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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • Another thing it was doing (at least I think) was triggering the HomeLink button to open the garage door...several times before I replaced the battery I'd go to leave and close the garage door with the HomeLink button, and look back and the door would be opening. The light in the garage wasn't flashing, so I know there wasn't something triggering it on the electric eye safety thing. And a few weeks ago I was rotating my tires and had the car halfway in the garage when the door suddenly began to close. I jumped up and stopped it with my hands before it hit the car though, and it reversed. Like I say, I can't prove it was the car doing this, but it's the only explanation I can come up with (and it has stopped since I replaced the battery).
  • Bought a "GM Certified" '05 Impala in August. 30,500 miles at delivery. Now dealer tells me it needs a 30,000 "inspection" to the tune of $500.+. I wonder what Win Kelly considers certified
  • This was not a computer generated message. I returned the car to the dealer that I purchased it from (Win Kelly Chevrolet in Clarksville, Md.) for an oil change. I was told by the service manager that the car required a transmission flush, injector flush, replacement of air and fuel filters, etc. When I took possession of the car, it had over 30,000 miles on the odometer. At the time of service, it had appx. 37,500 miles.

    I feel that if the car required a 30,000 mile service, it should have been performed prior to delivery.

    I have found this dealer unresponsive to my complaints about this, and other problems. I've also failed to get any satisfaction from Chevrolet customer service. I've purchased many GM products in the last 40 years, most of them new. This is the LAST GM product, new or used, that I'll buy
  • They tried to sell me the fuel injection cleaning, the biggest scam going. I told the guy I use REDLINE SI-1 fuel complete fuel system cleaner. It cleans the entire sytem, not just the injectors and it is $8.00 at pep boys.
  • jons01jons01 Posts: 59
    The manufacturer's scheduled maintainence found in the owner's manual should take precedent over what a dealer suggests. I am certain that a transmission flush is not required at only 30,000 miles. The same is true of coolent flush, yet dealers will try to sell you that service.

    Also, aren't gasolines suppose to include additives to keep fuel systems clean?
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Here's something my fellow baby boomers might like to hear:
  • jons01jons01 Posts: 59
    Great! Brings back fond memories.
  • apgroundapground Posts: 4
    Buy A Red Top OPTIMA Battery for your Impala.It is all self contained has high performance in cold & heat High shock resistance and High tolerance for accidental deep discharge.The Battery is preferred by Emergency vehicle crews.I bought the model with duel posts in case I have to give someone a jump start.Important> if you replace the battery yourself theres a 12-volt battery backup unit that the automotive stores sell.It holds 8 AA's and you plug it into your cigarette lighter which keeps a low 12-volt current.So when you disconect your battery you won't lose the cars computer settings.
  • apgroundapground Posts: 4
    I just got my Driver's mirror broken in a Hit & Run.The loser who hit me lost all of his mirror as it was all over the ground and the damage to mine was just the mirror being knocked out and broken.Mine is the non-Heated Model can I go to the Auto wrecker and buy a used one for parts and just replace the guts or Do I have to replace the whole thing.Which will have to be repainted to match my vehicle's paint color.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You SHOULD be able to just buy the glass (or plastic) insert. I don't have any experience with the Impala's mirrors but I lost the mirror in my old Cougar from a collision with a sneaker on the interstate. The new mirror just popped right in. Hopefully, the Impala's mirror works similarly. Good luck! ;)
  • Just thought i'd drop a note hear to anyone that cared. Recently changed the tires on my 01 imp for the second time. The original tires were uniroyal tigerpaws and lasted me a bit over 100k miles. I was impressed. Replaced them with new Tigerpaws from my local dealer and was a bit disappointed inly getting about 60k out of them. This last time i went for the goodyear assurance triple treads and have loved them from day one. Corner awesome, run through puddles at higway speed and the car barely wants to pull to the side. My tigerpaws were awful as far as that went. Major kudos to the G.Y. tripletreads.
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey planefxr78...

    Yep, we sure do care.... It's good info. :) We may all have our own individual tastes as well as our own likes and dislikes, but one thing you'll find around here is that we all like to hear different experiences like this...
    There's a Great bunch of Guys (and Gals) here...

    Thanks for sharing your info....
    Frank ;)
  • This happened once before when the airbag light stayed on. I searched the forum and found that post about the under the seat connection, I un-connected it and put it back together, NO MORE AIRBAG LIGHT. I am sure my dealer would have socked me for $200 to $300+ to fix it. If you get the light, check the yellow connection under your seat.
  • If you know where the soft plug on this car is, please tell me. I just bought a 2000 LeSabre and would like to flush the antifreeze before I put it on the road.
  • I am having the same problem as #13143
    experiencing speedometer problems with a 05 Impala LS. The first sign of trouble showed up the first time I drove the car for over an hour. I was on the freeway, going with the flow when I looked down to see that according to the speedometer I was going 120 MPH. It then continued to do a 360 and come all the way around and back to 40 mph. The dealer said they were having a lot of problems with the speedometers. If you have had this problem and got it resolved please tell me what it was and how did you fix it. The dealer is telling me: 1) what ever it is it’s not covered under warrantee and 2) I need a new cluster but first he need to run a $85.oo test to be sure. The cluster will cost up to $600.00. That is a lot to pay for a not sure if that's it reply.
  • Don't you dare spend that kind of money at the dealership. contact this guy he will hook you up with a brand new cluster on an exchange basis for around 260.00
    Advanced Auto Electronics, Inc. - Speedometer & Instrument Cluster Repair
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey jump...

    Well, help us understand this a little better and fill in the blank here....Why no warrantee..??!! This would normally be covered..!! Are you way over miles/ time...or ??
    Frank ;)
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I'm overdue to replace the spark plugs in my 2000 Impala, and plan to install a set of LSG HALO plugs, which are supposed to increase gas mileage. (Even if they don't increase mileage due to their design, I figure I'll get some improvement just by virtue of replacing them.)

    I received the plugs in the mail today, and on the instruction sheet the first thing it says is that "the timing of your engine must be adjusted to match the thirty percent (30%) faster firing of the LSG Halo plug. The failure to adjust your engine timing will void your warranty and can cause engine misfiring that can seriously damage your engine."

    My question is, can the timing be adjusted on a 2000 Impala manually, or do I simply have to disconnect the battery and install the plugs? I found mention on another site that said if you've got an electronic ignition you just have to disconnect the battery, install the plug, and reconnect the battery...the car might run rough for 10 miles or so until it resets, but after that it should be fine.

    Can any confirm that's all I'd have to do on the Impala? Has anyone else had any experience with these plugs?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    If I can't manually adjust the timing (which I was pretty sure I couldn't), I assume the following part of their instructions apply: "Disconnect both battery wires. On vehicles equipped with EEC, when the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the EEC processor relearns its adaptive strategy and adjusts timing. The vehicle may need to be driven 10 miles or more to relearn the strategy."

    So it sounds like I'd remove both battery cables, then replace the plugs as usual, and then reconnect the battery. But I should expect the car to run roughly initially (which would be very different from a typical plug change, since the car should run better right away). To be safe I think I may contact LSG and see if they can give me any insight related to my specific car though. If I hear anything different from them I'll post it here. And once I get up the nerve to install them I'll let you know how it went (and if I see any improvement in gas mileage).
  • jons01jons01 Posts: 59
    There have been a few times when something strange happens when I apply the brakes on my 2001 Camry. It occurs when I let off the brakes. There is a slight "bump sound" and the car kind of lurches forward. My guess is that something is hanging up for an instant, then the car speeds up after it releases. I wonder if it just needs cleaning, or if a brake job is needed. Any ideas ?
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