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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala

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  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    About time...
  • Talked to Matt tonight on the phone. He is having trouble with his pc. Something is wrong with his monitor. So he asked me to tell you all that his teacher came up with another one in class. He said that you could special order an Impala with a V8 in it. Matt wanted to tell him really bad how wrong he was but kept his mouth shut so as not to lose any points with the teach. His teacher is adamant that all GM cars are made in Mexico and that the GM people are trying to cover it up with the vin numbers and all the stickers on the cars that say they are made in Canada. Just passing this along. Some teachers should do their research before becoming Great Buffoons in their classrooms.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    what other wrong ideas this teacher has and is insisting are true.

    The whole point of life long learning is that at whatever age you find yourself, you can always learn something from someone older or younger than yourself and must not be adamant that you are the living personification of absolute truth.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    That's one of my personal favorites. Would love to get that with the parchment leather interior.

    I am driving that old 1990 Cr Vic (actually the Gr Marquis sister) now - with 140K on it. Every morning I look out the window to the driveway to see if perchance it may have morphed overnight into a new Impala LS (alas - it's a stubborn beast!) Hope to replace it next yr with what you are driving today. Guess I won't wait for you to get done with yours and then buy it used - but I will look for lease returns mid next yr and see what's avaiable.

    Enjoy your LS ride. Glad you're getting at least one decent perk for the risks you take.

  • This morning I dug out my can of spray static killer and did the inside of my coat (it's fleece), my mittens (also fleece) and THE FRONT SEAT OF MY IMPALA!!! And it WORKED. So far today I've had no zaps. It's cold here (for us anyway, 30-42 degrees for the day) and VERY dry, so the static charge is killer. I can feel the stings on my hands all day long.

    If this really works all day, I'll let you know.
  • I am close to changing the oil in my Impala LS and I was wondering what brands of oil are everyone using and is it synthetic?

    I took a trip last week on Friday to a Mississippi state high school championship game and I averaged 28.3 mpg. This car is great. When I was driving at 70 mph on the interstate, the car handles great and you can hardly tell that you are traveling that fast. Thanks for all responses to the oil question. May all have a terrific day!
  • Do yourself a favor and use nothing but Mobile 1 Synthetic and AC Delco Filter. This is what comes in the Corvette from the factory.
    Just turned 2600 miles on my 2001 LS. Running great.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I have been using nothing but Dino oil for the last 12,000 question is it too late for me too change to Mobil 1 Synthetic? Are there any benefits in doing so at this point?

    I have checked my oil level every 3000 miles and the 3800 doesn't use a drop of oil!
  • cabellocabello Posts: 101
    Hello, Everybody just wanting to let you know that I have reached the 27,000 mile mark with no major problems. Does anybody know where I can buy a K&N filter cheaper than Autozone? They have them @ $39.00. My Impals uses exactly 1/2 quart of oil every 3000 miles! Must be the way I drive, A lot of highway miles @ 70-75 miles an hour...
  • cabellocabello Posts: 101
    By the way here is my page, so you can see my Impala Pictures.
  • Welcome to the new place everybody!

    I am just turning 21k on my LS and am planning on an oil change. Gonna use Mobil 1 Synth and AC Delco filter. Also going to the K&N filter and possibly changing the muffler to a Flowmaster 50.

    BTW...The dealer got the part in and the new steering shaft goes in tomorrow am. It's gotten a little bit worse over the last 2 weeks so it will be great to have that fixed.

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Oil, dyno and synthethic, is/was discussed on the following boards:**

    In short:

    Syntetic oil is better than the dyno one, but also more expensive, and not so easy available at the quick lube next door.

    Synthetic oil is necessary in cold regions, like some parts of Canada, Alaska, etc. Where the temperature often falls below -20F or so (-30C).

    There is no sense to use the expensive synthetic if you drive a lot through dusty places, like construction sites or some deserts. Then you have to change oil very often anyway, as often as every 1-1.5k miles, simply to remove the dust from engine.

    About the same with new engine: it produces metallic and silicon particles itself during break-in period. A bit more friction with dyno oil does not hurt and probably even helps to break-in. A lot of people are suggesting switching to synthetic not earlier than at 5k to 10k miles or so. Except with some sporty engines, factory-filled with synthetic.

    Some very old engines can start leaking oil after switching to synthetic. It depends on the state of its seals, gaskets, etc. Not all engines, but this happens often after 100k miles or so. But not problem with switching at 50k or so. Personally, I started using synthetic with my Malibu immediately after its warranty expired, 3 year / 36k miles.

    In all other cases both synthetic and dyno have its pro and contra. The jury is still out.

    Synthetic is clearly better when starting the engine in a cold winter morning. But the right dyno is OK too. And this is irrelevant in the Southern states, e.g. California or Florida.

    The synthetic oil does not break-up fast, and can be changed less often. Not every 3k miles / 3 months, but something like 5k / 6 month. Or, in case of Impala LS or Buick Regal, etc., according to the recommendations of the car computer. Probably, even less frequent changes is OK, up to 15k miles / one year and even longer, but who would risk? And, any case, the oil filter must be changed every 6 months / 7.5k miles.

    Synthetic is still more expensive even with unfrequent changes. Something like $30 every 6 months, vs. $10 every 3 months. The price is for consumables only: 4.5-5 quarts of Mobil 1 oil and the Pure One filter. With less frequent changes you need a better oil filter. Not a $3 one, but $6-$10. Pure One, Delco Ultra, etc.

    However, it does pay if you take in account the price of labor and/or especially your own time. I believe, the time is substantially more valuable, than the $10 difference.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Thanks for the very detailed expalantion!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    GMAC is currently offering a 5.9% finance rate loan for 36 months. Also a 7.9% is being offered for a 60 month installment loan.
  • GMAC(CANADA) is offering 0.9% up to 48 months (financing loan) for the 2001 Impala. Wish we had waited, ours is at 4.9%. I believe the lease rate for the 2001 model is 408/month.
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Thanks cobraa for passing along what my teacher said , and for tellin about my computer probs , i am back online now , basiclly a loose wire . thanks-------mattmcdill
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Here in Phoenix we are considered a high dust area, and I would take exception to the idea that we should change the oil every 1 to 1.5k interval. I say this for one reason only, every podunk oil change outfit in the state would be harping on how you should change your oil that often! I personally would rather stick to the factory recommended interval of 7.5 k but have been doing it at 3k anyway. I figure with the K&N eating up most of the dust, I shouldn't have to worry too much about dusty conditions. I really think if this was a problem (dusty conditions) that some outfit would at least try to convince folks they should change thier oil more often...Responses?
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    In the world. Taking care of a vehicle is the cheapest mechanic there is.

    So many ppl let car repairs go till the vehicle needs so much work the car can be completely un-reliable, even dangerous to drive.

    I saw a mid 80's Camaro on US 60 in Phoenix this morning. Every time he hit the brakes in the stop and go traffic the car pulled strongly to the left !

    Modern engines are sealed up very well. Changing oil every 1.5k miles would be unnecessary unless the vehicle is actually on a farm or dirt roads year round.

    Modern oils and filters have vastly improved over the past 10 (or more) years.

    I run my synthetic oil till about 4k miles. Amsoil used to advertise 10k miles between oil changes. But Amsoil also had an additional high filter/low flow filter that you added on to the engine. I do not know if this is still true.

    And for the record I started helping my dad around age 10 repairing, tinkering, building and general working on engines/automobiles. I have owned repair shops off and on over the years............. in January I turn 47
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