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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • aurora5000aurora5000 Posts: 168
    Until I get a service manual,I like your idea of dropping the pan and catching 11 quarts that way. I will probably do at the 10 or 15K miles. As always, you have great ideas and answers.

  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Does anyone know where I can buy a 1999 Olds. Aurora sales brochure? I check EBAY every few days and have seen some 98's and earlier - but never a '99. Thanks.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    was named by Henry (maybe Henri?) Leland who founded the new company from the failing Detroit Auto Company. He named it Cadillac after Le Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who was the founder of the city of Detroit. The Cadillac crest came from the french explorer's coat of arms.

    As far as Mr. Saturn, that's exactly who it's named after. He was a janitor at GM Headquarters who did a bang-up job cleaning puke out of an expensive carpet. So the honchos wanted to recognize him by naming a new company after him. They wanted Saturn to "clean up" the competition like so much puke... Just kidding. It was named Saturn after the Saturn rockets that propelled Americans to the moon. Much as the Saturn rocket helped America eventually beat the commies in the space-race, they wanted Saturn to propel GM to victory over the Japanese in the small-car race.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment, Steve!
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    started as the Pontiac Buggy Company in (surprise!) Pontiac, Michigan. It eventually grew an offshoot called the Oakland Motor Car Company. This is what GM eventually bought. This was eventually reinvented as Pontiac to fill in the large price gap between Chevrolet and Oldsmobile, and was designed to share parts with other GM divisions to reduce costs.

    Jonbgood, if you checked Ebay, I don't know what else to say...
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    You get mega points if you can supply an answer to this. Is REO Speedwagon named for a Ransom Eli Olds (i.e. an Oldsmobile) performance station wagon? Ehh??
  • aurora5000aurora5000 Posts: 168
    I saw them play in a bar in OKC one time. They were awesome... Guess that dates me.
    In answer to your question, you maybe on to something. Maybe one of their cars was a Olds Stationwagon ???
  • aurora5000aurora5000 Posts: 168
    On their website it tells What REO stands for and BOB YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    It's named after the truck made by REO, which was an REO Speedwagon.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I was just being a goof. I didn't really expect the band to be named after an Olds. Actually, I can't even think of any songs they sing...
  • garnes, rjs200240,aurora5000,

    Thanks for the quick responses. Sorry to not have responded sooner but was out of town on business.

    I don't plan on ever getting rid of the Aurora, that's why I asked the question about Mobil 1. I'm due for an oil change this weekend. I change oil and filter every 2,500 miles regardless of the monotor's reading. I recall it reading about 65% at its lowest point. I'm going to switch to the synthetic.

    Yeah, that componentster really had me looking for a while but I couldn't figure it out.I feel better now that I have not neglected the car.

    I just got back from a 600 mile trip and experienced a good amount of "shake" in the front. From what I've read here, the new Auroras don't have the tire balancing issue. Is anyone else having problems with the new generation shaking? I'm going to bring it to the dealer in a couple of weeks while I'm on vacation just out of principle. We'll see what bull they create.

    Thanks again for the info guys!
  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293
    Well I've been hearing rattle from under car for past couple of days, and service engine light is on. The engine note has been getting progressivly louder,softer, then louder. I also noticed the car has been much more likely to squeal the michelin pilots when nailing it around 30 and when shifting into 2nd gear. Crawled under car to check today. Rattle is from cat. converter. Media has broken apart. I think the honeycomb inside is opening direct path then closing as it shifts around inside the case!
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    After getting blasted by you guys (over in the Mods board) for believing the salesman, I have decided to print out and give to him all of your responses to the information he gave me about the car.

    Yes Henri was spelled "gullible" on the information provided, but it can happen to any of us when it comes to the Aurora. After all, he was telling me about a car I already own, there was no profit in it for him.

    However, on the gullible about the Aurora note . . . . GOT YA!

    I made up the thing about the special edition Olds Aurora 442 and got more than a few postings about it.

    See, lady Aurora can make fools of most men. Just one roar from the engine and we are puddy in her hands.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    thanks for the GM history guys. I knew the group would come through.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I've had pieces of the substrate break up in my cat too. It is really really annoying. The best thing to do is to disconnect the front of the cat and get the piece out. I wouldn't bother replacing it if I were you. I'm sure the cat will still work fine. Plus, it should flow a tiny bit better with part of it removed.

    Henri, why the hell did you make that up? It seemed unlikely that Olds would resurrect the name, especially since they've already announced what they are doing for the Collector's Edition. Still, it would have been cool. Especially if it came with a 300hp engine! That's just mean...

    Hey, what did the salesman say when you gave him the info?
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    Cuz I can't fight this feelin' anymoooooore.
    I've forgotten what I've started fightin' foooooooor.
    It's time to bring this ship into the shooore,
    And throw away the ooooars forever.
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    BTW, thank the Lord they finally put the "Oldsmobile Aurora" discussion board into the Owner's Club menu - it was friggin annoying to have to go through all of those links to get there.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    When was the last time you've checked here Shuck? It's been in the Aurora Owner's club for as long as I can remember (but I'm still a newbie compared to some of you all).

    Hey, thanks for the lyrics. I've heard that song before. I thought they were a rock band. Is that their one sissy song?
  • Garnes - where were you in the early 80s? GM has been using REO's "Keep On Rolling" song in its post Sept. 11 commercials with the announcer saying "lets keep America Rolling". As far as being a rock band they were on the lighter side, their heaviest rock song probably being "Riding the Storm Out". Is this stuff ringing any bells?
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    in my 95 classic took only 7 quarts when I changed the filter at my 100k maintenance. I also put on new monroe struts at this time.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    JONBGOOD - Yes. I don't have the info with me right now, but I will dig it up and post it. They even had one for my dad's 88 Town Car. I bought one for my 98 Aurora and I also got a 97 just for the heck of it.

    OLDS trivia - sorry if someone posted this before, but there is a very famous OLDS on TV every time you see Jed, Granny, Eli May, and Jethro - yep, that old truck is a 1923 Olds. Yeah, I was veging in front of the tube watching a thing about the Hillbillies and they talked about the truck. Apparently the studio found the darn thing (can't remember where - probably a barn) and it ran and was perfect. Of course all the other cars on the show are some pretty cool Dodge/Plymouths.

    REO - Hmmm. Early 80's I was in high school. graduated in 84. I remember REO being all over, but never got into them. They are OK, no dislike or anything though. I believe I was heavily into the RUSH, Zepplin, Hendrix, Skynyrd, and some early Stevie Ray I think. I still love that stuff. When I was in college, I was playing my guitar in the music hall late one night and I started talking to the Janitor there as I left. I think he picked a few notes on my guitar too. We get to talking and he mentions that his brother is one of the guitar players in REO. He wasn't bragging. In fact he said something like "oh yeah he thinks he's a big deal" and wasn't really positive about him. Oh well, goofy story.
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