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Acura TL vs Honda Accord



  • maryg2maryg2 Posts: 33
    Hope you didn't buy your EX or TL yet, as interest rates just went down!

    I got an EX-6 last week, and I love it. Feels great, much improved over the '96 LX I was driving. However, I did pop into a couple of Acura showrooms and was blown away by the TL and CL. They just seemed so much more luxurious. Since the EX was a stretch for me, I could not afford the extra $4,000 for an Acura. However, if it won't mean going into hock, and you love the TL, I'd go for it. It just isn't worth doing without anything really important, like food, rent, or the kids' education.
  • gpsabagpsaba Posts: 2
    I noticed that the oil recommended for the new Honda is 5-20W. Is this also recommended for the Acura? Would it hurt to use the more available 5-30W oil?
    By the way, the arguments between the Acura and Honda are pretty much the same as the Infinity QX4 and the Pathfinder. They all are great cars and all offer features that slightly separate them but be glad that they are what they are which are great reliable cars.
  • Hi
    Whats a good price for the Acura 3.2 TL, have any of you bought one in dallas/austin area?

  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Yes, I thought that the 99CL was an overpriced accord coupe, but I would not say the same thing about the 2001 CL. You have to see how much contents/features that you are getting for the car that you want. I am happy with my purchase and I can afford without breaking into my savings so I'd be singing praises about my car when and if it misbehaves :)

    Thank god that it takes all kinds of people so that we all don't drive the same boring cars!!!
  • sstechsstech Posts: 5
    I am wondering whether any Honda Accord owners installed DVD-based Navigation System. The only reason I am leaning towards Acura 3.2 TL is for the navigation system. If I can get a navigation system from any source, I would like to buy Accord Ex6 instead of Acura 3.2TL.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • jay102jay102 Posts: 2
    I realize that this area is posted most frequently by Honda Lovers, but I have a question that is posted on other sites also and I am interested in your thoughts.

    We will be purchasing a new car for my wife soon, and have currently narrowed it down to a Maxima, EXV6 Accord, or V6 Carry. You guys tell me why I should pick the Accord.

    Thanks for any information...
  • Jay, I understand you own a Nissan, so please know that I offer the following with your best interests in mind.

    Several years ago, I was involved in making sales training films for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

    I was attending a gathering of the top 100 Toyota dealers in the US. The speaker was the President of TMS, USA, Inc. He said, "We are number one. We are number one because: Volkswagen can't get their labor costs in line, because Nissan can't build a quality product, and because Honda can't build them fast enough."

    Things in this business change rapidly but I think this is still a good insight.
  • The only significant difference I saw in the Maxima, Camry and Honda EXV6 was that the Honda uses regular fuel. So, you save $150-200 per year in fuel costs. However, what it comes down to is how you feel about the car handling and comfort. I didn't like the handling of the Maxima - it just wasn't what I was used to I guess. The Camry has the mechanism for cruise control mounted to the steering wheel right where I normally hold my right hand, so on the test drive I kept hitting my knuckles.

    All are great cars so don't think you could go wrong. Our 2 choices came down to Honda or Acura TL - and bought the TL. Yes, we use premium fuel, but we thought the front seats were a little more comfortable, and heated. You also see lots less on the road, so you don't look like a caravan going down the interstate. :)
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    If I were you, I'd ask the wife first what she thinks about the stylings of those cars :) You might want to wait for the Maxima to come out witht the 3.5 engine.. if you can afford to wait. My brother sold his 98 Camry because he thought the paint really sux... my family has good lucks with Maximas... errrr, just transmissions problems with the older engine/transmission. So I suppose an Accord would be a good choice since it is reliable, high resale value, decent performance.

    But for this topic, I'd pick the 3.2TL over the Accord for both looks and performance.... service (I don't mind paying for good service.... kinda like some people would buy only Dell computers for their services... hahaha)
  • blexv6blexv6 Posts: 9
    Regarding the popping noise on the TL. I have a 1998 EXV6 and I believe this noise is the A/C coming on VIA the automatic climate control.These cars are somewhat similar, built at the same plant and use many common parts and platform.
  • ftm1ftm1 Posts: 21
    I agree with blexv6 about the climate control system. I have a 2000TL Navi purchased 12/28/99.
    When I got the car last winter I was not that familiar with the climate system of this car. I would have the system in auto mode most of the time.I would crank up the car & hear a pop noise from under the hood.This sound was not heard when the weather became warmer. This winter I keep the system in manual & Temp set to 80 fan speed on 1or2 A/C is off. The sound has not been heard this winter at all. The Accord & TL share many parts & the platform is the same.Somepeople say its an overpriced Accord but I don't think so.
    The TL has different sheetmetal & there are many other not seen things that make them differ.The cars also differ in the thing that many people forget.The thing that many forget is Accord EX V6 4DR is family sedan/ 3.2 TL is Entry Level Luxury Sedan.
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    I'm ready to down size from a Toyota Sienna to either a Toyota Camry, Acura 3.2TL or Lexus ES300. My wants are simple: a car that is reliable, comfortable, quiet and has good resale value. These three seem to fit the bill. I'm leaning towards the Lexus, but would like further input. I really wish these vehicles had exciting, unique appearances, but they are all about the same.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Since your wants for a new car are simple then I would suggest you get the Camry, but that's not what this topic is about. Sure, you would get a better resale for a Camry or Accord than a TL or an ES300. It's just a matter of depreciation of most cars. You might be selecting between those three cars for other intangibles. You can be sure that some people will say that the Lexus is an overpackaged Camry, but it is nicely packaged. Depending on how much enjoyable a driving experience that you want, then a Lexus would be better over a Camry. I'd have a tough time choosing between a Lexus and the Acura. You'd get better value with the Acura, but I think that you should give yourself nice long test drives on both cars before you decide to negotiate.... happy buying :)
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I would wait for 6 months if you are not too much in a hurry to get a new car.

    Camry/Accord/TL/ES300 are all tried and true, none are bad cars, and one point or the other were the bench marks for the other.

    But 2 of your choices are being redesigned at this very moment. Camry and Lexus ES300 are under going a total redesign, both are due out late this summer.

    If you are willing to wait until more 6 months, you have little more of an option, not to mention more bargain room.
  • I would be curious to hear what TL owners have to say about the overall fit and finish and build quality of their cars. I just traded in my '98 Accord V-6 EX and was consistently disappointed by its mediocre quality compared to every other Honda I have ever driven (including my ancient '84 Accord, which with 206,000 miles felt more solid than my '98). I have owned 2 Accords and an Integra GS-R, and my family has owned 2 Legends and innumerable Accords, and all were much nicer than my '98.

    I was motivated to ditch it after the driver's seat began to self-destruct (I weigh 200 pounds; we are not talking about Godzilla here, and the car had ~40K miles) and I was told it needed to have the entire seat base replaced because some rivets had worked loose, at a cost of $600. Honestly the car never thrilled me anyway; its tons of nose dive on braking, very slow steering, just-OK stereo and too-flat seats always bugged me, and it exhibited questionable panel fit and a rather squeaky, rattly interior for a fairly new car.

    This experience has soured me on American-made Hondas, and I understand the TLs are now made in Ohio. Is this true? Can anyone with 30,000 + miles on a TL comment on the build quality? I am inclined to buy a Maxima SE (I strongly prefer a manual tranny), but I am curious about the TL as well.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I happened to be browsing this topic when I caught your post on "TL or Maxima"?

    For what it's worth, I just turned 100,000 miles on my (Japanese built) 1995 Maxima SE (5-speed) and thought I'd repeat a post I made in the Maxima section last week:

    Overall MPG = 24.13 (28+/- mpg at 70 mph)

    Total service costs = $3,091 (taken to dealer every 7,500 miles through 75k; every 15,000 miles since; oil changed by me every 4,000 miles)
    Original front brakes lasted 92,000 miles. Original Goodyear performance tires lasted 57,000 miles.

    Major repairs = NONE - headlignt bulbs and windshild wipers about it.

    Every indication is that this car is running stronger and looking better at 100k miles than my previous Toyota (Supra), Honda (Accord) and Acuras (Integra & Legend) did at 40k.

    I don't know if current Maximas are made in the US or Japan, but my Japanese built one seems to have been a far better choice than the cheaper US built Camry or Accord I was considering 6 years ago. Not only has the car held up extraordinarily well, it's still fun to drive and as quick as it was brand new. I am likely to purchase a BMW 540i 6-speed later this year, but will probably keep the Maxima rather than trade it in just because of how well its treated me.

    Good luck on your decision.
  • I have a 2000 Accord EX. I love it except the less power and big noice. I am thinking of trade in it for a new TL. Anyone can give me some idea, like how much should I pay extra for the upgrade?
  • Thanks for the advice. I picked up my Maxima SE tonight (Sterling Mist w/ frost leather, 5-spd, Bose, and Comfort and Convenience pkg), and am absolutely psyched (largely because I ditched the Accord). The car is gorgeous and feels much more substantial and perky than my Accord.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    How much did you pay for the Maxima? My guess is it stickered for $2-3K more than the top of the line Accord (adding the options you mentioned). You do get a few more things than an Accord has but you paid for it. The final price was probably closer to a TL than an Accord, unfair to compare.
  • I got the Max for ~$25.5 out the door (had to trade in the Accord so it is impossible to fix an exact value). I got a good trade-in value on my Accord as well.

    My old Accord had substantially the same equipment, though the Max has features Honda did not offer to my knowledge (17" wheels, power passenger seat, premium stereo, manual tranny, auto-dimming rear view, external temperature indicator) and several standard features that were dealer add-ons on the Accord (stainless exhaust tips, fog lights, spoiler). Keep in mind, my Accord was a '98, and for all I know these things are available now.

    I did not pay a destination charge and got the leather package (which also includes auto climate control) for way below invoice ($800) because I initially asked for cloth and it was unavailable. I was ambivalent about leather after the very stiff, vinylly leather on my Accord; the Max has much softer, more natural-feeling leather. I think the deal on the leather actually pushed me below invoice.

    I honestly do not know how this price compares to Acura/Honda pricing, as I was so turned-off by my Accord that I would not have shopped these cars. It's too bad, as my previous experiences with Honda have always been great.
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