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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hellye1hellye1 Posts: 22
    can you provide your lease details such as lease length, monthly payment and all options your car has. What state are you in?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    24/15k = 59%
    36/15k = 54%
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I'm in GA, Money factor was .00162 and residual is .57
    I don't have the sale price of my car handy, but they offered me a Sport for Money factor is .00162 and residual. The car was about $400 over invoice but they threw in ceramic tinting all around so that made the car damn close to invoice. I had to roll about $2K over from my old car so my lease payments are not relevant and I bought 17K miles a year. I did a 39 month lease and of course there is the bogus doc fee down here of about $500 and some other dealer aqusition fees that are BS, but can't be avoided. I feel like I got a sweet deal on a car that is only out 3 months and their sales are up 75% over last year. Compare that to my 09 TL AWD that I was lucky to get around $1500 off MSRP 3 months after they were out. It does pay to deal a few days before end of month if you can find a dealer that has not made their numbers and needs the sale. I got mine at Nalley Infinit of Marietta. My buddy got a 2010 G37 same day for great deal becasue there were incentives on the G and they were discounting them about $5K once you factored in the incentives and dealer threw in ceramic tinting.
  • hellye1hellye1 Posts: 22
    so due to the roll over of $2000 from previous car your monthly payment is about $50-60 bucks more. Is it M 37 sport? any other options?
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    It is a M37 Sport Touring with Premium (I beleive you have to Premium to get Sport Touring), it has the rear deck spolier, trunk carpet and first aid kit and painted splash guards, MSRP was $56,915. Dealer included 3M Ceramic Tint. I rolled over $2K from my trade and have 17K miles a year on 39 month least with payment of $850 no up front payments other than first month so $850 sign and drive. I need to dig up the paper work, but pricing was somewhere just over invoice, even with all the dealer and aqusition fees and my $2K it was a good deal.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    "Warehouse Program "Lease offer
    2011 M37
    Premium Pkg.
    Splash Guards, Rear Spoiler
    Black Grille, First aid kit
    39/10...$1200. "out the door", they pay my last payment on my '07 M35 ($603.00)
    $609.00 per month incl. 6% sales tax
  • jabatjabat Posts: 8

    Saw your post regarding M37 near invoice price. Could you share what the sale price and options were that you negotiated? I'm looking at buying now in Georgia and would appreciate the help.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    List price was $51875 approx...Dont know sale price... i do have owner loyalty which is worth $1000.00. Options are as stated above
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Call Nalley Infiniti in Marietta (not Decatur) ask for Jovan or Evan (manager) and of course say I sent you remind thm Myself and Bryan bought 2 cars that day on June 28. They will give you great pricing, you can squeeze them a little more and get them to throw in free Ceramic tiniting. I will try and find the actual paperwork. Rememebr my numbers are irrelevant on paper becasue the way they log a trade in. They always show the trade for more than they give you and then shwo the car for close to MSRP, something about the way the accounting works. They discounted the car $3770 and I beleive invoice was $4000 less than MSRP. I have Premium Sport Touring with trunk carpet and rear lip spoiler, that is it. MSPR was like $56,915

    If you have owner loyalty you get another $1K off.
  • jabatjabat Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply.

    Owner loyalty available when you purchase car?
  • jabatjabat Posts: 8
    2011 M37
    MSRP $54,625
    Sell Price $49,774
    Has premium and deluxe touring plus other minor options.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Owner loyalty was available, but I did not qualify I did not have a current Infiniti or lease, came out of an Acura. If I had an Infiniti I woudl have gotten an additional $1K off.
  • tom_patom_pa Posts: 3
    Same feedback regarding M37 sightings. I turned in my ‘07 M35 leased in the 1st week of June. Since test driving the M37 the same day I turned in the lease, I have absolutely not seen a single M37 on the road until just the past two weeks. During the past two weeks I’ve seen 3-4 M37’s while travelling in the Northern NJ area and JUST 1 in my area.

    During this same period what I have seen is very high number of the new Jaguar XF’s. I’ve spoke to several of these owners and they love their Jags. The new XF is in my opinion the nicest looking sports/luxury sedan on road. This will be my next test drive. The M37 is WAY overpriced and the dealership I dealt with in Westchester PA wasn’t even interested enough to call me back with numbers.

    I did receive a flyer in the mail from my dealer claiming to be offering up to $10K off this summer. Does anybody know of factory or dealer incentives going on? The only way I would consider the M is if it were in the $45K range.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    you should be able to get an M at near invoice.....and if you lease, there is $1000 additiona loyalty credit.

    The XF is beautiful and they are discounting...but the rub is that some day you will be trading the car in and resale is "not outstanding" (being kind). Terrible lease programs on the XF.
  • The M37 is WAY overpriced and the dealership I dealt with in Westchester PA wasn’t even interested enough to call me back with numbers.

    I think you are mistaken about which model is overpriced. The Jag has a poor reliability record , horrendous resale value and super exorbitant maintenance cost. My wife was a service advisor at a Jag store and she made a nice living at it. LOL. The previous M series was listed as one of the best picks by Consumer Reports and buff books.Its got a good reputation for reliability and quality. I think overpriced means its out of your price range. Jags are as well since I don't think a similar equipped Jaguar is 45 either. Good luck with your choice, you better do your research. I see more old Infiniti's than old Jaguars.
  • Wondering if no one is purchasing the new M's? Not alot of activity recently! Anyway, looking for input on an M37 I am considering. Moonlight White w/ Java interior, Deluxe Touring and Premium packages, along with a couple minor options--MSRP is $54,615, inital offer over the phone is right at $51000, about $1000 over invoice. I am in no rush, so would I be better off waiting a few more months?

    FWIW, the 3 dealerships closest to me (all within 1 hour driving distance of eachother) have about 55 M37's between them, this seems like alot of inventory to me, so perhaps I should wait a bit longer and see how it continues to sell.

    Thanks for any input.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    My OPINION (let me repeat's opinion) is that if you are considering leasing then you might get a good deal now; if you are going to purchase, I don't think you run much of a risk that the car will get more expensive, so waiting might be relatively safe.

    You should be able to buy/lease an m37 today for invoice price......
  • @lawyergirl22 - some M issues to be aware of before buying/leasing:

    REGRESSIONS FROM 2008-2009 M35/45

    - XM NavTraffic no longer verbally warns you about traffic congestion on a route; no longer indicates where green "traffic flowing" conditions exist along a route (and therefore can't show you traffic conditions along an entire route); and sometimes doesn't show you adverse traffic conditions under "Info on Route" that inexplicably do appear under "Nearby Traffic Info."

    - The nav system can no longer locate street addresses on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles such as Disney Hall (111 S. Grand Ave). Instead, the system sends you to San Pedro, CA! So one has to wonder what other main roads in major cities are missing...

    - When visually scrolling through songs, you must press the steering wheel's menu select button down to scroll down through the list. But once you've selected your song and it's playing, you now have to illogically press up on the switch to select the next track down on the playlist. (At a minimum, the driver should be able to choose how the switch functions since there's apparently quite a bit of disagreement among customers.) This functionality is the exact opposite from all Infinitis produced before 2010.

    - The phone system can no longer redial the most recent number called on a paired Bluetooth cell phone simply by pressing the Talk switch and saying "Redial."

    - The 2011 M omits the 2008/09 M's convenient secondary sun visor that allows you to move the main sun visor to the side window while still having one for the windshield.

    - The sun visor does not fold forward enough, causing it to frequently block the driver's view of signs, streetlights, and/or vehicles more than a couple car lengths ahead of you.

    - No longer an option to have rear passenger seats that recline and are heated (or ventilated, for that matter).


    - One can't set the power-folding mirrors to automatically fold in when the engine is turned off, and then always open out when the engine is turned on.

    - The power-folding mirrors' armrest switch is backwards (pressing it outwards folds the mirrors inwards, and vice versa); and the switch doesn't even work at all if the engine has been turned off (even though the power windows still work).

    - The doors automatically lock above 15 mph without giving the driver any ability to disable the feature or customize its functionality.

    - No way to turn off Active Noise Control (if for no other reason than to see how well it works).

    - No ability to see more than just five selections when searching for Nearby Places via Voice Recognition while driving.

    - When on a route and searching for Places, there's no way to search for outlying Places that aren't along the route, near the destination, or near the current location.

    - Certain settings and customizations (such as turning on Welcome Lighting) require an unusual series of strange steps instead of just being a simple preference via the Settings button.


    - Settings for warning and intervention systems (FCW, LDW, BSW, DCA, LDP, BSI, IBA) cannot be sufficiently customized independently, and under certain circumstances can be too intrusive. Also, Infiniti should give drivers the ability to have the selected intervention systems automatically turn on with the engine, just as one can permanently enable/disable the warning systems by holding the appropriate button for 4 seconds.

    - Transmission throttle mapping seems confused at times, especially at slower speeds.


    - There is no way to switch back to the current list of songs playing on a connected iPod, unlike with the CD or Music Box interfaces which can return you to the track list in progress.

    - Saying "Traffic Information" using Voice Recognition should take you to the main traffic information screen (like "Fuel Economy" takes you to the fuel economy screen), but instead it turns the traffic reporting functionality on/off.

    - When listing traffic conditions for "Nearby Traffic Info," XM NavTraffic doesn't specify the specific highway (e.g., I-405 South) in the list, so you're required to select the condition detail to see on which direction the congestion, accident, or closure is located.

    - The computer frequently freezes after trying to store a Voice Tag for an address book entry.

    - Voice Recognition library of commands is not as sophisticated nor extensive as in some other brands, such as Acura.


    - The ventilated front seats still cannot cool the upper half of the seat between one's shoulders.

    - Still no daytime running lights (like in Canada) nor mirror-mounted turn signals (like the QX).

    - When headlights are manually turned on during the daytime, there is still no way to override the automatic dimming of button indicator lights.

    - The cigarette lighter for charging cell phones does not stay powered on when the engine is off.

    - When taking a Bluetooth phone call, the CD/iPod/Music Box is still not automatically paused.

    - Rear passenger seats still can't be folded forward for extra trunk space.

    - The Intelligent Key still cannot turn on the engine and A/C remotely. And while it is able to remotely roll down your windows by holding the unlock button, it can't roll them back up.

    - The car's suspension is not adjustable, so the driver can't dial in a cushier ride when desired.

    - The car doors still only have two main secure positions—wide open and half open, which allows them to unexpectedly slam into people's knees or heads on inclines or in tight spaces.


    - No Around-View Monitor like on the FX, EX, and QX, nor any form of visual/audible distance warning for the front end and four bumper corners. (But the 2011 BMW 5-series has it!)

    - No ability to enter phone extension numbers and passcodes with Voice Recognition, instead of taking your eyes off the road to manually key in the numbers on the display screen with the Keypad.

    - No capability on some cell phones to switch between callers using Voice Recognition when a Call Waiting beep is received, instead of having to pick up your cell phone and physically press the button.

    - No ability on some cell phones to see the Caller ID on your display of a second caller on Call Waiting.

    - No "Heads-Up Display" virtually projected onto the windshield, like both the 2011 BMW 550i and 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 offer.

    - No Valet Mode that disables the stereo/radio, limits the top speed to 45 mph, displays on the nav screen the total mileage driven while in this mode, prevents use of the navigation system, prevents access to the Music Box and all settings made through the touch-screen, disables all unnecessary controls, disables the Bluetooth connection, turns off the A/C after 5 minutes at idle, and automatically runs the hazard lights when being driv
  • blastphemy-- thank you so much for the comprehensive reply! Alot to think about before i make the purchase. What other vehicles do you suggest as a comparison? I have driven the E320, ES and GS, and older M's, what am I missing (bearing in mind that for some reason BMW just doesn't appeal to me) and that my limit is no more that $55k?

    Thanks again for all the infomation.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    edited August 2010
    while the list is very complete, it focuses on the missings without including the includeds. I drove every car prior to leasing my 2011 M and the M was by far and away the best lease price/performer. I could find no lexus that made sense..ES is a fancy Camry and the GS. although nicer, has poor resale and terrible leasing because of it. The mercedes just didn't have the pep I wanted in the 320 and was a fair amount more $'s (plus very high service costs and I am wary of reliability). I Loved the Jaguar but again resale and leasing are just awful. Don't like the looks of the Acuras and I'm partial to rear wheel drive cars; the Cadillac was another possibility but the seat was so short it was uncomfortable and no backup camera which I consider a must safety feature (2011's might have it). Local BMW dealer woudn't even discuss discounts on the 5 series so I lost interest quickly. In the end, it was a choice between the CTX and the M37.

    I wound up leasing an M37 at invoice (less the $1000 loyalty bonus).
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