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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • To the tune of one of the songs from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

    "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go."

    Seriously, I removed the front licence plate and frame from my Aurora about 18 months ago. I carry it in the trunk and hope I am successful in any conversation I may have with a gendarme.

    There are four mounting screws. Two go into the bumper fascia at the recess. The other two go into the dark gray "ground effects" panel; I don't know what else to call it. Because my Aurora is black, the holes are not very noticeable. I'd like to find some small rubber or plastic plugs to fill in the holes. I cannot fill them in permanently as my state has required inspections, and I will need to mount the front licence plate to pass.
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    I have the pleasure of having my 1996 registered under AURORAN. The special plate AURORA was already issued in my state. On the front I have an AURORA gold letter plate with the Oldsmobile insigna to match my gold package. Have 68,000
    miles, purchased new. Replaced water pump and
    headlight module (lights flickering on/off). Still
    have original battery. Any knowledge of battery
    life span by any reader?
  • My 1997 Aurora has two 1.5-inch-diameter plastic plugs on either side of its rear deck lid. By removing the one on the driver's side and peering inside, I see something that looks similar to a lamp socket with two black wires coming out of it; it is located about eight inches from the left edge of the deck lid. I cannot find this component in the factory service manual nor parts microfiche.

    Do any of you know what it is? There were several posts awhile back about illuminating the center deck-lid panel. When I saw this thing, I immediately assumed it might be for illumination. But with there being only one and not centrally mounted, it doesn't seem likely.
  • worldii2,

    I, too, have been wondering about my original battery. My Aurora is a 1997, so the battery is almost five years old. My experience with batteries, over almost 40 years of driving, is that five years is close to an upper limit on longevity. But I have never owned a car with its battery under the rear seat -- a very benign environment.

    I haven't decided if I should replace the battery based on past experience, or just wait for it to fail. Also, are there any replacement batteries available other than AC Delco?
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    I would be curious to hear what comes of this. My 98 seems to do this a little. It's between 2000 and 3000 RPMs while accelerating. Can't tell if it's the tranny slipping or engine dropping out. Anyone else had this?
  • I seem to have this problem when I desperately need gas and end up stopping at a Circle K or other discount gas outlet. After I put some quaility Chevron/Exxon/Texaco gas in it, it clears up.

    Wierd, this is the only car I have had to worry about gas in...
  • Just talked to an associate of mine over in the Houston area. He is a big Fiero fan. A friend of his is trying to sell a streched Fiero with caddy northstar in it. He was prepping it for a Ferrari rebody. Imagine what fun it would be to drive a little car like that with something much better than the little 4 bangers they normally came with.
  • matrixfrogmatrixfrog Posts: 181
    My 98 also has this problem. Seems like a lot of people have this problem. (Where's the recall?) I have not replaced anything cause I have a feeling if I do I will be stuck in the same boat as the rest who have replaced everything it could be but it still is surging. Has anyone taken theres to the shop and hooked it up to a computer? Seems like that would be able to pin point the problem. Anyways my car started doing this a month after I had it. Just recently it started running perfect for a period of a week but then it returned to it's old self. If it were any other car you would probably be able to notice it a lot more. Theres my 2 cents.
  • zinc1,

    I have taken some photos of my Aurora that I'd like to email to you. I will scan them when I get them back from the processor (no digital for me yet). What file type(s) and file size can you use? If this info is already available on your web site, I apologize for not finding it.
  • jimr97jimr97 Posts: 13
    My 97 has a single CD player in the dash as well as a changer in the trunk. The changer works fine, but when I put a CD in the in-dash unit it takes the CD in, thinks about it for about 5 seconds, then ejects it and displays E22. Anyone know what this error is?

    On another note, I heard a rumor that the Aurora's 4.0 will be an option on the 2002 Intrigue. Can anyone confirm this?
  • silotwosilotwo Posts: 27
    Thanks to all who responded. Learned that the E23 error code means "internal vehichle/radio communication problem". Of course, once I found a shop that can repair these, as soon as the tech started the car everything worked fine. Need to wait until I get the code again for them to diagnose it. Also learned that units for the 00/01 model year are a direct fit, cost $ 510.00 factory new.

    Anyone know how to remove and replace the Radio, heard it is pretty simple but don't know what to take apart first.

    Had my front plate bracket removed by the dealer, they put two plastic plugs in, wrong color, but at least they put them in, perhaps a gm parts department can find them.

    Have to say, I haven't looked forward to driving a car like I do the 95 since the days of my Porsche 911 and my 69 Vette. (pre wife and kids) Jonesing to get home just to drive the 95 home from the airport, too bad it spends more time parked than it does on the road.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    blk97aurora - I can deal with any format you send, I wouldn't suggest GIF files though, as they're 256 colors and look pretty bad. I convert everything to JPG, resizing and slightly enhancing them when necessary. Send as many images as you like - those black Auroras are nice :)

    Oh, but Hotmail has a size limit. Send me an email at and I'll give you another email address for sending files.
  • zinc1zinc1 Posts: 133
    silotwo - I only get the E23 error when I put a homemade CD in. And then it takes a few tracks before it seems to lose its place.

    When I remove the unit I first take out the center air vent (oval vent left of glove box) by gently prying it out with a flat screwdriver. You can access the right side snaps for the molding around the CD/Radio once it's out. I've always had to just 'work' the left side snaps loose as I haven't been able to get to them (be warned: the plastic snaps can break easily) . After that's off there are a couple of screws mounting the unit. When you remove those and pull the unit out a little you can get to the connectors and you're done.
  • pizza442pizza442 Posts: 110
    With all this talk about the original battery, I was wondering about my 95's as I have only had the car coming up on a year and have a feeling it is original. Since this was mentioned, the car has seemed to start a little slower the last couple of times and my wife told me tonight that it started slow and the DIC said low battery-something.4 volts! I will price a new Delco through my wholesale buddy at the dealer tomorrow.
  • pizza442pizza442 Posts: 110
    All my repairs were done at the dealer (Buick-Pontiac though) They did give it to the Olds/Caddy dealer for this problem early on and they gave the common "plugs and wires" answer without really checking it. Apparently this is a common Northstar problem and is visible by carbon tracking on the plugs. There is an updated plug for these engines now. Of course this did not fix my problem, went to the Caddy/Olds dealer myself and took a ride with their 25 year vet tune-up tech who couldn't notice the surge and later said that everything is performing within specs on the Tech scanner. All these guys need to do is isolate it to either timing/electrical, or fuel related through the use of a gauge on the fuel line or monitor the O2 sensor, or throttle position sensor,or fuel-air mixture, or the timing, at the time of surge---one of these is fluctuating!!
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    My royal subjects:

    Hey Neo!- Welcome back Matrixfrog. I take it from the resumption of your regular postings that you are back from summer vacation.

    Silotwo - the continuation: You know You Are Obsessed with your car when . . . You post a message that reads you are

    "Jonesing to get home just to drive
    the 95 home from the airport".
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    I am curious on the cost of a battery for Aurora.
    Was quoted $150.00 over a year ago. Your normal
    parts store do not have those batteries in stock.
    Also, they have a unique shape. Since I have a 1996 Aurora, I frequently check the DIC regarding
    voltage info. Vehicle has original battery. My
    concern is instant failure in the land of no where because of the battery longevity. Purchased vehicle new in August 1996.
  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    So is it the general consensus that this is due to bad gas? Car being picky about gas? 98 only problem? Just curious to see what all peaople have tried to get rid of this. Mine hadn't done it until recently.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    My 98 Aurora doesn't surge (or I haven't noticed). I've had it 3 years now. I did have trouble starting it for a while when the fuel pressure regulator was leaking. I made a quick trip earlier this week and it cruised at just under 80 the whole way. (25.5 mpg going and 27.5 back: head and tail wind difference) I use pure gasoline (not alcohol) and we don't have smog here.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    Are you running in power mode? I'm not sure what you mean by surging. On this trip I just took, the engine was ticking over at 2400 RPM's with the torque converter locked - mile after mile. Except when passing. (3000 = just under 100 by the way)
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