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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    I would have the alignment checked.Also you should rotate every 6k miles and make sure the pressure is right.My 01 has no problems with tire wear.
  • sounds like all the '04 4wd are shipping with poor front alignments. i would make the dealer at least align the vehicle. i feel like rotating the tires every 6k is a bit much. i don't rotate much and still get good wear out of tires. it all depends on alignment setting and your driving style
  • Hi!
    I'm currently having problems with the keyless entry system (VIP) that came with my Tacoma. The remote control seems to be fine and the batteries seem to be working but, it doesn't lock/unlock the doors. I'd like to know if there's a way I can fix or re-configure the VIP system without taking it to a Dealer. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  • It sounds great to wait and see if the gas mileage gets better but very disgusting. Been thinking about trading it in and go on and get a 6 cylinder like I should have done. It only has 9000 miles on the 2002 xtended cab so s/b able to get a fair trade in value on a 2004 since the 2005 came out. Don't know if I want to spend the bucks or stick it out with the 4 cyl. That low mileage is really a heart breaker!!
  • The body ECU Controls the ground to from the door switches to the doom light switch. the body ECU might be bad. That what was wrong with my 2001 Tacoma.
  • Hopefully someone will be able to help. I have a 99 3.4L Tacoma. A while back there seemed to be a slight Hesitation in the engine, for example you would step on the gas and then about 1/2 second later the engine would respond. Recently on a camping trip the truck lost almost all its power. I would step on the gas and try to spin tires on gravel, all the truck would do is sound like your pulling a 5,000 pound trailer up a 10% grade. The RPM would only climb to about 2000 RPM and stay there. It sort of cleared up after that but still when I put the pedal to the floor the engine really strains and the RPM climbs slowly. Replaced the Throttle Position Sensor but did not help. Anyone else had this problem

  • Hi yironkel,

    Did the truck turn on the check engine? If so have the computer scanned to read the failure code. I think it’s Mass Air Flow Sensor related. Does the engine ping ( valve rattle sound) under hard acceleration. Also rough idle? Did you ever use a K&N type filter? An over oiled after market air cleaner is very bad !! Try inspecting / cleaning the MAF .
    Hope this helps (^_^) Jeff
  • Check Engine Light read a TPS, replaced, no difference. No ping, idles like its new. I have an K & N air filter, always cleaned it according to instructions. I'll check on the MAF sensor.

    Thank you
  • My 2002 Tacoma SR5 started making this horrible "grinding" noise seeming to come from the power steering assembly that houses the hydraulics underneath the vehicle. Is this a warrantable item? Has anyone had this problem? Is the part relatively easy to install?
  • My 92 4x4 pickup suspension and ride has been beaten up for two years by Mexican roads and speed bumps.

    It needs front and rear replacement to enable the truck to take bumps again.

    What do you folks recommend for both front and rear?

  • Hello - I used to work as a serivce advisor at a toyota dealership. I own a 2004 reg cab toyota tacoma 4x2 with a 2.4 liter engine. I got on the high way 31 mpg and get about 25-27 around town... I would tell the dealership to look at the ecm/pcm and see if it needs to be reprogrammed. This is the only way i see the truck getting such horrible fuel economy. It is true that if the check engine light is not on - there are no fault/trouble codes to diagnose. My vehicle has 4,200 miles on it. Any further questions.. feel free to email me at Have a Happy Holiday Season... Harris
  • I own a 2002 Tacoma 2.4 4cyl. X-cab automatic and it gets 18-19 MPG only driving in the city. It now has 18K on it and has been a great truck without any problems other then the poor gas milage.
  • I have a 04 Tacoma and really like it. It is a XtraCab 2.4 I4 2wd / 5 Speed. I get around 23 in the city and 28 - 30 on the highway. Use 87 octanes and mobile 1 5w30. If any of you are looking at one some major pluses are the ride is very solid and quiet. Firm brakes and good power from 2.4 DOHC. Some minuses are the turning radius seems very wide and makes it harder to maneuver. I would be interested to see why its so large, I drove a full size Ford the other day and then drove my Tacoma and the full size really could make tighter turns.


    Anyway the problems:

    The engine idles rough sometimes. Usually after I start it and drive for about 10 minutes then come to a light it will idle down to around 550 and it shakes quite a bit. The hood and steering wheel shake mostly. Then the A/C Cycles and it smoothes out and cycles off and it idles rough again. After it’s warmed up its ok, dealer said it can't duplicate so I'll wait till its a little worse or throws a code, it only has 7,000 miles on it. Anyone run into this? Coil going bad maybe?


    Last, anyone notice a valve noise? It makes a light ticking noise but I've heard and seen on Google that some of these motors don't have lifters the press right onto a valve bucket? Anyone know if the 2RZFE has solid or hydraulic lifters or none at all?
  • 04 tacoma v6 extended cab, auto, trd.


    Pulling out of my driveway, having the steering wheel turned slightly and applying the brakes, a loud metal on metal sound was coming from under the foot. Took it to the dealership who said that it was the abs and everything was fine. Is this normal? The driveway was a little slick. I also thought that the abs wasn't on until you drive faster the 10 mph, so i thought the abs was not on yet.
  • I know these vehicles are just out, however has anyone heard of any problems with the new Composite bodies on the 2005 Tacoma. I live in the Northeast, I did not know if, the weather would affect it or if there was any other problems
  • On my 2002 Tacoma, 2.4L engine 2wd automatic, it's been getting more noisy, like a diesel when hot and low idle. Recently, I noticed

    a bit of upper valve knock at idle hot, but goes away after a few minutes.

      All this started at 6 months, but getting worse. Had one dealer check it out, and record that i came in at 8900 miles, but said he couldn't pinpoint anything. I asked about low oil pressure, as sometimes the oil pressure lite would stay on for 2-3 seconds after starting, seems a bit too long, but dealer didn't think so; this has gotten better in the last year.

    Im at 26000 mi, and getting ready to go back to the dealer.

      Anyone had any experience, or know of any bulletins that have been issued for this type of problem?

      ALSO, sometimes the tranny doesn't shift from 2 to 1 until AFTER I stop; big thump!. Any info / experience on this would be much appreciated.

  • I can't help you with your engine issues but the big thump you hear is not your transmission. It is axle wrap and all/most Tacomas experience this. Keep your U-joints well lubed and this will help decrease it.
  • Thanks,

      I figured the u-joints and the bearing carrier for the split (extra-cab) drive shaft were permanently lubed (no fittings). ALso I figured that only 4x4's had axle wrap due to the extra gearing.

      I'll check them out. I have had most of the work done @ the dealer so i'll hit them up on it.
  • My double cab has about 7 zerk fittings on the driveline and I keep them well lubed (each oil change) and yet sometimes (though rare) I still get the "thump". 2WD is not immune to axle wrap as that is what I have.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    I test drove an '05 Access Cab Tacoma the other day. I was very surprised to hear how loud the heater blower was, in the "Floor Only" mode. And to top it off, the noise was coming from the Defroster vents, along the bottom of the windshield - with very little air actually coming from the defroster vents. When the control was switched to the "Defroster Only" mode, it was MUCH quieter. In " Dash Vent Only" mode - again, no problem. The poor sales guy had me drive it to the Service Department - where it was concluded that something was wrong - damper door stuck, or vacuum hose off. But, another new Tacoma, same model, sounded exactly the same. Anyone else hearing this? Any solutions?
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