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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • @ghstudio - I agree completely, but I just didn't have the room to list the positives which are far more numerous than the negatives. But a lot of the items on my "negative" list aren't always readily apparent to someone on a 10-minute test drive, and some of those may actually be deal-breakers for certain customers.

    I currently drive an M56, so I've had time to uncover all these shortcomings. But the key thing is that they weren't enough to make me go down the street to another dealership :)

    Plus, if Infiniti is actually paying attention to its customer's suggestions for improvements to this brand new vehicle - many of which that could be applied through software updates - then the car will continue to improve and may eventually only have the hardware items that need to be resolved in the 2012 model year.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    I personally liked a lot about the NAV on my '07 M35, particularly "destination phone number" or "dial Joe Smith"...My 2011 M37 required more steps to do the same...very cumbersome...
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    but at least the 2011 navigation system doesn't give you that absurd legal disclaimer when you start. I hated that on my 06/08. Admittedly there are some extra steps, but then again if I'm looking for a local restaurant, I can now see 20 entries instead of just 5 when moving (Using the dial on the dash). I'm not sure what brilliant legal eagle decided that if you're driving along on an interstate and want to see more than 5 restaurants, you had to pull off the road and stop which is far more dangerous than paging down to see 5 more entries.

    As far as traffic and weather...I live in Florida and for a few days every time I started the car, the navigation would tell me that there was a high heat warning within 20 miles.....I guess that's just in case I didn't know it was hot :) Useless info. After my free trial, that will be a feature I won't renew.
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4
    First off, let me say thank you!! to everyone on this forum. I have learned an enormous amount just reading the posts. Now on to the goods - here are the details of the offer I currently have:

    2011 M37 Premium/Sport/Sport Touring + dealer adds (wheel locks, tint, paint protect pkg)

    MSRP: 56125 + dealer adds (3145) = 59270
    Invoice: 51369 (ignoring dealer adds)
    Quoted Price: 52395 + fees below
    Documentation Fee: 469.50
    Paint Protection Pkg: 297
    Total: 53161.50

    Lease: $4000 up front
    15K miles, .00146 Money Factor, 55% residual, 39 months = 645 + tax
    15K miles, .00137 Money Factor, 56% residual, 36 months = 668 + tax

    1. The total price still seems high to me given what I have read here? Comments? Can I get this car at invoice right now?

    2. Leasing in completely new to me. Assuming 0 down, should the cap cost be equal to the negotiated total cost of the vehicle + the acquisition fee? Any additional fees to expect besides Title/Reg?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • blastphemyblastphemy Posts: 34
    edited August 2010
    Don't put any money down beyond what you need for the drive-off costs (1st payment, taxes, DMV fees, etc.). If you have extra cash and want to lower your monthly payment, put down multiple security deposits (see earlier posts elsewhere in this and other threads for the details). When you put money down on a lease beyond the drive-off costs, you're just throwing it away.

    If it helps, here's a complete breakdown of my recent M56 lease. It includes the Premium, Technology, and Deluxe Touring packages (and no Sport pkg), rear spoiler, illuminated kick plates, splash guards, vehicle alarm impact sensor, first aid kit, and trunk netting:

    MSRP was $66,300 (which includes the $865 destination charge).

    Using VPP Plan D, the price fell to $60,762.

    Additional reductions/costs included -$1,000 loyalty cash, +$695 for LoJack, +$815 for DMV, +$195.68 for tax on capitalized cost reduction, +$4.39 for sales tax paid in advance, +$45 for document preparation fee, and +$8.75 California tire fee, making the gross cap cost $62,053.

    I put down $3,000 to cover the first monthly payment and all the "drive-off" fees above, resulting in a final adjusted cap cost of $60,046.

    The residual value is $35,802, the rent charge was $6,072.84, and the lease term was 36 months @ 15,000 miles which resulted in a monthly payment of $924.25.

    Money factor was 0.00176 (4.22%), Residual Value was 54%, but those were the rates for July, so your rates may differ.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    Depending on your negotiating skills, you should be able to buy an M37 at invoice.....I did in July and the market hasn't gotten stronger. I would suggest that you eliminate the paint protection package...which is pretty much pure profit to the dealer...or leave it in and pay invoice and let them have the extra few $$'s.

    Pay nothing up front....first month, documentation fee (to state) and that's it. Use the difference in multiple security deposits. If you or your dealer don't understand MSD's, it's time to learn...they are a great deal for you....and they don't effect the dealer at all.
  • redbullredbull Posts: 26
    Hi Tarsar7 -

    Wow, what are the dealer ad-ons?

    I just negotiated $300 below invoice on an almost identical M37:

    Platinum Graphite / Graphite Int
    Sport Touring (the surround stereo is just amazing, and the pollen filters are a must for my wife if I want to drive with fresh air coming in when she is with me)

    NO Tech package - IMHO mostly just a bunch of "safety" nanny buzzers telling you how to drive, keeping you in your lane, etc. that are more irritating than useful. (the technology in place here is admittedly pretty cool, but I would almost certainly disable 90% of it). And, I can parallel park if necessary. Again, IMHO :-)

    $56,115 MSRP
    $51,369 Invoice
    $51,069 My Price (and Cap Cost)

    Minimum drive off (first payment and DMV license fee)
    Current IFS mf and residual for my lease situation
    36 months / 12K miles per year

    $705 / month

    Do NOT buy any dealer add ons unless it's something you really want and you can't get it anywhere else (such as the trunk mats and nets, Aero pkg or spoiler). If you really want the scotch guard, paint protection, extended warranty, etc, you can get these on your own far cheaper. I wouldn't suggest any of these, particularly because you are leasing. Also, any dealer add ons (even the spoiler and stuff) will not be factored into the residual, so you won't get your money back for this investment at the end of the lease. Having said that, I am probably going to add the spoiler as I love the look and couldn't find one equipped that way.

    As they are diverting my car (that is just now being manufactured) from another dealer 500 miles away once it is shipped - going straight from the ship to my dealer, and I won't take delivery until the last week in September, the Infiniti lease terms may change for Sept. - but there is a good chance they won't. My dealer says if the rates go up he will make up the difference on his end so my payments won't change, but if they go down he will pass it on to me. This a great arrangement - most dealers won't do this for you.

    The key is to NOT negotiate with sales people - so don't buy the car where you tried it out.

    Call all the other local dealers within a 75 mile radius and ask to speak with the fleet or internet manager. Tell each that you would like their best price, and that you need to be at invoice or below. Don't tell them what other offers you have already received, but they will ask that anyway. Let them know that you will not share their offer with anyone else either. If they think you are going to "shop" their price, they won't want to make you an offer. If you treat them with integrity, they will appreciate that and do the same to you.

    All dealers have different policies about their bottom line - some may go below invoice, some will not. The key for you is to find the ones that will. Don't spend time chatting with the ones that won't, they will give you all kinds of excuses about their pricing and try to get you to go with them. Politely end the conversation as soon as you can.

    If you feel uncomfortable with the dealer that is giving you the lowest price for whatever reason (bad chemistry with you, sounds sleezy, lots of sales bull, etc) go with the second lowest price.

    I was a professional auto broker for 6 years, so know that this approach is effective. You will find out what the bottom in your area for the M37 is in the process. Other cars' bottom may be different (such as the 2011 BMW 535i - you won't get close to invoice right now), but use this same method to find whatever it is. Just an fyi, I found a dealer that would do $1,500 over invoice on the 535i, but just overall too expensive for me with the equipment I wanted.

    If you have any other specific questions, please let me know, and good luck!
  • redbullredbull Posts: 26
    By the way, the price I quoted you - $705 / month - includes my 9% local sales tax.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    Great info and advice on negotiating Redbull. Totally agree with you.
    I’m looking at same car as you but probably without Sport Touring. Agree the Tech packages is a waste. I turned it all off on my current M45.
    Did you consider M56 at all? I have V8 now. Like the BMW 5 series too but just too unreliable and expensive. I’ve had no problems with my M45.
  • redbullredbull Posts: 26
    Hi scottw58,

    I didn't consider the M56 because it seemed to me a pretty high extra cost for a little extra performance that I don't really need. What I've been reading in the car mags says that the M37 is more fun to drive and the more desirable package, so why spend the extra $$$. That's just my opinion though, I like the visceral snarl of a V8 as well and can understand why some want to go that route.

    Before you say no to Touring pkg, have the dealer play their demo DVD in a car that has it, then take the DVD over to one without. While the stock stereo sounds decent, I was amazed at the sound of the Studio on Wheels arrangement. Even if you play regular CDs or your iPhone as opposed to DVD HD audio discs, the additional speakers make a huge difference in sonic capabilities.

    That and the fact that when my wife is in the car with me we have to have the AC and recirculate on, even in winter cold because she is so allergic to local pollens (she is from Hawaii initially, so there is a big difference in the local flora. I love to have fresh air, and they say the filters with the Touring package will keep all the bad stuff out.
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    Thanks everyone! Everything considered, you guys probably saved me over $4,000. I closed the deal last night at $10 below invoice (unfortunately before [redbull] posted or I might have pushed for a few more bucks :) ...) I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has posted on this forum for all the great information. Here are the final details:

    Storm Front Gray Exterior/ Stone interior
    Premium, Sport, Sport Touring
    Dealer Adds: Window Tint, Paint Protection, Pinstripe, Wheel Locks

    MSRP: 56,115
    Invoice: 51,369
    Neg. Price: 51,359 (all dealer adds included)
    Cap Cost: 51,954 (Price + 595 acquisition)

    36 mo. lease
    56% residual
    MF: .00047 (base .00137 - .0009 for 9 MSDs)

    Cash upfront = 8,749.23 as follows:
    9 MSDs: 6,750 (Each MSD was equal to 1 payment rounded up to the nearest $50 based on the original MF, including tax. $750 in my case)
    Title/Reg: 885.32
    Doc Fee: 449.00 (could not get any dealer in AZ to waive this...)
    1st month pmt: 664.91 (includes tax @ 9.1%)

    Payment 609.45 + 55.46(tax) = $664.91

    If you plan on doing the MSDs, take the time to work out all the numbers yourself ahead of time. I did, and it proved very useful as no one in the dealership had ever done the MSDs before. The only questionable thing for me in the end was that each MSD was calculated by including the tax, but since I'll get them back anyway, I didn't press it.

    Needless to say, I am seriously stoked! This is one sweet car :shades:
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 931
    MSD's are calculated based on the price without taxes. When they enter it in the official system, it will tell them they were wrong and you should get a refund check or the option of using that extra money as a down payment, thus reducing your monthly cost.

    My dealer made that mistake and I got the money back.
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited August 2010
    Thanks Redbull. I will reconsider the Touring. I have the surround sound now in my M45. (Premium Bose radio option with speakers in my both front seats). I have a few DVD albums that sound just incredible...problem is I don't really use it much. I mainly listen to XM Radio these days. But for a few extra bucks per month it may be worth it. I'm looking to pull the trigger in the next 1-6 months. Taking a lot of notes now! BTW, has car at $250 below invoice now no haggle.

    Using your lease figures I had the M56 at $101 more per month ($7,496 based on my config). Premium package is standard on M56
  • scottw58scottw58 Posts: 38
    edited August 2010
    Congratulations! You did well. I just feel sorry for the other folks that I tried to warn months ago when they were paying full retail. They slammed me....a lot of them were salespeople I'm sure. But others were just dumb and impatient. Go back and read older posts.
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4
    It's interesting how the dealerships don't know this info - especially the finance mangers. They probably based the MSDs on the taxed payment just to be safe since they had never done one before. It really doesn't makes sense that tax would be included since a security deposit doesn't actually buy anything tangible that should be taxed.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
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    Sale Price - $51,495!!!

    M3713 – 2011 M37 with premium package, aero kit, window tint, wheel locks, and hand painted pinstripe – List price $53,975

    Sale Price - $47,986!!!
  • M37X prem,spash,trk mat &net, spoiler
    MSRP 53,425
    sale price 48,465
    loyalty 1,000
    acq fee 595
    doc 249
    mv 200
    0 down
    mf .0014
    resid 58%
    central NJ through the internet sales department.
    39 mo, 10k
    580 includes NYC 8.875 tax
    negotiated for 3 weeks via email and phone. I had the same deal from 2 other dealers which gave me bargaining power but I took this deal because I bought my last 4 here. I couldn't wait any longer to close but I exspect prices to get even better in Sept., they didn't change from July to Aug.. I love driving this car, put the tranny in sport mode and just chill. Good luck to all.
  • redbullredbull Posts: 26
    This isn't Craigslist or the Infiniti color ad spread in your local newspaper - take this crap off!
  • tarsar7tarsar7 Posts: 4

    The price I got ($51,359) did NOT include the loyalty rebate. I was not eligible, not this time anyway :)
  • Anything new? I am wanting an M, but I was thinking about getting the G b/c they look similar and the G is much cheaper.
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