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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    sorry my mistake. you are right. I was thinking PCV valve. Major difference between that and EGR.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    The Caddy dealer near me says the EGR valve needs replacing and quoted me $250.00/2hrs.
  • autobahn95autobahn95 Posts: 62
    i would be very interested in signing up to an owner's club. it's a great idea.
    please keep us posted as to when you set it up.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Personally, I am not interested in an owners club because I think it is easier to see what people are saying by just checking this one forum as opposed to multiple folders. This topic does not post at the same rate as say the Bonneville board (close to 1500 postings), so I am not sure that we gain anything by spliting up the postings into different subtopics.

  • seegirtseegirt Posts: 9
    It was an EGR valve and I had it replaced by the Cadillac Olds dealer. He diagnosed it in a heartbeat. The cost of the part was something like $265. I like the no nonsense,quick service so I don't price shop for it. $265 and two hours at about $80/hr. ...pricey but not out of control.
    Of course you can buy the part and replace it yourself assuming you have figured out what went wrong and what to replace to fix it.I guess if I knew that, I'd be mechanic.

    The fuel pressure when that was on the blink, the car ran once started, but was difficult to start and once it did, you saw and smelled it.
  • dharnettdharnett Posts: 1
    You guys run a great forum but it's taking me too long to read through the thousands of messages so I'd like to tap into your infinite wisdom directly:
    I want an Aurora and am considering a 98 with 100k "executive/highway" miles (Mileage doesn't scare me; my Lumina has 200k+). The price seems ok. It's loaded with every available option. Other than the fact that it's white, it's my dream car. Any thoughts or warnings before I take the plunge?
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Consider an extended warrenty. Might be hard to find with those miles. The Aurora is for the most part a reliable car but can be costly to repair. I didn't get a extended warrenty but I'm saving a little bit of money on the side incase something does happen.

    I think it was Henry or Zinc that mentioned checking the black plastic piece under the front bumpe for cracks/abuse. That will give you some sort of an idea as to how well the previous owner took care of it/drove it.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    Ok, out of the couple months I've owned my car I've came up with a hit and miss list for the Classic Aurora.

    Most everything you could ask for in a car comes standard.
    4.0 DOHC 32 Valve 250hp
    The whole engine/tranny combo is perfection.
    The doors look sweet when open due to the framless door.(not sure what to call it.)
    Trunk hinges are mounted where it wont hit on objects in the trunk. (great for speaker boxes)
    The battery under the back seat.
    It's aerodynamic looks
    The DIC.
    The mounting posistion of the trunk release, fuel door, and the seat posistions.
    Seats are comfortable and the middle console in the back is pretty nifty.
    Ciggerette lighters in all ashtrays.
    The leather or the side of the doors is cool

    Back gets sweaty from the leather in the summer. A/C seats would be nice.
    Middle console seems in akward place. Hard to organize things in there. (Maybe its just me)
    front seat cup holders seem a little too cheap.
    The tail lights dont light up all the way across. When lights are off dont really notice it.
    The rear plastic blower directors broke in my car too easy. (I often have 5 people in my car.)
    Would of been nice to be RWD.
    Cant turn off a/c when front defoggers are on.
    Cars wieght it a lil on the hefty side.
    Would of liked to see a different option for rims.
    I dont like where they mounted the speakers. Would of liked to see the tweeters in the dash or at least angled differently and 3 1/2's (I think thats what they are) mounted a little differently. (More angled towards the person sitting in the corisponding seat.)
    Turning ratio could be a little better but not much
    Magnasteer. Im the type of person that likes to feel the road. Can be a bit too easy to steer.
    The seek button on the turning wheel - Can go up a track but not down a track.
    Heated seats for the back passengers.

    All Iv'e come up with for now. I have to get back to work or boss is gonna kill me.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Okay, I have one "yea" and one "nay" so far.

    Henry, I promise it won't be hard to keep up with the posts in different discussions if you just "Subscribe" to the whole Owners folder, then use "Read Subscriptions" to read the new posts.

    It gives you an opportunity to have regularly scheduled live chats, if you want to do so. And a separate topic in which you can post pictures, which are then more easily accessible as time goes on. That would also be true for a maintenance topic or any other subdivision of this conversation you might choose to have.

    As most of you have probably discovered, it is very difficult to search through previous postings here on our new platform. Many of the folks in the owners club are enjoying have smaller, more focused discussions in which to "store" information that can be easily retrieved at a later date.

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts - I certainly don't mean to push anyone into anything you aren't interested in. Just feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I have a question- there is a red light strip on the rear hindquarters of my Aurora. I thought it was activated with the turn signals, but it doesn't. So I tried the rear foglights- nothing either. What does that strip do? It doesn't look like a reflector strip, and it doesn't reflect at night, so what is it?~ A.R.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    Aurora with spoiler rear view.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I do not have the 2K1, but I would guess that the strip is the top mounted brake light. this would explain why it never lights up for you since no one is pressing the break.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    My alarm has a bypass switch under the dash towards the floor board. Am I the only one that has this??? The dealership that I purchased the car from had a habit of doing wierd things to the alarm system. The bypass switch looks like a toggle switch. Also, recently, my security light came on while I was driving. Has this ever happened to any of you Classic guys/gals????

    By the way, are there any women in this forum???

    Come on Ladies speak up!!!
  • wingnut396wingnut396 Posts: 50
    Hi all,

    I am about to do a front brake job on my 98. I checked at autozone, oreilly, etc.. and can get OEM rotors for about 40-60 bucks. On, I found what look to be nice vented, hi performance rotors for about 120.

    Should I expect to be changing rotors often? The only reason I have to change this one is that a pad or something broke and I now have a big gouge in the left front rotor.

    Any ideas on pads as well. Thanks all

    to Pat, I like the idea of an owners page. Another vote for yes....
  • dslay2dslay2 Posts: 11
    If you have a Classic, and your are talking about the rear quarters these strips are lights
  • autobahn95autobahn95 Posts: 62
    i am also looking for front rotors and pads.i have a 95 Classic. i haven't been out pricing yet. my right front rotor is fine, but my left front is also gouged slightly on the outside only. i have found slotted rotors at they are 90$ each. i haven't seen anything yet on decent brake pads. please keep us updated as to what you find out.
  • dishwishdishwish Posts: 11
    To: Hardesty & Zinc....... Thanks for the input on the pedal buzz (re# 872-873-874-886). I am still tempted to take it to another dealer and have their mechanic take a drive and see if they say the same thing, "That is normal in all Auroras". Will keep you posted.

    To you with the "autobahn package"....... If you want to hit 139mph, come to North Dakota. The highways, are with stretches of 30 to 40 miles, with no curves, no traffic, no stop lights, and hardly any highway patrol. The only thing you might have to watch out for, are the deer.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    No I am talking about the 2K1. But that would make sense Henry. I'll have to have someone step on the brake and look for myself. Thanks~ A.R.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The LEDs at the top of the rear window are the CHMSL (center high mounted stop lamp). If you have not yet seen this thing on, you should know that there can be no doubt in the mind of anyone behind you that you are on the brakes. The small red strips on the lower rear sides are reflectors only, no lights. The tail lights are visible from the side and act as side marker lights. I am considering putting lights behind the reflectors just give a consistent look, to match the front amber side lights. Just for fun, on a really dark night, turn on the rear fog lights. You will find out why the owner's manual says not to turn them on unless it is really foggy. From my driveway, these things turn the white house across the street bright red.
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    Well, I've owned my '95 for just over 2 weeks now and have put nearly 1700 miles on it, mostly on Florida interstates with the cruise control set just under 80 MPH.

    My first observations / questions:

    -The car drives great. Engine is strong and pulls solidly and smoothly up through 90+ (haven't gone any faster yet).
    -Gas mileage is not great, but not bad either. According to the DIC I'm getting about 21-22 at 80MPH.
    -I had a fairly severe shimmy at speeds over 70. Went back to the dealer and they put on a new set of Continental ContiTouring(?) tires. Seems to have fixed it. Rock solid (if not somewhat softly sprung) at 80+.
    -Bose stereo is excellent and the steering mounted controls make it real easy to manage around the cell phone (car kit mounted, of course).
    -Seats are generally comfortable,-with every adjustment imaginable - but allow for little or no air circulation (see below)
    -Brakes are excellent. Dealership put new brakes all around when I bought it. Pedal is solid and the car stops. quickly (especially for it's size).
    -DIC is a GREAT TOY

    Minor gripes / areas to modify:

    -The car is sprung somewhat soft for my taste. Maybe the shocks are worn (51K miles)? It has the rear load leveling suspension so I suspect there aren't shocks back there. What is the recommendation for a good set of gas shocks up front? What can be done to stiffen up the rear?
    -I'll probably replace the anti-sway bar w/ a '97/'98 set. Thanks Henri for that suggestion. I think with the stiffer ASBs and stiffer shocks, the ride will be much improved.
    -After 3-4 hours in the car, the back of my pants/thighs are soaked w/ sweat from the seats. Very embarrising when you walk in to that important business meeting. :-( Does anyone have any recommendations for seat covers/cushions that might make it more comfortable without looking too bad?
    - Yes, the cup holders are original and suck. Thanks again, Henri for the heads up. They're on my list to be updated.
    -Front cover/bra. I've spent too much time already cleaning bugs and stuff off the front of the car, due to my highway driving. Anyone got a recommendation for a front cover or bra to protect the nose? Does oldsmobile sell one and/or do other companies make a custom fit for the Aurora?

    All in all, when you you consider that for (in my case) $11K I bought a car with only 50K miles, the styling, performance and potential of the Aurora, you can bet I'm pleased.

    Thanks to everyone for their posts. Even when all I do is lurk, it's a wealth of info.

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