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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    For the Filler Cap on the Radiator...Here is what it says in Popular Mechanics 9/01

    Got a plastic-tanked aluminum radiator on your 1999-2000 GM car or light truck? If you do, and the engine runs hot, overheats or looses coolant regularly, the problem may not be the plastic end tank, but an imperfection in the sealing surface of the plastic filler neck where it seals to the gasket on the filler cap. To cure this, lightly sand the filler neck sealing surface wth 400-grit sandpaper and a block of wood to true it up, then replace the filler cap. TSB 00-06-02-001

    I remeber someone having to replace the cap to solve a problem, maybe this was the cuprit? Don
  • Ok, fuel filter and PCV change out... I took photos for a oil change article, but I don't know where I filed that one.

    Did an update last night, including the rust issue. If your warranty is gonna be up soon, you might want to check it out. I'm still considering different fixes and am open to suggestions.

  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    My wife and I were having lunch at Applebees this afternoon, right down the street from the Chevrolet Dealer that fixed my Cradle and ISS, When we were leaving I mentioned stopping by the Dealer to mention the Seeping Valve Cover Gasket, we pulled inside and the Service Director walked over and said hello to me by name, and asked what was up (we did not buy the car there) and I popped the hood and mentioned the oil I saw, he got a flashlght and we took a look, he said to them what he is looking at is "seepage" and if he saw a shiny pool of oil he would say it is leaking, he said that he could not guarantee that in 10K miles the same thing would happen due to vapors and heat and all other degrading forces on the gaskets, but would be ""more than happy"" to ""replace the gasket"" for me under Warranty at my convienence, I made an appt. for 2 weeks from now, I also mentioned the ISS on my Wifes '01 and how we had the selling dealer do the Lube and have been happy ever since, and how my LS with the new Cradle and ISS (from this Dealer) has been holding up fine, He talked about how they were replacing the ISS's as in my LS's case then changed to Lubing them. he told me how the lube all went to one end and that caused the Dry Spline Clunking, he went thru the process of the lube, they take the ISS off the car, put it in a Vise and shoot the Lube into it, he then said (AND I FOUND THIS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST) that they install a "PLUG" to stop the Grease from going all the way from one end to the other and leaving the other end dry, he said this would not need follow up lubes due to the "plug" they put in there during it's time on the bench, so I am unsure if follow up visits will be needed on our '01 or not, he said it should be fine, anyway, I am writing another Positive Letter to this dealership owner as this Service Director is the Nicest guy I have yet encountered,He Explains things and most of all he Listens then lends advice (as he said about the gasket, to them it is seeping (no biggie), but he understands to a customer it is something serious although it can be corrected easily) He checked the Manifold gasket and the Front Valve Cover gasket and they were Fine/Dry... By the Way.... He is the one who ordered the #103 Booster (@ replaced the Cradle and ISS)for me without listening to the Stereo after the Selling Dealer wanted to send my radio off for repairs thinking it was soildered wrong at the factory..Glad I stopped by today! Don
  • Glad you have been having so much fun maintaining the LS! :) I have to get out there this weekend since we will have balmy 50 degree weather. I think I'll try to find the PCV valve and give it a shake or two, as I am not sure if that was part of the 15K maintenance package.

    Also good to hear about the great treatment you received from that Service Director! Sure makes owning an car that much more enjoyable knowing that if any issues surface with the vehicle, they are addresses in a prompt and couteous manner and on the CUSTOMER'S terms.

    My local Chevy dealer is rather pleasant to deal with as well. I think I will drive up there and drop off that CUSTOMER SURVEY card in person. I will get a free lube service out of that. GM must be sticking it to the dealers these days about customer satisfaction judging the way the service department was pressing the importance of a pristine survey result.

    Should work to our (customers) advantage.

    Take care, and keep enjoying those Impalas.

  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    I am glad I could help you find it ! thanks ----------------mattmcdill
  • That is minor surface rust but it is annoying. Coat that area with POR-15. Twenty years from now that coating will still be there.

  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    This has to be the most popular Edmunds Townhall topic of all time. Am I right Shifty?
  • Well it is good to still see all the familiar names, I last checked in around 12/00 as boden213, alot has happened since then moved and a bunch of other stuff, boy did I miss this site. Let me update you all on the 2k impala. Just hit 50k!!! Drove across country @ 31 m.p.g., only problems... blower fan replaced, a.c. condensation on the passengers side, and now the steering wheel kind of pops when turning. No clue on that last one.
    Hope all is well and I will check in daily from now on.
  • It's only the most popular group because half the messages have nothing to do with the Impala.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Half of each message? Or a number equal to half fo all the messages?

    Tee Hee.

    john cline ii who just had to!
  • I replaced my original air filter (@32k miled) with a K&N filter Thursday night. Thus far I haven't noticed any increase in gas mileage, but the throttle does seem more responsive (of course, that may all be phychological - like the way your car is quicker after you wash it!).

    The old filter definitely had an area where you can tell most of the air runs through, a pretty clearly defined black circle on an otherwise off-white filter.

    Question - Has anyone tried putting a cabin air filter into a base model (which didn't originally come with a filter)?
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I just saw the Maytag/Impala commercial that you guys been talking about. I thought it was a cute commercial! They should have more of those funny commercials.

    By the way, I've been looking at the classified ads recently for new autos. One thing I noticed is that the Impala is rarely (if ever) promoted in the ads. With the popular $2002 mfg rebate, you would expect the dealers to exploit ALL GM vehicles. Luckily, the Impala is not heavily discounted. This is a good thing if you're concern about resale value on your Impala.
  • About 30k miles ago I put in a K&N filter, and my wife noticed that the car was more responsive . So you are not noticing anything that is not there considering I still haven't told her I put in a new filter. It was a [non-permissible content removed] to put in though, hugh?
  • Any one replaced the cabin air filter yet? I went looking for mine and the sketch in the manual doesn't look like my LS. My service rep said I have to take off the cowling first. Looks like a lot of work. I will do that today and let you know if I find it.
  • You will not lose any low end torque by opening up your exhaust with a "true" dual exhaust and low restriction mufflers. It is a common misconception that an engine works well with a lot of backpressure. If a car has a "tuned" exhaust, I would hesitate to mess with it. But the overwhelming majority of cars would see a good increase in torque/HP with a true dual exhaust. You will lose low end torque if you went with a larger diameter header/exhaust manifold while keeping the engine relatively stock. Every car at the drag strip runs much better with a wide open exhaust. I know these aren't the same types of cars, but the concept is the same.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Yep. Replaced my cabin filter. Actually the service advisor and I did it. Most of our time was spent looking for the thing!

    It is indeed under the cowling on the passenger side. Takes all of about three minutes to change, and I am a mechanical clutz. You will no doubt take even less time. The filters are expensive, around twenty bucks, if I remember correctly, US!
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    The "BEL-AIR" nameplate is currently on a very sporty, new concept vehicle that is featured on the official Chevy website:

    Despite the press release to the contrary, the new BelAir bears no relationship to the Bel Airs of old but rather is a lot more like the brand new Ford Thunderbirds (only bigger at 191 inches vs Impala at 200). Really sharp.

    Check it out and see for yourself.

  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Why just not replacing it ?
    It's a money grab.
    We breath pollen when we take a walk, when we sleep with the window open etc. etc.
    Of course if you have allergy....
  • The issue with not replacing the cabin filter is that after time, it will cause issues with the air conditioning and heating. It's similar to not replacing your filter in your home air conditioning unit.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Base Intrigues and all GP's have a spot for the filter but it is just not there and can be added no problem.
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