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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I've only had mine done once when my 2000 was still under warranty, and I'm approaching 98k miles now, so hopefully doing it once will cure the problem.
  • I just had my turn signal module replaced today on my 2000 Impala with 70k miles. Symptoms were 1. Working ok, 2. Not working at all, and 3. Turn singal would work, stop working, and then start working while waiting to take a turn. $140 Ttotal, $70 for the part, $70 to install.

    While there they told me about leaking Intake Manifold. After reading a lot of these messages, seems to be common. I need help getting GM to pay for this or partially paying for it. It's an $830 job. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Hi,

    I just had my turn signal module repalced today ($140) and I was told I had a Leaking Manifold Gasket on my 2000 Impala, 3.8L, with 70K miles. It's an $830 job!

    Does anyone know how I can get GM to reimburse me for this design defect?

    Thanks in advance....

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just finished speaking with GM about reimbursing the cost to reait the leaking intake manifold on my Imapla 3.8L v6 with 70k miles.

    After waiting for them to call the dealer, they promplty said "Your car is 6 years old and out of warranty, we can not do anything for you".

    I guess customer loyatly counts for nothing.

    Does anyone have an idea how to pursue this in/out of court?

    Regards, Bob
  • As I recall there was a recall for certain VIN numbers (may not have been "technically" termed a recall, but I got a letter about it from GM). I too had already paid the $800 for the repair, but when I received my letter from GM I had to send in some paperwork to prove I'd had the repair done, and they reimbursed me for (I think for the entire $800, but I can't swear to that).

    It does seem like there were only certain VIN numbers involved, so it's possible if yours is an early 2000 model it might not have applied. You might do some searching around in the Impala forums and find where someone posted the text/details of the letter; it was probably sometime in 2003-2004 if I had to guess.
  • Found it; take a look at post #12059 in this forum: Manifold Coolant Leak issue - finally a GM recall !! by torque3k Jul 19, 2003 (10:14 am).

    The text of the letter is there; only problem is it says you had to reply by a certain date (which is long past), so it's possible the window of opportunity is closed (if your car was included initially).
  • Yes, I actually had this done in 2003. The problem is that this is only for the Upper Manifold. My problem is the Lower Manifold Gasket. After a long search on this board, I found the group handling the Class Action Proceedings in Canada at

    They emailed the contacts for the US, I'm still trying to locate their web pages. I'll keep everyone posted.

    Thanks again for your help, it's greatly appreciated...

    Regards, Bob
  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is one of the US Legal Firms looking into the Intake Manifold Gasket issue.

    I don't know the status, but it can't hurt to let them know of your case. The more, the merrier...

    Regards, Bob
  • I purchased a 2003 Impala LS with about 200K KM on it. I have noticed a squealing sound when making a wide turn at slow speeds. Is this something I should be worried about? Also I notice a sound that sounds like a spring box coming from the passenger side of the car when cruising around at city speeds. Any suggestions on what this could be.

    Other than these issues the car is running great and I hope to get another 100K out of it.
  • The squealing sound is probably low power steering fluid; I topped mine off when I finally figured out what it was and the noise went away.

    No idea on the other sound though (but I haven't reached 200k KM yet!).
  • I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the sugguestion.
  • I need to purchase an "airport car" that will be used to park at the airport on business trips and to run around town in. I love my Tundra but can't justify size/MPG unless I need to do truck stuff. On paper the Impala looks like the perfect fit...good MPG,safe and sporty. Any thoughts? Any thing I sould be on the lookout for? My research shows the 02-03's are the most reliable used cars. Thanks for feedback!
  • As a 2000 owner that's been hanging out here since early that year, I'd say you're probably right about the 2002-2003 models. If fuel economy is your primary concern, a 3.4l base model would be your best bet. But as I recall the only way to get ABS and traction control is to get the 3.8l version (which is what I've got). EPA figures on the 3.8 were 20-city/30-highway, which are very realistic based on my experience the past 6 years.

    There was a recall involving the 3.8l and warping of the upper intake manifold which covered some 2000-2001 models, and might have reached into the 2002 models as well (I honestly can't remember). You might dig around a little on this board and find some more info on that, but I'm pretty sure the 2003 models were in the clear, so for that reason alone you might focus on the latter model.

    FWIW if you've got an eBay account you can set up automated searches within a range of your ZIP code that will send you daily updates if anyone posts a certain car within your area; if I were looking for something specific I'd definitely set one of those so you'd be on top of anything on there that's within a distance you could actually drive to look at before bidding.
  • I just purchased a high mileage 2000 Chevy Impala LS. It has 156K but I have to tell you it runs like it is brand new. All the miles on the car are highway miles and I am so happy with the car.

    I'd like to know who has the highest miles on their Impala. I read a review that said these cars are supposed to be able to last to 400,000. I highly doubt any Impala will see that, but I'm curious.
  • We purchased our LS new and it has 27,000 original miles and still looks new. When I bring it in for inspection, they think it is alot newer. I just replaced the original air filter with a K&N, should have done that years ago. the only issue I have is the ISS needs greasing. I might take it apart myself, I have the factory repair manuals, the size of 2 large phonebooks.
  • I have been fixing cars for 25 years as a hobby and still do my own stuff when I can and for others. I decided to give this ISS issue a look over.
    I pulled the boot that covers the ISS down, it is located under the dash, just above the brake pedal. It is about 4" in diameter. I noticed that it looks like a mini universal joint and it is hollow in the middle. I thought, the shaft must slide up and down in the middle and that is why it is binding.
    I wasn't sure I could get grease in there so I used som PB Blaster, penetrating oil. I squirted it down the hole in the middle and guess what, no more noise.

    Not sure how long it will last, even if it is months, it takes 5 minutes and pennies to fix.

    The reason I chose PB blaster Penetrating Catalyst,
    PB Blaster is a powerful, concentrated penetrant frees rusted or frozen parts by releasing the surface tension that causes parts to stick. Lubricates to protect against future rust and corrosion.

    Only time will tell. I attached a picture, the arrow points toward the hole in the middle.

  • I had my ISS dealt with by my dealer several years ago, and just today I thought I might have felt the problem coming back. I think the fix involved drilling a hole and installing a grease fitting, but I've often wondered where this fitting was. I'll try to remember to look under my dash when I get a chance and see if I can find the same piece you've pictured, AND see if I can indeed locate a grease fitting. If so, I'll try shooting a little grease into it myself and see if I notice any difference or not.

    One question - where's the firewall in relation to this photo?
  • the firewall is behind the ISS, look under the dash, you cant miss the black rubber boot, just pull it down
  • I just craweled around and looked under mine, and unless the grease fitting is further down the shaft than I can push back the rubber boot, I can't see any evidence of a fitting added to my ISS. I did find the hole you're talking about though, and may spray a little WD-40 in there and see if that helps. I stuck my finger in a little bit, and got a little bit of yellowish grease on it, but I don't think I'm ready to just fill the thing with grease at this point.

    I did find that there's a panel under the dash which just clips on at the front, and it has the under-dash light attached to it. If you remove the clips and lower the panel, you can twist out the bulb housing and use it as a flashlight to take a look in the area. I checked the shaft from the "universal joint" up to the steering wheel, and definitely found nothing there. I'll do a little digging around and if I find a grease fitting I'll let you know, but if nothing else I'll shoot a little WD-40 in and see what happens.
  • I know the PB blaster works, got it at Advance Auto. I'll bet that 3 in 1 oil would do the same, basicly stops the binding. I thought I had a brake problem also but the lube solved everything, it rides as smooth as new now, no noises. Only time will tell how long it will last. I am willing to spray a little every few months if I have too.
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