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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • When you replaced the thermastat and waterpump did you have the cooling system flushed? If not, you may want to flush the system. You may also want to get a new radiator cap too. If they go bad they won't release the pressure when the coolant temp gets hot.

    Also, Verify that the electric fan is coming on. When the engine gets hot, pop the hood open and check to see if the fan comes on.

    You may also have a defective thermostat.

    Or, your worse case scenario, is that you have a leaky headgasket.

    Good Luck
  • The 2005 Impala V-6 has a timing chain.

    You do have a serpentine belt that operates the power steering, ac, and the waterpump. You may want to change the serpentine belt every 20k or 2yrs.

    The belt costs about 20-25bucks and is easy to install.
  • I don't know if this is related to the problem that the 2000-2005 Impalas experienced, but thought it was worth passing along:
  • ark5ark5 Posts: 3
    Yes, the system was flushed and the engine cooling fans are working. My mechanic told me today that the thermostat was defective and he replaced it at n/c. In addition, he told me that the head gaskets are leaking internally. I don't have a rough idle or vapor coming from the tailpipe however, I am told that that is not always the case. I am not sure if the mechanic performed a compression test on the cylinders or a just a radiator pressure test. I will ask what lead him to conclude a leaky head gasket. I am beginning to wonder if the replacement of the intake gaskets was even necessary. Perhaps it was the head gasket all along. At this point, I am looking at $1,080 + tax to replace the head gaskets. Ouch
  • The leaky upper intake manifold is a common problem with Chevy Impalas and Malibus. My 2002 impala had a leaky intake manifold gasket. I just added some stop leak becuase I didn't have $600. 00 to get it done.

    The head gasket probably went bad because your engine was overheating as a result of the defective thermostat. You may want to ask the dealer to give you a price break. I bet you can knock the price down to $600-800 for a the head job.

    Good luck!! :)
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    Noticed this yesterday and also a few days ago. When I noticed it a few days ago I thought it was just a fluke.

    2004, 3.4 engine, 50K miles.

    The gas gauge has gone wonky. Last night it flipped to the way past full mark and my wife says it is now resting at the 6 o'clock position. Anyone have any idea what would cause this and how to fix it?

    Also the speedometer and odometer quit working. However it worked fine today my wife says. This is slightly troubling as we have to leave for a 1500 mile round trip road trip on Wednesday.

    The broken gas gauge I can deal with. The non working speedometer is not such something I want to try and deal with. I don't have a tach so I there is no way to know how fast I am going. So are these two issues related and where would I start to try and fix this???

    Or maybe I'll just hope the speedometer stays put together long enough to get us through this road trip.
  • I have a 2002 Impala LS with about 100,000 miles. This Thanksgiving I drove it from Houston, TX to Kansas City, MO and back of course. believe it or not I averaged about 31mpg highway at about 75 to 80 mph. It's old but I love my car. I'm a Chevy man from here on out.
  • Jeffrey you are pretty lucky! I was a Chevy man until I purchased my 2002 Impala.

    My 67 Chevelle was more reliable.

    Did you ever have to replace the BCM or Passlock Sensor on your 2002 Impala?
    How about the combination light switch and manifold gaskets?

    My Impala must be a lemon. I am a tall guy and I like the roominess and smooth ride of my 2002 Impala but unforntunately my Imapala was a Lemon. :lemon

    I hope you continue to have good luck with yours!! ;) Best wishes!
  • I have a 04 Impala with 126000 miles. Rides well with no unusual noise or obvious other problems. When I took it to the dealer for oil change, I was told this week that the front hubs are bad and will require replacement. I was told that they were loose and there was some play in them. The quote was nearly 1000 dollars for the job. The questions I have are whether this is a common problem and also if it is possible to wait to repair this problem or this should be done immediately? What would the signs of a bad hub include? This is a large sum to spend on a car this old and I am dealing with some financial issues now. Any responses to this would be appreciated.
  • I suggest you get a second opinion, for 2 reasons. First, dealership may just be greedy and unscrupulous, or they may be right - second opinion will help. Second, your next visit should be at a Midas or Belle Tire or other good reputable network, where the work if you need it will cost less than a GM dealership. In general, for your 04 and my 03 Impala, we are well past warrenty coverage, so that is when we switch from dealership to indpendent. Good luck
  • I have replaced them before, the entire hub assembly is less than $100 new. U could do it yourself
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I also have an 04 with 111,000 miles but similar problem. The speedo stops working after driving 1/2 hour and the temp gauge will do the same. I found it was because the instrument panel gets hot at night when the lights are on. I found that you can keep it cool by closing the a/c vents on either side the gauges would keep working. In the winter I have to turn the dash lights dim to keep it cool and avoid having the gauges freeze up. The only permanant fix is to replace the gauge cluster but it is not cheep unless you find one at a junk yard. With only 50k on your car you maybe able to get it fixed under warranty as a safety issue. I find that when I turn off the car and the gauges have froze up I have to turn the key on and off over and over again until the needles get back to the zero point. A cheaper fix is to buy a GPS that shows your speed.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    If you can not hear any noises coming from the front wheels especially while going around curves then the bearings are probably fine. You don't have to fix them ASAP but when they do fail the wheel will usually come loose but you will hear grinding noises before anything bad happens. It is an easy do it yourself fix. Break loose the axle nut and the lug nuts. Jack car up and remove tire and axle nut. Remove brake caliper and caliper bracket. Remove rotor and 3 bolts on the back side of the hub assembly. Unplug ABS wire and knock the hub apart from the axle shaft being careful not to pull axle out of transmission. Assembly is reverse process takes a couple of hours for a novice. It is also a good time to replace the rotor and brake pads if they are worn.
  • I thank you all for your responses to my post. I will take it to another repair outlet to get a second opinion. The car could use new rotors as well and the rear tires are near the end also, so all in all it needs probably $1500 plus in work to get it in shape, if I don't do it myself. This seems like a lot of money to put into a car that has this high mileage and also has been beaten up on the inside by the kids as well as on the outside with numerous small scratches and one large dent (I drive mostly in the city of Philadelphia and park in the street). I have been thinking about replacing it sometime this summer, maybe with the new Cruze or the Fiesta, as it would be nice to save some money on the cost of fuel. I generally can't complain too much about the car, however, as it has been reasonably reliable overall except for the terrible rotor problem.
  • hello all, i bought a 05 impala 6 days ago with 75,000 on it . driving home 2 nights in a row, the headlights went out and i hit the dimmer switch to get them back on. anyone have this happen to them or have any ideas what it could be?
    all help is appreciated. thank you.
  • speedometer quit working,anybody have same problem
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    Me too... although mine is the fuel gauge too and the speedometer is wonky. Yesterday it buried it self past 120 MPH and I was probably only doing 70. Not sure what the issue is. Sometimes the speedo will work and sometimes not. The odometer seems to work fine though so I am thinking it has to be somewhere in the gauge cluster and not the sending unit? I am thinking about tearing into it to see if there is something loose or easily discernible that is wrong back there. If not, it probably means a gauge cluster replacement...
  • Hello Scooter, I had the same identical problem. You have to change the entire stalk(signal changer, cruise, low hi beam, wiper etc) on the steering column. I had this done under warranty so I dont know how much it would cost to replace it, but that was the problem. Goodluck.
  • I had the same problem with my 2002 Impala.
    I hit the high beam switch and my lights went out. Chevy should recall these combination switches!
    I purchased an aftermarket combination switch for about $150. and installed it myself. You will need to remove the fuse for the air bag system and you will need to get a steering wheel puller if you are doing it yourself.

    If you go to the Dealer it is probably going to run between $400-500 dollars to have it replaced.

    Good luck!! ;)
  • If you hear a whining sound or if it sounds like a helicopter taking off, you could need new hub/bearings.
    For an 2004 Impala you should be able to find a shop in the Warminster area that will replace them for about $375 each side.

    If it is not making any noises and your front tires aren't getting chewed up, I would let it go. When you take it in for your Pa State Inspection, the mechanic will tell you if you need them!

    Good Luck! :shades:
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