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Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems



  • cookie28cookie28 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan EX my check engine light has been on since september. my husband, along with my mechanic both say it has something to do with the "evap sensor" and the light will not go out until this "evap sensor' is fixed. my mechanic ordered one in september and it's still not in. Can anyone help me with info on this, because I have been driving around with a rejected inspection sticker since sept. and find it hard to believe it would take this long to get one part?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    1) Try a different mechanic
    2) Try shopping for one yourself via the likes of Napa, Autozone...
    3) While I have occasionally heard of the Evap Sensor failing in these cars, I have heard of far more cases where the evap system integrity is compromised due to a cracked rubber hose (such as those that connect to the evap cannister).

    Keep us posted.
  • glisdaglisda Posts: 1
    My van was running with no problems until I was driving 30 mph felt a slip like a ice patch. The engine light came on and the tranny went into limp mode. Took it to my local tranny shop read the codes (700 & 755) I guess they point to the solenoid pack. He swapped out my solenoid pack with a new one ran the car same thing happened same codes and limp mode. check all my connections/wires couldn't pin point problem. Ended up taking it to the dealer who ran a simulator on the computer said the solenoid pack needs to be replaced to START. Paid my bill left with no work done. No shop can pin point the problem they want to take the harness out and test each wire which will of course build a large labor bill. Can anyone help guide me suggest a starting point or anything.
  • my transmission had a seal failure while driving and i hvae since replaced it but now when i put it in reverse and all gears including nuetral it goes forard im lost as in what will cause this or what to this is my only car and im extreamly straped for cash and hard pressed to come up with 1400 dollars for a rebuild can someone point in me in the right direction to hopfully fix this cheaply or am i just boned
  • dasboot72dasboot72 Posts: 115
    The only thing that will make your trans go forward in reverse is catastrophic internal failure with parts being essentially welded together due to extreme heat. If you just had the trans replaced and this happened within a day or two I would suspect that he trans cooler was plugged and not reverse flushed during replacement causing the new trans to fail. Check the fluid, if it smells burnt which I suspect it will, you have problems.
  • dasboot72dasboot72 Posts: 115
    A very common area of wire rubthrough is where the harness that runs up to the solonoid pack touches the front edge of the trans pan. You need to carefully follow the harness from the solonoid pack back looking for any contact areas. The problem with hooking up a trans simulator laike the dealer did is that you have to disconnect the wiring at the trans and hook it to the simulator which moves any possibally shorted wiring away from the area it was shorted to, hence passing the simulator test. It is usually difficult to find a shorted wire but it has to be done. Another option is to hard wire from the TCM to the solonoid the effected circuit. In your case P0755 is the 2/4 solonoid circuit.
  • skutrskutr Posts: 1
    I have spent most of this morning reading posts on Chrysler transmissions.
    I owed a '96 G/C w/3.8 for 10 years and was amazed that it always shifted smoothly for over a 100k with one power flush @ 60K. Though it had its share of problems i.e. a/c loosing charge ever year after 8 yrs, serpentine belts annually shredding till I found out the water pump pulley bearing was loose and causing misalignment. But all in all it was a pleasure to own.

    My '07 with 24K was dropped off this morning for a couple of routine items however we have experienced the common tranny problem of the initial cold morning hard shift from 0-20 mph. Last time in they performed the software update and though it seams better I am concerned that over time this will cause wear or damage. I am not sure at this time if it warrants my pursuing the dealer to change out the torque converter. I have told my wife to ease through those cold morning first shifts. Any input would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • I dont know if you still come here. I just have a transmission question. I have a 98 town and country. My service engine soon light would come on and it would not shift out of first gear. After I would turn it off and wait a few seconds it would drive and shift just fine. I figured resetting the trouble code and letting me go. Yesterday it pretty much decided not to go anymore and stopped on the highway. Like it ewas in neutral. I pulled off the road and was able to "reset" just enough so it would move very slowly with a high pitched noise coming from it. I then towed it home and it sat til this morning when it would go forward and reverse with the same high noise and acted like it wanted to jump from gear to gear. I also had to play with the shifter in order to get it to move at all. So I pulled the pan off and drained the fluid. Which smelled horrible by the way. Replaced the filter and gasket, put some lucas in it and tried again. It went in to forward and reverse no problem. I drove down the road no problem. However now it will barely shift out of first on occasion and it still jumps back down into first after a min or 2. Any advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. You can even email me at
  • dasboot72dasboot72 Posts: 115
    You have nothing to worry about. The software update changes some shift strategies and adaptive learning stratagies. If you still have harsh shifts try having it quick learned and see if that solves the prob. If the prob comes back then you may need further diag for internal repair.
  • dasboot72dasboot72 Posts: 115
    Hi, if the old fluid was burnt you have burnt clutches as that is the onlly way for that to happen. What you are seeing as 1st gear is actually 2nd gear as that is the limp in gear for this trans. You really need to see what DTC's are in the system causing the engine light to come on to see what direction you need to head in. If you find out the codes let me know and I'll give you some more info.
  • shay2shay2 Posts: 9
    My grand caravan has 160K. Just this week will not accelerate when push on the pedal. Occasionally will go if wait a few seconds after you accelerate. Also problem in reverse. I assume the transmission is gone. There is a bump feeling when it finally moves. What would a new transmission cost, or a rebuilt one? The car is only worth about $1500 or less so I am not sure if it is even worth fixing. It is primarily my 17 year old daughter's bumper car, if you know what I mean.
    Thanks for any help
  • erau1990erau1990 Posts: 1
    I have 2007 T&C with same issue. It turns out that it is the power steering pump and reservoir. Mine would start whining after 5-10 mins at highway speed and stop whining after its cools off for 15 mins or so. Reservoir was changed as a precaution because of a filter screen in it.
  • dmor319dmor319 Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 dodge caravan with 3.0 litre engine. My question is will a 3.7 engine and transmission fit?
  • Probly not. That engine not design to be in van.
    the 3.0,3.3 and 3.8 are the ones that go in there but hey if you can manufacture and weld mounts , axles and exhaust then sure it will fit lol
  • dmor319dmor319 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your information.It was worth a try. :(
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A 3.7 liter engine? Never heard of one, which company makes it?
  • bs12bs12 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Chrysler Voyager with 40,000 miles. I recently had the transmission serviced they said it was fine. Shortly thereafter, I had to have a sensor replaced on the top of the transmission. The past few days I have noticed a clicking sound when I put it in reverse. It does not hesitate, there are no shifting problems. Is this just a noise? My fuel pump gets very noisy when the weather gets hot.
  • bobevansbobevans Posts: 1
    I am having the same whinning problem with my 96 town and country how long did you drive with the whinning noise and how was it shifting.
  • Noticed they have a cap instead of a dipstick on the 2008 town and country. From other posts looks like there's a Oil Dipstick you can get

    but reads that it's for the 3.5l engine. Does anyone know if this is the best way to check the trans fluid, and will this one work? Anyone know a better way, they want 72 bucks for the thing.

    It's under warranty, thinking I should leave it alone....
  • glxy500glxy500 Posts: 1
    97 Caravan. Driving normally, just stopped pulling. Fluid ok, no leaks. Crank back up and will not engage reverse, will only engage drive. Can only drive 8 mph. 9 will disengage. Unplugged battery all night, plus letting it cool. No difference. I am thinking electrical problem, just would like to know where to start.
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