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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • Hi Dave, One thing you might check on: Minivans with front wheel drive put a lot of torque on the engine mounts when you accellerate or stop. If the engine mounts are old or are broken, the steering will frequently pull to the right or left. Your description leads me to believe that reversing or stop and go changes just reposition the engine on the shock mounts. These mounts are critical to good steering performance and allignment on these minivans. For a car that is 16 years old, I would recommend changing the engine shock mounts. You will be amazed at the difference it will make. How do I know? I have a 97 Dodge Gran Caravan and the mounts lasted about 3-4 years before I had to replace them. Good luck. -NMHUCOWBOY
  • mhaldrmhaldr Posts: 1
    The other day, the car jolted into first, and after that, would not get past second gear. I can put the car in reverse as well. The odometer shows a steady 0 mph, and will not change. The transmission fluid was recently changed. Is it worth a shot to try and change out the speed sensor or check the cabling? Where exactly is the sensor located? I also have the Chiltons's chrysler book as reference.
  • I 'm having the same exact problem ,(lhs 99) but did not take any action yet .
    pls let me know if u make any progress .
    thanks !
  • Since I was getting Service Engine Soon" light and since the transmission in 'D" position was not shifting to higher gears (higher RPM on 40-50mph) I scanned the OBD computer using Creader and it gave me codes 0760 and 0700 in that order. 760 is listed in as Shift solenoid C malfunction and 700 says transmission control system malfunction. I have no knowledge on these. Was wondering if anybody knows as to what it might mean in terms of fixing this problem? I am sure it will cost money, but is it a major transmission job. I am worried about that to take it to the dealer. I have owned this vehicle form the beginning with regular maintenance and average family driving in city/hwy conditions.

    Thanks in advance.

  • dspringdspring Posts: 1
    The engine light came on recently. Was checked by the dealer. The dealer wants to put in a new transmission. No explanation was given as to why? The van runs and seems to shift normally under local and highway conditions. Took the van to a local guy who tried to diagnose the problem. He changed 2 parts on the transmission without change in condition. The engine light comes on. He sent the van to a transmission shop for diagnosis without conclusion other than to rebuild the transmission for $1500.00. The dealer wants to put in a new transmission for $2550.00 with a 36,000 mi. warrantee. The local guy recommends putting in a rebuilt transmission from Jasper for $2500.00 with a 75,000 mi. warrantee. Is something being missed? Should the transmission be replaced? Thanks.
  • My 97 Grand Voyager starts and runs fine when I first start it in the morning. If I drive more then 15 miles or start and stop the engine several times, I start to have problems. Sometimes the engine will just die at a stop light. Sometimes when I restart it the check engine light comes on. Sometimes when take off from a stop the RPM's drop then it will lurch. Now all the buttons on the steering wheel quit working and the airbag and ABS lights came on. I'm sure all these problems are related (I hope). I read somewhere that it may be the computer and one mechanic said it was the fuel filter. Since the engine problems only start when the car has been ran for some time I'm thinking its temperature related. I dont think its the transmission because when it studders or stalls the RPS's drop no matter what I do to the gas pedal. The Van has 97,000 miles with no problems till now. Any ideas?
    Thanks :confuse:
  • I have a 1992 Plymouth Voyager, 3.0L engine, 3-speed transmission, 138K miles. The transmission was rebuilt yesterday and today ($1485) after it burned up last week. (It had been behaving badly for a couple of weeks. My usual mechanic drained fluid, found metal bits in the pan, and flushed the transmission. Said we would try the cheap fix first, but that the transmission probably needed to be replaced. It appears he was right. He went on vacation and the transmission failed the next day. Another mechanic that I use less often recommended the rebuilder.) Based on invoice, rebuilder replaced torque converter, front planetary gear, and used a rebuild kit (looks like "32007 AF OH Kit" on the invoice, which is hand-written). Invoice indicates that fluid was 10 quarts of Mercon III ATF.

    Intermittently, the transmission does not downshift to first gear when coming to a stop, but downshifts only to second. On moving from the stop, it will sometimes rapidly downshift to first with a bit of a jerk. (Failing to downshift all the way was a problem for a few days before the rebuild. The transmission died very suddenly.) Is this a problem that can be expected to work itself out, does it indicate a problem with the rebuild, or is it related to some part that would not ordinarily be replaced in a rebuild?

    There is a lot of talk about the evils of Mercon/Dexron in a Chrysler transmission on this board. Owner's manual says Dexron III can be used if ATF+3 is not available. I did not ask the rebuilder why Mercon III was used. Does this cause a problem?

    Thanks in advance for whatever suggestions you have.
  • docsbddocsbd Posts: 5
    Please tell us what happened with chrysler as our 03 town and country transmission just died this weekend and ruined our family vacation. We are also out for a hotel where we got stuck and rental of another van to return us home. Thanks,
  • Have a '95 Caravan with 116k that has just been a peach for us. Absolutely no problems until now. Got a check engine light and my mechanic advises either the torque converter or the torque converter solenoid is getting ready to give it up. Car is running smoothly, with no shifting problems, no overheating, no drop in gas mileage. Any thoughts?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    No, the transmission should not be replaced until someone can give you a detailed description as to why the transmission is causing the Engine Lamp to illuminate.

    It seems that everybody you've mentioned seems to think the same thing, so there's something going on. If that's truly the cause, my first suspicion is that you're not getting torque converter lock up in fourth gear, but it would be nice to know if the Transmission Control Module is laying down a code.

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    See my reply in post number #905.
  • Our 1994 Plymouth Voyager's trans. pan is dropped and I am ready to go to the
    dealership tomorrow to get a new filter. How does it remove? I cannot find any
    screws or fasteners on it, and it is "loose" or wobbles if pulled down some. I have
    never changed one myself, but want to this time as I had to remove the trans.
    cover to repair or replace it due to a small hole in it from dragging on our gravel
    road. I thought I would change it while I was there. It is a 3.0L engine with the overdrive transmission. I am afraid to tear it up, so please help me- where are the screws?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    And for providing accurate, reliable information on other questions concerning DC minivans.
  • Recently did a pan drop with filter change on our '95. The filter has no screws, it just pulls off. No fear of wrecking anything. Very important point-- Use Chysler brand fluid only, purchased from your local dealer. ATF+3 is the one to best use for your year. Do not use any of the 'compatibles' available at auto stores. I've learned from this and other forums that the 'compatible' fluids more than likely will cause you un-needed problems.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I looked at my power steering level in our '05 T&C Touring and decided to top off. I read the owners manual and realized Chrysler recommends Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF+4) in the power steering resivoir. I went to pick some ATF+4 at my local car parts and they only had ATF+3. I asked the Associate and he said ATF+3 would work fine for the power steering. I would NEVER use ATF+3 in the transmission, but what are your thoughts about using it for power steering fluid? Is there that much of a difference between ATF+3 and ATF+4?
  • Did you have any luck getting this fixed? I have a 97 Grand Caravan w/ 160K miles and have replaced the body control module twice w/ a used part (in 8/02 and 8/03). It quit on me today without warning. I'm hoping my van will keep running for 1 more year but hate to replace the BCM a third time and don't want to pay for a new part fom the dealer.
  • Where would I find the relay location on the van?
  • I've read as much as I can find on this. There seems to be no clear answer to what to do when the BCM (Body Control Module) takes a powder.

    1996 Dodge GC, 120K. recently the running lights stay on after shutting down the vehicle. Battery disconnect has been only successful way to get them off. Looked at wiring and made sure the relay was OK. Replaced the headlight switch to no benefit. Non-dealer mechanic told me it was the BCM. I've read with trepidation about putting a "used" BCM into my van.

    The idea of spending $800 on a new computer that may, or may not, solve the problem is distastefull at best.

    Your experiences much appreciated.
  • akamakam Posts: 1
    I've had it lock up on me once while driving but after pulling over and turning the van off and restarting it I haven't had any more problems. Well, it skips every now and then. Does anyone know a good place in Atlanta to get the transmission checked. I had an independent store check it and he said there was no problem with it. Then I had the dealer check it and he said it was shot. He wanted me to trade it in for a new van. I refused to accept his answer and he said he could reset it for me to drive it home. It's still running but I'd like to get another opinion.
  • Have 21,000 miles. Just got the vehicle. Seems to "thump" lightly going in and out of low gear and once in a while shifting at a higher speed. What is this? Unusual?
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