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Buick Regal



  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I think they are only called mudflaps on trucks... I believe on a Buick they would be called splashguards... :) I'm sure you can find a GM Accessory set from your local dealer (they might have to order though).

    Verdi942, as far as I know the Regal will be redone for 2004.

    Evize, my brother put a set of Dunlop SP Sport A2's on a 97 Lumina and he's pretty satisfied. However, he isn't in to cars that much. That said, they must not have any annoying habits or I imagine he would at least notice that. They seem like a good all-season sport tire. They seem to have decent treadwear indexes and performance. Plus, they aren't too expensive.

    Lotech1, if you want a preview of Buick's styling, check out the 2003 Ultra. You can find picts on Buick's website. I think bringing back portholes has some potential, and I like the way they put them on the Regal GNX show-car. However, the Ultra does not look right with those particular portholes in my opinion. The down-angled chrome tips and racy wheels seem a bit out of place on a Park Avenue... Just my opinion, though.
  • Trying to decide if buying a 99 Regal LS with 22,000 miles in mint condition from a Buick Dealer for $14,500 is a better decision than buying a 2002 Saturn L200 with 0% A.P.R. for $19,500. Please help. We have a good history with buying Buicks from this dealer (9 to be exact). Also is it worth buying an extended warranty?
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Any Buick with any Saturn, that is. My '99 LS, with 36K, has been a great car. It should be considered the benchmark to which all other sedans are compared. But, you already know how good Buicks are. Bargain hard for the extended warranty, though; the first big repair will pay for it; the reliability has to be at least as good as the Saturn. Heck, you can get 0% on an '02 Regal with a TMV not far north of that $19K Saturn, anyway. Good Luck!
  • What typically is the options for an extended warranty with a used car from a Buick dealer and what can one expect to pay?
  • jolarjolar Posts: 17
    We got rid of our 98 GS because the interior Sucked! BAD, short rear seat space, many rattles in dash, dealer could not fix,

    Door Glass rattle at 70+ MPH dealer claimed all GM cars do this, unable to fix (sounded like someone tapping the glass real fast with a nickel right by your head!)

    Cupholder is a joke, had to re-engineer it myself, dealer replaced but same problems, it WILL break.

    Visor fell out of the headliner due to cheap plastic retainer with no screws,

    Headliner replaced,

    Center rear armrest doesn't fold down flat, wtf? rendering it usless for holding drinks and stuff.

    Rear seats are not condusive to rear facing Child seats, unless you have short legs, cause you have to move your seat way forward. (our Neon had more rear seat space! yep)

    Now if all this doesn't bother you, it's a great car, fast, torquey, great drive train and suspension. Steering is a bit loose, feels hard to control at fast acceleration and higher speeds, I think the Pontiac has better steering system in the GTP.

    Very comfortable seats, good for long drives, great stereo, and lighted controls on steering wheel was smart.

    I have a 2002 Maxima SE, I would SERIOUSLY consider this car, same price range, holds value better, it was my second choice in 98, should have bought it. Seems much more solid inside, better leather, roomier back seat area. Heated seats and steering wheel optional, LSD optional, Xenon headlamps std. Comparible handling, more power, avaialable 6 speed (which I got)

    Paid $25,000 for the Buick, got $16,000 on trade 18 mos later! Wow. That sucked too! If you buy it, keep for 10 years, mechanically it will last just fine, the 3800 SC'd Pushrod motor? You just can't kill it.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    That might help explain their commercials...
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134
    Just purchased one last week. Must say that the back seat room does not exist, if the front seats are back for a taller driver. I mean, I could not even get into the back seat !!!

    Cannot believe this car, stickering for 24k, does not at least have a moderate amount of back seat room !!!

    The car is as long as my 99 is the back leg room ????

    Car is ballsy off the line, good brakes (ABS) & comfy seats. I agree about the front cup holder being a cheap, cheesy plastic gizmo. Fit & finish are OK so far.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I gladly sacrificed the back seat leg room for the extra deep trunk. I have young children so it works out great for me in that I can load the trunk for vacations. If I were shopping for rear seat leg room a LeSabre or Bonneville would be better.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Our 11 year-old son fits OK, short trips and long. On the other hand, our second car, a 98 Malibu, have more legroom. Regal is noticeable wider.

    Test drove Impala once upon a time. It have more legroom and bigger trunk than Regal. Impala LS compares well with Regal LS, and the base Impala with Century. Not available with supercharger, though.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I looked at the Impala and drove a used one. I noticed more road noise from the tires. Chevy dealer wouldn't deal with me so I went across the street and bought the Regal from the Olds guys. Impala priced $2k higher than the Regal with about the same options and more miles. Both were program vehicles. This same Chevy dealer had a same year Regal LS priced $2k more than the Olds dealer also with more miles.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Has anyone had any trouble with their ignition key not returning to the off position so you cannot remove the key? My car has been doing this intermittently and I just dropped it off at the dealer this morning. Of coarse it worked fine when I dropped it off. Just woundering if anyone else has had this problem and what had to be done to fix it.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Had the same problem couple of times with different cars, when the gear was not put on "Park" precisely. Everything worked right after switching gears forth and back. Possible the interlock in your car is not in perfect condition.

    Had the opposite problem once: could not turn the key "On" in the morning.

    Called GM assistance, and they sent the AAA tow track. The truck driver / mechanic fixed it by shaking the steering wheel. I tried it myself, but was afraid to do it strong enough. The mechanic, a very strong guy, with big hands, shaked it violently, and everything vas fixed.

    Our driveway is sloped, and we are turning the weels to side as extra precation when parking. Just in case, for the cars not to run on the street.

    The mechanic explained, that the steering was locked by the car weight with power down. Cannot turn them without power steering, but cannot start with steering locked. Catch 22.

    We have to turn the wheels when parking on slope, but never turn to the limit...
  • rickrozrickroz Posts: 26
    Does anyone know where to get these. I have the chrome wheels and I think the chrome exhaust tips would be a nice touch.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Well I found out the problem with my ignition. The dealer says it is the shifter and It will be about $550.00 to replace! OUCH!
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134
    Has anyone here "done it themselves" ?

    Just wondering how difficult it was to access the filter & the drain plug ?
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Plug is easy. I highly recommned installing a change valve either from Fram (found at many auto parts stores ) or Fumoto I have fumotos on all my cars, makes changing oil much easier

    Filter, a little harder to get to but not bad, ramps make it relatively easy.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I remember turning the wheel to the right exposed the filter reach in and remove and replace it. No jack, no jackstands, no ramps needed.
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    Has anyone replaced the struts with heavier components, such as KYB, Monroe, Koni, etc.? I bought a used 2002 with 16,200 mi. and it needs some damping help. I immediately replaced the FR680 cardboard tires with Yokohama Avid S/T 235x60x15, fit just fine and they are as different as night and day--yes, better. Best of all the Avids were $215 complete including delivery from Tire Rack. This is an excellent car, it could be 4 or 5 inches longer to give it a little more rear leg/trunk room but otherwise a lot for the money, plus the Buick name and its relative invisibility. Thanks for any suggestions or shared experiences. --Nickatnight
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    In my area they are advertising new 2002 LS for $18800, appx $5000 off sticker. That is the price leader with no options; all the other LS on the lot had a $700 package with auto climate control etc. but dealer said he would give equivalent deal on those. In my opinion you cannot beat this deal with a stick. Try Crain Automotive in Conway AR if you're not too far away, but surely other dealers in the USA have the same incentive $$. Rotsa Rukk.
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