samsung issue. I finally just cancelled my Verizon contract with the Alias2, and switched to the TMobile G2 made by htc and it works perfectly.

    I have been hearing that it is hit or miss with Samsung phones and the Sonata's bluetooth.
  • ken2011ken2011 Posts: 11
    2011 sonata Limited 2.0 w/Nav. new Droid X phone, verizon network, won't download contacts from phone. Had a cheap trac phone prior, and worked just fine. any suggestions???
  • Hi Everyone, we purchased a brand new 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited with the Infinity stereo system (not the navigation by LG) back in September of 2010.
    We were in love with the sleek new design, along with the fuel economy and safety features; one most importantly being the completely hands-free bluetooth technology that the salesperson could not boast about enough.
    We were advised, after purchasing our vehicle, that the service tech would set up our phones as a courtesy and get a going so we would be all set.
    Shortly after we brought the car home, the problems began.....pairing failed, address book not uploading, etc........
    So, fast-forward to now, May 2011 and I will tell you the circus that we have been through so maybe you won't have to go through it and just NOT buy this half-assed redesign.

    We have had 3 new stereo systems installed. The dealership has basically gone back and forth between telling us that it's a software glitch, a bad unit, and now, as to wipe their hands of this and simply make us go away, tell us that our phone is NOT on the compatibility list, so they have no obligation and can do nothing. (This compatibility list, that is btw, NEVER shown to you at the time of purchase to allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not you are willing to compromise on the car's functionality).

    Now, when first purchasing the car, we asked the salesperson about the phones working and she was confident about them working......along with the tech who set our phones one ever mentioned (within the first 10 days where we could have returned the car outright) that there was a very strict list of compatible phones that have been approved by Hyundai corporate. As never having owned a vehicle with Bluetooth before, we were both ignorant to the limitations associated with them.
    (I had a Blackberry Torch and my husband has an Samsung Captivate).

    We have spent more time and energy going back and forth and I even went as far as to downgrade my phone (which, btw is no easy task with the phone company after a recent upgrade) to a BB Curve 3GS. This was done after speaking to Hyundai corporate and them assuring me that it was not on the list, but would be on the newly released list......well, it doesn't too bad for me, yet again, I guess.

    Through all this there are some really disturbing and dissapointing things that are going on......
    First, the compatibility list has NOT beeing updated since can look for yourself on the Hyundai website under their bluetooth compatibility section; you can download the PDF and see that there has been nothing approved since then.....also, upon speaking to a 'Platinum Tech' on our numerous visits, he even said that this is the same technology that they were working on in 2007 when he was in Korea for a conference....
    So, this newly, amazing, re-designed Sonata is a huge failure in the technology department.
    They have assured us that they are 'working on it' but they have no, while we continue to pay our full payment amount, we are without one of the main safety features that we wanted (especially with a new child).
    I am so utterly dissapointed with Hyundai that I don't know if I will ever even consider another car from them. We qualify for the lemon law and the magnussum moss warranty what we do from here, I'm not sure.
    Most importantly, I want Hyundai to act responsibly and inform their consumers of their technology limitations so that people don't have to go through this like we have.
    It's a can return a pair of jeans for not being made properly, but a 30,000 loan and a car that is sold under false pretenses....well, you have to get a lawyer, jump through hoops and put your life on hold......

    Hyundai, you should be ashamed of yourself. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I actually just posted about our experience with this and yes, there is a limited list of phones, last updated in 2009 (not kidding)....this list that they don't make you aware of at the time of sale.....
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    The bluetooth on our '11 sonata works excellent. We have the basic cell phone from AT&T. Now we always had problems with the bluetooth feature on our 06 Acura Tsx. Since we love that car we do not mind not being able to use that feature.
    That's the exact same problem I tell most of my customers with bluetooth issues. GM does not provide a list of phones that are compatible, only the service personnel have, but you can find it online.
  • See, we looked specifically FOR that feature and asked the salesperson specifically if it worked......We have a newborn and really wanted to make sure that we were 100%'s very dissapointing that they are so clueless and lead consumers with false promises.
  • jscarsjscars Posts: 1
    I too have the 2011 Sonata Hybrid with Navigation. I have a Samsung Edge 4g phone with Sprint. I would say that about 10% of the time the Bluetooth connection will hold, but most of the time, the pairing either disconnects after hanging up a call, or does not reconnect when I next use the phone or the car. Basically, the Bluetooth is useless. I have talked with Sprint and have taken the phone in for diagnostics and it passes with flying colors. The problem is obviously the Bluetooth unit or software in the vehicle.
  • My Droid X contacts loaded after granting permission on the Droid X for the Sonata to perform the function.
    "2011 Sonata phonebook won't laod

    When start up your car you will hold your phone in your hand and all of sudden on the upper left hand side a message will show PERMISSION take your finger on slide it down and a popup will display and answer the check mark. Then you phonebook will load and a message will stay transfer completed. I had the same problem. "
  • laflaonelaflaone Posts: 1
    I just got a 2011 Elantra Limited. I too have a Pantech C520. I also have exactly the same problem with outgoing calls at very very low volume, but incoming calls are great.

    There was a response which said you could go into the cars setup and adjust the volume. This is correct, but it only affects the volume on incoming, repeat, incoming calls.

    Anybody got a solution? I would even settle for a suggestion. Thx
  • The number one reason for not buying a car upon a visit to the dealership is "we have to do our research". Apparently you didn't do yours. The list is easily found by doing a simple google search. The sales professional is not at fault here. Next time don't just lie and say "we haven't done our research", actually do the research.
  • I downloaded the "Bluetooth File Transfer" app and I now have full access to my contacts in my '11 Hyundai Sonata
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