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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • My 95 was manufactured in 8/94 and I haven't had a problem with the module yet
    (no notation in records by previous owner) I guess it depends on when they cut the
    change in on the line, It only applies to Rivieras built before VIN 4708381 but there
    is no cut in point indicated for the 95 Aurora. The number 43-50-07 is correct.

    I can't send a copy because I would be in violation of my subscription service
    agreement which does not permit me to copy and send their copyrighted data
    to another party.

  • Hope this doesn't jinx me. I have a 95 that I bought used in July. It has 63,000 miles and the car is very sound. Service records show consistent oil changes at every 3k miles and the only documented service problem was with the power windows and door locks. The engine compartment is immaculate and it doesn't use any oil between changes.

    I must admit that reading so many horror stories has me concerned about the future. But I treat the 95 with care and hope it returns the favor.

    I've had my eye on a 98 and recently a 99, but am a little concerned about taking the risk. I wonder how much the way these cars are driven contributes to the service problems.

    I love the feel and the sound of the car under power, but I also know it wasn't meant to be a muscle car or a wanna be Porsche.

    That said, I am driving with my fingers crossed.

    Happy New Year.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277

    I assume the problem you are concerned about is that the load-leveling suspension will freak out while on the lift (I am assuming you mean to lift the body, not drive onto a lift). I wouldn't think the suspension would care that the rear is too high... I mean, what is it going to do? Create a vacuum to suck the car lower?? Plus, if the car isn't turned on it wouldn't be a problem anyway.
    What does your owner's manual say about jacking up the car?

    Henry and Zinc:

    Sorry to hear about all of the trouble you have been having with your cars. It is a shame especially given the care you give them. Unfortunately it seems that cars that are on the technological edge tend to have technological problems later on. Once the new technology has been used a while it gets more robust. Part of the problem is that Oldsmobile hasn't gotten much support from GM (certainly not like Saturn does) so that helps explain the lack of change/refinement to the Aurora over it's lifecycle.

    I think it is a shame that Olds got the axe since they are starting to make more exciting products like the Aurora and Intrigue. However, it takes time for a company to turn around from the impression of bland cars like the 98 and 88 and the lame-o Cutlass/Malibu of the '90s (all perfectly nice, but nothing special). Olds wasn't given enough time, nor enough ability(money) to keep improving (and differentiating) their products. I think the Olds products are some of the nicest of the GM lineup. The Alero is certainly nicer and more stylish than the Grand Am, and I like the Intrigue more than the Grand Prix or Regal. I like the 3800 S/C of the other two, but the 3.5 is much smoother and the Intrigue is the sharpest looking. The Aurora is just great. I love the look better than the Caddies (although I love the unassuming old-folk sneakyness of the DTS) and I think the interior is far better. I love the use of wood around the center cluster. The caddies just use a strip across it which isn't very inspired. The Bravada is nice, but I like the more rugged 4wd system of the TrailBlazer/Envoy better. However, the Bravada is a great SUV for the road-going type.

    As an aside, the only thing that bothers me on my Aurora is the cheesy way the trunk opens. It flies up and bounces off some cheap rubber stoppers instead of using some gas struts or something. Plus, the trunk itself is so light and cheap feeling when you go to shut it. I also wish the cupholder weren't so awkward to reach (and that it didn't prevent the shifter from going into "1") but I guess that can't be helped. Has everyone with a 2001-2002 noticed the tiny little cubby on the left side of the steering wheel? I didn't notice it for like a month. It isn't big enough for sunglasses, but it is sort of neat.
    The only thing I don't like about other people in '01-02s is that (on the rare occasion that I see one) they tend to leave the rear foglights on all the time. It can be quite annoying to other drivers, and it looks like the brakelights are on or broken or something. However, they are helpful in foul weather. It is much easier to see there is a car in front of you when it has the rear foglights in addition to the dim glow of the taillights.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    A while back I think someone wanted to know what the "reengineered" northstars had done to update them. I ran across the something that said the valve train now has roller bearings, which the V6 (shortstar) had. This reduces the friction and would result in more horsepower, except that the compression was also reduced (with a piston redesign) so that the engines can use regular fuel (Cadillacs anyway). This means that the horsepower remains the same. There were a number of other changes too, but the roller bearings are the big performance change.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Can only be purchased with a black on black fully loaded 1999 Aurora.

    Move back to the Good Old days of OLDS. Wasn't 1995 a good year for you?

    Remember the times you had in 1995 by purchasing this special tribute to the year 1995 Aurora.

    ACT NOW!!!!
  • rjs

    Thankyou for answering my post...was starting to lose faith in this forum.
    I did find out that the leveling control lets air in and out, but only for 4 1/2 to 7 1/2 minutes after the key is off.
    And you're right, if it goes up, the pressure decreases to the point that even though it wants to release air it has no pressure to.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I thought I answered your question a few postings back (i.e. the dealership never takes a fuse out. or disconnects anything, before putting the car on a lift).
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I guess you did answer it. However, I misread your answer and so posted my own. I thought you meant that you and your dealer had never put it on a lift. That might have helped to explain why your repairs took so long... :)
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    My security light sometimes comes on when I am driving the car. Does this happen to anyone?? I think it means tht my alrm system is malfunctioning but I am not sure.

    By the way, i purchased the two vilume set of the manuals for the car. I think if you plan on keeping a Classic, you should invest in the service manuals and a small trust fund (say $6,000) to pay for any repairs as the car ages. You can also purchase an annuity that will pay you so many dollars a month. I am not an investment counselor, but I am sure most Aurora owners have that resource available to them.

    BY the WAY , whatever happened to our 18 YEAR OLD Classic owner that was looking at the Eclipse????

    THE CLASSIC is heaven on the highway when HE works, but . . . . . . . ..

    Another Question - POWER STEERING - for those of you who have 95's, do you hear the power stering unit whine whenever the wheel is turned to either of its extremes while the car is stationary???
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    My 98 aurora has a new water pump. I noticed that it was leaking. I didn't wait for a complete failure. Has 44000 miles.
  • Sorry Henry, but didn't realize you were answering my post. It was such a generic answer that I thought it was refering to one other the other posters'.
    As to the power steering noise...I think all power steerings squeal when they touch the stops.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    fjk - that is really interesting about the roller bearings. What is the compression ratio on the new 4.0's? The old ones are 10.3:1.

    I just can't believe that after making an improvement like you mentioned, that they would detune the compression ratio just to run on 87.

    Is running on regular really more marketable than additional performance?? Yikes! I know I may be out of touch on this issue, but give me the flipping HP - I'll happily put in the premium. I'll bet that's why the torque curve is not as "flat" too.

    What do you other guys think? Would you rather have 10 more HP and torque (maybe it would be more - who knows) or the regular unleaded gas?

    Is Lexus running their 4.3 V8 VVT engine on premium or regular?

    Just did a lot of highway driving for the new years fun. The Aurora is the greatest highway cruiser. Total comfort all the way. The seats are the best. Yeah Henry you are right - that thing will win you over on a road trip every time.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I believe (but am not positive) that the compression ratio is still 10.3:1 The Northstar is now 10.0:1. The new Aurora V-8 has virtually no parts in common with the 1995-99 4.0. In addition to the roller followers, the engine has revised combustion chambers and cylinder head ports, larger intake valves and smaller exhaust valves, and a center-feed intake system for a more uniform intake path to each cylinder. Also, the engine has coil-on-plug ignition and an air-pump.

    As far as making an engine able to run on 87, if nothing else it should improve the reliability of the engine. If you or someone else accidentally put in regular, or if the premium was of poor quality, the engines ability to handle this would be a good thing. Turning back the timing on an engine designed to only run on premium won't necessarily be enough to stop knocking. Plus, an engine doesn't necessarily have to give up compression to run on lower-grade gasoline. The shape of the combustion chamber, and the flow into it can make a large difference. Lastly, the new Aurora V-8 does get a performance benefit from running premium (premium is recommended in the owner's manual, but it mentions that the car will run safely with regular. It doesn't suggest regular if you want performance or if you are towing.)

    You guys mention Lexus a lot. The Lexus 4.3 does require premium (with a 10.5:1 compression ratio) and only makes 40 more hp than the Aurora. It is 7.5% larger (displacement) than the Aurora. If the Aurora were 7.5% larger and made 7.5% more power, it would crank out about 270 hp. So it isn't that large a difference. Plus, it costs about $20,000 more. I would imagine an engine replacement would be a lot more than an Aurora too (I assume even some Lexus owners buy their car to keep.) The Lexus that would compare to the Aurora would be the ES300. I think you would find the Aurora to be superior to this car. Plus, the ES doesn't even have the option of a V-8.

    The 2002 Corvette Z06 makes 405hp, the same as the 1995 ZR-1. The Z06 engine is slightly smaller, has a lower compression ratio (10.5:1 whereas the ZR-1 was about 11.1:1) doesn't use dual intake runners, or dual injectors, or dual overhead cams, yet it makes as much HP and more torque than the super-high-tech ZR-1. The reason for this is advances in the design of things like combustion chambers and intake ports and valves and the swirling in the chamber and a million other little things. It isn't as simple as "they are both 5.7 liters, but one has an 11.1:1 compression and DOHC and variable intake size". I know it seems like that should be straight-forward, but oftentimes it isn't.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    According to gm's media online info for the aurora, the compression is still 10.3 and premium (92 octane) is recommended. I think that the changes in design contributed to the shift in the torque curve. The knock sensor will prevent damage from low octane fuel.

    My service manager said that some people with failed water pumps tried to drive home (more than a hundred miles) and wiped out the engines. Also said the water pumps fail anywhere from around 25000 miles to never.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I can always count on you to give us the math behind the numbers.

    How are you on networking 3 computers running windows XP, windows 95 and windows Me? I don't want to buy upgraded software.

  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Thanks guys - I guess nothing is straightforward with these engines and their design. It's all very interesting. Straight line comparisons just don't work sometimes - they are amazingly complex I guess.

    rjs - I agree 189% about the ES300 comparison. No comparison really. I've driven one several times for extended highway drives + some city. Great car, nicely appointed, and solid, but after being in an Aurora, the ES does seem like a glorified Camry. There was no headroom in the back and it was a bit cramped overall for a "luxury sedan". Apples and oranges really. Sorry if this ticks off anybody lurking who is proud of their "L". Just be happy - they are indeed incredible cars.

    I'd even go so far as to say the Aurora stands up very well against the bigger 400's and even 430's when considering the overall package and especially the price.
  • Henry

    I haven't had problem yet--try cleaning your Pass-key II and/or using a
    spare Pass-key II. Pass -key II Decoder Module may not be reading
    valid code. Also could be intermittent or poor connection in Pass-key II
    Decoder Module connector.
  • I am a new participant in Town Hall .... so I apologize if my question is old news. I have a 2001 Aurora that I purchased new in May 2000. I like the styling, interior comfort, and the balance between handling and ride (although I would like it to be a bit firmer). However, the quality has been extremely disappointing. I really do not consider myself to be overly demanding. My prior car was a 97 Grand Prix that operated flawlessly for 60,000 miles.

    I have had numerous small problems with my Aurora - none of which has prevented use of the car, however the quantity has been distressing. The stability control system failed, the computer display has delivered countless false messages (door's ajar, low oil pressure, low tire pressure , etc...). At least once a month the radio and/or computer display fail to operate at all. Another time, the displays converted themselves to metric (the method to do this manually makes it unlikely that it could have been accidental on my part). The service manager told me "with all that computer stuff you have to expect some bugs". I have been in the computer software field for many years and my clients would never accept that answer. On another occasion it sucked documents from the glove compartment into the ventilation system. The service manager said I really should not put anything in the glove box. (????)

    The most distressing problem is intermittent rattles. I am sure my dealer would fix them if I could pinpoint them, however the rattles come and go and even change locations. I have NEVER experienced anything like this.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Did you ever find a solution?

    I really want to like this car (especially since the resale value is poor, however my patience is running out.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    My 98, which is a first generation, has not done anything like what you describe. You must have one of the first off the assembly line for the second generation model though. Your service manager does not sound like a good one. Is there another dealer you could try?
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Sounds like you need a new servive manager. Seriously, your electrical ghosts (and possibly many of the rattles) point to a poorly installed or originally defective major wiring harness. The glove box paper sucking issue (only on early 2001 Auroras like yours) was resolved by a rolling change (before my 2001 was built in JUL 2000) and addressed in a TSB that included a fix kit. The 2002 glove box has been redesigned to avoid the problem without the kludge fix (which worked well, but surely cost more).

    With regard to rattles, I have found that most phantom rattles come from wires or control cables that have been poorly installed, broken during installation, or just poorly designed. I know it is drastic, but what I have done (on our 1999 Silhouette van, now gone) was just start looking behind every panel for hold down clips that were never pushed into place, were broken during or after assembly, or prudent places to apply sticky foam or duct tape. Rattles really annoy me too, and I am thankfull that my 2002 Aurora and our 2002 Silhouette are without any so far.

    I know that from my shopping experience originally on the 2001 Aurora that there were a lot of build quality issues on early production models, but these are things that a resposible dealer should expend dilligent effort to fix under warranty.
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