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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Thanks for checking in; glad to know you're still enjoying your Impala. I've been without mine now for a couple of months, though I continue to keep up in this forum out of habit. I'm not unhappy with my replacement vehicle (Jeep Patriot), but it definitely doesn't feel as substantial or comfortable as my Impala did. On the other hand I'm averaging almost 24 MPG in my daily commute, where the Impala got around I guess that's the price we'll all pay for improved gas mileage in the future.

    While I took a leap away from GM this time around, in a few years I'll have a more substantial credit saved on my GM Card points, and I'll also have a daughter who will be going to college who likes the Jeep, so I might be in the market again around 2011/12 if she takes the Jeep to school with her...and there should be some interesting things out there from GM by that point, both in terms of style and powertrain.

    I do wonder where the Impala might go next design-wise; if the RWD version that was in the works on the G8 platform is indeed dead, could that means the Impala will fade away in a couple of years (since the larger-than-before Malibu could take its place), if they'll freshen the current FWD version to get a few more years out of it, or if there's something else in the works.

    Oh well, I guess we'll wait and see. Still, looking back at the cars available to me over the past 8 years when I had the Impala, I can't think of another I'd have rather had. Like yours, mine wasn't problem free, but I don't think I've enjoyed owning a car more. I think part of that has to do with the community that formed around the car here at Edmunds back when the car was first introduced, which is probably one of the reasons I still lurk around here.
  • 04impala04impala Posts: 1
    I just noticed that annoying squeaking sound under my hood over the weekend. It goes away after a while. But is sounds serious, I'm going to the mechanic but I need some input. Also theres seem to be some fluids splash all over my belt.
  • iammattiammatt Posts: 3
    OK so last week i purchased a 2001 impala ls with 83,000 miles on it. yesterday i got on the interstate and when i hit 65 and the whole car started to shake. new tires on the front are new not so new on rear. i am takeing the car to get looked at on saturday. but was wondering if any1 knew pre-existing problems like this that have occured? any input would be great.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Might be power steering; when mine got low on fluid it got noisy but I didn't notice a huge difference in the way the car drove...might be worth checking (and it's a pain to get to, BTW).
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Changing the coolant certainly wouldn't hurt; if I were you I'd probably err on cautious side and go ahead and get it changed.
  • iammattiammatt Posts: 3
    where is the PS resivoir located? i couldn't find it.

    what would the coolant have to do with the steering and the shaking with the car?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I was replying to someone else about the coolant, so it's not related...sorry about the confusion.

    The PS reservoir is located on the back side of the engine (towards the firewall) on the passenger side. Mine started making a whining noise that varied with the speed of the engine; I traced the sound to the power steering pump (which as I recall sits somewhat above the reservoir) and was afraid it was going I took it to a shop, and all I needed was a fluid top-off. I'd never even seen the reservoir before, or I'd have checked myself.
  • kdconodkdconod Posts: 46
    I have the apparently common gas gauge problem. It was jumping around last week. One night I thought I had a half tank, then driving to work it said 1/8, then back up to 1/4. Next thing I knew it, it was down to 0! That's when I ran out gas!

    There was a post on this a couple years back, but the links provided for fixing it are now dead. Anyone have any info on this problem?
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    Just a suggestion--start with the basics of tire/wheel balance. The fronts are new and should have been balanced; that doesn't mean they were correctly balanced OR that they haven't thrown a wheel weight. Take them back to the place that put the new tires on--and have them check the rear wheels/tires for balance as well. Years ago, they suggested that new tires get re-balanced at approx 500 miles because the tire can actually move on the wheel during that initial "setting" period. If balance on all wheels is correct, the next steps are to check for out of round tires ( they really aren't perfect circles), out of round wheels, a combination of both where the out of round is additive instead of offsetting, and lastly a bent/wobbling wheel. Start with the basics; it's usually something simple. Clark
  • iammattiammatt Posts: 3
    thanks to every one with there suggestions im taking it up to priority chevrolet tomorow where i bought the car from and hoping they fix it free of charge.....if not im gonna raise hell!!!
  • Before starting the car, the temperature gauge already shows a temperature of 170 (normally 130-140). After I drive the car, the temperature increased per the gauge to around 250, right before the red zone of 250 to 260. The temperature decreases a little bit once I was on high way, but keep at the range of 230 to 240.

    Is this a gauge cluster problem or thermostat problem or some kind sensor problem? The fan is running when I turn AC on. Once turn off AC it will stop. Don't like thermostat malfunction.
  • After about 20-30 minutes drive, especially after several stop and go, the speedometer needle will drop to 20m/h and stop there. Next time start the car, it will be normal again.
    Somebody told me this is the cable which connects to speed sensor is malfunctioned. Is it possible a malfunctioned gauge cluster since my tamp gauge is also abnormal? or speed sensor?
    Thanks a lot.
  • :cry:

    I have been struggling with a problem with my 2003 Impala Sport over the last 6 weeks, and there seems to be no solution.

    It started when my impala lost the ability to spray washer fluid, it just stopped, and the whole arm unit with the wiper controls that sticks out of the steering column was the culprit, so that whole unit was replaced. $800.00 later, I could spray washer fluid. I went to pick my car up from the dealer, and the battery was completely dead. After a boost I was on my way home. This was Friday, and on Monday my battery was dead again.

    I took the car back to the dealer, and they put a new battery in, and worked fine for almost a week, and then it died. They replaced it with another one, and another week later, died again. I made an 'x' on the batteries, so knew that they were replacing them for sure.

    I decided to take the car to another dealer, and they had it for days, saying in the end that no problems were found with anything like alternator, starter, trickle power draw, and the battery itself. Eventually, when the battery had died again, they declared the faulty battery was the cause. cry. So they put another battery in, and I went home (40 minutes north) and 2 days later (yesterday) it was dead again.

    Initially, the dealer assumed it was my satellite receiver, but that is never plugged in overnight, only when I am in the car. That was ruled out after leaving it at the dealer for the weekend after they put their new battery in (all batteries have been delco), and was dead in their lot over the weekend.

    SO, here is my conclusion, which I mentioned to the dealer:

    The replacement of the Wiper control arm is the cause of the subsequent power problems. Somehow. Not sure how, but could it be faulty? Or put in wrong? A short maybe? Could it be something else completely?

    Although the dealer agreed this could be an issue, they just keep replacing batteries, and I am getting very frustrated.

    If anyone here has any thoughts, would appreciate it. I am planning on just going to another dealer, and asking them to go right to where I believe the problem is, and paying them to check the part and reinstall it. I really don't know what to do, but I commute 40 mins to work, and having a constantly dead car is causing me and my wife a lot of headaches.

  • jayco1jayco1 Posts: 1
    Hi I also have a 03 ls impala and having dead battery problems and occasionally the security light comes on .I installed a new battery but to no avail I have 55,ooo miles on it . Did you find the problem? Im guessing something is staying powered up when the car is off any ideas ??

    thanks jay
  • bbuck11bbuck11 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 impala on which I've replaced the ignition switch, battery, and alternator in the pat 8 months. I have had the same no crank, wait 20 minutes situation in the past and it did solve the immediate problem but it recurred monthly. I replaced the switch to eliminated the problem but I've had the security light on for several weeks and today it was totally dead. The key is new. Do you have any idea, in light of what I've already done, how to reset the security light? I took it to my mechanic recently for the door lock system which had stopped working and he was unable to reset the computer to turn off the security lock down system.
  • Since I originally posted my original message regarding this issue of the secuirty light, and car being dead almost three years ago, on occassion the car would just fail to start, nothing, dead. I learned that my problem was due to the BCM failing. I had the BCM replaced (expensive) and never again did this issue ever happen again.

    If your car fails to start, no power, just turn the igintion key to accessory and leave it this way for ten minutes. You will notice that the security light will blink. This will stop in ten minutes. Once it stops blinking, turn the key to off, and try to start the car. It should start. Good luck...
  • metalgod27metalgod27 Posts: 1
    This is definitely a problem. I've had the same thing for about 6 months now - I have an '03 with 85,000 miles on it. Everything I've read says nobody knows exactly what's wrong. I've seen quite a few posts about this topic. Mine vibrates slightly at most speeds, but most noticeably at moderate highway speeds. It tapers off again once you get close to 80mph. Also, if I'm going slow (15 - 30mph) and turn the wheel but keep my grip loose, the wheel doesn't move smoothly back to center - it moves back in semi-jerky increments.
    I wondered if it was a bad strut, tie rod ends, steering box or assist, or an out-of-round tire, but none of these seems like it covers all the things I'm noticing. On occasion it almost feels like wheel hop when I first start driving. I have not had it looked at b/c I don't want to have all the things looked at / replaced that you did. I'm hoping I find a decent answer to take to the dealer and save myself alot of money and trouble. Keep looking! Somebody has to know what causes this.
  • thomasjwthomasjw Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to mine,after about a month or 2 the speedometer started reading whatever it wanted. took to dealer and was told it is caused by the dash power cluster, and would cost about 400.00 to replace.the 2005 impala is getting to be well known for this issue.If you call chevy hotline they will tell you to: go to a dealer or certified chevy shop and have a scan done.then chevy will call you back to tell you if they will help with the cost of the part.(by the way they will not help).im dealing with all this now.Filed a complaint with the BBB and FHTSA.Hoping to get a recall started since this is a safety issue.Hope this helped.
  • thomasjwthomasjw Posts: 2
    Mine is doing same thing I took it to a dealer and was told it is caused by the dash power cluster, and would cost about 400.00 to replace. the 2005 impala is getting to be well known for this issue. If you call chevy hotline they will tell you to: go to a dealer or certified chevy shop and have a scan done. then chevy will call you back to tell you if they will help with the cost of the part.(by the way they will not help).im dealing with all this now. Filed a complaint with the BBB and FHTSA. Hoping to get a recall started since this is a safety issue. Hope this helped.
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