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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Sounds like we've had many of the same problems with our 2000 models!!! My auto dimming mirror only has a narrow band right across the middle that still dims; I went to (Chuck Hutton Chevrolet) back in December and at that time they wanted @ $125 for a new one - my fear with buying a used one is it's going to eventually do the same thing, so I may eventually spring for a new one just to delay replacing it again as long as possible.
  • 2000imp2000imp Posts: 3
    My wife's Impala will be running perfect and then suddenly die. This usually happens at low speed, but really concerns me. I have replaced the Pressure Regulator and the Fuel Filter. Is there a fuel relay on these cars? Anyone else heard of/know what is causing this? The car could run fine for days and then die. I would love to finally end this problem!

    Thanks for any advice in advance....
  • jons01jons01 Posts: 59
    My 2001 Impala is now about 4 !/2 years old and I am wondering how much longer I can expect the battery to last. When did you guys replace the battery?

    It is working fine, but it may be better to not wait for it to fail and get a new one now.

    Any thoughts?
  • jucejuce Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 impala with 40000 miles, I bought the car brand new. Recently the security and battery lights were flashing, so I took the car to auto zone a couple of days ago and had the battery and alternator checked which they said were fine, but this morning the car is completely dead, won't start, no power at all, the doors won't even unlock with autokey device. I haven't tried to boost it yet, wondering if anyone had an idea on what the issue could be without taking it to dealer since its past the warranty. This is the fourth vehicle I bought(first domestic), others were a mazda protege - 295,000 miles - it finally died, nissan pickup - 75,000 miles - traded it in for a honda accord - 95000 miles that was totalled in a car accident. No issues with any of the previous, so I'm quite frustrated at the moment about my most recent purchase.
  • chrisis30chrisis30 Posts: 20
    I had similar problem the battery light would also flash on my car when it was turned off,see if yours does that mine was a BCM (body control module) and was replaced under warranty,and brought no codes up at GM garage, it had to stay two days at the shop and as far as the domestic vs. foreign goes they all go bad things happen to all cars no matter what type think of this the computer in my car was made in another country right? so I guess its the foreign countrys fault right?!!
  • Well something similar happened to me with my 2001 LS ... the security light came on and stayed on while driving. When I arrived home, the car remained park for several hours when I tried to start it to run an errand. The car was completely dead. Nothing...... I got idiot lights on the dash, and had power to my windows and car stereo, but the car would not crank. I got in touch with onstar, and they connected me to a representative with road side assistance. After telling the person that the security light came on earlier, he told me that the car's computer shut the vehicle down thinking that it was being stolen. He mentioned to turn the ignition key for power only, not to try to start it, and leave the key turned for power for fifteen minutes. He said after fifteen minutes my car will start. Well he was right. The car started after fifteen minutes. I didnt have any issues with my battery light coming on like what happened to you, but this could be a combo situation where your battery is on the way out, and your ignition key's computer chip was either dirty or the key needing to be replaced. When you see that security light come on, clean the key immediately or use your spare key. Replacing these keys can be expensive, but there isnt anything one can do to fool the computer if the chip isnt working properly. ... I hope I was able to help you. Goodluck.
  • We bought a 2001 Impala in November 2000. Replaced the battery about 1 month ago just before getting stranded.

    Check out Advance Auto. They checked the battery and replaced at the store and I was on my way in about 15 minutes.
  • hanna5858hanna5858 Posts: 6
    This post is my solution to all the posts about brake problems with the Impala. I had to replace my front brakes on my 2001 Impala. This is a pretty easy job. I replaced the front brakes and rotors,the car has 50,000 miles on it. I used the inexpensive rotors. After the job, the brake pedal was pulsing as bad as it was before the repair. I read all the posts on this site about it being a must to replace the rotors with the $200+ high performance rotors. Before going this route, I decided to replace the rear brakes and rotors which still looked good. The rear rotors were a little worn and had some small grooving. I also bought the inexpensive rotors for the rear brake replacement. Well guess what, this solved the pulsing problem. Lesson learned , always replace the front and backs together even if they don't look bad. No more pulsing, smooth stopping, and all with inexpensive rotors. Now I'm not saying the the cheap rotors will out perform the high preformance ones. Of course you get what you pay for, but this fix will still work. Hanna5858
  • I just thought I would document this. I was taking a trip to Arizona to visit some friends in my 2004 Impala, and the seat belt broke. (Not good during the "Click it or Ticket" Campaign) The receiver would not take the seat belt and secure it properly, unless you pressed down the button and it seemed to hold. I went to a local dealer that said it would take 5 days for the part to arrive from Los Angeles. I said no thanks, and took it to my local dealer when I got back.

    They said that since it was a safety issue, I could get a rental car at Enterprise for free (guess what I picked? An Impala!) I only put about 24 miles on the rental, since my part was in the next day. Had 6000 miles on the OD, so I had them rotate the tires too.

    I didnt notice that my car rides a lot better than that rental car!
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    I just check with my wife to see if the problem had ever come back. Believe it or not, it happened twice last week. Even this is a vast improvement as it was happening continually before. I had "closed the book" on this repair, but at this point, things may have just been disturbed to cause it to go away for a while. The dealer had replaced the headlight switch and for all purposes untill this week I thought we were ok. I am going to keep monitoring it to see if there is a pattern or a condition that makes it happen more often. Please let me know if some fix turns up for you.

  • bigjoe1bigjoe1 Posts: 2
    after much arduous searching, i have come to the conclusion that i am unable to make my 2002 3.4L impala any faster than it is. no matter where i turn, it seems that there are no parts available to upgrade my vehicle. no intakes, no exhaust systems, no nothing. am i destined to lag behind my friends and their fast cars, or can someone rescue me from my slow nightmare ? if anyone knows what to do to make my impala speed up, please let me know. email, IM, doesnt matter. anything to get this car moving.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you stopped by our brand new Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification board? You might find some help there and it's a great place to ask.

    By the way, let's get folks to answer your questions here in the Forums so everyone will benefit from the exchange. Good luck. :)
  • anidezanidez Posts: 1
    I have Limo tint on my back windows and one shade lighter in the front on my Impala and on my tbird I have limo on the back and 40 on the front it doesn't look bad
  • brohabroha Posts: 1
    The Driver side window switch in my 2000 Impala hesitates to roll back up. If I pull the switch up from the other side, sometimes it works. So I figured that the switch underneath must be dirty or has a bad connection. I took it all apart and everything seems to be fine. Does anyone know anything about this??..Or know where I can get a driver side window switch chip board... ??
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    It may not be the switch at may be the "regulator." Which is, in fact, the power window motor. Just a thought. I wouldn't be a parts changer unless I was sure of the diagnosis first....
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    If you're only having problems when the window is going up, odds are your switch is going bad...same thing happened to me less than a year ago on my 2000 Impala (probably around 70,-75,000 miles). At first it acted like there was a short in the switch, and if you experimented you could find just the right spot where it would still roll back up, which I did for several months...but in September it quit all together (and of course, it was when the window is DOWN, so you're stuck with an open window).

    From what I can tell the switch can't be repaired; a new replacement costs @ $90. When mine quit I was in a bind because I HAD to be at a presentation the next morning, and couldn't leave my car unattended with the window I ended up running to Radio Shack about 8pm and buying a set of small jumper wires...if you remove the 4-window switch from the driver's door you can jump the wires to the corresponding connectors on the passenger door switch next to the bad driver's switch, and get the window least that's what I did...then I removed the switch so I wouldn't accidentally open it again, and bought/installed the new part at lunch the next day.

    It's an easy enough part to remove/replace yourself (actually the night mine quit the only tool I had was a pocket knife with a broken blade, which JUST happened to fit in the screw heads in the armrest to remove the switch!!), so don't pay the dealer to install it by any means.
  • road46road46 Posts: 18
    average life of a battery here in upstate nys is 4 to 5 years....past 5 years you are pushing it. Not only cold but heat kills batteries. 3 very cold days in a row will kill a marginal battery. I know since I spent 5 years working for a auto parts wholesaler and the batteries would fly out by the third day here. Later
  • captcapt Posts: 1
    My 2000 Impala went to the Chevy store for a recall on something about the fuel pressure regulator and coincidentally (maybe) the engine started surging 2 days later, it is usually after it upshifts the last time and more so when it is pulling a grade, usually worse when the engine has not reached operating temp. but it will surge at times fully warmed up with 92 degree outside temp, no check engine light has ever came on with this problem, your help and comments appreciated.
  • So when is GM going to make this car a worthy RWD competitor to the Daimler-Chrysler RWD sedans? (300C and new Charger?) :confuse:
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    No more RWD from GM, I hope. If you like spinning around in the winter get a RWD DC.
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