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Buick Regal



  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    The day I walk into a Honda or Toyota showroom...I told my wife to take me out behind the barn and shoot me...
  • Ya know...there are plenty of people in the Edmund's forums that would be happy to supply the ammo :)
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    You may need the midas touch to fix that...
  • I took the car to my GM dealer yesterday, and the service manager roadtested the car with me. He was unable to duplicate the delayed shift. Since I did not get the check engine light to come on, he does not believe it is an electrical fault. He suggested that he disconnect the transmission lines and do a "power flush" to remove any debris from the transmission. He said there is no need to change the transmission filter again since I just changed it at 36,000 miles. Does this make sense?
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    The flush is fine but I would change the filter after the flush. Yes, a pain and more fluid but the flush is to remove debris and if caught in the filter you are plugging up a good filter and it should be replaced after the flush to do it properly IMHO.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Would agree with armtdm...I've a 93 and do a transmission checkup at a great local shop about every 2-3 years, just to be on the safe side...and just a reflection, 52,000 miles on a 2001...that's a hell of a lot of miles...Checkups can be cheap insurance...
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I owned a Toyota... once. I bought it new... was a piece of junk. Engine problems at 50K that continued up to 100K when I finally decided to stop contributing to the oil company CEO pension fund. One quart of oil every 300 miles from 50K to 100K odometer miles. Service dept at the local Toyota shop couldn't figure out where the oil was going... they checked everywhere but no clue. Never again.
  • I am having a constant problem with the useless system. The external temperature reading sticks at one reading and will not adjust upward as the temp. rises. (Example: A.M. temp. is 60 and reading is 60 and during the day, the temp rises to 90 and the system will remain at 60 and not rise. As a result the system does not respond to the 90 outside temp. This has been repaired/replaced by the dealership on three occasions and it still does not work properly. Anyone else having the same type problem?
  • Hmm...The reading of the outside temperature has no bearing on how well my cliamte control system works inside. I'm not sure what the issue is other then having to replace the temperature gauge near the radiator (which I've had the dealer done for me a couple times under similar complaints like yours).

    Again, the outside temp reading should have nothing to do with how your a/c (or heat) works inside the car.
  • I have a 2000 Regal LS with 55,000 miles and also have the problem with the external temp reading. It happened only a couple of times (on very hot days) last summer when the car was still in warranty. This summer, it is rare for the thing to read correctly at all. It does not effect the performance of my A/C. I am glad to read that it is apparently easily remedied with a new temp sensor, but am wondering how much it will cost me.

    Has anyone else had any problems with the power windows? My rear passenger-side window won't work (fortunately it is in the closed position). I would bet that it is just a loose wire as the window was rarely used.

    The only other defects that I have experienced is the plastic body panel on the outside of the rear door fell off one day while driving down the interstate and was replaced under the warranty.

    And what is this with the carpet coming loose at the doors?!?!? I find myself constantly having to re-tuck the carpet ... couldn't they have secured it better than that?

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Regal and love the performance and the highway ride (the gran touring suspension is a little rough at low speeds in town) I guess I expected near perfect reliability from Buick ... at least until I get it paid off.

    Thanks for listening.
  • hello all,

    i just got home from a weekend drive to san diego with my wife and my parents. we rented a car and it so happened that a buick regal was available...the l.s. model, 1230 miles when we picked it up, leather seats, auto climate control, stereo with cd and cassette, besides the usual power stuff. lots of trunk space, and decent back seat comfort. 200h.p. was more than enough power for me. great passing power along highway 5. averaged 27 mpg for the whole trip...30 mpg on the drive home.
  • I've been a loyal customer of GM. I currently own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, 2000 Pontiac Montana, 1998 Buick Regal, and 1996 Chevy Lumina. I think everyone should know that GM sucks! I replaced the Lumina's engine last year due to a coolant leak at 65K ($5.5K). Earlier this year, I replaced the gaskets on the Regal due to a coolant leak ($750) and this past week, I replaced the the Montana's intake manifold gaskets for $700. Apparently, there is a known problem with the gaskets and dex cool coolant combo. I'm now using the regular green stuff. If you don't believe me, check this site out:

    Sell your GM car while you can...

  • I have a 1998 GS with 75,000 miles on it and I have had to replace 3 power window motors(3 different windows), the climate control display/control unit has been replaced twice, the pan gasket and one valve cover gasket replaced due to oil leaks. Also had to spend $400 on the cooling system because the supposedly 150,000 mile Dexcool coolant gave up before 75,000 miles and left my cooling system corroded and full of junk. I have always purchased GM cars and defended them but no more.
  • kdawg79:

    I'm not surprised you had that problem. I have it and very pissed off. Too bad I did find this out before I bought another GM car (RDX).

    You may want to switch to the green coolant. The dex-cool coolant will eat up your gasket withing 100K miles or less.

    I'm looking forward to either a Toyota or Lexus by year end after I see these problem prone GM cars.

    BTW - the customer sevice rep from GM Buick is retiring soon and he somewhat admitted to hearing 1000s of problem but he couldn't do anything to help the lemming buyers like myself.
  • I have been on this board posting messages for awhile now and it seems that people are having issues with fluids not lasting as long as they are suppose to. My feeling is that if GM claims 150,000 miles for DEX-COOL then it should, keyword here should, last that long. Or 100,000 miles in the case of transmission fluid. But, in the real world it doesn't. I don't care how advanced these fluids are. Living in the Chicago area, our weather can get quite cold and hot in a years time and that takes a toll on cars and trucks.
    If any of the readers on this board remember the old school of maintenance. Where you changed oil at 3000 miles and every 25,000 miles plugs,wires,transmission and filter were changed. 50,000 miles for coolant or every year or so. I did this on my old 78' Grand Prix and 83' Celebrity and when I got rid of those cars they had nearly 180,000 to 220,000 miles on them. I stand by this practice even on my 2001 GS.
    I don't buy these high mileage claims on the fluids in new cars. It never hurts to change these fluids early. We all know cars are expensive to buy, so why not spend a few extra bucks over the long haul to keep them running. If you just change oil and put gas in them and expect them to run for ever, you are sadly mistaken. No matter what manufacturer it is. Just my opinion....
  • Read your posts & have to respond only from my personal experience. I have owned 4 new Ford products, 2 new GM's & one new Honda. Of the group, only the Honda has provided worry-free driving, been reliable & not a repair-shop regular, not subject to repeated mickey-mouse fit & finish problems & most of all, held it's resale value.

    I still own the Honda & plan on keeping it for a while. My most recent purchase was a 2002 Regal LS.
    Other than the car having no kind of rear leg room & no ability to hold a reasonable resale value, it is a good car.

    I bought the car based on the Buick reputation of quality, the rebates & the fact that it had more standard features for the price than anything from Honda, Toyota & Nissan. I purchased an extended warranty & will try to do all the scheduled maintenance.

    Thanks for posting here & making this a good forum.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    Buick says to do the following under extreme operating conditions:

    Passenger Air Cleaner every 15K
    Engine Air Cleaner every 30K
    Oil change every 3K
    Transmission fluid every 50K
    Drive Belt checked every 60K
    Coolant at 150K OR EVERY 5 YEARS

    I have the original engine air cleaner in my LS at 30K miles and it's clean, meaning you can't knock any particles out of it when tapping lightly on the floor. If I drove in worse conditions it would be replaced more often.

    I always follow the extreme service schedule regardless of what type of driving I do. I will make sure the service department signs off on the transmission fluid service at 50K. The Platinum spark plugs should last 100K.
  • I filed a complaint two months ago with Buick Customer Service about my problems with the DEXCOOL going south at less than 75,000 miles and costing me $400 worth of work to my cooling system. Last night I got an email from Buick offering me a 50% reimbursement contingent upon my providing to them proof of car ownership, the work order, proof of payment of the work order costs and a short note explaining my problem and why I am requesting reimbursement. I took the offer.

    I am still unhappy and will not buy GM again. Especially since Buick has jerked me around for two months while they claimed they were investigating my claim and contacting the dealership where the work was done and they still want me to provide all this documentation. I think they were waiting for their bean counters and computer people to tell them if it was cheaper to offer everyone who complains 50% of their costs or face a class action law suit.

    My next car will be my first Japanese car. Probably an Infiniti or Lexus even if it means I buy used.
  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just wanted to see if I am missing something here.

    Just for a laugh, I looked up the trade-in value on my 2002 Regal LS. 7,000 miles on it, purchased in April 2002. The invoice price was $22,124 & I took advantage of $3,250 in rebates. Subtracting the rebates, I get a real price of $18,874. The Kelley Blue Book trade-in value now shows $$13,870.

    Am I missing something here, or did my new car just depreciate over 25% in 5 months ?

    The private party sale value is a whopping $16,825.

    I realize that you lose SOME value when you dive off the lot, but this much just seems TOO HIGH !
  • I checked with Kelley Blue Book and the private sale on the vehicle is $16,975 with the mileage you gave. I could be wrong, but once the 2003 models come out, they almost consider this car a year old even though you just bought it back in April. I am probably wrong here, but that is my thinking anyway. The other reason why cars are not holding value is because of all the rebates the GM is giving away and plus the fact that most people don't hang onto their vehicles as long as they once did. If someone hangs on to their car for more than 3-4 years, they are lucky. Before people would drive them until the wheels fall off and they would hold their value longer.
    My parents would be a good example, they bought a 79' Regal used, the little two door job, and when they turned it in 1983 for a 4 door Le Sabre, they actually got back more than what they paid for it. That has not happened since then. It is frustrating. That is why I bought my 2001 GS used in 2001. When dealers where charging $26,000 invoice for a GS. I found mine at CarMax with like 12,000 miles on it for $20,598. Sometimes that is the better way to go. Take the hit and drive the wheels off of it!!!
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