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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • mako511mako511 Posts: 1
    Did you resolve your problem? I have the same exact symptoms... it's like there's a rev limiter at 3500rpm whether its reve'd up with no load in park or driven with load in any gear (auto trans). The same code you got also came up (P0016) but I want to know the actual problem since you've already replaced those and got no joy. Any info greatly appreciated!
  • leadfoot69leadfoot69 Posts: 31
    P0016 Dodge Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation - Bank 1 Sensor A
  • crtharpcrtharp Posts: 2
    the P016 error with missing above 3500 rpm is the crankshaft flex plate (flywheel) that is cracked and the crankshaft position sensor is back there getting information from the flex plate. My leasing company had the dealer replace the cam and crank position sensors first with no fix. Pulling the transmission and replacing the flex plate (flywheel) fixed the problem.
  • cr119cr119 Posts: 2
    Ok so I was getting the hard jerk when my 03 Dodge Grand Caravan was decelerating at about 25-30 mph. I first had the codes checked for free at auto zone there were none. Then I disconnected the battery overnight that did not work. I then took it to my local Dodge dealership (that was a mistake) the service advisor told me that it would take the tech at least 2 hrs to look it over at $80 an hour. I told him I would only authorize 1 hr. When they were done three days later he told me I needed a new front oil pump. Now I had already told him about the service bulliten someone recommened online stating that all that was needed was a computer relearn, he then told me they were wrong and it was going to cost me $900 to replace. I then called a local transmission shop the first thing they said was it needed a computer relearn and it would cost $60. And to my surprise it did fix the jerking problem! ;) :shades: :)
  • While driving the van in D position the transmission is very erratic it almost feels like the engine missing very bad, after a few seconds the transmission will shift into 2nd gear and stay there. If i select the 3 position next to the D it runs fine shifts
    through all three gears up and down just fine.Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? i took it to autozone and had it scanned, no codes came up.Have no way to check transmisson codes. Thanks for any info.
  • hixbhixb Posts: 2
    96 Voyager has the small 4 cyl w/the 3 speed auto. 114,000 miles. Has always had some hum under the hood. But after 14 months of driving the whining has gotten so loud we parked it. I changed engine oil to a higher weight; no help but found no metal. Pretty sure it isn't the alternator ior the air compressor. It whine low while at idle but increases as you drive or rev up the engine. Afraid with all I have read the problem is the transmission. Will changing the trans oil/filter help? Any suggestions or advise? Thanks all. hixb
  • chessorchessor Posts: 7
    Might be power sterring pump,also could be tension bearing on serpentin belt.
  • was a problem found and diagnosed?
  • willistonwilliston Posts: 1
    I am unable to shift the lever from park into any other position on my 2008 Dodge grand caravan. The opd (?) warning light comes on and stays until the car is started, then goes out.

    Any Ideas?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    Could be the brake interlock switch. Check to see if you have brake lights. If not, then definitely that. Also there is usually, on all cars, a slot (sometimes covered with a plastic cap) near the gearshift lever that allows you to insert a screwdriver to release the lever in an emergency.


  • zunigatorzunigator Posts: 1
    I have a 03 T&C and it has a code PO605 PO700. What does this mean? Would it be costly to repair?
    Thank you
  • hello I'm new to this place i have a1996 plymouth grand voyager and it will go in reverse but not very far in drive i noticed that you took your van to a transmission shop and it was just a chip can i get the name of the transmission shop please and is it in north carolina? or can anyone help? thanks
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    I dont think your situation is going to be that simple.First,do you have a 3 speed or 4 speed?If its a 3 speed the shift indicator will have D 2 1.If its an overdrive i think it will have D 3 2 1.Either way you most likely need a rebuilt trans.If it is a 4 speed you can have a CVI test done with a scanner.The underdrive clutch should have a value of about 50.If it is over 60 your trans is done.If it is within specs it could be an electronic problem.So you need to get it scanned.You can look at the fluid on the dipstick.If it is dark brown or black and smells burnt then dont bother you need a trans.
    If your vehicle is still under warranty, then take it to the dealer and let them fix it. Don't mess with anything.
  • my van don't have either it has D3L sorry it took so long to reply are you from around here in north carolina if so where would you recomend me taking my van to ?
  • You will be glad you are familiar with transmission replacements if you get the Honda, mine has gone through two of them before the 20k mile mark. Honda Pilots and Ridgelines are lined up at my dealers service department everytime I go for there, for some kind of transmission work. The Toyota won't have transmission problems but it will blow its engine due to sludge. Something else I was learned the hard way with Japan Inc.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    I lease a 2008 GC SXT 3.8L, with 25,000km. I was on my holiday 1000km from home when my transmission completly failed!! Problem is Chrysler does not have any transmissions in stock until the end of August, I am stuck with a rental until then. Some 20 on backorder according to Chrysler Canada.
    My wife mainly drives the van and we take extreemly good care of it. No reason for this to occur @ 25000km. All covered under warrantee but what a headache on your vacation. Still waiting for a transmission. Anyone else experience this with the 2008 GC?
    NOT IMPRESSED Glad I am one of the last Chrysler customers to lease, they can have this lemon back .
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    To be fair, the Toyota engine sludge issue is largely behind them, though I strongly recommend any owner to use a high quality synthetic oil such as Amsoil or Royal Purple, as these oils will not only extend service intervals and reduce maintenance costs, but they will also greatly reduce engine deposits and wear, thereby extending the life of your engine.
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