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Buick Regal



  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    ...which is a great improvement over the stock setup, includes 16" alloy wheels [not the 15's you'll see on a lot of LS's], fatter tires, AND vented discs in front [VERY good for avoiding the dreaded WARP chatter], and, I think, stiffer shocks. All '02 GS's have the GT suspension, as well as all Abboud LS's, like mine. Visually, the tipoff is the 16" alloy wheels, which they're still installing on the '04's. Good luck hunting!
  • jbmjbm Posts: 29
    Hi all, I have a 2002 Buick Regal GS with 26,000 miles, and I am considering dropping $1000+ via AAA on an extended warranty so I'm covered for (say) up to 75,000 miles. But I've also heard that as a general rule of thumb, extended warranties aren't worth the extra expense. For all you Regal GS owners with extended warranties, do you feel they've paid off?
  • coonhoundcoonhound Posts: 174
    I didn't know that you have a 2000 intrigue. You must just want a newer car as the Intrigue should just be broken in good and ready to boogy.
    Verdi942; that reminds me of when I used to go down to Verdi Valley from Flagstaff on the weekends just to warm up. But moving along, The GT package is standard on the GS, and is in fact a little more beefed up than the LS Gran Touring package. The gran touring package has larger rotors but are not ventilated as you report the GS are. We got to stop that turbo power once we get it goin. As I see it the gran touring suspension is just about like the Intrigue standard suspension. GM supposedly purchased Carbon shock Mfg. in France for the Intrigue's shocks and struts. The French have the ride and control down as evidenced by the rid of the Renault, Peugeot, and Citron. The rest of the car ?????????.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    We purchased one from Warranty Direct and less than a year later had to have the tranny rebuilt in our '99 LSE just after the mnftr warranty expired. Paid $1050 for the warranty; repair came to $1554. With $0 deductible it was well worth the investment.

    Up until then I wasn't much of a fan of extd warranties, but with the cost of auto repairs going the way of medical bills, it's almost as if you have to have some sort of coverage in the same way you have to have medical insurance.

    Sometimes they have promotions at There's a link from the Edmunds home page ("Get a free extended warranty quote"). When we signed up they had a $100 discount, but that was a few years ago. I'd be curious if there are any better deals out there with different companies these days. Be careful, though. You need to be comfortable that the company you pick will still be there for the entire term of your agreement.
  • Coonhound, My brother found a link for the Dex cool info. It's not the same as the first one he sent me but states the same things in a shorter form. It's nner.htm
        The big surprise is that I hit pay dirt today. I was out working at Syracuse University (about an hour away from home) and when I left I took a wrong turn and got lost. When I found the right road I noticed a small Chevy dealership and pulled in to see if they had any Intrigues or Regals. A salesman was on me before I had my car in park. Asked him if he had an '01 or '02 Regal. He had one that had just come in yesterday. An '01 LS. It had 16" alloy wheels and when I checked the options sticker it listed the GT package. It also had every other option you could get including the monsoon stereo, on star, and heated leather seats. It's a two tone paint (sliver/gray) and when I asked him how many miles it had I couldn't believe my ears. Just 10,700. Ran a carfax on it. One owner lease. Clean. Took it out for a drive. What a great car. Needless to say I took the wife back after work so she could test drive it. She LOVED it. Crunched the numbers and traded in my 95 Mazda with 144Kmi on it. I'm picking it up tomorrow night after work. I can't believe that after a month of looking all over I stumbled on this car by mistake and in less that 2 days the whole deal is done. Guess its better to be lucky than good sometimes. Hope it turns out to be a good car. They're trying to sell me an extended warranty with it from a company called Heritage Plus Warranty Insurance. About $1300 for 75,000mi bumper to bumper (0 deduct). They didn't have a copy of the contract and I never heard of this company before. Says I have to buy it when I take delivery of the car. Anyone ever heard of them? The cost seem to be about the same as Warranty Direct or 1Source. Can't find out much about them on the web or BBB. If the dealer gives me some time to think it over I might go with them, but not tomorrow.
       Well thanks again everyone. The advice has been priceless. Sorry the link for the dex cool has to be typed. For some reason I couldn't paste it as a highlighted link. Hope it helps. Later
  • The link did work.
  • coonhoundcoonhound Posts: 174
    There was another site that had a lot of info from Texaco and GM about the same info, Keep it full and use the radiator cap, on some models, with the spring loaded small valve. I changed these on my Astro and an S10 I had. Also on a Dynasty that I switched over to Dexcool. Changing the water pump on a 3 liter Dynasty one time is enough.
    I'm glad you found a fine Buick LS with all the whistles. The wife,s does not have heated seats and on star but has all the frivolous stuff, dimming heated mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, driver side airbag, traction control, tire pressure monitor, auto temp control dual, and the mileage monitor. And probably some more stuff I haven't found yet.
  • Anyone know what happened to the Intrigue board. Did they kill it (like the car) or is it under repair or something? Hope not. I've gotten alot of helpful info off it.
        Thinking of an extended warranty for the new (to me) Regal. 1Source looks like the best all around deal. Anyone have any experience with them or other companies? Talked to a few macanichs who said they haven't had much luck dealing with 3rd party warranties. I'm a little gun shy to spend $1,200 just to buy a headache. Any thoughts?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Intrigue discussion was MIA for a bit. It's back now.

    Heh, yeah, I guess it was under repair ... under repair from a host who clicked a few things too quickly, but said host would be happy if we would not go there.

  • dan1dan1 Posts: 76
    For a while now my wife's Regal GS has been making a sqeaking sound from one of the pulleys in the engine bay usually when it was cold. Well the other day I was driving it and I noticed there was a lot less power and a quick check of the boost gauge showed not boost, but it was driving fine. Well I got it home expectiing the worst (dead super charger), but when I opened the hood I found the SC belt laying inside the engine bay and the idler pulley gone. Apparently the pulley's barrings seezed and the plastic part of the pulley shreded. I went to the dealer the next day and bought a new pulley $40.00, the belt was fine. It took me 10 minutes to put the pulley and belt on. So if your car sqeaks in the same way you may want to take off the SC belt and check any of the free spinning pulleys, I think there are 3, and replace any that are not right. I also changed the SC oil, it took two of the 4oz bottles.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • jbmjbm Posts: 29
    Dan1, I had the same thing happen to my 2002 Regal GS with 24000 miles, over this past Xmas, but the moderator of this board took it off for whatever reason.

    Except my problem was just the idle pulley seizing and hence shredding the belt (nothing wrong with the supercharger and pulley).

    My car is still under warranty so it was fixed without charge, but I was disappointed because the Regals (specifically the 2002 and 03) have been getting very good reliability reviews.

    The mechanic said he believed it was "an assembly error" and "someone [in the manufacturing plant] probably didn't tighten a bolt well enough." Gasp, that's encouraging.

    I encourage all Regal owners (on their next maintenance visit) have the mechanic inspect all the pullies and belts. Luckily this mishap didn't happen on (say) a highway.

    Other than that I've had very good luck with my Regal. I love my car but I still have 3 years left on the loan and I WANT THAT CHRYSLER 300C!!!!
  • steprovsteprov Posts: 9
    Hey Regal People, I got it!!!(See "Should I Buy?",p. 125, #2481). The car had been sitting there since Thanksgiving, and the dealer was ready to move it. With my trade in, the price came down to $10, 600. I couldn't say "no" to that...So far, I LOVE IT !!! The supercharged mistique and the understated elegance make this a fantastic vehicle at a great price! Of course as always, time will tell...I'll check this site from time to time for Q. & A. and to keep you posted...
  • polkpolk Posts: 1
    I have a '96 Regal that has been sitting about a year. Prior to that I had pretty regular problem with it starting. It would turn over, do everything but fire. I'd wait 3-4 minutes and try again, sometimes it would take 3-4 tries before it would start. It always did eventually start. It would happen when the egine was warm or cold, there didn't seem to be any pattern but it did happen almost daily. It was in the shop a couple times. The last option I had heard was replacing a sensor, I don't remember too well, they thought there was a 50/50 shot of this fixing it. Any experiences like this?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    When do we expect to see the new Lacrosse?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,040
    "This "new" car is basically a rebodied Century/Regal with a slightly longer wheelbase, more sound deadening, a reworked suspension and steering, better fit 'n' finish [good], and a lot less content in the base model [bad]. Same old 3.8/4 speed auto until you get to the top of the line CSX."

    Let me see, different suspension, different body, different sound control different steering, different fit-n-finish... sounds like a new design to me.

    You're trying to say the 1999 LeSabre (I have a 98) is the same as 2003 LeSabre (I have an 03) because they have the same name and 3800 engine it therefore cannot be a new car. My 03 drives completely differently from the 98.

    Is the LaCrosse design a new design or reworked? Someone can give us a definitive answer. I'd expect the LaCrosse to use the technology of the current LeSabre just as the LeSabre adopted and improved the Park Avenue from 1998 redesign.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    I guess I wasn't clear. I don't know about LeSabres, but my '02 Regal drives exactly like my '99 did, except for the GT springs that I added to the '02 improving things a lot. When Chevy Malibus come with most of what the new car will have, including the 200 HP, and remote start, and Lexuses [Lexii?] are two generations ahead of that, it'll take a BIG $$$ incentive to put me in a new Buick in '05. I hate to say it, but at full price, the foreigners give you more. From about '98 to '01, the Regal was competitive with the competition in content, performance, even quality. But now? I mean, where's the 5 or 6 speed transmission? AWD? RWD? Memory seats? Bigger brakes? Better defrost? Air bags all around? Hybrid option? Sure, the new LaCrosse CSX sounds like a good car, but I want to see America beat the world at what we used to do best. [End of rant].
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,040
    The 02 Regal is the same car as the 99; I don't believe there was a redesign. The LeSabre was redesigned, adapting the PAve platform in 03, thus it's difference from the 98.

    The LaCrosse is a new design. Different from the 02. It looks like a Park Avenue graceful design crossed with some of the Volvelike boxiness of the LeSabre. (Any 3800 enginewith the strength it has in a boxy look that can give 33 mpg at 72 mph with three passengers and luggage on a trip to Nashville has my support.)
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    My tires (Dunlop Sport A2's) are wearing unevenly with bad cupping on the edges. My tire guy says it due to worn out struts!
     Have a 120k miles (yes miles) on the car & the struts are original.

      Has anybody changed these... what did you use as replacments? GM, Monroe,Koni etc?

  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    It's a '98 Regal GS! Sorry.
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