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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • Can someone tell me step by step how to remove my stereo to my 06 tacoma?
  • 5swords5swords Posts: 1
    So here it is, please help in you can. I have this 03 Tacoma and this past week it was taking a couple of cranks more that usual to fire up. one day it just died out like the battery wasn't strong enough so i tried to change the battery and the other battery didn't fit so i put the old one back in and just charged it up. During that time I blew the 120 amp fuse in the process and got that changed and now it starts up BUT now it has no power the gas pedal does little to the RPM's and shifts harder than normal. Is there something like a fuse or relay that is doing this? Oh yea the check engine light is now on too.
  • rocklarockla Posts: 12
    hi, you got to pry out the tempurture controle unit bellow the radio , the srews for the radio are at the back of this unit. sent me your email and i can send you detailed pictures of it. or I can post them here but dont know how to attache them.">link title
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,496

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  • I tried that and I didnt se any screws. This website wont let me give out my e-mail. Can you explain it all in detail. Thanks
  • I have a '01 tacoma. The brake solenoid went out that allows you to push the shift button on the shifter, I now have to use the small manual release button next to the shifter to shift gears (of course I found this out the hard way, at the worst time, while trying to pull my boat out of the water on the launch ramp!).

    Question - My brake lights do not work now. Is the problem related? All fuses are fine, parking lights work, running lights, back up lights, all are fine, just no lights when I hit the brakes. I can live with the manual shifting, but can I get my brake lights back??


  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I've got an 04 Tacoma with 25K miles and the heat shield started rattling. Dealer says the weld is coming apart and that it's all part of the catalytic converter, but is covered on warranty. So much for Toyota quality.
  • It's probably the switch for the brake lights themselves, should be under the dash near the pedal. The shifter is wired in such a way that if it doesn't sense the brake lights on, it won't allow you to shift out of park.

    I haven't had this problem on my Taco, but I had a Ford a few years back with the same problem and that's what it ended up being.
  • I bought this 92 toyota tacoma its been in the garage for a month to get the front breaks to bleed... the mechanic replaced all the break lines... put in a re-built master cylinder(if had 2 of them now) and replaced the valve pump...weve tried everything and still no luck.. if you have any Suggestions or experienced this problem as well and know what the problem is PLEASE let me know!!!!!
  • My advice is to get a new mechanic. Getting brakes to bleed is not rocket science. There are a few things that can cause squishy pedal if that is the problem, but a week is even excessive.
  • I have a 2006 tacoma access cab 4X4 TRD and mine does the same thing. They too tried the drive line switch but it didn't do a lick. Their solution: LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT....
    Let me know if you find a better solution.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " I've got an 04 Tacoma with 25K miles and the heat shield started rattling. Dealer says the weld is coming apart and that it's all part of the catalytic converter, but is covered on warranty. So much for Toyota quality. "

    I took the truck in yesterday to have the catalytic converter put on and the problem turned out to be a simple clamp on the exhaust. My dealer is an idiot.
  • I had the same problem with my 96 2.4 tacoma. It was worse in the summer, started and ran fine in the winter, no codes. I unplugged the air intake temperature sensor (sensor in the side of the air filter) and no more problems. I went to get a new one but toyota wants $70.00. I told them to keep it. It pulls a code now but runs great.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Is it me or is the V-6 tacoma dip sticks hard to read. I check the oil on a regular bassis and have a hard time getting an accurate oil reading. I even thought the dealer over filled my oil, took it back, they showed the level as being right on. Went home checked it again. Looked to full or couldnt read it???
  • bgrovebgrove Posts: 3
    I had requested some help earlier about this unusual feeling after stopping in my 2003 Double Cab Tacoma. My truck felt like it hopped after releasing the brake at an intersection light. I finally had to take it in to the dealer for a recall and I mentioned this to them so that they could check it. What I found out is that there's a grease zert on the very back of the drive line past the tranny. I had it filled with grease and it cured the problem for about a month. I'm now starting to feel it again, and I'll have to get under there and re-fill it. Other posters have mentioned this before and this is just to reinforce this issue.
  • Mine is '06 Taco with 2.7 engine but I have the same problem in reading oil level on the stick. A streak of oil always exists at one side of the stick well above the right amount range when I pull out the stick. When I put the right amount of oil according to the manual, the dipstick looks like overfilled. By the way, did you know that my smaller 2.7 engine takes more oil(6.1qt) than your V6(4.8qt)?
    I originally thought that was a typo but it was not. When I poured 4.8qt of oil the dip stick end was barely touching the oil. Although it's still hard to read the level on the stick, 5.5-5.7qts of oil seems to be the right amount for my truck.
  • I own an 06 4x4 dc lb taco with auto transmission and have noticed the same issues you have discussed here. It seem like it doesn't know what gear to use because it keeps on shifting gears when your driving. Before I bought this truck I test drove a prerunner and did not feel anything like it. I wonder if toyota has a fix for this.
  • marcusxmarcusx Posts: 22
    "By the way, did you know that my smaller 2.7 engine takes more oil(6.1qt) than your V6(4.8qt)?"

    Does anyone know why that is? Shouldn't the V6 take more oil...

  • hey there
    check my comment # 2003 here.
    It's a slip joint causing the problem, easy fix, just keep greasing
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