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Buick Regal



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    air filter on a regal....cause that impala is a nightmare....took all of 15 minutes from beginning to end to change the cabin air filter on my '97.5 regal GS.
  • This may be helpful...I did a "cut and paste" from this discussion about six months ago on the cabin filter replacement, but I still have not actually changed the cabin filter yet :-) Here it is:

    1. Turn on wipers, then turn off when they are in the up position.

    2. Remove windshield washer pump hose from the fender rail and air inlet grille. (The hose slides towards rear from under brackets. Lift over fender rail on far right side).

    3. Reposition hood weatherstrip from passenger's side of vehicle. (Lift up end on far right side and pull up slowly, but stop when you get half way across).

    4. Disconnect air inlet grille retainers. (Again, just need to do the passenger side. There are 3 retainers: one large round one that simply unscrews by hand; and two smaller ones that you gently pop up with a screw driver. The pop ups are in two pieces. Pop up the plug from inside the outer retainer, then grip the outer retainer with your fingers and remove. Careful. Don't drop these parts behind the engine).

    5. Disconnect the air inlet grille. (I used a screw driver to gently pry under the grille closest to engine. Also, you'll need to carefully pull up the section of grille under the far right side from under the top of the right fender. Again you just need to pry up the passenger half of the grille.

    6. Remove the passenger compartment air filter. (There's a loop you can grab and pull on. Won't come straight out. Must kind of maneuver it to one side and pull out the long way. I think I got the passenger side end started first, then turned it so it came out length-wise. It was filthy!!!).

    7. Install new air filter. (The "fun" part. It won't go straight in, and if you force it the element will just bend or compress itself out of shape. Use a good light and look inside where it is supposed to go and you'll see brackets in the very back on both the left and right sides. The trick is to get the rear corners of filter into those brackets. I think I slid driver's side of filter in first, then gently started passenger side, then used a 10" magnetic pickup - or anything that's long and skinny that won't tear the filter - to gently push the driver and passenger sides into their rear brackets. Probably won't work the first time, but be patient with it and it try again. When done be sure foam gasket around front of filter is pushed down into housing before replacing air inlet grille).

    8. (Put it all back together. Line the retainer holes of air inlet grille up with the holes in the body beneath - you may need to pull the grille slightly to the passenger side. The retainers you removed with a screw driver go in next. Push in outer part first, then note how inner plugs are shaped and line them up to fit the shape of the hole of the outer part. Push in with your thumb. Screw on larger round retainer, then put weatherstrip and windshield washer pump hose back. Done).
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    they reminded me of the Skylark and that was not a very pretty car.
  • I am renting now Chevy Monte Carlo. Good chance to compare two cars. Buick Regal LS and Monte Carlo. (Monte Carlo uses the same platform as the current Chevy Impala sedan and the Pontiac Grand Prix and the Buick regal). I was impressed quality of Chevy’s ride. Ride itself is firm, but very isolated. Suspension absorbs bumps very well. I couldn’t say the same about Buick. Buick’s suspension resonates on every big bump, and it leaves unpleasant feeling. Both of the cars are relatively new (10K and 20K). I am trying to figure out, is it problem with my Buick or it should be this way. Any ideas.
  • pacinpelopacinpelo Posts: 142
    A couple months back my Regal was taken off the road because a body seam was leaking water in the car. Allegedly fixed with all new inside carpet I am back to the dealer again to address the problem. A puddle of water in the passenger side front floorboard under the carpet.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I had the same problem with my Intrigue except it wasn't related to any body seam. Do you live on a street with a lot of trees? And do you see this problem only during/after it rains? My problem was that leaves built up in the area below the wiper and clogged something causing water to build up in the passenger's floorboard when it rained. It was a very inexpensive fix and the problem went away.

    Hope that helps.
  • pacinpelopacinpelo Posts: 142
    Not really (trees). What did they do to fix the Intrigue for you? I thought it was related at first to the evaporator housing or the run off from the air not escaping out of the car but the dealer said all that was fine.

    Who knows. I will have Buick on the phone again to document the details just in case it is a LEM.. only two letters left to spell LEMON.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I honestly don't remember. I went into my records to see if there was anything I could find to help you. After the car got totalled (got another one after that) I shreaded the old service records since I no longer needed them. But what you say about the run off sounds familiar. I do remember, in my case, the leaves contributing to the problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • My 01 LS does not bottom out (resonate) at all. If you have touring supension,my guess is you have less than 30 psi in your tires. (worth a try).
  • wkb4447wkb4447 Posts: 14
    I've posted about this before. I have a '98 LS and while I love the tight and responsive steering, I feel every bump in the road. It rides the worst on concrete interstate, and best on new asphalt. One person here suggested that changing the original tires to something other than Goodyear might help. I've heard that Michelins drive better on this car, but don't know. Still have too many miles to go on my current tires to change them out. Another poster suggested that the "gran touring" suspension is just hard and that it takes getting used to. I've driven other Regals - earlier years - and did not experience the roughness of this one. Any other suggestions?
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    Try installing a rear strut tower brace (it's actually the same as the one on the front strut towers but can be used on the rear). We over on the Intrigue forum (including myslef) have installed them and the ride is incredibly improved. Although the suspension is tuned differently on the Regal vs. the Intrigue, they are still both W-body cars. The STB (strut tower brace) subject has been a hot topic over there for a few weeks now (start around post 5716 on the Oldmobile Intrigue thread), so you will get a good idea of how it will change the ride.

    Here's the part number: 12456148. Just go to any GM dealer's parts dept, give them this number and for $12 (give or take depending on taxes) you'll have the part in one day. To install it on the rear, you'll have to file the holes so that they fit over the bolt. After that, unscrew the screw on the bolt on the strut tower in the trunk, drop the STB on, tighten the screw back on the bolt then drive!

    On the Intrigue, the bumps are more noticable but more comfortable. Every last one of us has described the ride this way but it's actually a compliment. None of us can really nail down a description of how it feels. Kind of like The Matrix :-) If nothing else, handling will improve tremendously. For $12, you won't find a performance/ride upgrade this noticable for this price.
  • mwdreammwdream Posts: 91
    Sometimes my car wont start, wont even crank. When it does start all the lights on the dash come on, sometimes the speedo goes crazy.

    I'll use the turn signal and the car will die. Radio and AC don't seem to effect the car from shutting down. Only the turn signals?

    Sometimes when car starts, the shift is frozen in park and won't come out.

    Anyone else have similar problems please contact me ASAP at

    Thank you...
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    Sounds like an alternator problem may be part of the problem.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The big complicated electrical switch in the steering wheel column, operated by the "universal stalk" often is a weak point. Given the turn signals also are operated through the switch, possibly the problem is here.

    My 2000 Regal used to disengage cruise control when using turn signals when I bought it. After replacing the switch the problem disappear.

    However, it is not cheap. The switch itself costs about $300, if I remember it right.
  • mwdreammwdream Posts: 91
    The dealer did mention something about the instrument cluster... I was thinking something behind the dash???

    Maybe they were referring to this switch in the steering column your referring to...

    Figures it's not as simple as a fuse...

    I am also needing a new Belt Tensioner... makes rattling noises, like it has come loose... anyone having this problem? Car is at 45,000 miles. I am starting to wonder if I should have bought the Accord.
  • garypcgarypc Posts: 12
    Thanks for calling me, Mark. I had forgotten some of the other problems your post mentions... locked shifter, directionals stalling the car, but I had those also. It has been over 8 months now since those problems 'just stopped' happening. Very strange. I still think manufactures set these things to happen at certain miles! :-)

    As I mentioned, about a month after they stopped, another phantom actually started lowering my power driver window upon starting the car. I could put it up, but then not put it down again. This happened maybe 4 times, then also went away.

    QUESTION for everyone: How do you RESET the "Low Tire" light on the dash? It worked great to let me know my tire was going flat, but won't reset per the owners manual instructions. Is there another way to calibrate it? Thanks!
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Garypc, you have to open the fuse panel cover, its on the passenger side of the dash. Open the passenger door and you will see it. Pull the cover off and hold the reset button down for about ten seconds and it will reset the warning light. I beleave the car has to be running when you do this.
  • mwdreammwdream Posts: 91
    Stalled again this morning while driving. Had to turn on headlights to start ??? If you live in Clearwater FL and see a Regal GS with its lights on all day its me.

    I'll keep the board posted as to the progress and/or solution to this....
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    Has anyone experimented with Other Guy Headers???
    I'm seriously considering headers...I'd like to know of any difficulties???
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