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Buick Regal



  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Are you sure the Regal was last? I was thinking the Park Avenue was their slowest selling model. The Regal sells in the 60,000 anually category and I personally don't see why it(and the Oldsmobile Intrigue) don't sell more. As for the Regal compared to imports. Back in 97 when Motor Trend first tested the then new GS, they said to the effect that excluding acceleration, "to touch a similar import, you'd need to spend about $30,000." Now to match the Regal GS's performance, they said you'd need to nearly double the sticker. And thats about true. 0-60 in 6.6 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 15 flat is pretty impressive for a midsize sedan with an automatic. The big reason imports like the Camry and Accord outsell the Regal by large margins is they have lower priced 4 cylinder models. I'd dare say 3/4 of all Camrys sold are 4 cylinders and a similar number for the Accord. Those cars sell for around $20 grand so you can imagine that at a lower price, they will sell alot more than a $25K+ car.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Must be the 528...cause no way would it be a 540. Damn things are way to fast. Of course I'd be embarassed too, being blown away by an after "50" type of car....LOL!!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The GM sales data are available on Internet, in the Excel format (*.xls). Can be read also in Quattro, etc.

    It is easy to see that both Century and LeSabre are outselling Regal about 2:1, and that Regal outsells Park Avenue in about the same proportion.

    Most strange and unexpected, IMHO, is the very deep fall of the Grand Prix sales.

    The Lumina data look funny: turned to be, the venerable car, available for the second year for fleets only, is still alive and well, with its sales increasing...

  • Well, I'm over 60. My son is 34 and owns one of those cute little Volvos. My daughter is 36 and owns one of those cute little Bemmers. Well, I am happy to say that I am comfortable in my over 50 car, thank you very much. Can't say that I am in those other little cars. Kind of strunched up.

    Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, my Regal GS is better than theirs any day of the week.
  • In my opinion Buick is doing a poor job of advertising the Regal.They threw away their money having Tiger Woods doing commercials for them.He's not bringing them much business.

    I'd have a comercial showing a Regal GS pulling away from a Mustang GT at a stop light and showing him nothing but tail lights.The Regal GS seems to be a well kept secret along with the LS.

    Alot of small dealers dont have very many new Regals even in stock.Take our local dealer for instance.Its an old family owned business thats been around for 40 years in a town of 10,000 people.The owner is in his 70's and wont let his son take over.He thinks the only Buick is the LeSabre.He will keep (10) new LeSabres in stock and right now he has one 2001 Olympic Regal LS and thats it.He will still have it when the 2002's come out.

    The next town west of us is 20 miles away and has 10,000 people.It has one huge full line Ford,GM,Chrysler,Toyota dealership and is the only one in the US like that.We were recently over there and they had no new 2001 Regals even in stock.Of course they had tons of new LeSabres and Centurys.When I trade cars I use this dealer to get my local dealer down about $1500-2000 everytime.

    Back in Aug 1998 when we traded off our 95 Regal Custom for our 98 GS,our local dealer had to get us one in the color we wanted at Ardmore,OK which is almost 400 miles away.The Buick dealer (20) miles away had a 98 GS in a color we didnt want but he was $1700 cheaper than our dealer.I told our local dealer he'd have to match that or he lost the deal.He gave in and got us the one in OK.

    In order for us to see more than one or two new Regals at any one dealership we have to drive 100 miles to Kansas City or 100 miles to Springfield,MO.Buick dealers in small towns dont want new Regals on their lots for some reason.

    We are seeing lots more newer Regals on the road now but that body style is (5) years old now so I suppose thats why it looks like there are lots around.

    The Regal LS and GS are excellent cars and should be selling better than they are.The small town dealers arent pushing them like the big town dealers are.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    1. Concerning the tire rating:

    The OEM Regal tires, Goodyear Eagle LS P225/60R16, have the S or T speed rating:

    i.e. 112 or 118 mph respectively:

    The Regal is electronically governed, and at about 110 mph the gas flow stops. The weak link are the tires: I had read, that the same Regal GS sold in Europe with the better tires have the top speed limited to 220 km/h (137.5 mph). This number looks very reasonable: for GP GTP and Olds Intrigue with performance package the top speed is the same.

    By the way, even lesser cars like Chevrolet Malibu are very capable to speed exceeding 100 mph.

    Of course, all of this is pure theory. It would be reckless to drive so fast on the US highways.

    2. Concerning the prices for Camaro/Firebird with V-8 engine:

    It is easily check the prices at

    2001 Camaro Z28 starts from about $22,300, Firebird Formula - from $24,500, TransAm - from $27k. All of this are MSRP for coupe, without options. About the same price range as with Regal.

    Though, it is possible to load a convertible TransAm up to almost $39k...

    3. Regal GS have very good acceleration from stop. Much better than any other sedan in the price range, except GP GTP. With the same engine, transmission, and underbody, the two cars have practically the same specs.

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I live in a suburb of New Haven, CT. Our places are densely populated: the greater New Haven have the total population of about 350,000; our town - of 50,000. Cities of Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury are in about 1/2 hour driving from us; Stamford and New London, CT and Springfield, MA in one hour. Two hour to New York and Boston, 80 and 120 miles respectively (the roads to NYC are overloaded).

    Nevertheless, concerning the Regal availability, the general picture is practically the same as with your smaller town.

    According to gmbuypower, there are 5 Buick dealerships around, 1 to 15 miles from our home. Three of the dealerships currently have no single Regal GS in stock; one have 2 cars, and one - three.

    We saw Regals on the streets and parking lots of out town and city, but not often. On the parking lot of the school our son attends, with about 550 students, two GS (including the our one) and one LS can be seen. On the parking lots of out apartment complex, 6 buildings with total 500 apartments, with most of families possessing two cars, I saw only one Regal LS in addition to our GS.

    We have a close friend in Boston and visit her often, five or more times per year. Yet only once we saw a Regal GS in the city. The same with our other trips.

    People usually do not know the Regal, and several person already did confuse it with Chevrolet Malibu, the both of our cars being of almost the same color.
  • It is about that time for some new tread... anyone have any recommendations on tires?

    I found T rated tires 75,000 miles for $75 each at Sam's club...

    Is T a good rating for the GS or not? any suggestions ????

  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    From test #'s I have seen posted a GS has comparable acceleration to a 540. Now an M5 is another story.....
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    540 0-60 5.6 secs
    GS 0-60 6.6 secs
    M5 0-60 4.7 secs

    source Motor Trend magazine

    One second is a whole lot of real estate when talking cars...
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    T rate for tires: the maximum speed is 118 mph.

    I believe the factory specs call for T or even S rated tires for GS, so this is good enough. Any case, you probably will never drive so fast in real life. Of course, the higher rates rates give extra margin of safety in case of underinflated tires (nail, etc).

    Even more important than the speed rate, though, are such things as dry and wet traction and cornering, resistance to aquaplaning, and, probably, snow traction - depending on where you live.

    Next question is the resistance to the tread wear. And, last not least, ride comfort and noise. This very personal.

    A lot of info you can find

    See also two tires conferences on the Edmunds board:

    "Tires, tires, tires." Feb 2, 2001 4:06pm


    "Tires" Jan 17, 2001 4:01pm

  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Of more importance is the treadwear and temperature ratings. Try and get an 'A' rating for both or at minimum a B rating. The temperature rating of 'A' is more crucial then the treadwear rating.

    ..and here's a little known fact: The C rating on tires signify that you have bought a Cheap, Crappy tire. :)
  • I agree with you 100% about Buick's advertising. They don't even talk about the Regal's performance. The car should have much higher sales. On the other hand, I really don't care. Let it continue to be a sleeper car and my wife and I will just continue to enjoy driving our GSE.
    It almost seems like it is appreciated more by luxury car owners than the average Accord owner. I think the import, 4 cylinder owners just don't get it. Maybe they don't know that a 33 year old father can enjoy accelerating from 60 mph to 90 in an instant while having Metallica blaring from the Monsoon speakers. OK, anyone under 30 can make fun of my musical taste, but it is still a great stereo system.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    GM seems to do a poor job marketing alot of their cars. Witness the demise of Oldsmobile. I hope this isn't case, but if they don't do something, Buick will surely be next. I agree with you guys in the performance aspect of the Regal and how little is ever mentioned about this in their ads. Anyone who has been in the Oldsmobile Intrigue forum knows that have beaten this drum over and over there about how their ads talk more about the car's 27 fuction driver information center(the new Aurora's) than the car's excellent mechanical features and sophistication.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The temperature rating for tires have very high correlation with the speed rating.

    Yes, the two parameters are different, but in practice tires became hot when running at high speed, and this means the performance tires are designed to resist the high temperature.

    I read a lot of tire specs while shopped for replacement tires for my 98 Malibu. All "S" and "T" speed-rated tires I checked had the "B" temperature rating, while the "H" speed-rated tires (130 mph maximum) got the "A" for the heat resistance.

    By the way, I bought FireHawk SH-30 for the Malibu. Not for its temperature rating, but for outstanding wet handling and resistance to hydroplaning.

    I like the tires very much and most probably will install them on my Regal after the OEM tires will wear out. Other users like the tires as much as me, and praise them even better than the much more expensive Michelins:

    Though, the SH-30 are performance tires, not touring one. They do not isolate the driver from the road pavement imperfections as much as the OEM tires do. Fine with me, but this depends on personal taste.

    The user survey for touring tires is here:

  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    When I bought my 2001 GS in November, availabilty in the Chicago area was quite good.

    Have really enjoyed to car and look forward to having it around for a long time! Love the power that's on tap; it's fun...........
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    1. Here in the NYC area, Regal availability is fine.
    2. No, they don't advertise it properly. IMHO, due to the plain styling inside and out, they should tout Regal's PRACTICALITY - as a good looking family car with Buick quality, with great perfomance thrown in at no penalty in noise, gas mileage or insurance.
    3. Speaking of MPG, I have to sit in traffic for hours to dip under 20 mpg; but a few "stoplight Grand Prix's" will do the same. A steady 70-80 on flat ground gives the advertised 30+mpg. Hills, our Northeast "winter gas" or constant changes in speed get me back to 25+.
    4. Did anyone notice the terrible build quality that helped deep-six Olds?
    5. Can't wait for the new Regal to buy another.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178

    "Hi, I actually just compared the Regal GS and the Maxima SE and went with the Maxima. I purchased the Maxima. If it were a lease I MIGHT have considered the Regal but reliability hands down goes to the Maxima. The supercharger is what concerns me on the Regal. It will break eventually, just hope that it will do so while still being under warranty. I like the fact that the Maxima has almost as much horsepower naturally aspiritated which makes things less complicated and reduces the chances of problems. It is very quick, and handles incredibly. The attention to detail is that of a much more expensive car. The only thing that seperates it from the Infiniti I30 is the Infiniti special care. It has everything "physically" that the I30 does. The Regal would have been more appealing to me if it was cheaper. I would have never been able to live with myself buying a $28000 Regal!"


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    that we agree? lol!

    It was the same choice for me also. I went with the Regal because it was on a lease and figured it would be fun to drive for a couple of years. If I was buying a keeper...I would have bought the Maxima.
  • Verdi942 - I sure DID notice the poor quality of the Olds! In the spring of '97, I purchased a '96 Ciera SL which had been a program car and had 25K miles on it. I expected better than average reliability (because it was an OLDSMOBILE)- but didn't get it. The last two years, we've spent nearly $2500 on repairs including the steering box, alternator, and BOTH front power window motors. The last straw was just after Christmas when my son drove the car to PA (we live in SC). At 76K, the car had water in the oil -caused by the failure of the port that separates the coolant from the oil - and very nearly lost the whole block. (If my son had driven it any further after it ran hot, then the block probably WOULD have warped). "Luckily", we got it fixed for $800 - mostly labor to replace all the gaskets and clean out all the sludge.
    I traded it in on a 2000 Regal LS program car (and love it so far) because my budget put me in the category where the Regal was competing with low end Camrys and Accords (which the Regal beat hands down). If I could have afforded a Maxima or Avalon, I'm afraid the Regal wouldn't have had a chance. I don't regret buying the Regal, but will be buying a good extended warranty to go with it.
    Now that I have it, I can't say enough good things about how powerful and comfortable it is, and surprisingly nimble (in my opinion) for a car that large. Only time will tell if I made the correct decision.
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