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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • Recently, I noticed an inconsistent starting problem with my 2000 Impala Sedan, V6 3.8L with 57k miles. The problem is that I have gone from turning the ignition key to an immediate startup (no gas pedal applied) to a startup that can crank a few seconds and either then startup or startup and then stall. I've tried a few tanks of fuel injection cleaner and it seemed to help a little but not much.

    Also, I should clarify a few items.
    1. When running in traffic, if I suddenly give it the gas, the car will respond immediately with power and acceleration but it almost seems like something is holding it back. Almost like a professional singer singing with a slightly congested air way. I hope that makes sense.

    2. Since having this problem, I've tried to start the car with and with out the gas being applied and it doesn't seem to matter.

    3. This problem is inconsistent, one time I could have the problem with starting, and then the next it could start like brand new.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Bob
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    take your car to autozone or murrays. They will scan the code for free.
  • Pep Boys will scan it as well.

    Let us know what the problem is/was. Good luck.
  • Have you replaced your fuel filter? It's pretty easy to get to, and might be the problem.
  • lortolorto Posts: 25
    I had a similar problem with my 2001 Impala when it only had about 6,000 miles on it. The mechanic said the fuel pressure regulator was leaking down and not keeping fuel pressure against the closed injectors when the engine wasn’t running. It took a second or two of cranking for the fuel pump to re-supply the injectors. FWIW, he said it was a common problem, which didn’t impress me much.

  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    I went to Autozone to inquire about the check engine light. I was told that in the state of CA., they do not do free diagnostic testing for you. They will only lend you the equipment for you to do it yourself. I was fortunate that one of the sales guys assisted me with the diagnostic testing.

    The code was P0440. Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction. I was told it's no big deal by the Autozone guy. I then called my GM dealer to inquire about the code. I was told that if I restart the engine about 30X, the check engine light will "go away". My other choice is to replace the fuel cap for $11.....

    Thanks again guys!
  • Restarting the engine, even 3000 times, will NOT make the light go out unless the condition that caused it to come on has also been corrected. Replace the fuel cap (it's chea0), make sure it has been tightly capped, and then go about your life. If the light still hasn't gone out 30 starts later or so, then proceed to figure out what the problem is.

    Or so it seems from where I sit...
  • I just spent the weekend in sunny Pensacola, Florida; helping my aunt clean up debris from Hurricane Ivan (fortunately she only had a couple of trees blown down, but no damage to her house - just waiting on utilities to return).

    We drove through Mobile on the way there and back, and I remembered that Matt McDill who used to post here regularly lived in Mobile (which had a fair amount of damage), and there were other posters here at one time or another from the Mobile/Pensacola area. Just thought I'd post a message to those folks and ask them to let us know how they're doing.
  • I feel that the rear spoiler gets in the way of my rear view mirror vision, esp. if I'm hiway cruising, 75 -85 mph, and impairs my ability to see cars behind me that are gaining quickly on me. Does anyone have any data to suggest that these spoilers have any real useful purpose on a 4 door family sedan? Has anyone taken their's off? Is there a GM part that fills the holes, - or any suggestions on how this is best done?

    [2004 LS, tinted windows, air box cleaned out, K&N flat filter, CB radio, undercoated, setting up 4 snow wheels/tires]
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    You could switch trunk lids with someone who wants the spoiler and doesn't have one. You might even find a used car dealer who would love to do this with you for free.

    As for me, I will miss that spoiler on the Ford Five Hundred that I am awating delivery of. Yet, I owned a 98 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and spent the entire time wishing that it either had a bigger or no spoiler, the one it had functioned only to spoil the cars good looks, IMHO. At least it fulfilled its name!

    As for the engine, I so far have 171,000 plus miles on mine....
  • hvanhvan Posts: 56
    There's currently a recall on 2000 Impala for fuel regulator pressure. Recall #03054. I had mine replaced yesterday.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    If you are cruising at 75 - 85 mph and cars are gaining on you quickly while you are driving that speed how fast are they going 100 - 120 mph.I take it you are on the QEW. I like the spoiler the car looks to plain without it and I don't have the problem of rear vision as you seem to have, raise your driver seat and look over the spoiler. Most sporty 4 door sedans today have a spoiler or hood loovers something that adds a little pizzaz to your ride. You could have ordered the LS with the spoiler delete and save a couple hundred $$....A few more (standard deletes) on the 2005 Impala more word Impala on the front exterior doors, no more ashtray its a cup holder now, the rear cargo net is an option, no more windshield band tint.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    and all those deletions are one reason no more johnclineii as an owner. I have a Ford Five Hundred on order....
  • I know what you mean; - the Impala has clean classic lines that may border on "boring" and the spoiler does lend a little pizzaz. I think that I'll try it with the spoiler off for a while and if I want to I can put it back on. The nuts and bolts are easy enough to getoff but there is some super-duper goop gluing the spoiler to the trunk lid. I'm trying different techniques to get it off without hurting the paint. As well I'm putting on the mud flaps after I paint them; - winter crap onthe roads can make a mess. Next project is to paint the centre section of the rear lights to look like the Sport model.
      My hasty driving is brought about in a weekend mad-dash to the cottage near Algonquin; - insane I know ... but those white Impalas with black grills/wheels sometimes drive even faster than I do. I can often put on 500 miles in a w/e, so I keep the Pal well set up .... it's been really great over the first year and 25,000kms.
      May be time to consider the GTA TB .... hmmm
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Not many OPP police Impalas left. The Ontario Provincial Police had a fleet of over 700 Impalas and 1100 crown vics up until a year ago, and have now gone back to mostly crown vics. They had a lot of negative issues with the Impalas as highway cruisers.
  • It's off and I ran it up to the cottage over the Thanksgiving w/e. To fill the holes I primed and painted some panel push pins and then used silcone goop to fasten them from the inside. I like the looks; - the monochrome LS [gold] with black windows is quite phat-kool. I use full synthetic and have cleaned out the air box along with the K&N. At the pumps I use Sunoco 89 with methanol. My wife drove some of the trip and a couple of times she used WOT to get going. SHe turned to me and said; - "what ever you did to this, I want done to my Malibu!". The Pal isn't any hotrod, but at above 2400 rpms, it really flies. Lots of fun .... :)
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I looked at a 500 while at a dealership on Saturday.
    It is a good looking car. Looks less like a Passat than I thought it would since the greehouses are almost identical.
    It is a BIG car, more roomy than the Impala probably.
    it appears to be a little more expensive or upscale than the Impala from the exterior.
    I was a little disappointed in the look or possibley the fit of the leather seats.
    Maybe it was the graining. It looked a little downmarket.
    But other than that I think it will do well.
    It just needs a more powerful engine as an option.

    The freestyle should do well also.
    Didn't like the leather on that one either.
    other than the leather it was a nice vehicle.
    The one I saw as 33K, made me feel good about the 34K I paid for my SRX.
    I am sure the freestyle cold be bought in the 29s thoug.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    As can be seen in the Ford Five Hundred forum, tomorrow my 00 Impala LS with 173,000 miles of faithful service goes 150 miles from home for its last trip with me...and I leave in a Ford Five Hundred AWD SEL. To all those here, thanks. This has been and is a great group.

    If ya wants to talk to me, ya shall see me over at the Ford Five Hundred Forum. As for seats, I got the cloth, just as I had in the Impala.

    Best wishes to you all; I hope you get the great and wonderful service out of your cars that I did out of mine!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Looks like I'm about 100,000 miles behind you!!! Enjoy your new 500 - hope your positive experience with a "first year" Impala didn't have anything to do with your willingness to jump into an umproven Ford product. Admittedly I haven't driven a Ford lately (to resurrect one of their old ad slogans), but from my experience of marrying into an '84 Escort, I'm not inclined to look at much of anything with a blue oval on it unless it's a truck!!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I received my recall notice in the mail last week about the fuel system/potential fire me to thinking though; when we had the problems with early Impalas and their intake manifolds warping a few years ago, there were many of us here who experienced the problem prior to/during the recall. Now the car is being recalled for a fuel system problem, but I can't remember ANYONE posting here about having this problem.

    Just seems odd to me that the manifold problem was a topic of daily conversation among us at the time, but there's been very little said about this latest recall.
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