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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293
    Thats pretty close to how my old text book from physics class describes the thermodynamics. Now if I could find the one I was actually looking for a couple monthes ago on fluid dynamics.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Greg, yeah I did the quick math the other day just to see and 5600 rpm is like 350 cfm. 6400 was like 400 cfm. I was checking out Eaton's website and they had info about how much air their S/C's pulled in. So I just got curious about what sized blower would work on the 4.0. I think a factory blower on the 4.0 would be pretty sweet. I imagine power in the neighborhood of 285-300 with torque around 300+ (with plenty down low) would be pretty driveable and reliable, and get better economy than an STS. I think the 4T80-E is only rated to like 310 or 315 lb-ft, though.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    I find that my SLS (which has a 3.11:1 axle ratio) does no worse and possibly better than the Aurora for fuel consumption. Future comparisions will not work because I moved and now I have a different route to work.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Yeah, but you've got the 3.11. I don't believe for a second that the STS gets the same mileage as the SLS, nor as the Aurora. I think they just didn't have to rerate it with the EPA, which is actually fairly common for engines of the same size in the same model.
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Your thermo discussion is nice - for a system unaffected by anything else, but I still say it's an oven in there. There is heat coming of the engine - lots of it. Pop the hood and touch the TB. It's hot. I think your theories are all nice, but with all that heat surrounding things we may be trying to analyze a fart in a windstorm.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    garnes: I agree that the cooling is probably not a big deal and the engine heat should keep things warm. With carburetors, the gas wets the metal and evaporates which adds a lot of extra cooling which is what causes enough cooling for ice.

    rjs200240: I agree the STS should eat more gas. My old Aurora had the 3.48:1 axle and could get near 30 on long highway trips. The SLS is now averaging about 23.5 but I now live out of town and to and from work is nearly all highway.
  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293
    I should have made it clearer. i'm refering to the first miles after startup when the engine block hasn't had time to heatsoak the throttle body. The coolant however warms up very quickly. Whatever the reason for the coolant flow through the throttle body it's probably engineered for worst possible case scenario. A nice change from the old G.M. practice of underengineering for the best scenario and let the customer find the problem for G.M. to fix!
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I agree with you that the coolant bypass is probably fine, although I wonder if it really gives any gain. But just to nitpick a tad, you said if you feel the TB it is plenty hot, but it also has 200 degree coolant running through it. Without the coolant, it doesn't actually touch any other metal (the intake is polymer and probably not a strong heat conductor). But I'd imagine the radiant heat would still warm it up a bit. Just had to nitpick. ;)
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    With no heat from the coolant, the throttle body would be near the incoming air temperature. I think the heating is done mainly for reducing emissions and probably at idle.
  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293 This is a aftermarket multiport body with explanation for the various hookups so it may not be directly applicable tp the northstar but I thouight it was still interesting as it is an air meter only.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    It does say that the coolant heat reduces icing but seems to say that icing could still be a problem. Actually, there could be icing in the manifold itself if it were cold enough.
  • ffreysffreys Posts: 12
    Hi everyone...just purchased a 95 with autobahn package?...door sticker says V rated tires....73,500 miles from original owner......paid $ is mint and runs great....color is champagne...has had a FPR..water computer?...done under warranty by previous owner....I know this because the rear seat belts wouldn't retract and I read a recall notice for them...the dealer replaced them for free and gave me a maintence history of the vehicle...said it was owned by an older couple and that it was a "good one" now I am drawing on all of your vast wealth of knowledge on what to do next.....IE:..preventive maintence..performance mods.....etc....any and all suggestions are appreciated.......have about $5000...
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    I'm sure you will enjoy your car. Preventive maintenance is all pretty much common sense with the Aurora. If you change your own oil, do some searching here for how to read the dipstick. It seems the '95s were particularly tricky. The car only takes 7.5 quarts of oil, so that is all you should put in regardless of how the stick reads.

    There is a mods board which isn't too full and should be good reading (couple hundred posts vs the thousands here). Welcome!
  • garnesgarnes Posts: 950
    Yep, go to the mods discussion.

    Also, you can go to

    They posted some stuff I've done on my 98 Aurora regarding airbox mods and throttle body work. It includes pictures and dyno graphs too. Several guys here have made some good modifications.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Thanks for the link Hammen... What a shame there will be no more new Auroras...

    I was washing my car today when one of the neighbors stopped by (to ask if I washed cars for a living as I'm always doing it). She commented on how nice my car looked and then said "is that a Toyota Aurora?". I told her it wasn't but to try to guess who made it. She guessed Acura next, then Infiniti. She was a bit surprised when I mentioned it was an Oldsmobile. It's a real shame most people wouldn't even know where to go to buy one if they were interested in it... I know most of the Olds models aren't going to be passed on to other lineups, and here's to hoping their marketing isn't passed on to anyone inside GM either...
  • ffreysffreys Posts: 12
    just a little more info to add to my earlier post #4177......I am 41....recovering from ACL replacement surgery...and now the bad in sunny southern California......
  • I have a question for you HAMMEN2(or anyone else who would like to answer).

    How can GM be finished with the buildout of the Aurora when they specifically say on the OLDS website that they will build the last ones in MAY 2003? According to the article, they have finished the buildout 2 months early. Also, from what I have seen on the OLDS website, they did not do that with the Intrigue. They built the last one on June (14) 2002 as they said.

    The reason I question this is because I am working on purchasing a Collector's Edition and wanted to order one of the last few if possible. I have a deposit down with a dealer for one and they have said nothing about this. Basically, I am questioning the validity of the article.

    If it is true, I am going to be one highly ticked off customer!!!

    Thanks for any insight anyone can give about this to alleviate my fears and anger.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I think Olds' web site is inaccurate, and that the Orion plant is done with the Final 500. I was checking out the web site of the dealership where my car was delivered to its original owner (Suburban Olds in Troy, MI - ), and they clain to have 2 Final 500 Auroras in their inventory (Dark Cherry paint - click on More Info to get the package details).

    Remember, it can take upwards of a month for a car to make it from a factory to the dealership (though, in the above case, it's only an hour or so drive). I would go to the dealership where you placed your deposit and ask them to put in writing that they're getting a Final 500, and their estimated delivery date. They may want you to write up a sales contract. If they can't/won't give you this info, I'd suggest dealing with a different dealership. Where are you located? You might call Olds to see if they can refer you to a dealership that will get one of the 500's (I'm presuming that only a handful of Olds dealers will)...

    Hope this helps,

  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    On the Collector's Edition part of the Olds website, they mention March as the date of Final 500 production.

    There is also a link about "where to get one". That lists a bunch of dealers that are scheduled to get them. If yours isn't on there, you may want to at least look into it.
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