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Buick Regal



  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    Congrats on the new GS! Don't let anyone tell you you're an old fart for driving a Regal, I'm 23 and I don't consider myself an old fart at all. I just wanted a quick, comfortable, and nice looking car with a touch of class and the Regal delivered it all. I bet I really screw up GM's demographic studies when they survey age groups for Buick owners!
  • jdinstljdinstl Posts: 10
    The smooth ride is what sold me on Regal as well. Like I said in an earlier post, I like comfy cars. Regarding steering feel, I *think* I saw in some earlier posts about the dealer being able to adjust this situation for more road feeling.

    As far as the repairs concern...well, my prior vehicle was a GM product, a '93 Pontiac Transport, with the 3800 engine...the only thing it ever went in the shop for 7 years and 134,000 miles was maintenance. The occassional tune-up, oil change, transmission fluid flush and change, etc. Sterling performance. (This after two Fords, one that was in the shop 30 times it's first year -- that's not a typo!)

    A co-worker of mine has a Regal, so before I bought mine I asked him how he felt. He loves his, no major problems, just do the maintenance, and it's been a great car. I think this guy's testimonial is the best, because his Dad owns a dealership and he was at one time a parts manager!

    Take care, and enjoy the new GS! (I drive an LS, so you'll see me in your rear-view mirror!)

  • Zathrus,Congrats on the 99 GS Regal purchase.They are a great car and I'm sure you will be very pleased with it for years to come.We just love our 98 Regal GS and its been trouble free for all its 33,000 miles.The weather has been bad here for a long time and we havent drove it much lately.We have been putting the miles on our 2000 Regal LS and our old depedable 91 Limited which we need to get ready to sell.
    Thenimbleone,I sure am sorry to hear of the tranny problems on your 99 Regal LS.Yours is the first late model Regal I've heard of with a bad tranny.They are usually indestructable.Our 91 Regal Limited has 122,000 miles and the tranny has never been touched.I usually change the fluid and filter every 30,000-40,000 miles myself and the foot is on the brake everytime its put in gear or put to reverse.I guess in your case an extended warranty would look pretty good right now.I dont buy extended warranties myself as I got tired of paying for them and never using them plus I have the finances to stand some bad luck.I'd argue with Buick about it as much as I could.Did you talk to the District Zone Manager?If you do have to stand it $3,000 is too high.I would never have a GM dealer rebuild a tranny for me.They are too high priced and in our area pay poorly so dont have the best mechanics.All the good automatic tranny men in our area have their own shops and stay busy.I know a guy that could rebuild it for under $2,000.I would take it to several reputable places and get some bids.Good luck and let us know how things turn out.Did you buy the 99 LS new?
  • regalluvr1, thanks for the response. We bought the car a year ago when it was only a year old.

    We continue to argue with Buick corporate - getting absolutely no place. After making some more noise at the dealer we were indeed offered a meeting with the District Zone Manager. We're waiting to hear back regarding the scheduling of that. The problem that I've had with private cranny shops is that they've told me that the car is too new and the software is not yet available to them. The other problem is that I lose any remaining credibility with Buick.

    To recap - the car is a '99 Regal AS and is less than 10k miles out of warranty. Am I out of line asking for assistance on this? If so, I'm willing to suck it up and admit it, but it just seems like such a major repair so soon into what I'd hoped would be a long Regal life.

    Thanks in advance for any help and opinions.
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    I can't stand it any more.

    In two posts you've call your car a

    "Regal AS"

    I've got an LS, speed freaks have GS's.

    What the heck is an "AS"
  • marv12marv12 Posts: 1
    I am looking at new cars and have looked at the Nissan Maxima and Volkswagen Passat. I have settled on the Buick Regal GS and am about to buy one. My one problem is I am too tall to accomodate the sun roof. I have moved from the second option group listed below to the first one. The only differences that I can discern are the sun roof and the GSE Package. My questions are: what is the GSE package? am I losing out in any other way between the two packages? I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Preferred Equipment Group: Front/Rear Carpet Savers, Dual Visor Vanity Mirrors, ETR AM/FM Stereo w/Cassette & CD Player, Cargo Convenience Net, Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control, Leather Seat Trim, Driver Information Center, Gran Touring Package, OnStar, Steering Wheel Radio Controls, Rearview Mirror, Monsoon Speaker System, 6 Way Power Passenger Seat Adjuster, Driver Side-Impact Air Bag
    Code: 1SJ

    Preferred Equipment Group: GSE Pkg, 6 Way Power Passenger Seat Adjuster, Auto Dimming Rearview & Exterior Mirrors, Monsoon Speaker System, Steering Wheel Radio Controls, GSE Appearance Pkg, Power Glass Sunroof, 16" Chrome Wheels
    Code: 1SR
  • zathruszathrus Posts: 11
    Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement. Does anyone else notice the spelling errors that seem to creep into posting. I did do a spell check too.

    One problem that I have is with my garage. Unfortunately, my fireplace takes some of the space that one would ordinarily use to open the car doors. I am afraid of chipping some paint off over time. Does anyone have any suggestions of a product that I would attach to masonry that could provide some protection to my doors? Door edge guards wouldn't work because of where one of the door hits (I also don't like the way they look.)

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I agree with you completely. I'm 26 and I'd be very happy with a Regal, although I do like the looks of the Intrigue better. Anyhow, I do find it funny some people will consider cars like the Regal and Intrigue "old folks" cars while they will scurry after boring cars like the Camry. The Camry is actually more conservative looking than the Regal. Heck, why doesn't Buick just slap some badges on the Camry and call it the new Skylark. Anb in performance, the GS will blow a Camry away.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    GSE is a loaded GS. Every option included, except heated seats and engine heater (both are available as separate options). The package MSRP is $500 less expensive comparing with the same options priced separately.

    By the way, I have the heated seats with my 2000 GS and would recommend them. Great even for the mild New England winter.

    The main difference of the GSE comparing with the 1SJ option package are the sunroof and chrome wheels. In other words, with the GSE you pay for sunroof and GM throws the chrome almost free.

    A lot of people like the chrome wheels. Personally, I would rather pay to delete the option. But, with its narrow spokes, the Regal wheels are not tasteless as with most other cars.

    On the flip side, less colors are available for GSE. White, Black, Bordeaux Red, and something else. Is it Jasper Green or Silver? Additional GS paints are dark-gray Graphite, and dark-blue Midnight (a very nice color).

    As to the GSE appearance, the only difference I know about is it have three letters instead of two on the rear-right light: GSE, not GS. Probably, the owners know better.

    By the way, did you test-drive a GS with a sunroof? I have impression, that it does not take a lot of space. Probably even less, than the dome light. Not sure, though: with my height this is not a problem.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    I can't believe how many neat new features have been added to the Regal over the past five years. I thought my GS was loaded, the newer ones have even more toys to play with. Some of them I really wish I had. Heated seats, onstar, traction control, supercharger, digital information center, etc. Five years really is a lot in the automotive world I guess. I wonder what the 2006 GS' will have that the current ones don't?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345

    You are the first person I know who want to have OnStar. May I ask you, please, what do you like in it?
  • Since your Regal LS was one year old when you got it I'm guessing the tranny suffered some serious abuse before you purchased it.They just dont have a history of going bad but everyone builds a lemon now and then.We just bought a 2000 Regal LS program car with 18,000 miles that came from Alamo Rental and we worry if it had been abused as some rental cars sure are.I believe when it warms up some I'm going to change the tranny filter and fluid in it.Technically Buick doesnt have to warranty your tranny since it has gone by 36,000 miles.If they wont stand it all perhaps you can talk them into standing half of it or they stand the parts and you stand the labor.They might be willing to compromise some.My wife talked a Dodge dealer into replacing a $500 power seat motor on our 1994 Dodge Intrepid that was 6,000 miles past the warranty.It only cost us one hour labor which was $40.Several of the new car dealers around here dont even have mechanics good enough to work on automatic trannies anymore and take their customers cars to some of the better private shops around.A good automatic tranny mechanic can make a fortune these days as the average rebuild is around $2,000 and alot of that is labor.A small story about tranny abuse.Back in the late 60's when me and my brother were teenagers our parents used to take a long vacation every summer after wheat harvest was over.We stayed home to do the farming.I would put the spare tire on the right rear of our 67 Ford Ranger pickup with a 352 V-8 and would go down to a blacktop road north of our house and put the foot feet clear to the floor and drop the auto tranny into drive.I'd smoke the tires for about 200 ft forward and when it quit I'd ram it into reverse and smoke them going backwards and then back forward we would go again.I would do this time and time again.I never did tear that Ford C-6 auto tranny up.It must have been tough.Good Luck.Let us know how things turn out.
  • Indeed my '99 Regal is an "LS", NOT an "AS". This transmission thing has me so worked up that I've not paid proper attention to my spelling.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I've got an 01 GS which has been lotsa fun. The Onstar package came with it and I could have cared less (and still do to some extend). However, when the capabilities of the system were shown to me I was imopressed enough to think that I may possibly renew it at the end of the year. If we used the car for long trips or if it was on the road all the time, I'd definitely consider Onstar. You just press a button and they know who you are and where you're at! If the air bags deploy, they call for help automatically.

    As for the Sun roof, I am 6' 2' and my son is 6' 5' neither of us had trouble with the sun roof. Good luck!
  • nels1nels1 Posts: 25
    Zathrus, I have a solution to your problem. Nail a soft furry animal, a dead cat perhaps, to the wall where the door would normally come in contact with the inside of the garage. Possums, small woodchucks, and medium size birds work pretty well also.
  • zathruszathrus Posts: 11

    I like that idea! If fact, I could do the "animal of the week" which would give us a little variety. Would I have to clean the doors more frequently, though?

    > Nail a soft furry animal, a dead cat perhaps, to the wall where the door would normally come in contact with the inside of the garage. Possums, small woodchucks, and medium size birds work pretty well also.
  • jdinstljdinstl Posts: 10
    ... the dead animals! Specifically the birds that keep dumping on my new Regal! (They must be Ford fanatics). I will cheerfully ship you a fresh supply each week... sparrows, crows, robins... I'll even toss in a box of nails as a bonus... we'll just call this program "Regal Revenge."

    On another note, I had a bad experience that turned out well... three days after I bought the Regal I discovered a nasty scrape on the rear bumper courtesy of someone in my apartment complex. ARGH!!! At least the tail light was not broken, or the fender dented. Took it to the dealer (Lou Fusz Buick, St. Louis, MO) body shop for repair.

    They did a FANTASTIC job! Not a speck of overspray anywhere, fit and finish was absolutely perfect! Turns out they took the bumper cover off the car to do the work.

    This is the second car from I've purchased from Lou Fusz, and have always had good luck with them, from sales to service, to body shop. I think picking the dealership is every bit as important as picking the car!

    John...aka jdinstl
  • shanianshanian Posts: 26
    is positioned slightly below the Regal LS which is positioned slightly below Regal GS.
    Wait a minute, the 99 Regal AS is short for
    99 Regal AS IS
  • pgorgespgorges Posts: 28
    It definitly is funny how the Regal is stereo typed as an "old folks car". I'm 33 (not real young), but I love my 2000 GSE. What in the world is so exciting about a Camry, Accord, or Saturn? The Regal is a hell of a lot more fun to drive than those boring cars.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    I don't have the onstar in my GS, but I recently rented a new '01 Deville which had it and of course I had to try it out. I was very impressed by the prompt service, and the operator was very helpful. He knew exactly where I was without me even telling him. In fact, he could have checked my speed and other things from a few states away. I thought it was pretty neat. I love to have high tech toys to play with! (As a side note: I thought the northstar 300hp V8 was the sweetest engine I have ever been priveledged to drive. It sounded incredible and was extremely smooth and powerful.)

    Well, since the GS stands for "Gran Sport," maybe the AS stands for "All Sport." :)
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